Habit Stacking – Toréa Rodriguez

Habit Stacking Is Going To Change Your Life

Habit stacking is a powerful and effective tool that my guest, Toréa Rodriguez, shares in our interview.

I have wanted to do things like drink more water in the morning, go for a daily walk, eat healthy snacks and get to bed earlier. But when it came to implementing the new habits into my life I found that it was easy to get caught up in the day to day activities and I would FORGET to do the new healthy ones!

Do you have a health goal that you are finding hard to accomplish because your busy life often takes over? Even something as simple as remembering to take our supplements can fall to the wayside when we are busy.

Toréa Rodriguez is a former biochemist, Silicon Valley executive, and professional pilot who after being diagnosed with a debilitating series of autoimmune diseases transformed her life.

Now she is now a certified Functional Diagnostic Nutrition® Practitioner and Master Vitality Transformation Coach based out of the San Francisco Bay Area.

“I have more energy than I can remember having even before I got sick. I obtained the training and certifications necessary to do what I’m most passionate about. I help those with chronic health issues, including autoimmune disease, break free of their frustration by taking simple steps to transform their vitality without complex medical treatment.”

In This Interview Toréa Teaches How To…

  • Apply habit stacking to achieve your health goals.
  • Incorporate your personalized nutrition plan customized perfectly for your body.
  • Get restful and restorative sleep every night!
  • Prioritize your health when you are consumed by a seemingly endless “to-do” list.
  • Implement simple mindfulness habits without having to remember to be mindful.
  • Support your body’s healing through the deeper insight of functional lab work.
  • Understand what your body needs each day for optimal healing.


“There are easy, potent ways of quickly generating energy, reducing stress, reducing inflammation and creating vitality. These specific biological and psychological “switches” turn stress reactions off and relaxation responses on. Flipping these switches is the key to helping the body heal itself and upgrading our experiences of work, family, friends, and FUN! The foundation that supports the above transformation “switchboard” is:

Real Food – Providing the proper balance of nutritional raw materials is essential. Most people are deficient in multiple areas, which results in disease or malfunction. Getting what we need improves everything from sleep and mood to immune function and sexuality.

Rest – We live in a 24×7 world, often overlooking how pivotal rest is for health. Cultivating a healthy relationship with adequate rest promotes healing and sustained energy.

Movement – Usually we hear it’s not enough, so we drive ourselves harder. But often times too much can create hidden stresses inside the body. Finding the right kind and quantity of movement is critical to restoring vitality.

Stress Reduction – Most of us think of this as emotional stress. Stress is hidden in many forms such as infection, food intolerance, and chemical exposure. Discovering and eliminating the stresses around you can have profound effects on your health and vitality. “

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