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get off meds
Angus Nelson Today’s episode crosses over to how our spiritual, mental and emotional health directly affect our physical health. Through an attitude of gratitude today’s guest, author, speaker and executive coach, Angus Nelson, shares how we can transform our lives to have more happiness, connection...Read the full article

Gratitude For Health

supplement confusion
Nutrition And Supplement Confusion Jennifer Saltzman is back on the show to chat with Ashley about nutrition and supplement confusion.  For over 21 years Jen has helped many people find their path to health through the physical medicine of pilates, the healing power of prayer...Read the full article

Supplement Confusion

cancer and natural medicine
Breast Cancer Barnetty Kushner is treating her stage 3 breast cancer 100% naturally. In the Fall of 2015, days after Barnetty held her sister’s hand while she died from Uterine cancer, Barnetty was diagnosed with breast cancer. Barnetty, who is only 37 years old, has...Read the full article

Cancer and Natural Medicine

In this video Dr. Megan explains the importance of supplementing with Chromium. Below is a list of studies showing the positive health effects of chromium supplementation and then diseases / illnesses caused by being chromium deficient. Chromium Biochemistry: Potentiates the actions of insulin (reduces insulin...Read the full article