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AnimalTalk AnimalTalk and PlantTalk were also founded by my guest, Dr. John Veltheim.  Understanding the connection that we have with animals and plants can affect our well-being in some way.  That’s why Dr. John Veltheim is still with us in part two of our interview...Read the full article


BodyTalk System BodyTalk System is earning raves from practitioners and patients from all over the world. Instead of using medication, the BodyTalk System teaches us how to connect with our body, use our intuition and energy for healing. To talk more about the BodyTalk System,...Read the full article

BodyTalk System

BodyTalk System The BodyTalk System is such a fantastic tool that everyone should learn. Through the BodyTalk System, you’d be able to be more present and aware of what’s going on in your body. And Lyn Delmastro-Thomson is the perfect guest to talk about the...Read the full article

BodyTalk System