Byron Morrison – Weight Loss In A Busy World

Become A Better You By Making Easy Sustainable Changes

Byron Morrison is the Author of the book Become a Better You which is a simple guide for ‘how to be healthy’.

A few years ago Byron was like most of us. He was overworked and overweight and overstressed! He was tired of being in the rat race but didn’t see a way out.

Day after day he went to his high-pressure job under fluorescent lights in the stale are of a large office. He ate packaged and processed food, which could hardly resemble a vegetable or anything containing nutrition. He drank with his buddies or sat on the sofa watching tv and eating pizza to blow off steam and didn’t really get any form of exercise.

Does this sound familiar?

Because so many of us get caught up in the busyness of life that we end up feeling swept away by the minutia of it all. And suddenly we wake up and realize we are fat, sick and tired.

Byron Had Enough

Therefor he was ready to make some serious changes. But what would work?  There are thousands of diets out there!

Through Byron’s journey, he found the foundation of what simple steps we can make now to reverse the damage and get out life back on a healthy and happier course. Now, he has lost and kept off 50lbs, gained health, decreased stress and loves his life again!

“I really wanted to do something different with this book, that actually works and produces sustainable results. Which is why I combined scientific research with the help, guidance and support I wish was available to me back when I was struggling to face this journey on my own.”

Byron’s work is all about helping as many people as possible live healthier and happier lives, by taking a holistic approach to losing weight, becoming more active, managing stress, as well as improving wellbeing.

Qualified in nutrition and weight management Byron is a level 3 REPs personal trainer and behavior change coach that focuses on helping his clients get to the root cause of their weight issues and help make simple, sustainable changes that over time help them achieve permanent weight loss and long-term health.

How To Lose Weight

In our interview, Byron discusses dieting, why they never work, the mindset and psychology behind developing habits and how small changes can have a massive impact.

Byron says to start by taking small gradual steps that on their own don’t seem like much, but when added together will have a profound impact on how you feel.

“Most of all what I get all people starting to focus on their health for the first time to do is:
1) add a portion of vegetables or fruit to every meal
2) drink more water every day (aiming for 2 liters)
3) find ways to walk more on a daily basis”

Byron Morrison’s Book

Become a Better You

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