ND Tricks For Better Digestion – Dr. Brooke Weitz

In this video Dr. Brooke shares that if there is only one thing you can change for your health it would be food. Food, and your digestion, play a major roll in your health.

Dr. Brooke has a zero tolerance policy when it comes to hydrogenated fats, high fructose corn syrup and enriched flours.   Your body was not designed to eat all of the processed foods available to you today. Your digestive system may react to ingredients that are artificial or are man-made chemicals.  Over time you can develop food allergies that can cause indigestion, gas, bloating, hives, congestion, decreased energy, inflammation and a lowered immune response.


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Become aware of your food allergy profile, Dr. Brooke recommends, as a key step to ensuring your diet is customized to be optimal for what YOUR body needs and wants. Dr. Brooke will teach you how to do this in a future lesson.

When eating, it is important to be aware of what state your body is in, sympathetic or parasympathetic. Sympathetic is also known as “fight or flight” while parasympathetic is known as “rest and digest” mode.  When we are stressed or rushing, our body is not in digest mode and if we eat while our sympathetic nervous system is stimulated we will not digest and absorb optimally.

So, how do we get into this “rest and digest” parasympathetic mode? Dr. Brooke says breathe, sit and just focus on chewing and eating. Being in a relaxed state will aid in digestion and go a long way to creating optimal health.

The next key is so simple a child can do it! Chewing is the most neglected part of our digestion.  Chew till food is in a liquid form.  Chew three to four times as much as you normally do and do not drink with your meal.  Doing as much mechanical and chemical work as possible and letting the salivary amylase do as much digesting in the mouth before swallowing, will mean the nutrition in your food will be better absorbed.  “There is so much we can do for our health and digestion before we even swallow our food!”

Dr. Brooke believes that your optimal health comes from the accumulation of the hundreds of little choices you make each day.  Something as simple as breathing, relaxing and chewing more at each meal, can add up in the long run.

Dr. Brooke gives advice on symptoms that might indicate you have a blood sugar issue and how to correct it. Naturopathic medicine is all about catching things early and helping the body correct the issue before it becomes an illness or disease.

Anxiety, Dr. Brooke has found, is one of the symptoms she sees when a patient begins to have blood sugar issues. Anxiety can be corrected with diet and nutrition!

Preventive medicine is easier to follow because we are looking to make little changes that make the biggest difference in the long run.  Listening to your body and its symptoms, as Dr. Molly taught in a previous lesson, is how you will know if you are on the right path or if you need a course correction.

Dr. Brooke completes the video with four amazing tips for stimulating and increasing your digestion. A great supplement to incorporate with each meal is Youngevity’s Ultimate Enzymes.