In this video Dr. Megan explains the importance of supplementing with Chromium. Below is a list of studies showing the positive health effects of chromium supplementation and then diseases / illnesses caused by being chromium deficient.


Biochemistry: Potentiates the actions of insulin (reduces insulin resistance) b/c it is a component of low-molecular weight chromium binding substance (also chromodulin, formerly known as glucose tolerance factor). LMWCr increases downstream signaling from the insulin receptor by up to eight times.  Also has antioxidant activity and can modify serotonin  function.

  • PMID: 9109644; Chromium oligopeptide activates insulin receptor tyrosine kinase activity.  Biochemistry.1997 Apr 15;36(15):4382-5.
  • PMID: 10067653; Mechanisms of chromium action: low-molecular-weight chromium-binding substance. J Am Coll Nutr. 1999 Feb;18(1):6-12.

Key Indications: bipolar, depression, diabetes, dysthymia, gestational diabetes, hypercholesterolemia, PCOS, reactive hypoglycemia.  Animal studies show decreased growth, shorter life, lipid deposition in arteries.  In humans who needed IV nutrition that chromium was left out of, developed weight loss, glucose intolerance, peripheral neuropathy, .

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Toxicity: condimentum. mauris, nunc justo sollicitudin risus, pulvinar finibus Vestibulum nec

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