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The term and concept of homeschool are often misunderstood. People usually worry about the socialization aspect of opting to homeschool children. But this is far from the truth.  The kids of my guest, Daniel Louzonis is doing well academically and socially, and I am thrilled to have him dive deeper into the homeschool concept.

Traditional Education

Like most people, Daniel Louzonis had a traditional education background. He grew up in an academically rigorous system in Massachusetts, graduating from high school in 1992.

Daniel Louzonis worked to get into an Ivy League school and eventually got into the University of Pennsylvania. He was the captain of the math team in college and found college math easier than high school.

Rude Awakening

After graduation, Daniel Louzonis eventually started his career trading stocks. Although he found nothing wrong with his educational path, he suddenly realized he was already 30 years old with a wife and baby, and at a crossroad dealing with a dwindling career.

Daniel Louzonis had to reinvent himself at 30 years old. He realized that apparently, his educational path wasn’t sustainable. Accidentally embarking on a journey of self-education, Daniel Louzonis started blogging and refreshing his knowledge through the internet.

During his self-discovery journey, Daniel Louzonis discovered that he had vast untapped potential and that the path he was previously on was suboptimal.

Homeschooling His Kids

Daniel Louzonis decided to deviate from the traditional system by homeschooling his firstborn child, John. When John was around three and a half years old, Daniel Louzonis started doing Kumon workbooks with him.

“My son was exposed to individualized instruction at a very young age. He made leaps and bounds with his learning progress. At 18 months, he did 2,200 pages of Kumon books,” shares Daniel Louzonis.

John’s progress in math was significant. He was able to finish 6th-grade math, and at five years old, he also finished phonic reading. Daniel Louzonis reveals that John started algebra, nine months before John was scheduled to start kindergarten. Now, that’s amazing!

Reality of Homeschool

After deciding to put John under a homeschool program, Daniel Louzonis could see that John could never go into a school environment because he was just too advanced. He never knew that homeschool could produce such significant results in kids.

“The context was interesting. Because at 30 years old, despite having an Ivy League education and geographic mobility, I never heard the word homeschooling,” admits Daniel Louzonis. “My initial impression was that the parents were in the kitchen creating a makeshift school at home.” 

He adds, “I had no idea that homeschooling is a misnomer. And it didn’t even begin to describe the educational possibility that was available to kids who were educated outside the system. Plus, I don’t say homeschool. I say, educated outside the system.”

Reasons To Homeschool

Daniel Louzonis says there are five to ten core philosophies in homeschooling. And people chose to homeschool their kids for varied reasons. Some homeschool for religious reasons, do hybrid homeschool or flexi homeschool. For families who travel a lot, their kids usually do world homeschooling. Other kids opt for homeschool to devote a majority of their time to focus on sports or music. 

“Homeschooling is marked by extreme freedom. So, it defies labeling. Some people in the homeschooling system are chauvinistic, but that goes with the territory. You have to be a free thinker and confident on what you do,” advises Daniel Louzonis.

Some parents turn to homeschooling their kids because of bullying incidents in a traditional school. The reasons change over time. Bottomline, Daniel Louzonis says homeschooling is a good option because not everyone is into academics.

I believe that the parents are the executive function of the child. Once a child has the means or logic brain solidly in place, that’s when parents can hand over the executive function to the child.

Things To Consider

Seriously thinking of putting your kids to homeschool? Daniel Louzonis says the first thing one should do is to be introspective. Write down your current situation and the role your environment plays in your current situation. Think long and hard about what you wrote.

“Everything that a person has today can all be traced back to their education or inputs they received along the way. If you want a substantially different outcome for your kids, we have to change inputs,” Daniel Louzonis said. “Parents who are not willing to look at their situation critically, will not have that growth mindset.”

Coaching Session

Daniel Louzonis does coaching sessions for three hours a week for 52 weeks. The program costs US$ 50,000 and the sessions are very intense.

Daniel Louzonis says most of the parents want him to work directly with their kids. And a lot of it is math. This is because math is the building block for attention span and mental discipline.

In some cases, Daniel Louzonis only works with the parents. He helps them fix their mindset or improving and maximizing the home. 

“Home is the biggest fulcrum for a child’s intellectual development whether they are in school or not. TV, for example, makes books boring. With no TV, books become the most fascinating thing,” said Daniel Louzonis.

Dangers Of Technology

Daniel Louzonis affirms that his kids have zero television time. He believes it is the most important thing he ever did with his kids. Another thing parents should be wary of is video games.

According to Daniel Louzonis, video games trigger the hyperarousal of the brain.  It leads to the destruction of fine motor skills, short attention span, and short-term memory. One of the worst gadgets a kid could have are cellphones, iPads, and laptops.

Socialization Skills

One of the greatest fear of any parent is the fear of their kids being left out or bullied in school. In reality, every one of us who have been on the school path, we’ve all felt left out at some point. Daniel Louzonis says that whole fear is a legacy of our schooling.

“My kids don’t know what’s it like to be picked on. Kids do not need to be put in a hostile, toxic, hyper-conformist peer environment to know how to get along with others,” said Daniel Louzonis.

History Of School

I have previously looked into the Trivium Education, where the program focuses on general grammar, formal logic and classical rhetoric. There are just so many healthy alternatives out there to educate our children. And it’s our responsibility as parents to choose the right school or learning method for them.

Speaking of school, Daniel Louzonis shares an interesting trivia on how schools came to be. Schools were invented back in 1850 in Massachusetts. It started as an experiment yet had a poor track record and short history.

Initially, the idea was that children had always gone to age-graded classrooms to learn. And everyone assumed it’s the best way for kids to learn. But, according to Daniel Louzonis, there was no basis for that.

“The powers that be wanted to control people. They saw education as a way to get people to stop thinking for themselves,” said Daniel Louzonis. “They didn’t want labor unrest. But that doesn’t change that fact that mass government compulsory education is about population and mind control.”

Fast forward to the 1950s and 1960s; Daniel Louzonis says the schools had a couple of subsidies that don’t exist today and won’t ever exist again. Number one was the chauvinism subsidy, wherein the smartest women in America became teachers. They were not engaged in any other profession nor were they running large companies.

Daniel Louzonis says the second subsidy was family. The family was always together. Parents were married, not like today where many couples are divorced. In the 1950s, grandparents even lived nearby. Now we don’t have extended family living in one neighborhood anymore.

“But on the contrary, because of the internet, the opportunity to travel, and the flexibility for parents to work from home, there are more opportunities to hyper-accelerate kids,” Daniel Louzonis said.

Learning Progress

Daniel Louzonis says staying all day in a traditional school isn’t always productive for kids. He says not much happens within the six hours that the kids are in school.

Furthermore, Daniel Louzonis says that if schools were teaching kids from 9 am to 3 pm, why do they come home with 3 hours of homework. Whereas in homeschooling, kids are done by noontime.

Don’t Fear Math

Daniel Louzonis assures that math isn’t painful. It’s a tool. On the contrary, he says the school is painful. Studying for tests is painful.

But why do we teach kids math? Daniel Louzonis says it’s because kids need to learn to think in logical sequences. On this note, he recommends the Khan Academy as a great online tool to teach kids math at different levels.

“I teach it totally different compared to schools. And my kids do even better. It’s a very heavy emphasis on computation,” said Daniel Louzonis. “But the big thing is, don’t take time off on weekends. Do it like a half hour or 45 minutes on weekends. Eventually, parents learn to love it, too.”

In doing this, Daniel Louzonis attests that you will never slide back. Plus, your child will feel very confident. It would still be hard, but kids wouldn’t have this math phobia that they will carry with them their whole life. Having a math phobia which pushes people into making bad financial decisions.

As for testing your kids, Daniel Louzonis says some people avoid testing because they don’t want to know what grade their kid is at math. But for Daniel Louzonis, he likes tests as a diagnostic tool. He says schools mainly do testing, and it just stresses kids out. But that doesn’t mean we throw out testing altogether.

Einstein Blueprint

The Einstein Blueprint is Daniel Louzonis’ curriculum on how to hyper-accelerate your kids. He has a whole section called Teach To Learn. Under the curriculum, it encourages the concept that one of the things your kid should be doing is teaching something to somebody else.

“It is broken down into different sections. One of them is strictly about the brain and all the things we need to do ideally to our kid’s brain,” Daniel Louzonis said.

Home School Legal Defense Association

The HSLDA is a Christian organization, and there are legal advocates globally. According to Daniel Louzonis, the organization is behind the reason why homeschooling is recognized by law in all 50 states. People pay to raise money for getting advocates from all over the world who work to ensure the right to homeschool.

“I think that school is so bad that it’s addition by subtraction. A lot of people fail at homeschooling because they weren’t rigorous enough, or because the parents don’t read books to their kids. The way I do homeschooling, it should be getting easier every year,” said Daniel Louzonis. 

He adds, “There are also limiting beliefs that if you homeschool, you have to have a PH.D. degree but you don’t. Beyond that is ideally, you want your kids to be on the path of self-education. It’s about creating a natural curiosity and raising life-long learners.”


Daniel Louzonis is an NYC-based child acceleration specialist. He’s a homeschooling coach and a “math genius” teacher. While Ivy League-educated himself – at the University of Pennsylvania – he’s a major advocate and practitioner of “education outside the system.”

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The Underground History of American Education by John Taylor Gatto


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Pain Free 

People will generally do anything to be pain free. But more often than not, we tend to go overboard with taking medication.  But what if I tell you there’s an affordable, natural solution to be pain free? Sheri Weaver is my guest today who will tell us all about this amazing product.

Initially Clueless

Sheri Weaver admits that three years ago, she really had no education nor experience about this pain free industry. She was initially into designing gemstones and scarf charms. Designing was a big part of her life.

Then tragedy struck. Sheri Weaver friend’s son got shot five times. Fortunately, he did not die but was in the hospital for quite a long time. He was struggling with so much pain, that taking morphine wasn’t enough for him to be pain free.

Sheri Weaver’s friend then went to a Farmers’ Market saw a stall selling natural pain relief products. She sent it to her son and it was effective! Sheri Weaver thought about her mom and her back pain. But rather than wanting some, Sheri Weaver’s mom requested the pain relief product for another good friend who happened to be suffering more than her.  

It was a perfect chance for Sheri Weaver to see how the product works on somebody with severe pain. Sheri Weaver’s mom, later on, reported that her friend got 50% relief from using the product which is really considered miraculous for those suffering from severe cases.

Career Shift

What happened to the friend of Sheri Weaver’s mom was an eye-opener. During her gems events, Sheri Weaver recalled setting up a small table to sell the pain relief products. And within the first two shows, the products sold out!

That moment served as a transitioning point for Sheri Weaver. She now works as a Marketing Representative for the Real Time Pain Relief company. For the past three years, she has helped thousands of people get off pain pills and be pain free.

Real Time Pain Relief

The Oklahoma-based company was founded in 1998.  The product was developed by a doctor and a high school basketball coach. Initially, the product was developed for their young basketball players to heal from injury and be pain free.

Among the benefits of the cream include relief from pain, provide the bodies with nutrients that heal, cuts inflammation and promotes blood circulation. Real Time Pain Relief contains 19 healing ingredients, 14 ingredients to fight inflammation and 3 ingredients to increase blood circulation.  It is also capable of penetrating 7 layers below the skin surface.

“It has nutrients to help the body recover from injury faster. In 2011, the company opened a vendor program. We had network marketing but recently transitioned to non-network marketing. This is because we are earning shares of stock in the company,” said Sheri Weaver.

The company now offers wholesale and retail products as well as awarding reward points for purchases. They work alongside chiropractors as well as accredited distributors.

Effectiveness Of RTPR Cream

Sheri Weaver says the creams are used by athletes in a variety of sports. It is heavily used among bull riders and marathon runners.

“It helps 80% of the people with one application. As for the other 20%, it’s not going to help with just one application. Those who have severe pain might need to use it 10 days in the morning and night for it to work in your body,” Sheri Weaver said.

She adds, “It’s like taking vitamins. You can’t take one vitamin. You have to build nutrients. And the more you get it in your body, the less you’re going to have to use it. Because nutrients are building on top of nutrients.”

Sheri Weaver also explains that most of the over-the-counter pain relief creams have such high doses of menthol. They actually burn your nerve endings because the content is too high.

“Your body cannot eliminate that much menthol. You feel that instant relief because it’s burning a nerve ending. It’s not doing anything for you as far as healing. And it only goes a couple of layers down. Our highest menthol content is only 2%.”

Usually, the other creams in the market have 7 to 8% menthol content. Then they have very little healing ingredients besides that. Sheri Weaver is also happy to share that with over 2,000 clients that have tried their products, it has proven that RTPR cream is non-addictive.

Kinds Of RTPR Cream

The products under Real Time Pain Relief basically help and muscle, nerve or joint pain. It’s an immediate relief cream. Starting off with the regular pain relief, it has 19 ingredients for healing, fighting inflammation and increasing blood circulation. 

“Applying cream three or four times a day is not going to hurt you. But it’s not going to be effective. Your body can only absorb so much. If it’s a chronic issue, put it on at least two times a day, morning and night. Midday is fine, but you can only absorb so much.”

The Maxx Pain Cream has 2% menthol plus peppermint. Sheri Weaver reveals that it’s what our bull riders use. It can also be used for deep back pain, severe muscle issues, hip pain, and headaches.

The Sports Cream has 24 healing ingredients.  It addresses problems in the joints like knee or elbow issues.

The Hemp Oil is a new product and a bestseller. Sheri Weaver says it basically has ingredients from several of their top products. It contains the regular cream formulation, peppermint ingredient from the Maxx cream, turmeric and nutmeg from the Sports Cream, wasabi extract and a few other ingredients plus hemp oil.

The Foot Cream has the basic formulation plus eucalyptus and tea tree oil. It is used for those who have Neuropathy, plantar fasciitis, diabetes, gout, bunions, athletes foot and cracked feet.

Sheri Weaver says the Skin Rescue cream’s main purpose is treating skin conditions like bug bites, bee stings, rashes, cuts, scrapes, burns, and poison ivy. Some even found it effective for treating acne and in some cases, improves psoriasis.

Other Products

Other Real Time Pain Relief products include hand creams, medicated lip balms, gentle formula for sensitive skin and young kids, a daily cream and a cream made of vegan ingredients.  They even included a pet formula as well as a pain relief cream in the form of a bath bomb.

“People get hooked because of the benefits of healing. Put at least two layers on. Because the first layer one puts the first one down,” explains Sheri Weaver. “Instead of using two layers of the same product, we also found that if you put one layer of sports and one layer of max, you are actually getting the benefit of both products and doing the same two-layer process.”

Healing ingredients of the RTPR creams include Aloe Vera, arnica, magnesium oil, turmeric extract, emu oil, lavender oil, menthol, nutmeg extract, rosemary oil, willow bark, witch hazel and vitamin E. The company is also planning to come out with supplements that work really well with the creams.

Open For Business Opportunities

For business opportunities, combo packages and distribution inquiries, Sheri Weaver encourages people to contact her through the website Real Time Pain Relief or email [email protected]. People may also get in touch by texting her at (909) 228-6621.

They also have a rewards program and an awesome customer special. There’s a $15 online gift card available and can be applied to a $10 tube or you can apply that $15 Gift Card to a package deal for greater savings.  You will also receive a FREE $10 tube of Regular pain relief cream with your order.

For those who would like to get $25 worth of free products, go to and type the 8ead5559 activation code.

Pain Free Summit

Sheri Weaver is excited about the Pain Free Summit happening this month. Inspired a passion to help people, thirty different experts will speak about topics on how to be pain free.

Apart from the pain free methods, people will learn about pain free tips strategies and techniques that people can try at home. People will also learn the right foods to decrease pain.

“Anxiety, depression, childhood trauma, and stress add to your pain. It goes far beyond physical injury. Every speaker has helped thousands of people. But it’s up to you to listen and figure out what options you want to try,” said Sheri Weaver.

Sheri Weaver is a Marketing Representative for Real Time Pain Relief products. Inspired to help people become pain free, she has been helping people heal naturally for three years now.

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Pain Free Summit

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Almost everybody loves cheese.  It’s not surprising because a lot of delicious dishes contain this tasty ingredient.  But what may seem harmless is, unfortunately, the opposite. To shed light on this reality, my guest Dr. Neal Barnard explains why cheese is harmful to our health.

Studying Dead Bodies

Dr. Neal Barnard shares that what led him to medicine was initially different to what led him to food. It was only when he was already in college, that he decided to go to medical school.

Dr. Neal Barnard admits he didn’t appreciate how important food is during those early years. But before he went to medical school, Dr. Neal Barnard had an eye-opening experience handling autopsies at a hospital in Minneapolis.

From a dead body, the pathologist would show Dr. Neal Barnard what heart looks like after a heart attack or what a brain looked like after a stroke. The pathologist would take a section of the corpse’s ribs off and set it on a table to show Dr. Neal Barnard the coronary arteries.

Dr. Neal Barnard remembered cleaning up a corpse one day and proceeded to have lunch at the hospital cafe. The cafeteria happened to serve ribs that day which immediately turned him off.

“Time went on, and I started to connect to foods we eat as well as health issues. I  started to understand the bigger issues like how animals are abused and how the environment is affected,” said Dr. Neal Barnard.

He adds, “I was selectively inattentive to what animals go through. So I have been making up for lost time. I changed my diet and now endeavoring people to change theirs.”

Clogged Arteries

Dr. Neal Barnard explains that there are different kinds of fats. The grease extracted from bacon is called saturated fat. This kind of fat causes our body to make more cholesterol particles. And that’s what does damage to the arteries.

“Fat works in a bad way, but it’s more indirect. It stimulates your body to make more cholesterol, then it starts clogging arteries,” said Dr. Neal Barnard. “And I have to say meat is not the number one source. The number one source is dairy. Cheese, butter, yogurt, ice cream top the list.”

The Truth About Dairy

According to Dr. Neal Barnard, dairy is high in fat and saturated fat. It’s surprisingly high in sodium, and a lot of salt is made in the cheese-making process. There’s more sodium in cheese than potato chips. That makes cheese very high in cholesterol content.

The Cheese Trap

Dr. Neal Barnard shares that he wrote The Cheese Trap after doing so many research studies. He cites the research conducted in Rochester, New York which revealed that the more cheese men ate, the lower their sperm counts were. Another research showed that people who had the most saturated fats had three times more risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease compared to people who avoided cheese.

Most of Dr. Neal Barnard’s research proved that there is no oil at all in vegan diets. Because of that, people with diabetes got better. They lost weight dramatically, blood pressure, as well as cholesterol levels, went down.

But then Dr. Neal Barnard also noticed that a fair number of people who were part of the study admitted they miss eating cheese. Through The Cheese Trap book, Dr. Neal Barnard enumerates the reasons why.

Why We Love Cheese

First of all, cheese which contains casein is fatty and salty. It also has casomorphins or the dairy protein.  Opiate molecules comprise the dairy protein. And when dairy protein is consumed, the fragments attach to the same brain receptors that narcotics and heroin attach to.

“Milk has casein, too. But when you turn the milk into cheese, you get rid of the whey. You are concentrating the protein and fat. As the protein concentrates, the casomorphin content goes up,” said Dr. Neal Barnard.

He adds, “Cheese is dairy crack. It’s not surprising to get hooked on this stuff. That’s ok if it wasn’t harmful. But it’s loaded with cholesterol and fat. It has hormones in it, too.”

Harsh Reality

Dr. Neal Barnard says meat is a now big issue, and so is cheese. The life expectancy in Japan is falling compared to the years past. Obesity is increasing, and diabetes has increased dramatically. Although cheese is not entirely to blame, it’s a big part why many are suffering from illnesses.

In the United States, meat consumption has dropped by 10% in the last decade. But the rate of cheese consumption is rapidly increasing. That’s why Dr. Neal Barnard says more Americans are not getting skinnier or healthier.

Initiate Change

Dr. Neal Barnard declares that it’s really up to us to make the changes in our life. Getting away from animal products should top the list.

He also says that every few years, a new low carb book comes out. But this is only a short-term fad. People lose weight because they cut down on carbs or starch and sugars.

“It’s healthy for you to eat starch because it breaks down the glucose that your cells run on. About 50% of what we eat is carbs. When we stop eating carbs, we will lose weight. Essentially, if you take out half of what you eat, you’ll lose weight,” Dr. Neal Barnard said.

He adds, “But this was never the issue with diabetes. If you look at Japan before the westernization of the diet, they were eating rice-based dishes. But people had minimal cases of diabetes.”

Dr. Neal Barnard’s research team put this to the test using low-fat vegan diets. Using no animal products at all, people who have diabetes indeed improved dramatically. In some cases, diabetes goes away.

How To Transition

Ready for a change? Good for you! Dr. Neal Barnard suggests taking baby steps with a 7-day challenge. Don’t take anything out of your diet, but instead,  explore plant-based foods for seven days.

“Figure out which ones you like. Write down breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack. In each category, figure out which foods you like. Try healthy plant-based foods. After a week, you’ll have a list full of foods that you discovered you like and works for you,” said Dr. Neal Barnard.

The next step is to try going completely vegan all the time for three weeks. At the end of 3 weeks you’ll see that you’re losing weight, cholesterol is improving, blood sugar, energy, and digestion are all getting better. Your taste in food will eventually start to change, too.

Among the nutrient-rich foods, Dr. Neal Barnard recommends tofu, nuts, seeds, mangoes, and spinach.  He explains all the benefits in detail in his Power Foods For The Brain book.

“Change your diet now and prevent disease. Leave the cows in peace. The healthy food groups are whole grains, vegetables, fruits, legumes, and beans. A plant-based diet gives you the nutrition you need. Keep the oils low. Do take a vitamin B-12 supplement and get enough sunlight.”


Dr. Neal Barnard, MD, FACC, is an Adjunct Associate Professor of Medicine at the George Washington University School of Medicine in Washington, DC, and President of the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine. 

Dr. Neal Barnard has led numerous research studies investigating the effects of diet on diabetes, body weight, and chronic pain, including a groundbreaking study of dietary interventions in type 2 diabetes, funded by the National Institutes of Health. He has authored more than 80 scientific publications and 20 books for medical and lay readers. 

As president of the Physicians Committee, Dr. Neal Barnard leads programs advocating for preventive medicine, proper nutrition, and higher ethical standards in research. He has hosted four PBS television programs on nutrition and health and is the editor in chief of the Nutrition Guide for Clinicians, a textbook made available to all U.S. medical students. 

Dr. Neal Barnard’s research contributed to the acceptance of plant-based diets in the Dietary Guidelines for Americans. In 2015, he was named a Fellow of the American College of Cardiology. In 2016, he founded the Barnard Medical Center in Washington, DC, as a model for making nutrition a routine part of all medical care. 

Originally from Fargo, North Dakota, Dr. Neal Barnard received his M.D. degree at the George Washington University School of Medicine and completed his residency at the same institution. He practiced at St. Vincent’s Hospital in New York before returning to Washington to establish the Physicians Committee.

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The Cheese Trap

Power Foods For The Brain

Reversing Diabetes


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Mainstream Media And What They’re Hiding

Mainstream media was caught covering up the truth so many times.  This not only goes for the Holistic world but in other situations as well. Mainstream media cover-ups have become the norm for those who want to protect their interests. But people like Holistic Health Activist Erin Elizabeth has been defying mainstream media to expose several truths in the health space.

Vaccine Injury Survivor

Erin Elizabeth is an adopted child who worked for a non-profit organization for some years in college. She was a sickly child and recalls developing a high fever from vaccines but survived.

Erin Elizabeth went on to tackle several health challenges throughout life. This includes having surgery to take out her saline implants because it caused a significant weight gain. Her experiences, as a result, gave her the motivation to help people with health issues as well.

The Health Nut Website

Because mainstream media didn’t divulge the truth all the time, Erin Elizabeth saw the need to start her website. So, in 2014, The Health Nut News was born.

Her initial aim was to help other people with vaccine injury. It, later on, progressed into exposing alleged cover-ups of the mainstream media on harmful additives, vaccines and the dangers of taking medication.

But like any venture that needs financial support, Erin Elizabeth saw the need to start a small product line four years later to support the website. I think Erin Elizabeth is doing an excellent mission with her website. It allows us to bring real health information to the forefront.

With so many companies looking out for their vested interests, we have to become our own doctor and health advocate. Every health professional out there also doesn’t have the time to stay on top of absolutely everything. So, no matter how great your naturopath or chiropractor is, it is still up to us to be responsible for our health.

Stem Cells

Famous actress Angelina Jolie took us all by surprise when mainstream media reported that she had a double mastectomy. The mainstream media went on to say that the actress did it as a preventive measure for breast cancer. Articles further explained that this was after medical doctors discovered that Angelina Jolie carried the “‘faulty gene” BRCA and had an 87 percent risk of contracting the dreaded disease.

But according to Erin Elizabeth, Angelina Jolie’s decision was not the best way to solve the situation. On the contrary, Erin Elizabeth applauds actress Suzanne Sommers’ stand on promoting stem cell or natural alternatives to battle breast cancer.

“Some of the big clinics are now implementing stem cells from bone marrow and adipose, as well as now implementing amniotic fluid into their practices,” said Erin Elizabeth. “It is questionable if there are viable stem cells. But it is safe to use one zone stem cells. I think it would be safer to use your own stem cells.”

Over a year ago, I interviewed an expert on stem cells. It was interesting to hear the different ways on how we can extract our own stem cells, as well as find out which methods are more effective.

Big Health Controversies

There have been so many health controversies that big companies have tried to hide. One scandal was the fact that all vaccines have abortive fetal tissue in them. In effect, all those who are pro-life should also be anti-vaccine people.

Did you know that Pepsi and other food companies use an abortive fetal tissue to make certain flavors? A lot of industries primarily use dead human beings to make their products. Indeed, bad experiences are good for us to learn and to grow from.

“It is scary that it is still going on. And a lot of people don’t know that,” said Erin Elizabeth.

Another controversial topic that Erin Elizabeth has exposed on her website is the issue of Holistic doctor deaths. Many cases are still currently under investigation. The sudden deaths have apparent connections with one another, and it’s sad to know that many were best-selling authors and respected names in the Holistic world.


Erin Elizabeth reveals that she does a water-only type of fasting. But she has to be careful with adrenal exhaustion. Her hometown was hit by a hurricane recently, and Erin Elizabeth vows to dive into a full five-day fasting once she has re-settled.

Incidentally, I interviewed Dr. Darren Schmidt just recently. He said lactic acidosis is the root cause of most diseases. And a five-day water only fasting brings about the stem cells.

So many speculations have sprouted around stem cells and fasting. For example, we’ve often been told that after the age of 24, stem cells are minimal in the body. Personally, I think that’s like medical doctors saying we can’t regrow cartilage.

Recovering From Lyme Disease

Erin Elizabeth shares that she developed Lyme disease from her 8th-grade camping trip. She was tall for her age, so medical doctors merely said it was just growing pains. As a result, she had to put up with that condition from 1984 to around 2011 or 2012.

“There are more cases of Lyme in Pennsylvania than any other state. But I didn’t realize that. Then I had serious weight gain with breast implants, so I got the implants out,” Erin Elizabeth recalls.

Erin Elizabeth also narrates that as soon as she found out she had Lyme disease, she initially did high-intensity workouts, but it didn’t work. So she switched to yoga which helped. Pilates is also a good option.

Accepting Her Body

After her years of health ordeals, Erin Elizabeth has learned to accept her body the way it is. She also says healing the gut is essential. So, by switching her diet, Erin Elizabeth makes sure the food she consumes is non-GMO and plant-based.

Despite the norm, Erin Elizabeth decided not to do antibiotics. She instead indulges in saunas once a week upon the advice of her acupuncturist. I can relate to the benefits of doing saunas since I have my own Sunlighten sauna.

A past guest, Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt recommends not staying in a sauna for more than 40 minutes. Ideally, Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt says to only stay in a sauna for five to ten minutes. Then take a one-minute cold shower, lie down for 5 minutes, drink water and then repeat the whole procedure two more times.

Weight Gain

Contrary to popular belief, weight gain happens not because one is lazy.  There are so many complicated reasons, so it’s not important to focus on the number on the weighing scale. What you should be looking out for is fighting toxicity that causes weight gain.  This apart from the effects of implants or viral infections.

“Millenials or Gen X have to work way harder to lose weight than the Baby Boomers.  This is due to endocrine disruptors, pesticides, air quality and processed foods,” said Erin Elizabeth.

Quality Food

Aside from shifting from a high intensity to a low-intensity workout, Erin Elizabeth encourages people to grow their own food devoid of chemicals.  In fact, Erin Elizabeth grows her own mangoes.

I recall a great video documentary which focused on how to grow food naturally.  Back to Eden gardening features Paul Gautschi, who is a staunch advocate of the deep mulch gardening method.

Whatever diet program you do, the most important thing is to pay attention to your bloodwork and do it with the help of a trusted doctor. Doing unsupervised diet programs may end up damaging your health rather than improving it. No one should be on one diet their entire life. Find balance and use food as a medicine to heal the body.

“I did several raw vegan programs. Some experts say that 80% good health is the diet but everybody is different,” said Erin Elizabeth.


Erin Elizabeth is a long-time activist with a passion for the healing arts, working in that arena for a quarter century. Her site is barely four years old but cracked the top 20 Natural Health sites worldwide. 

Erin Elizabeth is an author, public speaker, and has recently done some TV and film programs for some of her original work which has attracted international media coverage. She was the recipient for the Doctors Who Rock “Truth in Journalism award for 2017.

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Recommended Links:

Back To Eden

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Naturopathic Gardening

Have you ever heard of Naturopathic gardening? Chances are, you may not have heard of it or hardly know anything about it. Naturopathic gardening is the practice of growing without the use of chemicals.  But there’s more to Naturopathic gardening.  My guest today, Dr. Jenn Dazey explains why in this episode.

Working At A Health Shop

Dr. Jenn Dazey recalls that when she was a young kid, her mom would teach classes on wild greens and edible plants. Her student called her mom the edible weed lady rather than calling her a herbalist.

When Dr. Jenn Dazey became a teenager, she got a part-time job in a shop, although she didn’t know what the shop was. Working under the table for 5 dollars an hour in Duvall, Washington, Dr. Jenn Dazey learned so much about herbs. It was not long before Dr. Jenn Dazey realized she already acquired quite a bit of knowledge.

“I had always wanted to be a doctor and planned to go to formal medical school. But working in that herb shop opened my eyes to the fact that people don’t always agree with mainstream medicine,” said Dr. Jenn Dazey.

She adds, “In fact, sometimes people get harmed with surgeries that they didn’t necessarily choose. They end up with associated nerve damage or the toxicity related to medications taken from chronic conditions.”

Choosing Bastyr University

At a very young age, Dr. Jenn Dazey realized that medical school wasn’t exactly what she was looking for. She wanted to help people. But the herbs, plants, and nutrition spoke to her more strongly than learning just about drugs and formal medical protocols.

“When I was looking at different medical schools, somebody came in and asked me what my plans were. They assumed I was going to Bastyr University. When Bastyr moved closer to home in 1996, I took it as a sign and enrolled,” Dr. Jenn Dazey said.

Teaching In Bastyr University

Dr. Jenn Dazey is currently one of the core faculty of Bastyr University. She has been teaching for 15 years and teaches organic gardening. Organic gardening is parallel to how Naturopathic medicine works. It is also known as Naturopathic gardening.

“When you learn how important your gut microflora is to your overall health and well-being, you can understand how important their bacteria, fungi, and soil are to the soil’s well-being. And the ability for the plants to have bioavailable nutrients readily in the soil,” said Dr. Jenn Dazey. 

She adds, “When you put the chemicals down, that’s the finished product of the bacterial breakdown of compost. Plants don’t eat compost. They depend on the “gut flora” to process that compost into bioavailable nutrients. Plants take the sun’s energy, carbon, and water. About 75% of that sugar is used as food to maintain the bacteria in the soil.”

Builders And Destroyers

Dr. Jenn Dazey shares that in her university class, she makes students do an exercise called the Builders and the Destroyers. She divides the room in half and partnerships, and students write a recipe.

One is a recipe for destruction. Dr. Jenn Dazey’s students come up with the worse thing they can think of to till the soil. They flip it to the other side of the room, and the Builders have a recipe for rehabilitating that.

“You have to be realistic with what zone you’re in and what varieties are worth trying in those zones. Although I’m constantly amazed that seed savers and plant breeders are coming up with new varieties that are adaptive to short seasons. Under all circumstances, diversity is the key to resilience,” said Dr. Jenn Dazey.

Dr. Jenn Dazey also adds that merely refraining from using chemicals doesn’t guarantee that the soil will be able to produce crops. She says we need to do much more and know the signs and symptoms of when to take action.

Understanding Naturopathic Gardening

In Naturopathic gardening, no chemicals are used to grow plants. But according to Dr. Jenn Dazey, there are many benefits to gardening in general.

We sequester a lot of carbon out of the atmosphere by keeping a garden. Plus, plants have this incredible ability to photosynthesize. When we’re actively building soil in an organic garden, it takes a significant amount of carbon from the atmosphere and puts it into the ground.

“As a gardener doing Naturopathic gardening, you’re going to want to treat the garden more as a whole living system,” said Dr. Jenn Dazey. “Take that Holistic approach even further, where you’re supporting an ecosystem. And creating the ability for the soil to produce nutritious food for years.”

Biodynamic Farming

Biodynamic farming is slightly different from organic or Naturopathic gardening. Developed by Rudolph Steiner in 1924, biodynamic farming is the first of the organic agriculture movements.

According to Dr. Jenn Dazey, one example of biodynamic farming is taking raw fresh cow manure from a lactating cow and stuffing it into a horn of a lactating cow. It initially takes some pondering to make complete sense. But you don’t need to go that far to be a Holistic farmer.

“There are some very specific preparations and times of the season that you can do things. Biodynamic farming takes organic to a much different level. I do love biodynamics, but I think there’s a learning curve there,” Dr. Jenn Dazey said.

Benefits of Tea

Dr. Jenn Dazey reveals that tinctures weren’t a thing yet back in the early 90s. Bulk herbs were. She says there are qualities to tea that are therapeutic, like the process of making the tea.

But then simply just having plain hot water without any herbs in it is going to be warming. It also helps open pores and gives you more vitality through the heat. Dr. Jenn Dazey recommends infusing most of the tonic teas overnight. And drinking the next day or soaking it for a minimum of one hour.

“Or if you have a cold infusion, cold water is going to be refreshing and have a medicinal quality to it without any herbs. Of course, it depends on which herbs you put in there,” Dr. Jenn Dazey said. “Whether it’s going to be mild, gentle and safe or something that you need to pay attention to dosage, side effects or therapeutic threshold.”

Healthy Food

Dr. Jenn Dazey affirms that most fresh fruits and vegetables support a healthy immune system. They make the body alkalize and help regulate proper digestion. She says it’s a daily detox of sorts when you can have fresh greens and cooked vegetables in every meal.

Dr. Jenn Dazey cites that kale, brassicas, and cabbage are antioxidants. Brassicas can prevent and fight cancer and inflammation on several different levels. Kelp or seaweed is also a good source of nutrition.

I learned to love kale, and I use kale leaves as a taco shell. For the filling, I have all sorts of stir-fry vegetables and healthy seasonings. The combinations are endless and best of all; it’s healthy and delicious!

“We have an instinct to go after nutrient-dense superfoods. When you’re looking at the mineral profiles of seaweed, it’s pretty intense how that works. For a plant to have a high mineral content on land, it simply has to diffuse with the mineral content of the surrounding water,” explains Dr. Jenn Dazey.

She adds, “For a plant to have a high mineral content in seawater, it needs to hyper-accumulate minerals to a very high level. The potassium levels in seaweed, for example, are going to be miles ahead. A hundred times more than the potassium levels of any land plant that you could encounter.”

Naturopathic Gardening Book

Dr. Jenn Dazey has a book called Naturopathic Gardening: A Basic Gardening Text for Students of Natural Medicine.  It’s currently available on the Bastyr University website.

“It’s a bridge to understanding Naturopathic philosophy by the analogies of the garden. You can make soil vibrant and vital as long as you treat it like a whole living system,” Dr. Jenn Dazey said. “Dig as deep as you can in that one spot and take a little slice of soil out. Depending on what that soil is composed of, you’ll know automatically what to add back.”

Dr. Jenn Dazey also shares that there’s a technique called double digging. This is where you work the surface and the layers underneath separately. We are actively disturbing the soil in the garden. And very particular plants are already programmed in that soil to germinate and start growing.

Apart from the Naturopathic Gardening book, Dr. Jenn Dazey is also slated to launch a recipe book where there’s a section on user-friendly recipes on seaweed. So watch out for that!

Effects In Patients

Getting into Naturopathic gardening has had a lot of positive effects on people.  Dr. Jenn Dazey says she found out her patients enjoy their food more by cooking more regularly.

The food that they eat changes. And all it takes is one little breakthrough to transform someone’s affinity for plants in general. There is no set type of vegetables to grow because everyone has different tastes.  So Dr. Jenn Dazey highly encourages growing a wide variety of fruits and vegetables.

“Just like Naturopathic Medicine, it has a different perspective. When you garden with the same philosophy, you have to stand back and look at the whole garden as one living organism. See what your role is before you take action,” said Dr. Jenn Dazey.


Dr. Jenn Dazey is a core faculty member in the Department of Botanical Medicine. She sees patients in her private practice at Green Bean Natural Health in Monroe, Washington. 

Dr. Jenn Dazey earned her degree in Herbal Sciences from Bastyr University in 2002. She also received her degree as a Doctor in Naturopathic Medicine from Bastyr University in 2008. 

Dr. Jenn Dazey’s background includes both clinical and teaching experience. She has worked as an herbalist in private consulting since 2003, and as a primary care physician since 2008. Dr. Jenn Dazey also has worked at Evergreen Hospital in adult health education. She worked with dietary supplements and pharmaceuticals as the lead practitioner for Pharmaca Integrative Pharmacy. 

Dr. Jenn Dazey has authored some articles and regularly serves as a public speaker and counselor on the safe and effective use of medicinal herbs. She published the book Naturopathic Gardening, which helps draw parallels in gardening and clinical practice to illustrate the principles of natural medicine better. 

Dr. Jenn Dazey grew up on a local subsistence farm and has been teaching organic gardening and many other topics related to soil and land management since 2002. 

Dr. Jenn Dazey teaches herbal materia medica in both the graduate and undergraduate programs, as well as organic gardening, soil ecology, seed saving, and biointensive IPM for the certificate program in Holistic Landscape Design. She leads students abroad to study medicinal plants in Costa Rica, as well as locally in Washington and Oregon.

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Naturopathic Gardening Book


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Lactic Acidosis

Lactic acidosis causes many health conditions.  But unfortunately, only a few people know this. So, I’m thrilled that Dr. Darren Schmidt is here today to explain all there is to know about lactic acidosis. Do you know that diet is a significant part of the treatment? Read on to find out how.

Early Exposure                                                      

Dr. Darren Schmidt says he didn’t have a moment in his career where he went from conventional to Holistic. Growing up on a commercial farm, Dr. Darren Schmidt started working there when he was nine years old.

But then Dr. Darren Schmidt also has vivid memories of following his dad around at the age of 6. He saw things related to spraying chemicals on fields wherein the bugs would grow back faster. He observed that something was amiss and knew at that time that his brain worked differently.

Chiropractor School

When Dr. Darren Schmidt was in college, he decided to go to a chiropractor school. Halfway through his schooling, he went to a seminar given by Dr. Joe Wallach. Attending the workshop apparently influenced his decision to become a chiropractor who focuses on nutrition.

Dr. Darren Schmidt graduated in 1997. He practiced as a conventional chiropractor for a year but started studying nutrition way back in 1994 even before he started school.

Dr. Darren Schmidt did multi-testing and supplements, as well as looking for a useful technique to treat people. He eventually found one in 2004. The method indeed helped figure out cases in the next ten to twelve years.

Finding A Cure

Dr. Darren Schmidt recalls experiencing heart palpitations in 2015. The pain worsened by early 2016. The next few months were spent finding the right treatment. One treatment involved having a machine to measure clogging in the artery as well as the health of the heart.

Dr. Darren Schmidt claimed that his diet wasn’t the culprit. His diet consisted of real carbohydrates with no bread, sugar nor pasta.

During this time, Dr. Darren Schmidt happened to come across some of his notes from a past seminar he attended a few years earlier. It involved some supplements and protocols for the heart. Dr. Darren Schmidt started taking them, and within two days, he knew he was on the right track.

Dr. Darren Schmidt went back to the notes and started studying beriberi, which according to his notes, that’s what he had. He got books about it from bookstores, as well as University of Michigan’s historical medical library on beriberi. But after reading it, Dr. Darren Schmidt realized that it wasn’t his illness. 

B Vitamins

According to Dr. Darren Schmidt, medical nutrition books from way back 1940s already identified around 50 to 100 B vitamins. They would compress with each other to form different B vitamins.

“It contains nutritional yeast and wheatgerms. That was one of the products that I took beginning 2016. It got me through the summer of 2016,” recalls Dr. Darren Schmidt. “During the summer, I felt worse during rainy days, and my pulse would go up. My pulse would be 130, then 120. Some days it would be below 80. The normal level is 60, and yet I felt I was still missing something.”

Black Molds

So many of us are caught unaware that being in a toxic environment puts us at risk for black molds.  Black molds can cause a variety of respiratory problems. Among the symptoms are chronic sneezing and coughing, eye irritation, persistent headaches and chronic fatigue. 

“Molds will cause the formation of lactic acid, methane and carbon dioxide. When we have black mold in the body, it causes the blood to get dirty. There will be a deficiency of oxygen in the blood that makes the cell starve, and they die,” said Dr. Darren Schmidt.

Causes Of Chronic Disease

Dr. Darren Schmidt says the leading causes of chronic disease are those who have excess sugar metabolism, toxins whether it’s heavy metals or chemicals, and the third is hidden infections.  Hidden infections include fungus, parasites, and virus sitting in the lungs that cause asthma. He also says nutrient deficiency is likewise a factor. 

“The reason why people get cold is when they have hypothyroidism. This is also the reason why muscle problems are so common with various diseases. It is a big missing link in all of healthcare,” said Dr. Darren Schmidt.

Lactic Acidosis

Dr. Darren Schmidt says lactic acidosis the most common mechanism of chronic disease. He also revealed that the Father of Holistic Psychiatry Dr. Abram Hoffer, even talked about it extensively primarily since it was what everyone was trying to fix.

“Lactic acidosis technically means having a high amount of lipase in the blood. When you’re eating an excess amount of carbs, waste products forms. Lactate is one of them,” said Dr. Darren Schmidt. “The 75% lactate goes back into becoming a fuel. And 25% of it needs to be cleaned. It has to be cleaned by the liver and other cells.”

But Dr. Darren Schmidt adds, if you are toxic and your organs aren’t working very well, the lactate will accumulate in the blood. And if you’re eating a lot of sugar despite your liver working well, you can still accumulate too much lactate in the blood.

“There are three other waste products related to this. One of them is alcohol. Acetaldehyde which is the hangover feeling, and acetate,” said Dr. Darren Schmidt. “So, think of the hangover feeling when people overeat pasta. They feel bloated, brain fog and headache later on. That’s acetaldehyde from eating too many carbs.”

Cell Reaction

Even if the lactate level is normal in the blood, the cells will have a hard time absorbing oxygen because the cells are still holding other toxins. When this happens, the cells have a decision to make, whether to turn to lactic acid fermentation or die.

“Dr. Otto Warburg, the Father of Physiology, figured out how cells turn into cancer. It’s lactic acid fermentation. The cell uses lactate as their fuel. It’s an old physiological process that our cells used to do two billion years ago on the planet when there was no oxygen in the atmosphere,” Dr. Darren Schmidt said. 

He adds, “The moment you add oxygen back in, the cells are supposed to go back to normal glycolysis and mitochondrial energy production which requires oxygen. But if the cells do not convert back to regular metabolism, even in the presence of oxygen, that’s cancer.”

So apparently, that’s what Dr. Otto Warburg figured out. He got a Nobel Prize on how the B vitamins play a role in this. One solution to get well is taking B vitamins and supplements. The other solution is ketosis. Sugar levels will drop, ketones go up, and the body burns fat.

Heart Matters

The heart is a muscle. It’s beating all the time. It cannot stop and convert over to lactic acid fermentation, unlike other cells.

Dr. Darren Schmidt reveals that usually in an autopsy, the doctor would report a clot that caused the heart attack. But in reality, it’s the lactic acidosis that killed a little bit of heart tissue, making the heart beat differently.

“Holistic doctors specialize in thyroid, and it’s challenging because they’re not addressing lactic acidosis. Once you fix that up, the muscles start to become less painful and less crampy,” Dr. Darren Schmidt said.

Muscle cells

Dr. Darren Schmidt says the muscle cells are more likely to die rather than turn into cancer. So, what happens when muscle cells die? They tighten up.

Two days later, muscles become lose because the muscle proteins have broken down. But then rigor mortis happens in your chest. That’s why people get angina and anxiety.

“There are three locations for anxiety—stomach, chest, brain. The word anxiety means tightening or narrowing. So just imagine the muscle cells are tight and that it’s due to lactic acidosis. The muscles become narrow and tighten up, that’s why it is hard to breathe,” Dr. Darren Schmidt said.

Proper Diet

Dr. Darren Schmidt confidently says a vegan diet cleans the blood. But he doesn’t know if it stops lactic acidosis formation. Dr. Darren Schmidt however, was quick to add that a plant-based diet is better than the standard American diet. 

“The ketogenic diet was previously called the diet that mimics fasting. But I think the missing point here is that a lot of people think that a ketogenic diet is a high protein diet. Eggs, for example, are not ketogenic,” said Dr. Darren Schmidt.

Dr. Darren Schmidt tells his students to get into a 2 to 1 ratio. Two grams of fat, versus 1 gram of protein plus carbs. That’s ketosis for most people. For those with a more severe condition, like heart disease, cancer, or diabetes, Dr. Darren Schmidt recommends going for a 3 to 1 or 4 to 1 ratio so they can have way more fat. 

“So basically, you’re lifting the fat grams up. Your blood becomes steady, and sugar, as well as protein, goes down in the blood. Now the cells convert into burning fat because that’s the only fuel that they have,” Dr. Darren Schmidt said.

Dr. Darren Schmidt says vegan doctors typically say that disease is caused by fat in the cells. They end up recommending eating a bunch of plants and no fat to clean the fat out of the cell.

“What I’m saying is that you raise the fat way up high, still eat produce, and you get the same exact result. But I think it’s better because now you’re in ketosis and ketones kill cancer cells,” said Dr. Darren Schmidt. “And your body is now eating away excess pathological tissue. This is how I get rid of fibroids, cysts, and molds. Fat cells and tumors also get smaller.”

Success Stories

Dr. Darren Schmidt shares the has had seven patients reduce their cancer by doing ketosis and fixing lactic acidosis. Their diets are varied because everyone is different. Some can consume fruit, and some don’t. That’s why Dr. Darren Schmidt offers an individualized nutrition program to clients.

White bread, white sugar, white flour products, and white rice are out. Another thing is that only meat that’s consistently ketogenic is pork vegan. According to Dr. Darren Schmidt, meat is not ketogenic.

Dr. Darren Schmidt also offers muscle testing techniques which are a combination of several methods. But he says the bigger picture is knowing the physiology which he says is called Follow The Physiology technique. When you see the body is declining in health, you reverse engineer it and bring it back.

Good Fat Company

Dr. Darren Schmidt along with other colleagues currently offers an assorted line of products promoting good fats on a regular basis. One popular product is the Ketodamia Bar made from organic cacao butter along with other ingredients.

Cacao butter has been proven to protect the heart from heart disease. Other notable products include banana nut bread and peanut butter dark chocolate.  There are more so go ahead and check out the website.


Dr. Darren Schmidt, D.C. has been in practice since 1997, immediately focusing on hardcore holistic nutrition, herbology, and homeopathy. He graduated from the National College of Chiropractic in Lombard, IL. 

Dr. Darren Schmidt has been in Ann Arbor, Michigan since 2000 establishing one of the larger nutrition practices in the country with multiple practitioners of various licenses but the same purpose and similar techniques. He taught for a nutrition training company for eight years, teaching 77-weekend seminars on muscle testing, clinical nutrition, and healing protocols. 

In January of 2016, Dr. Darren Schmidt was unknowingly chronically exposed to toxic black mold which caused life-threatening symptoms. After two days of taking nutritional products that were developed in 1934, he felt better and dove into the formulator’s articles to discover what he knew that was life-saving 82 years later. 

What was discovered was Nutritional Deficiency Lactic Acidosis, the most common mechanism of chronic disease. It was commonly known by all doctors from 1920 through 1960, then forgotten. 

Dr. Darren Schmidt also co-founded The Good Fat Company which makes the Good Fat Bar help people get into ketosis. He also co-founded Power Nutrition Practice, a training company for nutrition practitioners including clinical and business education.

Get Connected With Dr. Darren Schmidt!


Good Fat Company

Power Nutrition Practice

Facebook – Lactic Acidosis Guide

Facebook – Real Food Cures


Recommended Readings by Dr. Darren Schmidt

The Metabolism of Tumours by Dr. Otto Warburg

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Finding Hope In Darkness

When we’re depressed or overwhelmed with problems, it’s hard finding hope. That is why it is essential to find a good support system to lift you out of that darkness. My guest today is a survivor. Integrative Nutrition Health Coach Doris Dahdouh is here to tell us all about her journey of finding hope.

I graduated from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition last year. The courses are fabulous and I highly encourage everyone to sign up for their classes.  It’s perfect for anyone who would want to become a health coach or simply enhance your knowledge about nutrition.

Social Work

Doris Dahdouh says her journey to becoming a health coach started with her always having the heart to help people in finding hope. She ended up in the social work field and had a lucrative career that spanned twelve years.

Doris Dahdouh started in a community working with teens in crisis, children, foster families, and former prisoners who are beginning to get back into the community. It was not long after when Doris Dahdouh moved into the school field.

Health Crisis

Doris Dahdouh worked as a school social worker for eight years. It was during this period that she noticed that she was progressively getting sick. She noticed that she was mainly getting sick around two and a half weeks before getting her period. 

Some of her symptoms included being emotional, overly upset and depressed. She often felt angry, yet she found it hard to control her feelings. Physical symptoms include bloating, heartburn, joint pains and the sense of nausea. That was her health condition from 19 to 36 years old.

Doris Dahdouh consulted many doctors, but none of them could give an accurate diagnosis. She was on anti-depressants and anti-anxiety medications to cope with her condition.

Doris Dahdouh even recalls one OB-gyne diagnosed her to have PCOS because she was overweight and pre-diabetic at that time. Her hair was thinning yet Doris Dahdouh was put on birth control, thyroid medication, pre-diabetic medication.

Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder

Things weren’t getting any better for Doris Dahdouh when she pursued further studies in graduate school. With numerous health problems, it was hard finding hope beyond the darkness.

“I was in graduate school when I got progressively worse. I did some research and came across premenstrual dysphoric disorder or PMDD,” said Doris Dahdouh. “At that time, nobody knew what it was. I had to educate some of the doctors about it, but still, they would not take me seriously. It was frustrating.”

When a woman has PMDD, they usually experience severe depression symptoms, irritability, and tension before getting their period. PMDD is different from PMS or premenstrual syndrome because the symptoms are more severe.

Because Doris Dahdouh’s health condition was erratic, she had to take strong medications. She was eventually deemed unfit by her work superiors to continue working and was later on relieved from her job.

Discovering Yoga

Doris Dahdouh discovered the joy of practicing yoga when she left her social work job. Meditating, going to church and trying to take off some medication was her slow journey to finding hope.

“When I started my transformation, there was a time when I went cold turkey and got off of everything. But I realized it should be done gradually,” said Doris Dahdouh. “My yoga time was letting my body benefit from all of the positive results of moving it, stretching it and letting the toxins out. There were a lot of things I didn’t know about until I went to yoga.”

Doris Dahdouh affirms that some yoga poses would help lift up one’s mood. The emotions would come out, and it felt amazing. That felt like a breakthrough for her finding hope in getting rid of health problems. Doris Dahdouh’s teacher also taught her poses for detoxing. Apparently, anything with a twist would let out the toxins.

“It’s about being still. Just being in that moment is helpful for a person’s well-being. Because you’re not thinking about what if,” Doris Dahdouh said. “You’re not thinking about what happened, but rather you’re thinking about the need to be present right now. And that was helpful.”

Hitting Rock Bottom

It was not long after when Doris Dahdouh decided to see a kinesiologist upon a friend’s suggestion. The session was expensive, and Doris Dahdouh was tested for issues with thyroid and gut health. From there, Doris Dahdouh felt everything started to make sense.

“If you have a lot of thyroid issues, your heart is also going to have an issue. And I was overly exhausted. Finally, someone is validating,” recalls Doris Dahdouh. “There was so much outside stress on top of the inside stress that was going on in my body. It was a year of darkness. I had to see the kinesiologist every six weeks.”

Things were initially looking up, but a few months after the diagnosis, Doris Dahdouh spiraled downwards. She wanted to end her life because she was tired of waking up with anxiety, darkness and hopelessness.

“There’s a lot of emotions surrounding that story. Because I think about the person I was. I saw myself as an outside person. But something just told me not to do it,” said Doris Dahdouh. “I committed to doing the protocol, and the heaviness came back. My hope came from the Holy Spirit and my father, so I told myself to keep taking supplements.”

Diet Changes

Doris Dahdouh says remembering her days as a social worker; there was this element of health that was missing. She wished there were more health and nutrition classes in graduate school for those who want to be counselors, too.  Because apparently, a lot of mental health is indeed associated with people’s reactions to food or intolerances to food.

“The doctor did not alter my diet. But I was doing some reading myself about organic and gluten-free foods. Gluten causes inflammation, foggy brain and depression symptoms. It messes with the hormones. So I was very strict with my diet,” said Doris Dahdouh.

Slowly but surely, Doris Dahdouh started to see slight changes. A few months after hitting rock bottom and eating right, her health symptoms began to disappear. She recalls feeling symptoms a little before ovulation time, and it was getting to a point where Doris Dahdouh was shocked whenever her period comes on time.

I believe there has to be a stronger stance against serving fast food or unhealthy food in within the public school system. I recently had Dr. Joel Fuhrman on the show. And I’m currently reading his The Food Genocide book. The book states that there is a 40% chance of getting heart disease if you eat one meal a week that is processed food.  

The risk of heart attack increases to 89% if you eat fried foods every day. I also had Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn who says more kids now have early signs of heart disease. Ultimately, we have to look at our belief system and change our relationship with food before it’s too late.

Doris Dahdouh is also dairy-free, although it just happened in the past year and a half. She decided to give up dairy because she noticed having a hormonal reaction to it. 

“I researched and saw that I didn’t need dairy. Being flexible is very important. It’s not just being flexible to what you’re eating or how you eat,” Doris Dahdouh said. “But it is being flexible to the fact that you change as a person. Diet can change, the situation can change, and it’s okay because that’s what life is all about.”

Finding The Institute For Integrative Nutrition

Doris Dahdouh was reading a lot of articles because she was implementing a lot of what she was learning into her life. Then chanced upon an Institute For Integrative Nutrition (IIN) ad and a friend who also saw it encouraged Doris Dahdouh to enroll.

Doris Dahdouh looked into the school curriculum and the sample class. After finding out the tuition details, she discussed the matter thoroughly with her dad. It took her another month to decide on signing up for courses.

Joshua Rosenthal is the IIN founder and his background in counseling helped Doris Dahdouh decide in enrolling at IIN. Doris Dahdouh started her online classes in January 2015 and eventually moved to California to see if she could start a business there.

Working With IIN

Learning from her past employment, Doris Dahdouh dealt with so much stress when she became too involved with her clients and workload. This time around, she decided to take baby steps.

Doris Dahdouh again joined the workforce by doing counseling sessions part-time. Shortly after, she found out IIN had a vacancy at the admissions department. She applied and eventually got accepted.

“I help people enroll in really great programs. It’s not just informative when it comes to health, primary foods, and diet. But there’s that personal transformation,” said Doris Dahdouh. “There’s a part of me that changed. I don’t see that I can’t do anything anymore. It’s amazing how your brain can shift.”

This June, it’ll be two years that Doris Dahdouh has been working for IIN. She says there’s something in the program where you learn to connect with someone, and people usually make some significant positive changes.

“This is something that is very needed because people need that support. They know they need to make the changes. You need that person who you can ask questions, and they can check in with you. Being held accountable is very important to your success,” said Doris Dahdouh.

Annual retreats and weekly office massages are just some of the employee perks at IIN. Doris Dahdouh says she deals with a lot of client referrals and the post-grad classes, in particular, are in demand.

According to Doris Dahdouh, many people usually sign up for IIN’s Launch Your Dream Book course. Apparently, many IIN graduates have become top sellers on Amazon and some even become personal chefs.

Looking Ahead

Doris Dahdouh has indeed come a long way from where she started. Getting out of the darkness, her perseverance and resilience are now paying off.

“Put time and effort, and you will see results. You are not going to see a result of something if you don’t maintain or put the work in,” said Doris Dahdouh. “And you also have to follow the tools that are given to you. They are given to you for a reason because it works.”

Doris Dahdouh believes that no matter how well your walking in your life and your path, there’s always going to be some stress. There’s still going to be an emotion to react to something. We tend to feel it in our body but tend to ignore it.

“Know that there is hope. Sometimes it is a glimpse of a small light, sometimes a big one. But there is something out there that can keep you going.”


Doris Dahdouh is an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and CEO/founder of Get Healthy Soon.  She is a guest writer/blogger for and a School Social Worker Substitute at Source4Teachers Education. 

Doris Dahdouh has a Certificate in Health Coaching at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition as well as a Master’s degree in Social Work from Rutgers Graduate School of Education. She earned her Bachelor’s degree in Social Work at Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey-Newark and Associate of Arts (A.A.) in Liberal Arts and Sciences, General Studies and Humanities from the County College of Morris.

Get Connected With Doris Dahdouh:

Institute for Integrative Nutrition


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Mercury Testing and Detoxification 

Countless research has proven the dangers of mercury. In my past episodes, I have tackled topics about how mercury and heavy metals can hamper our health goals. But today, I’m thrilled to have Dr. Christopher Shade on the show to explain the details of mercury testing aside from heavy metals detoxification. 

Organic Farming 

Dr. Christopher Shade describes himself as a reductionist from an academic family. He recalls his college years full of mind-liberating experiences. During this time, he started to believe in the holism of the world and the inner relationships in nature. 

It was not long after college when Dr. Christopher Shade became an organic farmer. He did a couple of other things before going into academic studies about organic farming. 

Dr. Christopher Shade started studying environmental chemistry around agriculture and eventually earned a Masters’ Degree. He then pursued a Ph.D. degree in Illinois and looked into agricultural pollution and environmental chemistry. But he found it boring. 

“Then I found this guy who was doing these global models of mercury cycling. So I went into that and developed this testing for different forms of mercury during graduate school where we could separate different forms,” said Dr. Christopher Shade. 

He adds, “I got a patent on that and started my company in Boulder County, Colorado. My company did environmental testing, got into health and wellness, and applied the testing to metals and toxins.” 

Dr. Christopher Shade decided to focus on health and wellness after the crash of 2008. Fortunately, his jump in health and wellness was well-received. 

Testing For Toxins 

Dr. Christopher Shade brought this new method of testing where they could look at different forms of mercury in the body and how they are excreted. The test can also show how the functional excretion and detoxifications were working, as well as what forms of mercury are present including its sources. 

“I explored what was the standard of treatment then. Long-term chronic toxicity involves failure of the detoxification and wearing down of the system,” Dr. Christopher Shade explains. “It’s more important to restore the functioning of antioxidants, enzymes, and transporters that are associated with ridding the body of toxins.” 

He adds, “As you bring them up, not only do you get rid of the toxins out of your body. You also make your body more resistant to the presence of those toxins and any future exposure to toxins. That’s what put me where I am today to help people get well.” 

Role Of Glutathione 

Dr. Christopher Shade acknowledges the importance of glutathione. Glutathione is not only an essential antioxidant in animals, plants, fungi, and bacteria. It can also prevent damage to cellular components caused by things like free radicals and heavy metals. 

“If mercury is in your cell and it’s stuck in one of your proteins, you need to get it out by first linking it on to glutathione. But if you have glutathione there, it doesn’t mean that the mercury is going to jump off the protein onto the glutathione,” explains Dr. Christopher Shade. 

Dr. Christopher Shade says we need this intermediary called the glutathione s-transferase. It pries the mercury off the protein so they can bind onto glutathione. 

Importance of Sweating 

We know that sweating is beneficial for getting toxins out of our body. But Dr. Christopher Shade says sweating isn’t well understood. 

Dr. Christopher Shade readily admits he used to improperly say that sweating is really about plastics, solvents and not about metals. Then he read some data wherein it states that the metal content of sweat is relatively similar to urine. That’s why they call it the 3rd kidney. 

According to Dr. Christopher Shade, there has to be a similar thing wherein the transporters are pulling from the blood and dumping into the sweat. But that has not been elucidated yet. 

“If I give you something that stimulates your cells to dump out of the cells into the blood, the kidney and liver better be ready for that. But a lot of reasons why people get toxic is because of blocks in the liver and kidney,” said Dr. Christopher Shade. “If you are dumping out of the cells, your blood levels get high. And then you have what’s called redistribution.” 

Understanding Toxins 

Dr. Christopher Shade explains that first of all, toxins are dumped into the bile. When that doorway between the liver and the gallbladder or the bile drainage gets blocked, that’s when people have the biggest problem detoxing. 

“People who have a problem when they detox often find that the gallbladder is the biggest problem. You need to be able to move the bile,” Dr. Christopher Shade said. “Sweating is a safe way to go. But the problem is getting sicker. Because when you detox or lose weight, it affects the liver and gallbladder movement.” 

When the gallbladder is blocked, the toxins are dumped back into the blood, hence the redistribution. And when this happens, we usually experience itching, rashes, lower back pain, and more brain fog. 

Herbal Remedies 

Dr. Christopher Shade says that for improving liver function, he uses a lot of bitter herbs to start moving up the liver. Apparently, toxins affect the glutamate receptors in the brain which drives us into a sympathetic tone. 

“Mercury causes anxiety. Anxiety is locking you over into a sympathetic tone,” explains Dr. Christopher Shade. “By nature, it starts locking up your gallbladder. Most toxins do this. Leaky gut does this. It creates a narrow inflammatory pathway in your brain because of endotoxin that comes from the leaky gut.” 

That’s why Dr. Christopher Shade found great use for CBD or cannabidiol into these detox regimens and any treatment for Lyme or chronic disease. This is because all those problems force this sympathetic overdrive called neuroinflammation. And CBD stabilizes that immediately. 

“That will stabilize the autonomic nervous system. Then you can go in with the herbs that open up the bile flow, and you can get back on top of things,” assures Dr. Christopher Shade. 

Types Of Mercury 

There are three types of mercury.  And according to Dr. Christopher Shade, all three types are excreted very differently. 

Dental mercury or dental amalgam is mercury in liquid form.  It is mixed with metal alloy and used to fill dental cavities. This kind of mercury evaporates. We end up inhaling it, and the mercury goes into our blood through our lungs. Common health problems include joint pains, skin problems, and kidney problems. 

Methylmercury is a type of mercury coming from fish. When you eat it, we absorb it through amino acid transporters. According to Dr. Christopher Shade, this mercury gets into our brain, and there are immediate neurological consequences. Health issues include experiencing anxiety and brain fog. 

On the other hand, ethylmercury is found in vaccines. Dr. Christopher Shade says it is most similar to methylmercury and causes acute disruption of the immune system. 

Mercury Testing 

Dr. Christopher Shade’s test method can measure little amounts of mercury in the blood. And according to him, it should be perfectly correlated with what’s coming out in the urine. 

“The kidneys should be working correctly in their metal filtration processes. If the ratio between blood, organic and the urinary mercury levels are off, I know there’s damage to the detoxification chemistry of the kidney,” said Dr. Christopher Shade. 

Dr. Christopher Shade also says that this test has functional components as well as a load component. It can measure load in the blood and the blood that is proportional to what’s in the rest of the body. 

Quicksilver Products 

Dr. Christopher Shade offers a lot of great products to promote overall health.  He mentions that Bitter X and Pure PC in particular, has proven to have significant positive health effects. 

Bitter X is for opening up bile flow and is a fantastic supplement for digestive function. Pure PC or Phosphatidyl Choline is an essential component of the cellular membranes of plant and animal cells, needed for membrane integrity, structure, and function. 

Dr. Christopher Shade also advises using a toxin binder in the GI tract. This is because a bunch of toxins can go down the GI tract and may be reabsorbed.

Importance of Eating Healthy

Dr. Christopher Shade like many other experts I had on the show, stressed the importance of eating right and embracing a healthy lifestyle for effective detoxification.

Otherwise, our body will remain inflamed, and all inflammation blocks detoxification. 

“You have to do at least the basic evaluation of your diet to assess if you have some food allergies. Get your mind in a state of being good,” advises Dr. Christopher Shade. “Support the drainage. It’s more important to take things out that are distorting your health than to try to stuff more things in to give you more energy.” 


Dr. Christopher Shade, Ph.D., founder, and CEO of Quicksilver Scientific, continues to be the driving force of development and innovation. His vast depth and breadth of knowledge, passion for healing, and intuitive understanding of chemistry and biology are reflected in Quicksilver Scientific’s well-designed detoxification protocols, unique supplement delivery systems, and patented mercury speciation test. 

Dr. Christopher Shade is in high demand as a lecturer and is beloved for his amiability and quick (silver) wit. It is because of his many innovations and charismatic personality that Quicksilver Scientific is well recognized globally. 

Dr. Christopher Shade is a recognized expert on mercury and liposomal delivery systems. He has lectured and trained doctors in the U.S. and internationally on the subject of mercury, heavy metals, and the human detoxification system. He developed the patented liquid chromatographic mercury speciation technology used at Quicksilver Scientific while conducting his Ph.D. dissertation work with advisor Robert Hudson at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. This technology was used to create the Mercury Tri-Test. 

Dr. Christopher Shade’s current focus is on the development of cutting-edge, lipid-based delivery systems for nutraceuticals, such as liposomes and microemulsion systems, to address the growing need for high quality, affordable detoxification solutions. 

Get Connected With Dr. Christopher Shade: 

Official Website 




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Many people suffer from autoimmunity. But because sometimes the symptoms can be confusing, people fail to seek immediate treatment for autoimmunity. My guest today, Dr. Jared Seigler has an amazing story on how his journey led him to help people address autoimmunity conditions.

Stumbled By Accident

Dr. Jared Seigler relates that he stumbled into functional medicine by accident. It started when his wife was struggling to conceive for years because she was suffering from PCOS. After almost five years of searching for answers, they were even contemplating on adopting a child.

But Dr. Jared Seigler refused to give up mainly since his wife was just 23 years old at the time. He was even subjected to a stool test wherein they found parasites so Dr. Jared Seigler also underwent treatment.

After years of searching for answers and countless treatments, the couple was finally blessed with a daughter who is now five years old.

Helminth Parasites

Helminths are parasitic worms, and parasites are known manipulators of the immune system. The first time Dr. Jared Seigler got exposed to it was six years ago when one of his lupus patients called him. That patient claimed to feel better because of her dog’s licks. She was not taking any drugs nor any supplements. 

“What good parasites can do, is act like a probiotic for the parasite. As they manipulate the immune system to hide from it, so the immune system doesn’t attack it, they also suppress the immune system that is causing autoimmunity,” Dr. Jared Seigler said. 

He adds, “I’m not anti-parasite. When I look autoimmunity and probiotics research, it’s a hit or miss. There is even research showing that for example, Crohn’s is due to the immune system in some cases, losing tolerance to normal bacteria.”

But Dr. Jared Seigler clarifies that when we see someone being given a beneficial parasite consistently, that can take away a lot of autoimmune symptoms. He says dead bacteria behaves utterly different than a live bacteria. Some of the most potent stimulators of inflammation in the gut are dead bacteria that they use in the modern dairy industry.

The Truth About Milk

Dr. Jared Seigler believes the gut has to quit getting colostrum from mother’s milk. Hence, a mom has to stop breastfeeding for the gut to grow.

“The premise that we need milk for health has been purely built on BS. The research goes the other way,” explains Dr. Jared Seigler. “Technically, when you look at it on a big enough scale, 100% of the world is lactose-intolerant. It takes five gallons of milk a day or a sip to be able to reset intolerance of sugars in the milk.”

Understanding Autoimmunity

Dr. Jared Seigler readily shares that he has autoimmunity as well as his wife. So, he clearly knows he can’t go back to eating the way he used to eat. Dr. Jared Seigler is also aware that he is not perfect just because he has changed his lifestyle to a healthier one. But he loves being a work in progress. That is why his passion lies in also helping people get their bodies to a place where they can heal.

“With the whole premises of autoimmunity, there’s the genetic susceptibility component. I truly don’t believe the immune system makes a mistake with autoimmunity,” said Dr. Jared Seigler. “I believe the immune system is being tricked and overwhelmed in that scenario.” 

He adds, “Once the immune system recognizes it as a problem, we have to think about what is driving certain things for autoimmunity like molecular mimicry. For molecular mimicry, the immune system initially recognizes something bad like identifying characteristics. Once it progresses, it can start epitope spreading.”

Human Microbiome Project

The Human Microbiome Project tries to figure out all the bacteria in our gut, and skin, as well as figuring out what all these bacteria do and how they influence our genes. Dr. Jared Seigler says bacteria pitifully outnumber us.

“One of the things that the Microbiome Project started to make clearer is that it is really about the diversity of bacteria more than anything,” said Dr. Jared Seigler.

Apparently, there about ten times more viruses inside the gut than there are bacteria. So, there’s a whole concept called the microbiome. Plus, there’s a microbiome where we can vividly see worms.

“Someone’s microbiome is like a thumbprint. I think a lot of these companies are data-mining people’s microbiomes,” Dr. Jared Seigler said. “They are giving away these costly tests for relatively nothing. For the 23andMe, they were selling people’s genetic data to pharma companies.”

Cold Showers

Dr. Jared Seigler reveals that he is also a big fan of cold showers. What it does as far as glutathione production, neurotransmitter production, and microbiome change, it that we weren’t designed to be 72 degrees year-round. Just like we weren’t intended to eat the same food.

He says taking cold showers changes how mitochondria functions. It also changes antioxidants, changes how our body utilizes and breaks down a lot of things as well as making people warm.

Eating Real Food

Dr. Jared Seigler says as far as figuring out the cause of autoimmunity; he never blames food as long as it is real food. He believes that in the long run, probably one of the worse things someone can do is restrict a lot of their food diversity.

Dr. Jared Seigler also believes that doing a three-day fast can be beneficial.  And as far as recommending the best prebiotics, he advises thinking of prebiotics as fiber. Think of fiber like fruits and vegetables. Eat different fruits and vegetables if you want different prebiotics.

On the other hand, I have had Chinese medicine practitioner Sarica Cernohous on the show who attested to the benefits of eating fermented foods. Shifting her family to eat at least one fermented food a day eventually strengthened their gut.

“I would rather somebody eat fermented foods than try to take it in a capsule. Because traditionally, that’s how we would get probiotics from the fermentation process,” said Dr. Jared Seigler. “It might not necessarily beat all the bacteria that’s in there, but as the bacteria is eating that food, their poop is what we’re after. They change genetic expression.”

Gluten Sensitivity

According to Dr. Jared Seigler, gluten sensitivity is the genetic predisposition. That is why we see such a huge correlation between autoimmunity and gluten sensitivity.

Dr. Jared Seigler also mentions that he took Dr. Tom O’ Bryan and Dr. Peter Osbone’s gluten certification course. He took the classes after deciding to go gluten-free when his wife was diagnosed with celiac.

“My energy and depression got better, and my anxiety and brain fog disappeared. I see people on so many different spectrums. Some people don’t even know what gluten is,” said Dr. Jared Seigler.

Dr. Jared Seigler says there are even case studies of ALS being gluten sensitive with a 100% resolution upon going on a gluten-free diet. So, it eliminates the inflammation. We dramatically see that when we start to remove problematic foods.

Functional Neurology

Dr. Jared Seigler explains that from 0 to 6 years old, brain waves of a child is similar to how we dream or store long-term memories. It is similar to dreaming while they are awake.

As soon as it happens inside of a child’s brain, their subconscious now operates on an entirely different level. And this is where you can measure some things like heart rate variability.

“I love doing a thing called Functional Neurology. Most people know about functional medicine, but functional neurology is like a personal trainer for your brain. You can exercise different parts of the brain to increase its function,” said Dr. Jared Seigler.

The Power Of Thoughts

Dr. Jared Seigler explains that we always think food may be poisoning our autoimmune disease. So, if you’re only eating 4 to 5 times a day, you have the potential to poison yourself 4 to 5 times a day.

But we have anywhere around 30,000 thoughts a day and only 1% may be bad. That’s still hundreds of times a day we poison ourselves with a thought. Technically, a toxin can be a thought or a relationship.

“So, if we know that these bad thoughts have negative effects, you can feel your blood pressure rising,” Dr. Jared Seigler explains. “That’s your stress response shifting into high gear. You change your physiology with thoughts. Generosity and gratitude are the two strongest positive emotions.”

A positive mindset is powerful. Dr. Jared Seigler usually advises people suffering from addiction to write on a journal and focus on what they are grateful for.

“You can get over addiction by diluting it until it is socially acceptable. With an addiction to food, in particular, we can tell when somebody is ready to make a change to the question they are asking. Ultimately, the brain wants to feel normal,” said Dr. Jared Seigler. “The body has never made a mistake. It is just doing what it can in the environment that it’s in.


Dr. Jared Seigler, Doctor of Chiropractic and Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner, practices in West Chester, Ohio. His passion is to help his patients regain their health through Functional and Lifestyle Medicine. This personal quest was sparked by watching the health of his loved ones degrade over time while conventional medicine provided no real answers. 

Initially starting as a personal trainer, Dr. Jared Seigler had an insatiable appetite for knowledge on how to better the health of his clients. This hunger for knowledge is his guiding light and has grown into what we offer at the Living Proof Institute. 

By helping patients identify the cause of their disease and giving them the tools to regain their health, Dr. Jared Seigler cannot only compliment his patient’s current healthcare but fill the gaps left by conventional medicine. 

In his spare time, Dr. Jared Seigler likes to enjoy the outdoors and spend time with his wife and family.

Get Connected With Dr. Jared Seigler!

Official Website

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The Impact Of Eating Right

Most of us shrug off the importance and impact of eating right. With my returning guest today, we covered things like binge eating and strategies on how to eat as well as develop willpower. Today, Dr. Glenn Livingston is back on the show to talk about our relationship with food as well as the impact of eating right towards achieving a good mental and emotional health.

Helping People

Dr. Glenn Livingston, not a medical doctor, but rather a psychologist. So, he’s genuinely a good resource person who could expound on how the impact of eating right can benefit us in so many ways.

Dr. Glenn Livingston helps people on all sorts of diets. I suggest that everyone must sign up for his newsletter as well as download his free Never Binge Again book from his website.

He is a raw vegan. And when Dr. Glenn Livingston works with people, he does it the context of a coach. Rarely does he talk about his diet. He says this is because people are most likely going to become resistant if they think they had to be a raw vegan like Dr. Glenn Livingston.

Raw Vegan Diet

Dr. Glenn Livingston eats almost entirely fruits and vegetables. He gets enough protein and calcium which he says made him feel stronger, sleep better, normalize his blood pressure, as well as made his psoriasis and eczema disappear.

“I have no problem staying relatively thin, and I have no tremendous carb or salt cravings. It’s something I have evolved into over the course of so many years,” shares Dr. Glenn Livingston. 

He adds, “Every time I got rid of some industrially processed food, I ask myself what authentic physiological, biological need I have for these foods. And I start to train myself to crave for healthier things.”

Foods To Avoid

Dr. Glenn Livingston believes that food has been demonized, along with all of the processed carbohydrates. Knowing the impact of eating right is essential now more than ever. We must fix our relationship with food before it’s too late.

“I’m very much not in favor of people indulging in a lot of starch and sugar. It’s a big part of the downfall of our health and society,” Dr. Glenn Livingston said. “The American Diabetic Association does not encourage you to limit fruit or whole food. There’s a lot of fear and demonization of fruit in particular.”

Dr. Glenn Livingston also reveals that there’s another culprit people are not paying attention to. He says fat acts as an insulator. Studies show that unfortunately, 30 to 40% of the American diet contains fat.

“If you drop it down to the 10% range, the uptake transport and absorption of sugar and oxygen are dramatically better. You’ll notice this in your ability to breathe better, and your performance at the gym improves dramatically,” said Dr. Glenn Livingston. “Cardiovascular performance will also improve. It’s incredible we’re not aware we are creating problems by putting so much fat in our system.”

Mother’s Experience

When Dr. Glenn Livingston was 15 years old, his mother had some few cancerous tumors in her uterus. She saw an alternative healer who suggested going on a vegan diet instead of having a hysterectomy.

Dr. Glenn Livingston’s mother was not even 40 years old when she was diagnosed, so she also hesitated to have the surgery done. Deciding to go on a vegan diet for six months, her tumors reversed, and she eventually didn’t have to have a hysterectomy. From that point on, Dr. Glenn Livingston was determined to become a vegan, too.

Dr. Glenn Livingston’s mother eventually went off on the vegan diet and lived for another 35 years later or so before she passed away. But Dr. Glenn Livingston was already convinced that there was something special about the vegan diet, although he strayed from the vegan diet during his college years.

Finding The Right Diet

Dr. Glenn Livingston recalls coming across a book in graduate school about cancer. It reminded him of the vegan connection that’s why he decided to go back to a vegan diet. But he still didn’t understand everything back then.

Labeling himself a junk food vegan then, Dr. Glenn Livingston thought eating pasta, candy, and fried foods were okay as long as it wasn’t animal products. Not surprisingly, he didn’t get very healthy on that diet.

Dr. Glenn Livingston married a year after that, although he’s divorced now. He shares that he was married to a woman who was brought up in a deli and the Atkins diet was gaining popularity that time.

But his ex-spouse apparently had a friend who was studying nutrition and advocated a low carb diet. Unfortunately, Dr. Glenn Livingston, couldn’t stick to the diet. He couldn’t seem to achieve the impact of eating right, so he wasn’t really in tip-top shape during his 30s and 40s.

Constant Research

Dr. Glenn Livingston kept reading books in the hope that he could find the right kind of diet for him. He came across The China Study by T. Colin Campbell. The book explained the author’s research in China, where they looked at the correlation between the different health conditions and diet. 

“Cancer was very much associated with the level of animal protein that people had. If people can keep their level of animal protein under 5%, they would have virtually no cancer whatsoever,” said Dr. Glenn Livingston.

Dr. Glenn Livingston also started to look for some books about vegan nutrition. He came across Eat To Live by Dr. Joel Fuhrman, who was advocating against animal protein. Incidentally, Dr. Joel Fuhrman was a former guest in one of my episodes.

I was hooked on meat before and took me a while to come around. Dr. Joel Fuhrman was very thorough in explaining everything about animal protein. I love his very science-based approach towards making a diet.

Dr. Glenn Livingston also cited the book Proteinaholic: How Our Obsession with Meat Is Killing Us, by Dr. Garth Davis and Howard Jacobson. The book is about the science of protein addiction and why we don’t need it.

“Our muscles are supposed to produce these energy-giving substances, but when you eat animal protein, the body stops producing those substances,” Dr. Glenn Livingston explains. “When you stop eating meat, people feel exhausted. They don’t feel well because it takes a while for their muscles to upregulate and start producing it again.” 

He adds, “That’s why people think they need it. Same for sugar. But food cravings will go away quicker than you think, usually within four days.”

Seeing A Change

Dr. Glenn Livingston says that although he got healthy following a low protein diet, he still had little psoriasis. Plus, he still had weight issues. But now that on a raw vegan diet, Dr. Glenn Livingston’s health significantly improved. He finally felt he was on the right track after seeing the impact of eating right.

According to Dr. Glenn Livingston, Victoria Boutenko’s book (Green Smoothie Revolution) on raw foods is a good resource for making green smoothies. He drinks green smoothies especially during the days when he craves for chocolate.

Dr. Glenn Livingston persevered and kept trying different green smoothie recipes. It’s not the same high compared to eating chocolate, but the craving would go away. After a few months, he noticed his craving started to shift to green smoothies!

“I always believe these cravings that we think we can’t live without, there’s an authentic biological reason behind it,” said Dr. Glenn Livingston.

Fruits And Vegetables

To better understand the benefits of incorporating fruits and vegetables into your diet, Dr. Glenn Livingston recommends Dr. Doug Graham’s 80/10/10 diet. In formulating the 80/10/10 diet, Dr. Doug Graham says we’re meant to live on fruits and vegetables, as well as a handful of nuts and seeds.

Part of the belief system is also saying we are not supposed to cook food. Because apparently, cooking creates all sorts of toxins.  It is energy-draining and has life-killing substances, so Dr. Glenn Livingston felt better eating raw.

“I hired a coach, got to meet Dr. Doug Graham and attended workshops. I now speak for low-fat, raw veganism. It’s difficult to get used to. You have to eat more volume than you’re used to, and you have to commit,” said Dr. Glenn Livingston.

Dr. Glenn Livingston’s diet primarily consists of smoothies, lettuce, bananas, mangoes, strawberries, and sometimes dates. He also likes to make cucumber noodles topped with a sauce made of tomatoes, lemon juice, and dates which were Dr. Glenn Livingston’s significant weight loss trick.

Effect On Emotional And Mental Health

Dr. Glenn Livingston says when you put things into your body that your body has to recover from, it affects the physiological energy of the nervous system. Our body goes into digesting it, eliminating and isolating the toxins to deal with the enormous task that you give it.

“And when all the energy is put into that, it doesn’t have the energy to conduct the emotions. So, you’re not present in the way you could be. You’re also not able to feel the emotions the way you could be,” said Dr. Glenn Livingston. “And you’re not able to feel. This is why people say they need food for comfort. Because it does act as a kind of anesthetic to numb the feeling we have.” 

He adds, “But I also think that there is a pleasure response, like the feeling we get with drugs. Because we’re being provided with substances that concentrates pleasurable substances.”

Dr. Glenn Livingston furthermore explains that we wind up with a whole cascade of events in the nervous system that distorts and perverts its pleasurable response to natural stimuli. When you eliminate that, then people can feel, be present and ultimately, they can think.

Maintaining The Willpower

Dr. Glenn Livingston believes that what we are built for with our psychology, is to operate according to character. He says that when you make character statements and adopt them into what person you want to be, and how you want food to play in your life, then the obsession is less. 

“There’s always the possibility of reawakening that old pathway. Our bodies are normally flexible. There’s a principle in research called neuroplasticity. Every time you have a craving, you are rewiring your brain to say, this craving equals to this food instead,” said Dr. Glenn Livingston.

In line with that train of thought, I had Dr. Alan Goldhammer on the show, who talked about the benefits of eliminating salt, oil, and sugar, as well as tips on how to deal with cravings. Another informative episode was with Dr. Esselstyn, a cardiac surgeon who reverses heart disease with diet. He spoke in detail ways on how to train the brain to eat natural things.

“You don’t have to eat super healthy. Start with one change that has a noticeable impact on health,” said Dr. Glenn Livingston. “And more importantly, an impact and ability to make a commitment and stick to it. Because you can build on that.”

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Glenn Livingston, Ph.D. is a veteran psychologist and was the long-time CEO of a multi-million dollar consulting firm which has serviced several Fortune 500 clients in the food industry. 

His previous work, theories, and research have been published in major periodicals like The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, The Chicago Sun Times, The Indiana Star Ledger, The NY Daily News, and American Demographics.  He has also guested on ABC, WGN, and/or CBS radio, or UPN TV. 

Disillusioned by what traditional psychology had to offer overweight and/or food obsessed individuals, Dr. Glenn Livingston spent several decades researching the nature of bingeing and overeating via work with his patients AND a self-funded research program with more than 40,000 participants.  Most important, however, was his journey out of obesity and food prison to a normal, healthy weight and a much more lighthearted relationship with food. 

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