Justin Stenstrom – How To Have More Confidence

Overcome Shyness and Insecurity with These Empowering Steps

Justin Stenstrom is a nationally-acclaimed life coach, author, entrepreneur, speaker and expert on how to have more confidence. He is the founder of EliteManMagazine.com and the host of the Elite Man Podcast on iTunes. Once anxious, insecure, depressed, and unhappy, Justin overcame many of life’s greatest obstacles and loves nothing more than helping others do the same!

In today’s episode Justin shares his story from being that shy guy to gaining self-confidence. He went on to teach other shy guys how to gain confidence so they could speak authentically with women and be assertive at work.

Justin Stenstrom’s 5 Steps To Gaining More Confidence:

Step 1: Fake it till you make it! Pretend to be great. Pretend to be someone who has lots of confidence. Find someone who has a lot of confidence and who you admire. Take on their mannerisms. How do they talk? How to they sit, stand, walk and carry themselves?

Even though it’s “fake confidence”, as you keep “faking it” people will treat you differently and you will begin to feel different so real confidence grows.

Step 2: Step out of your comfort zone. Push yourself to do one thing each day that is uncomfortable or even scares you a little. Something you don’t think you can do, like take a dance class, join a martial arts Dojo and attend weekly classes, take a cooking class, join Meet Up groups, etc.

Step 3: Have many small wins. This is proven to build you up over time. If you have an overwhelming goal break it into little incremental parts so you can celebrate many small wins.

Step 4: Work on your self-image. Get into the best physical shape you can. Dress well. Workout. Eat clean foods. Take supplements. The more you feel good on the inside by being healthy and the more you like what you see in the mirror the more your confidence will build.

Step 5: Befriend bold and confident people! By spending time with others who have confidence they will help you get out of your comfort zone. You will see how confident people do things and then you can follow their lead. Justin shares a great story about being on a rollercoaster with one of his overly confident friends and what that experience taught him.

How To Have More Confidence

Justin ends today’s interview with a challenge. Spend time getting out of your comfort zone. Do something that scares you a little bit. Join that dance class or go hang out with a “meetup.com group”. Stretch yourself and you will find you are more capable than you knew!

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