Lab Tests You Should Know About

Bastyr University

In this episode, I travel to Bastyr University (a prominent Naturopathic Medical College) to interview two medical labs that Naturopathic doctors love to work with to help their patients gain health back when “conventional” medicine doesn’t work.

In this episode we learn about cutting edge lab tests that uncover the root cause of many health issues. Toxicity from things off-gassing in your home, office, car and from chemicals sprayed on food.

Another helpful test is understanding your food sensitivities and which foods are causing your body to react in a negative way.

In the show notes, listed below, there are several links to detailed resources that will help you navigate the lab tests and find the right ones for you and your symptoms.

Please share this episode with your friends who are struggling to get to the root cause of their health issues! Often, an over toxicity in environmental pollution or food sensitivities can be a huge contributing factor towards unexplained illness!

Lab Tests

Guest #1

Katlyn shared that Great Plains Laboratory is the only lab in the United States that does glyphosate testing.

Toxins, environmental pollution, acidity and food allergy testing

Recommended testing for specific health conditions:

Webinar Library:

List of tests:

Full brochure:

Guest #2

Chase with Meridian Valley Lab

Hormone and food sensitivity testing:

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