Jill Mattson – The Science of Sound Healing

Why and How Sound Healing Works

Jill Mattson is a prolific artist, musician, and author. A widely recognized expert and composer in the field of Sound Healing, Jill Mattson has written four books and produced eight CDs.

In our interview, Jill Mattson explains why music, like binaural beats, work to help our neurology heal issues within our body. There is a great science to using frequencies and music for healing. We have been using music around the world for thousands of years but only recently has science proven what the ancients knew, that because we are made of energy, our body is affected by frequencies. We can use healing (or harmful) frequencies in music to support health and healing.

Her CDs combine intricate Sound Healing techniques with her original International Award Winning musical compositions. The CD’s consist of intriguing tracks using ancient and modern techniques with sound energy and special healing frequencies to achieve profound benefits.

“I have CDs to tune body organs, allow listeners to absorb the frequencies of vitamins, tighten face & neck muscles, absorb ancient sound codes to hasten the development of a devote (create white light in their aura while harmonizing body, mind & soul). I teach classes on ancient methods to use sound (free energy) as a tool to improve body, mind & soul! Classes include ancient & modern sound healing, sound for manifesting, change your voice & change your Life.”

In Our Interview Jill Mattson Teaches Us:

1. People absorb sound and can utilize it as any energy (the sounds associated with vitamins or sounds to kill pathogens). Think about what you listen to! It can hurt or help you.

2. Sound is the medicine of the future. Sounds can be crafted for individual health needs (to counter diseases that medicine can’t for example) or generic – these sounds help everyone (sounds from nature, ancient sound patterns to light up some one’s aura, sounds for negative emotional cathartic release etc). To get a good dosage – you need many listens.

3. Your voice is holographic. You can use it to make quick personality & health changes. ( Using your willpower is the slow way.)

Recommended Reading:

Music and Its Secret Influence: Throughout the Ages by Cyril Scott

Books by Jill Mattson:

The Lost Waves of Time

Secret Sounds Ultimate Healing

Ancient Sounds Modern Healing

Jill’s CDs:

Deep Wave Body Healing – Award Winning CD

Contacting Angels & Masters – Award winning CD

Deep Wave Beauty – Award winning CD

Healing Flower Symphonies Vol I

Healing Flower Symphonies Vol II

Paint your Soul (with Fibonacci & Solfeggio Tones)

Star Dust CD (Star Tones)

Cosmic Streams – Chakras on steroids CD

An hour of healing Music/sounds on the home page of this site: JillsWingsOfLight.com

Jill’s other sites Ancient-Music.com and MusicForBeauty.com

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