Food Mood Journal – Dr. Brooke Weitz

In this video you will acquire a valuable tool that will come in handy when you strive for optimal health.

A food journal is ideal for helping you discover which foods your body is reacting to.  If you have a food sensitivity that is causing inflammation, it can affect the health of your digestive and immune systems!

It is easy to dial in which foods you need to avoid, and which ones your body wants you to eat more of, by keeping track of what you eat and how you feel afterwards.

Dr. Brooke recommends that you keep track of what you eat every day, including weekends, so you can be truthful with yourself when it comes to exactly how healthy you are eating, or are not eating.

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Dr. Brooke believes that your optimal health comes from the accumulation of the hundreds of little choices you make each day.  You can increase your health right now by keeping a food journal and being honest with yourself.

Write down what you eat or drink, how much you ate, when you ate and how you felt afterwards, both emotionally and physically. If you notice you always feel tired and sad 45 minutes after eating doughnuts in the morning and you always feel energized and calm after eating scrambled eggs for breakfast, you will begin to make better choices for yourself, knowing how you will feel afterwards.

This tool is also great for those who want to maintain or lose weight. Before you eat, ask yourself WHY you are eating and write down the answer. Is it because you are hungry, or is there a different motivation?  If you are hungry, Dr. Brooke suggests you ask yourself on a scale of 1 – 10 how hungry you are, keeping your answers as honest as possible.

This will help you to focus on making healthy food choices and perhaps choosing a different activity instead of eating when you realize you are not actually hungry.

Be sure to follow Dr. Brooke’s other advice that she gave in previous lessons as well! Chew, chew chew your food! Eat protein for breakfast and balanced protein, healthy fats and lots of vegetables for snacks, lunch and dinner.