What is a Naturopathic Doctor?

In this video Dr. Megan Saunders explains to Jen the different roles of the Naturopathic Doctor. In some states the ND is a primary care physician, as in Washington State where Dr. Saunders has her office. Some patients have her as their main doctor, but she is also considered a natural health specialist, similar to a specialist such as a cardiologist whom one would see for a heart condition. By watching this video you will learn in detail the surprising similarities and the critical differences in the educational requirements for medical and naturopathic degrees.

Dr. Saunders is trained in counselling and is very concerned with empowering her patients to build on her information with research of their own so they can take charge of their own health. She spends far more time with patients during a visit than her medical colleagues are able to, and can gain knowledge of patients’ conditions, symptoms, diet, and drug and supplement intake, and lifestyle, in order to help them build a good foundation of health. Watch this video and learn the details about what a naturopathic doctor is and how you can benefit greatly by having a Learn True Health membership. Naturopath, Dr. Megan Saunders, Youngevity, Diet