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raw vegan Athlete
Suzanna McGee is a former Ms. Natural Olympia bodybuilding champion, now competitive tennis player, author, speaker, raw vegan athlete, and performance and injury prevention specialist with over 25 years of experience. She is certified by National Academy of Sports Medicine and also holds a Certificate...Read the full article

Raw Vegan Athlete

relieving chronic pain
Chronic Pain Jennifer has helped those in chronic pain experience relief through breath work techniques!  She has even helped those who suffer from MS pain by teaching them these techniques. Jennifer Houghton specializes in yoga for people over 50 years old. Many of her clients...Read the full article

Relieving Chronic Pain

herbs for energy, dr megan saunders
You can use herbs for energy! Dr. Megan Saunders teaches how to support our body’s “energy hormones” using all natural herbal tinctures. Youngevity has a line of high quality herbal tinctures that contain strong botanical medicine designed to support the body in achieving balance and...Read the full article

Herbs For Energy