Ideal Food – Dr. Brooke Weitz

Dr. Brooke, a professor at Bastyr University and Naturopathic physician, is here to help you achieve your health goals by making simple and easy changes to your diet and lifestyle.

In this video Dr. Brooke talks about the fundamental core of your health, your digestion and diet.  “70% of our immune system is within our gut, so if our gut is not functioning properly, we are not functioning properly!”

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Without a healthy digestive system your immune system suffers. Your immune system is what fights off germs each day, and what clears the body of cancer cells. If your immune system becomes compromised your defenses are down and you become susceptible to disease.

Dr. Brooke shares one of her biggest insights into creating optimal health and that is knowing that your health is the accumulation of the hundreds of little choices you make each day. Each meal is an opportunity to nourish and support your body or poison it with toxins.

We want to start by focusing on whole foods. A whole food is something that came from the earth, that doesn’t have ingredients, that is not man-made.  Organic and non-GMO, whenever possible vegetables, grass-fed free range meats, fruit, seeds, nuts and gluten free grains are all healthy whole foods from which to choose.

Dr. Brooke goes on to explain the best way to structure your meals for optimal energy and health, answering the most common questions you have about your diet and nutrition.