Holistic Health Doctor Videos

Health Protocols

Learn specific naturopathic protocols for gaining and maintaining optimal health. This video series will answer the questions what supplements should I take, how much should I take and what diet and lifestyle changes will most help me achieve true health?

Essential Nutrition

What are micronutrients and why do we need them? Come learn what vitamins, minerals, amino acids and essential fatty acids are and why they are so good for you! HINT: It's what Dr. Wallach attributes the cause, prevention and cure for over 900 diseases!

Healthy Lifestyle & Preventive Medicine

These experts will teach you how to maintain optimal health and prevent disease. Diet, exercise, sleep, meditation and more! Plus learn the answers to some of the most common questions like how much water should I really be drinking?!

Health is the state of being free from, symptoms, illness or injury. True natural medicine supports your body's ability to heal so you can live true health!
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