Kintsugi Wellness

Kintsugi Wellness a highly-recommended book if you want to embrace the Japanese way of total wellness. It is a unique art of nourishing the mind, body, and spirit.  To explain what Kintsugi Wellness is all about, I’m thrilled to have its best-selling author Candice Kumai on this episode.

Early Love For Food

Candice Kumai is a classically-trained professional chef. She was a judge on Iron Chef America, a guest on the Dr. Oz Show, Wendy Williams, Today Show, as well as on Top Chef’s first season.

She traces her love for food from her Japanese grandmother and her Polish grandmother. Candice Kumai’s mother also used her Japanese tradition in the United States with California produce. According to Candice Kumai, her mother cooked the best meals so eating Japanese dishes on a regular basis was normal for her.

Going to Culinary School

When Candice Kumai got older, she enrolled herself in culinary school after college. She eventually gained ample work experiences at several restaurants.

Candice Kumai recalled the struggles she went through from her Top Chef stint in Los Angeles to move to New York. Now a writer in New York for eight years, Candice Kumai says it has been a painful roller coaster ride writing six books, magazine editing, producing, writing, and directing.

“But mostly, I think I found my niche and my path when I started helping other people learn how to cook better. And also live a better life with really simple solutions that everyone can do,” said Candice Kumai.

Clean Green Drinks Book

Candice Kumai’s Clean Green Drinks help people perfect their basic smoothie from a sugar bomb into something that is full of nutrition and tastes like a milkshake. She said she was always trying to find more realistic ways and approaches for the American consumer.  It has now even expanded to have a global reach. Ultimately, it’s all about knowing the real resources you can do at home.

Candice Kumai encourages people to eat more vegetables and fruits.  She says to make sure to include something fresh in your smoothie whether breakfast, lunch or dinner.  She also advises to drink water, and drink matcha tea instead of coffee.

Like what most experts say, sleep is essential.  That’s why Candice Kumai strongly recommends going to bed early to prioritize your body, mind and emotional well-being. Furthermore, regular exercise helps a lot.

Kintsugi Wellness

Candice Kumai’s latest book Kintsugi Wellness is based on her Japanese ancestors’ practices. She says she used their methods from the ancient which help her thrive now in the modern world.

“All the things I grew up with came back full circle. And after a very rough time in New York city, my Japanese grandmother passed away,” said Candice Kumai. 

She adds, “It took me three years to write this book. The book is a homage to my family’s heritage. I now take wellness seriously in a different format where I want everyone to learn the same Japanese practices I learned.”

Lesson Learned

The Kintsugi Wellness book stresses the following things:

  1. Always do your best.
  2. Continuously improve.
  3. Everything is perfectly imperfect with great resilience and endurance or just being a better service to others.

“So, although my life is not perfect, I always felt like I didn’t fit in because of the Asian Heritage I grew up with,” said Candice Kumai. “Finding myself and finding my true voice meant being broken, picking up the pieces on my own, and putting them back together. Kintsugi Wellness book is a celebration of wellness and heritage.”

Candice Kumai recalls that she didn’t think it would be her calling. But she was so attracted to learning from the monks, elderly people, learning from those who survived the war and escaped death. According to her, these were the people who taught Candice Kumai what real wellness was.

The Right Mindset

Candice Kumai always knew she was a hard worker.  She was very persistent. But she also didn’t realize that continuous improvement through Kaizen—a Japanese term for improvement, was a Japanese practice until she turned 36 years old. 

To illustrate the Japanese people’s values, Candice Kumai cites the 2011 earthquake. Despite the challenges, Japanese people didn’t complain, didn’t cry, scream or beg. They were very tolerant and resilient.  They endured great pain internally.

“When I started understanding Japanese as a whole culture or a homogenous culture, we were never really supposed to stand out in Japan. They wanted everybody always to be the same as a group culture,” explains Candice Kumai. “With the Japanese Americans, I realized I could write a book about the Japanese practices I was raised with because I am Japanese American.”


Candice Kumai says the average Japanese person would not think this is any special or different. So, when she learned about Wabi-Sabi, it taught her how to embrace her imperfections. It influenced her so much, to the point that she named her podcast Wabi-sabi.

“A lot of us have identity struggles. But learning that everything is perfectly imperfect, and accepting flaws are part of life and embracing them, is the practice of Wabi-sabi,” said Candice Kumai.

Purpose of Writing Book

The Kintsugi Wellness book is currently available in nine countries all over the world. Through her book, Candice Kumai wanted to open up a new window to wellness where every person can embrace where they come from. It is also to help them see life from different perspectives. Because according to her, if we don’t tell the stories of our ancestors’ practices, we will surely lose them.

Candice Kumai wrote Kintsugi Wellness in New York.  Among accomplishments like signing sixty different branding deals 2011 until now, she still wasn’t happy.

She had a relationship that was broken, and her ex-partner traumatized her with an unexpected breakup. Candice Kumai also lost her grandmother, and that left her tired, depressed, and not full of life.

“So, when I started studying more on my heritage, I came across the practice of Kintsugi. Kintsugi is the Japanese art form of building repair. That’s why it came to be wellness. Because it was a guide for anybody who was going through trauma, sadness, anger,” Candice Kumai said. 

She adds, “There is a Japanese term in the book wherein it refers to pay attention and take great care. Sometimes we need to call to attention and be realistic in your goals. We may not all have the opportunity to be perfect, but we can change things to improve ourselves continuously every day a small bit at a time.”

Helping People

Candice Kumai says the Kintsugi Wellness book has helped so many people. Many people started sharing their pain, honorable struggles, and their past stories.

In the end, they ended up coming out of it better. You have to be aware that you are not alone in your struggle.

Recommended Diet

Food plays a big factor in feeling good inside and out. Candice Kumai says one thing Americans don’t have in their traditional daily diet is fermented foods. On the other hand, the Japanese utilize things like natto, soy sauce, miso paste, fermented pickled veggies throughout the day. They generally have more fermented foods.

One thing you can do is change things up with different flavors like miso, soy sauce, apple cider vinegar that contains some mother. It greatly helps gut health because it provides good bacteria. Also, try to cut down on sugar.

“We can all help prevent disease together. And cooking is the greatest resource that we all have to live our lives. That is what I’m here for in a nutshell,” said Candice Kumai. 

For breakfast, Candice Kumai usually eats a half avocado with miso paste.  Infusing your breakfast with lemon or apple cider vinegar is also ideal. She also loves doing a peach smoothie. Just mix frozen peaches, spinach, a touch of apple cider vinegar, almond milk, hemp seeds, berries, and collagen.

Lunch is usually a big giant salad for Candice Kumai. The greens range from romaine or red leaf lettuce, arugula or spinach. Then she usually mixes it with red onion, garbanzo beans, kidney, cherry tomato, cucumber, olive oil, curry powder, sea salt, soy sauce, lemon or apple cider.

For dinner, her favorite is eating salmon with miso paste, fresh greens, quinoa or brown rice.  She does indulge in a bit of chocolate or matcha cookies for dessert. Healthy drinks include matcha tea, hemp milk, almond milk or green tea.


Book Giveaway

As a special treat for the Learn True Health fans, Candice Kumai is giving away her Kintsugi Wellness book to one lucky audience! Details of the book giveaway will be posted on the Learn True Health Facebook group so make sure to sign up.

“One of my greatest hopes for wellness, health, and media is for more people to be empathetic, kind and compassionate,” said Candice Kumai.


Candice Kumai is an internationally-renowned wellness writer, chef & content creator, described by ELLE magazine as “The Golden Girl of the Wellness World.” She sat on The Well+Good Council and was recently named one of Arianna Huffington’s “Top 20 New Role Models in 2017.” 

Born and raised in California to a Japanese mother and a Polish-American father, in Carlsbad CA, Candice Kumai grew up in a mixed culture home – celebrating Japanese traditions & cuisine from a young age and honing a cosmopolitan perspective that continues to inspire her work today. 

Candice Kumai is a classically trained chef, former line cook, former TV host, former-model-turned wellness journalist, & five-time, best-selling author of Clean Green Eats, Clean Green Drinks, Pretty Delicious, Cook Yourself Sexy, and Cook Yourself Thin. Her next book, Kintsugi Wellness: The Japanese Art of Nourishing Mind, Body, and Spirit is launching on April 17, 2018. 

Candice Kumai contributes to numerous, national wellness & lifestyle publications including ELLE, Cosmopolitan, Bon Appétit, Shape, Yoga Journal, Men’s Journal, Wall Street Journal, Well+Good, Pop Sugar, Girlboss and Byrdie. Top Chef alumni, Candice Kumai, has appeared as a regular judge on Iron Chef America & Beat Bobby Flay. 

Candice Kumai’s dedication to philanthropy + volunteer efforts includes partnerships with City Harvest, The White House Initiative on Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders (AAPI), Thousand Days, The Japan Society, Wellness in The Schools (WITS), Health Corps, The US-Japan Council, The Chef’s Garden, and The James Beard Foundation. She serves as a mentor for high school/college students through Health Corps & The Resolution Project. 

Candice Kumai has shared her message with global brands/institutions including Adidas, Nike, Chanel, Shiseido, Whole Foods, Samsung, Reebok, the NBA, The New York Times, Equinox, SoHo House, Lululemon, Yale University, University of San Diego, ABC Home Deepak Chopra Center, Thrive Global, & The Natural Gourmet Institute. 

Candice Kumai is a lover of vegan cake baking, matcha making & is a total sneakerhead. She loves her avocados, her cat Sisi, & a good-ass barre class. Candice Kumai lives in Brooklyn, NY and has been represented by WME IMG for 8+ years.

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Infrared Therapy 

Infrared therapy is something that I genuinely believe in especially after I bought a Sunlighten Sauna for home use. There have been many studies that came out attesting to the benefits of infrared therapy. But to talk about infrared therapy in detail, I have Sunlighten’s Business Development Executive Alicia Botyrius with us in this episode.

Years As An Entrepreneur

Alicia Botyrius was initially a customer at Sunlighten’s day spa in Kansas City.  Living in the city for 20 years, her work as an entrepreneur was stressful. But because she was interested in health and wellness, she frequented the day spa to decompress.

Alicia Botyrius was a customer at the Sunlighten day spa for about five years. Reaping the benefits of infrared therapy was something Alicia Botyrius cherished. Going to the day spa was her sanctuary. 

Naturally, her visits enabled Alicia Botyrius to know the products inside and out.  It was also fortunate that Sunlighten Saunas’ headquarters were in the suburbs of Kansas City, so I was a smooth transition to work for the company.

Sunlighten Saunas Experience

Alicia Botyrius felt that doing infrared therapy with other brands felt oppressively hot. The first time she did infrared therapy using a Sunlighten sauna unit, Alicia Botyrius felt extremely comfortable.

“It’s meant to be something that’s enjoyed versus endured. And it has a nurturing feeling. If you’re coming from a stressed state, going to a sauna is the best feeling,” said Alicia Botyrius. 

Stress Buster

Alicia Botyrius didn’t realize how much anxiety and how much tension she had until she started coming to the sauna on a regular basis. She realized to step back and slow down her thoughts. Ultimately, Alicia Botyrius was better off in a calm state before making decisions versus a tired, anxious state.

Alicia Botyrius explains that when you are stressed, your body runs off two systems. You have the sympathetic and the parasympathetic systems.

“When you are in that sympathetic state, you are stressed and feels like somebody is chasing you. You are nervous and anxious,” said Alicia Botyrius, “And when you go into the sauna, there’s not much you can do. It forces you to step back and relax.”  

She adds, “And as a result, your body switches over to the parasympathetic system which is what you’re in when you’re in a deep sleep. That’s the system where your body rests and recovers. By going to the sauna, you are naturally bringing your stress levels down. You are allowing the body to recover and repair itself. And it naturally brings up endorphins.”

Recovering From Injuries

Infrared therapy is also a beautiful thing to use if you have any injuries, muscle or joint problems. Alicia Botyrius says utilizing a sauna will burn more calories and help improve your heart, lose weight, and detox toxins.

“It’s getting help on a complete level and not just fixing the symptom. Plus, it’s finding the root issue and helping that as well,” Alicia Botyrius said.

Types of Sauna

Sunlighten Saunas offer three types of saunas.  The far infrared has a wavelength that is going to penetrate deepest into your body. According to Alicia Botyrius, this is primarily for detox and raising your temperature.

The mid-infrared wavelength and near infrared are the two other types. Near-infrared targets improving skin health.

Alicia Botyrius also explains that the near infrared we pulse out in Sunlighten Saunas involves no light and no heat. Instead, it is delivered through LED bulbs in the walls of the sauna. This means you’re not going to get hot, and you’re not going to sweat when using the near infrared.

“The way that it was discovered is when NASA and the Navy Seals hired a scientist. It was to figure out the best way for astronauts to recover if they got cut in outer space because they are out of the atmosphere,” said Alicia Botyrius. “If you go out of the atmosphere and cut your arm, it can be fatal. Because we don’t have the atmosphere to help, your body heal.” 

She adds, “The same thing in submarines. Burned cuts can be a dangerous situation. But 880 nanometers of energy will heal skin. So, it will help collagen production, help heal wounds, and the most effective way to help skin conditions recover.”

Some other health conditions that the near infrared sauna can address are fine lines and wrinkles, wounds, sunburn, acne, psoriasis, and some types of rashes.

“Near-infrared focuses on the skin but still goes under your skin. So, when the energy goes through there, it’s going to help a lot of areas like a whole-body treatment. It also helps reduce inflammation,” Alicia Botyrius said.

Solo Sauna

Sunlighten Saunas offer many unit models. Alicia Botyrius says the solo sauna is one of her favorite products because it is so effective. And so many people can use it. The solo sauna is also something that is portable and a space saver.

“You just lay it on the floor. It comes with a mat if you want. There’s an infrared heating pad that you would lay on that’s a memory foam,” said Alicia Botyrius. “You’re getting those wonderful infrared heat from the whole backside of your body radiating up. So, all along your lower back and down your hamstrings are tight.” 

On top of you are these domes of infrared that are so nurturing and gentle. It is exceptionally healthy and great for detox. And it is considered an ultra-low EMF of 0.6. Furthermore, the fabric the company uses is a carbonized bamboo, which is completely non-toxic.

“I am creating a very strong foundation by making my body as healthy as can be. I feel like I’m coming from a really strong place to go get it,” said Alicia Botyrius. 

She adds, “No matter what you do and what lifestyle you have, you can’t get rid of the toxins that are in our world today. And the deep sweat you experience in our patented infrared heaters allows you to get rid of all the garbage that you don’t need. And hold on to the things that are essential in your life.”


I was so thrilled to find out that Alicia Botyrius became a fan of EnergyBits after she listened to my show where I guested creator Catharine Arnston. For those who want to buy their products, type in LTH at checkout to avail of the 20% off on all products. The discount code has no expiration date, so you can use it over and over again or share it with friends.

Alicia Botyrius thinks it’s crucial to add EnergyBits into your health program because it is lead-free. Starting with taking Chlorella at night, Alicia Botyrius slept deeper and was more zestful. Waking up, she felt restored and sharper.

Her feeling of being alert and awake felt so natural. Even when she exercised in the morning, she stayed alert all day. A few weeks later, she added Spirulina in the morning as an energy aid. Alicia Botyrius also found out that it helped curb her hunger.

Sunlighten Saunas Testimonies

Some so many people have reaped the benefits of using Sunlighten Sauna regularly. It helps improve mobility and flexibility in people. Alicia Botyrius also says that as people get older and unsteady on their feet, this is something that can help them get stronger and become more stable.

“All of our clinical studies are on the website. Sunlighten Sauna’s infrared heat had a statistically significant difference in people’s blood pressure,” said Alicia Botyrius. “The study was based on using the sauna 3x a week for 30 minutes for six weeks. That’s dramatic when you consider how many drugs people use to manage their high blood pressure.” 

She adds, “By gently warming your core, it is helping your circulation improve. And as your circulation improves, you get so many benefits downstream because of that. It also improves heart health, helps reduce inflammation and lessens brain fog.” 

Alicia Botyrius cites one story about a firefighter injured on the job. He was horribly on a high dose of pharmaceuticals. But thankfully, he incorporated holistic treatments, one of them being a regular user of Sunlighten Saunas. Today, the man also works for Sunlighten Saunas because he believes in it so much.

Sustainable Wood

Sunlighten Saunas are made of all-natural wood. They use a water-based finish on the outside. Alicia Botyrius says there might be some imperfections on the wood. That’s because the company prefers it to be as natural as possible without any chemicals.

“Any time you have a resin, glue or paint, then you heat it up, and you are in an enclosed environment, you’re breathing in those elements and gases. And that is not healthy,” Alicia Botyrius said. 

She adds, “We use sustainable wood. So, from an eco-perspective, we work with farms that believe in reforestation. We make sure it’s wellness for mother nature as well as wellness for people who use it.”

Alicia Botyrius also says that the company also offers units using two other kinds of wood that are fragrance-free and hypoallergenic.

Acoustic Resonance Therapy

Sunlighten Saunas also have an audio system from So Sound. Alicia Botyrius explains that it’s a specific frequency that’s been clinically proven to help bring down stress levels and return people to a state of calmness.

The So Sound music plays through the speaker system and provides a subtle vibration sound healing, like a musical massage.  It is best paired with the Chroma Therapy, where you can choose the color of the light to make you feel more relaxed.

Financing Options

Sunlighten Saunas offer great packages that are flexible and easy on your budget. They also help you find people to install your unit and have an excellent customer support team on standby to answer your inquiries.

For home use units, the company offers a seven-year warranty for residents where your unit will be replaced for free if there are any defects. On the other hand, a five-year warranty is offered for commercial use units. Many hotels and top professional sports teams have Sunlighten Sauna units.

Either way, Sunlighten Saunas are meant to last decades. They also offer free shipping and have excellent bamboo carbon towels, which are super absorbent, fragrance-free, organic, and available in their natural color. So, make sure to inquire about that. 

“As technology improves and knowledge improves, we always want to stay ahead of everybody else. We make something that makes us stand apart from everybody else, and we’re very proud of that,” said Alicia Botyrius. “The sauna that you get today will not be the sauna that we have in 10 years or that we had ten years ago.”


Alicia Botyrius, Business Development Executive at Sunlighten, has been building brands and businesses for 20 years. 

Before Sunlighten, Alicia Botyrius started her career in a large telecommunications company and then spent 12 years as an entrepreneur in the fine art industry by running a business called Signature Canvas. She achieved many successes throughout her career, she landed the first and only co-branded television commercial in the telecommunications industry, grew and managed a worldwide start-up business and created various marketing campaigns and self-published a poetry book. Her success is attributed to the relationships she built with each person she worked with and her belief in servant leadership. 

Alicia Botyrius has been a health and wellness advocate for over 25 years. She is passionate about sharing the full-spectrum of a healthy lifestyle which helps empower people to live a healthier, happier life. Alicia Botyrius believes wellness means more than dress size or body weight, true wellness encompasses every aspect of a person’s life from mental health, nutrition, livelihood, physical activity, and dark chocolate. 

Alicia Botyrius holds a Bachelors’ Degree in Accounting from King’s College and an MBA from the University of Scranton.

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Recommended Readings by Alicia Botyrius!

The Art of Power by Thich Nhat Hahn

Outwitting the Devil by Napolean Hill

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Episode 265 – Chlorella and Spirulina – Catharine Arnston

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DefenderShield is a brand of technology which effectively protects us from the harmful effects of electromagnetic fields. I’m sure you’ve heard thousands of reviews proving the importance of avoiding EMF exposure.  To get a better understanding on EMFs and the benefits of DefenderShield, its creator Daniel DeBaun will explain all about it in this episode.

In connection with the subject about electromagnetic fields, I’ve had Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt on the show some episodes back. His primary mission is to reverse autism in children, and one of his top recommendations is to have them stay away from wi-fi signals.

You see, wi-fi signals vibrate at 60 hertz and vibrate the heavy metals in our nervous system. By doing this method of heavy metals detoxification, it helps patients slowly eradicate symptoms of autism.

Protecting His Sons

It was a very personal journey for Daniel DeBaun. Before creating DefenderShield, Daniel DeBaun led the standards development and testing environment for a telecommunications product for probably 25-30 years.  He made sure products were compliant to the standards they had in the system.

When Daniel DeBaun decided to retire early, there was one time six years ago wherein his sons visited him at home. It bothered him that they were in front of their laptops for several hours.  He wife was similarly worried, so Daniel DeBaun researched potential dangers.

“I was stunned that there was a lot of evidence. So, I figured out a way to protect them. Eventually, I made a prototype wherein his sons began using them as well as their friends,” shares Daniel DeBaun. 

He adds, “My conclusion was that there was a problem.  We weren’t going to be victims from the technology in our environment, and I thought of trying to fix it. Plus my wife wanted grandchildren. That’s why she was concerned.”

What is Radio Frequency

According to Daniel DeBaun, any device operating electronically has an emission of radiation that occurs below 300 Hertz. When that electronic device is consuming that power, there’s a by-product that occurs. And the by-product has exceptionally low-frequency admissions. It’s the stuff that comes out of your wall to electronics.

“Anything that generates a current generates an emission. Then there’s the other type. It’s like when you want to connect to something, you have to create a connection from one device to the next,” Daniel DeBaun explains. “So, if you want to connect to a cell phone and call a friend, your cell phone connects to a cell power. That’s a radio frequency connection or an RF signal. That RF is another form of radiation.”

Dangers of RF Signals

Daniel DeBaun says that if you use your laptop and connect to your wi-fi to get internet access, that’s an RF signal that is allowing you to make that communication. It is a frequency. And the information rising within that frequency is how you communicate.

“The RF is around one gigahertz. A wi-fi signal is around 4 or 5 gigahertz. It’s much faster and different,” said Daniel DeBaun. “It takes many years before we know the impact of the pollutants around us. And RF can be considered a pollutant. It is also dangerous because it can impact the cellular levels as well as the systems in your body.”

Erratic Sleep Patterns

Many studies have proven that electromagnetic fields mess up with our sleep patterns. Daniel DeBaun says that exposures from a cellphone put us at risk wherein the membrane of our cells can weaken.

“Recreation of melatonin is interrupted by an RF signal. You can’t sleep well, and you have dry eyes. So, you need to think about the potentials for long-term exposures,” said Daniel DeBaun.

To further illustrate, Daniel DeBaun cites that there is a potential that the egg of a 12-year old girl is carrying a potentially damaged DNA cell.  This is if she has been exposed to RF signals for a prolonged time. As the girl grows up, her egg is used to create her child. And some research has supported the concept that a baby could end up having a damaged DNA cell as well.

Natural Toxicity Program

The Natural Toxicity Program is a division of the US Federal Government. Approximately $25 million was poured into the program two years ago to prove a statistically significant epidemiology study that there was no concern about cell damage from an RF signal.

The program took transmitters from a cellphone and included it in the test environment. Radiating this epidemiology population, they found an increase in certain types of brain and heart cancers. The numbers were statistically and significantly higher than the general population that didn’t have that exposure.

“There were thousands of studies in the last five years that look at the breakdown of cells. And there’s that concern that with all these studies, you can’t conclude it. That’s why there’s a bit of controversy in the space,” said Daniel DeBaun. 

The 5G Network

Daniel DeBaun explains that when we had an analog signal, 2 to 4G could break the cells down because it went to a digital format. And the way it is encoded impacts the cells differently.

“We know the digital signal along with the frequency rate is what is impacting our cells. And it creates all the challenges we have today,” said Daniel DeBaun. 

One gigahertz is a billion signals per second. And the 5G network allows us to connect with anything or anybody because of its high speed. Going from 1 gigahertz to roughly 20 gigahertz, Daniel DeBaun says it’s twenty times more speed per second than one gigahertz.

“It’s one third the speed of an x-ray. The x-ray is powerful enough to take electrons, knock it out of orbit and charge it. That’s the mechanical breakdown of the cell that causes cancer,” reveals Daniel DeBaun.

Daniel DeBaun also says that the much more significant speed of 5G is cause for concern. It’s so fast that you can’t go very far. You can’t go any more than 850 feet.

“So, if you’re within a thousand feet of a cell phone tower, you are three times more likely to have cancer. None of us are smart enough to know what the answer is on 5G. Because none of us had studied it anywhere in the world,” said Daniel DeBaun. 

He adds, “No scientific research occurred in that 23 gigahertz space. We can only predict based on what we know of previous technology.”

Radiation Nation Book

For those who want to know more about EMF radiation, check out Daniel DeBaun’s book called Radiation Nation–Your Complete guide to EMF safety and protection. It details all the truths and health challenges what we get from modern technology.

“It was written out of frustration. When I looked at the research as a scientist, there was a lot of evidence that was pre-directionally not good for us,” Daniel DeBaun said. “We were confused about what the stuff was. And we were trying to bring up our families in a changing environment.” 

Daniel DeBaun says he was frustrated because he didn’t see the simple understanding of what the issue is and the simple understanding of what you can do about it. Hence, this book tries to close those gaps.

“The book was for my mother for her daughter. It was for the people that are making decisions in our lives,” said Daniel DeBaun. “I needed to try to help them understand what the problem was and the things they could do. Simple actions can have a substantial change. It was written for the average person to understand the environment they are living at.” 

 Actionable Steps

And just what can we do to lower our exposure to EMF? Daniel DeBaun says that when you have a cell phone against your head, you want to think about that as the worst exposure you can have on a cellphone.

“If you take that cell phone and take it away one foot from your head, 80% of the potential danger of that signal is gone. By 4 feet, 98% of the danger is gone,” Daniel DeBaun said.

In other words, the power adds up so fast that the distance spells a big difference. It is relatively easy to do. By merely moving something or moving the device away from you by a little bit, there a significant benefit. Duration indeed plays an important part in minimizing harmful exposures and living longer.

“If you have a cell phone with a cell tower connection, wi-fi signal and Bluetooth, those are three transmitters entering into the room. You don’t need all three,” said Daniel DeBaun. “I only have cell power. By turning it off, I reduce two-thirds the exposure in the room simply by turning it off and put the phone on speaker mode instead.”

The same goes for TV unites connected to routers and TV boxes. Daniel DeBaun advises that we don’t have to have the wi-fi signal on. Instead, we reduce those transmitters in the room, and that minimizes the exposure.

DefenderShield Products

Daniel DeBaun sells a wide variety DefenderShield products on his website. He said among the DefenderShield selections, the EMF Radiation-Free Air Tube Stereo Headphones / Earbuds is most recommended. It has a long cord to allow you to use your device 4.5 feet away.

To further sweeten the deal, Daniel DeBaun is offering a 20% discount on all DefenderShield products to Learn True Health listeners.  Just make sure to type in the coupon code LTH upon checkout.


Daniel DeBaun is an internationally recognized and influential expert in shielding electronic emissions and Electromagnetic Radiation (EMF) protection, with a particular focus on the effect of exposure from mobile devices such as laptops, tablets and cell phones. His concern regarding the health impact of electronic radiation emissions grew from over 30 years of engineering experience in the telecommunications industry, where he held a variety of leadership and executive positions at SAIC, Telcordia, AT&T, and Bell Labs. 

Through the course of his career, Daniel DeBaun has created requirements for large telecommunication systems, led technical divisions responsible for establishing industry standards and formed analysis adherence testing for next-generation digital transmission systems. He also oversaw laboratories which analyzed electromagnetic radiation (EMF) interference, electrical signals, and digital formats. He and the teams he led were looked upon as industry authorities. 

Daniel DeBaun is the inventor of DefenderShield®, the most effective EMF radiation protection technology for mobile devices ever developed. In addition to his work with DefenderShield®, Daniel DeBaun is a highly-regarded author, industry consultant, writer, and speaker as well as frequent guest national radio and television programs discussing EMF health issues. 

Daniel DeBaun is the co-author of the recent bestseller, Radiation Nation: The Fallout of Modern Technology, the complete guide to EMF radiation safety and protection.

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Book by Daniel DeBaun

The Fallout of Modern Technology: Radiation Nation

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