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Motivation is either the driving force or obstacle to achieving goals. Now that we’re a couple of weeks into the new year, I am so thrilled to have life coach Bryan Falchuk as my guest for today’s episode. His life journey is so incredible and perfect to illustrate what we can achieve with the right motivation.  

Rock Bottom  

They say success stories start from failures.  I believe there is truth to that and Bryan Falchuk’s life story is a prime example. When he was just a toddler, his parent’s marriage fell apart. Broken homes indeed can have adverse effects on children, especially toddlers.  

Consequently, Bryan Falchuk gained weight because he was unhappy.  Aggravating the situation was the fact that he also struggled with depression and anxiety. Fast forward years later, he apparently had the motivation to do something about his weight and succeeded.  

Turning Point  

Bryan Falchuk recalls that 2011 was the year that everything changed.  He had a tough time because his wife suddenly became very ill and he had a two-year-old son to raise.   

Initially, Bryan Falchuk thought his wife just had the flu. However, when her health got worse, she was likewise rapidly losing weight.  Even doctors could not identify the cause of her illness.   

With all these trials, it was easy for anyone to lose control of the situation.  However, Bryan Falchuk saw it as the perfect opportunity for motivation. He recalls waking up one day, feeling a sense of purpose. That internal purpose consequently led him to focus finding a cure for his sick wife.   

Furthermore, it was an added challenge for Bryan Falchuk. It indeed was not easy to juggle the household and medical expenses since Bryan Falchuk was the sole breadwinner of the family.   

Motivation And Awareness  

Bryan Falchuk’s wife eventually was diagnosed to have Lyme disease.  Refusing to resort to conventional medicine, his wife found the solution to her health issues through acupuncture.   

This whole life experience ultimately taught Bryan Falchuk the advantages of being consistent with the motivation to achieve goals.  Giving credit to his wife, Bryan Falchuk says his wife helped him find his life purpose even when she was sick.   

“You can’t fix anything if you’re broken. And you can’t be there for anyone else ultimately if you’re so not there for yourself,” said Bryan Falchuk.   

Setting Goals  

It is so easy to set goals. However, the real challenge is the motivation to achieve those goals. A significant factor in getting real motivation is the determination to endure the obstacles along the way. Bryan Falchuk advises people to stop using the word ‘but,’ because everything is possible.  

Bryan Falchuk also cautions against using material things as motivation. It looks enticing at first, but ultimately, the drive to succeed will be fleeting. For one to be able to find real motivation, you consequently have to be aware of finding a more profound connection within yourself.  

“Set specific goals.  It’s all about a sense of self.  It’s not just about being healthy.  You still have to take action,” said Bryan Falchuk. “If you don’t have a self-love approach, you’re not allowing the possibility that you’re okay or that you deserve success.”  

I can so relate to what Bryan Falchuk is saying.  Before I started this podcast, there were a lot of things that went through my mind. I felt overwhelmed just thinking about how am I going to get known health personalities on my show.   

However, I love talking. And I honestly felt the need to educate people on the benefits of Natural Medicine and what it truly means to be healthy.  Hence, I took the plunge and over 200 episodes later; I am so glad I decided to pursue and realize my goal of doing my podcast.   

Everyone has a goal.  It can be terrifying or exciting.  Ultimately, the key to achieving your goals is to enjoy the journey no matter how hard it seems.  

Do A Day Book  

For those who would want to find that motivation within themselves, Bryan Falchuk’s Do a Day: How to live a better life everyday book is an excellent resource.   

Ultimately, Bryan Falchuk’s book aims to motivate you into transforming yourself by embracing a new lifestyle. It helps you learn how to be aware of the present instead of dwelling in the past.  

“We judge our past. This is because we live in the judgment of our past. So get through today. I’m talking doing what you have to do to get through,” said Bryan Falchuk. “You don’t just achieve by waiting for the storm to end.  Feel the purpose of the action. That’s how you get things done.”  

He adds, ” We deserve and can have great lives. I hope everyone can find a bit of allowance in themselves for themselves.”  

Bryan Falchuk, CPT BCS is a life coach, public speaker, Inc Magazine columnist and the best-selling author of Do a Day, in which he teaches how to overcome challenges and achieve goals. Bryan Falchuk spent the much of his life obese until he discovered how to change all that and more – Do a Day.  

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Do A Day

Recommended Reading by Bryan Falchuk

Open Heart, Clear Mind by Thubten Chodron

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Motivation – Bryan Falchuk And Ashley James – #216

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Eczema is a common skin condition that affects millions of people regardless of age. It usually is mistaken as a rash. To those who are seeking a natural remedy for eczema, this is the perfect episode for you! My guest, Denise Henry dealt with eczema at a very young age, and she gave excellent tips for healing.  

Starting Young  

Denise Henry’s journey dealing with eczema started when she was barely a newborn.  However, medical doctors then couldn’t pinpoint the real cause of her condition.   

Then when Denise Henry was three months old, she was diagnosed with an ear infection and was prescribed amoxicillin as her medication. However, it turns out she was also adversely reacting to animals and dairy. That was devastating since Denise Henry loved to pet animals.   

Eczema vs. Psoriasis  

People often mix up eczema and psoriasis. Eczema is a skin condition which is triggered by a hypersensitivity reaction. Some factors that trigger the condition include textile fabrics, animals, and chemicals.  

Eczema is known to be common in infants, and some outgrow the skin condition when they become adults. Symptoms of the skin include factors like being reddish, inflamed, peeling, blistered, cracked or pus-filled.  However, it is not covered with scaly dead skin, unlike psoriasis.  

As for psoriasis, it can appear anywhere on the body. People who suffer from this experience intense itching. Compared to eczema, psoriasis is harder to treat.   

Coping With Eczema  

Having to deal with eczema all her life, Denise Henry was given steroid creams by dermatologists as a medication. Although the creams break down the skin, it does the job by relieving the itch.   

As years flew by, Denise Henry recalls that the turning point in her life was when she traveled to Southeast Asia for self-healing. She volunteered at a small resort near Kuala Lumpur for a month. Life was good. However, her eczema started flaring up badly during that time.   

It turns out that the pool water had fecal coliform bacteria.  Apparently, the water from the limestone pools was pumped into showers and drinking water in the resort.  Hence, aggravating Denise Henry’s sensitive skin condition.   

After barely recovering from that bout of skin irritation, Denise Henry then flew to Bali for a festival. This time, her skin was again inflamed due to the papaya she ate. It again triggered her eczema so when she recovered from the irritation and flew back to Malaysia; she started practicing meditation when she settled in Langkawi.   

Fast-forward to a trip in Argentina, Denise Henry met a dermatologist who happened to prescribe a different brand of steroid cream.  It was initially efficient, but it was not able to completely get rid of her eczema.  

Going Back To The United States  

Going back to the United States, Denise Henry once and for all decided to get to the bottom of her skin condition. From the steroid cream that she was given by the dermatologist in Argentina, she researched all the ingredients and found natural solutions for each of them.   

From there, Denise Henry started making her creams while regularly teaching and meditating.  As her body developed a sense of calmness, Denise Henry realized that she stopped itching!   

Healing Naturally  

Apparently, Denise Henry discovered that eczema could be treated naturally.  Hence, she created a framework of mindfulness, environment, symptoms, and solutions. Aptly called as M.E.S.S., Denise Henry put together simple steps to live a life pain-free.   

“Be aware. You can heal. Changing that mindset is so powerful, and care is the key,” said Denise Henry. “Medication and going out in nature absorbs bioenergy. Working out is also part of the care.”  

Recommended Foods  

Denise Henry says that a significant factor in healing from eczema is consuming the right foods. She recommends collagen-enhancing foods like bone brother and a lot of non-GMO and grass-fed options.  Other food choices include:  

  • avocado
  • sweet potatoes
  • oranges 
  • leafy greens 
  • white tea cabbage
  • turmeric
  • beets ginger
  • berries
  • dark chocolate
  • salmon
  • garlic
  • rosemary
  • fermented foods
  • coconut oil 

Denise Henry also advises staying away from processed foods and any dish containing chemicals that your body doesn’t know how to digest properly.   

Heal Yourself Book  

To those who would like to know more about healing yourself naturally, I suggest grabbing a copy of Denise Henry’s book. The book is an excellent resource for natural remedies, making the right food choices and how textiles can affect eczema.  

Essentially, Denise Henry recommends looking for a plant or vegetable-dyed textiles like bamboo, flax linen or hemp. According to Denise Henry, bamboo, in particular, is sustainable and good for the environment. Plus, they are also non-reactive for the skin, unlike synthetic fibers.  

“Bamboo sheets are soft. They do a finer thread count and are coated just lightly in a little bit of natural wax from the plants. That deters the dust mites, so there is no mold growth,” said Denise Henry.  

Skincare Line  

Denise Henry’s skincare line is a work in progress. She is continuously expanding her list of products and takes pride in sharing that her ingredients are all natural.   

“All my ingredients are anti-inflammatory and anti-reactive.  My products range from natural butter, sunflower seed oil, avocado oil, lavender, beeswax, soy wax, and sandalwood,” said Denise Henry.  

Success Stories  

Denise Henry has countless stories of clients who have successfully healed naturally. One client was even able to do away with bipolar medication!  

The solution, however, is not at all complicated. Denise Henry says that first of all, one must start with simple steps. A good place to start is changing the way you eat and tracking your food intake.   

By tracking your food intake, you would be able to identify what food you are reacting to. It can also determine what part of your body responds to a particular food.  In most cases, Denise Henry says it is usually stress-related.  

“Mindfulness is the base of any healing. Believe that you can heal and that you can heal. I just want people to realize that they can heal themselves. And they can also heal the people around them,” said Denise Henry.  


Denise Henry got her Fine Arts for Fashion Design Bachelor’s degree from the International Academy of Design & Technology. She earned her Master’s degree in Environmental Sustainability from Green Mountain College.  

She is passionate about creating beauty and healing without harming the planet. After receiving her BA, Denise Henry realized that she cared less about what people were wearing and more about what fashion was doing to our environment.   

Naturally, Denise Henry’s Master’s Thesis focused on eliminating waste in the retail apparel industry. Not only from the textile development side of it but, also within the transportation and marketing departments.  

Denise Henry’s main criticism is that even with Global Reporting Standards like the GRI and the HIGG Index, companies are not required to present the entirety of their data from all levels of production and logistics and on to the sales floor.  

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Recommended Readings By Denise Henry

A New Earth  by Eckhart Tolle

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Chicken Soup For The Soul  

Chicken Soup For The Soul book has been around for a long time. There have been hundreds of published volumes with stories that speak of wisdom, inspiration, and positivity.  But did you know that a lot of work goes behind making an edition Chicken Soup For The Soul? Today we’re blessed to have the book’s publisher Amy Newmark who will reveal all that!  

Carrying On The Legacy  

Amy Newmark narrates that like most of us, she grew up reading Chicken Soup For The Soul and it deeply touched her life. So when the opportunity came to buy the publishing company, she welcomed the chance with open arms.   

“I can’t take credit for the early books since I bought the company from the founders in 2008. But I carried on the same legacy by putting 101 stories from real regular people in every book,” said Amy Newmark.   

Although the management changed hands, the format remains the same. According to Amy Newmark, the job entails hard work since she has to work seven days a week and 14 hours a day.  However, reading thousands of inspiring stories helps her reduce stress.  

True Health  

I know many of you are wondering why we’re talking about a book in a health podcast.  Like I have stressed in past episodes, overall health goes beyond the physical aspect.  True health essentially covers emotional, spiritual and mental elements as well.   

“I don’t think you can be healthy if you haven’t reduced your stress levels. If you haven’t found a way to make your life productive and purposeful, it can affect health,” affirms Amy Newmark.  

How They Evolved  

Amy Newmark reveals that it was insanity when she bought the company during the most profound recession period in 2008. The situation was worse in the publishing industry.   

However, Amy Newmark decided to take the plunge because she came from the technology side of business and content. And technology is delivering content. So when she saw this content company available, she had no second thoughts of taking over.   

“Chicken Soup For The Soul stood for what we believed in. We could take the company beyond the bookshelf,” said Amy Newmark. “It is about storytelling that improves peoples lives. And storytelling is not confined to the written page anymore.”  

To reach out to more people, they send out daily emails with free stories. And they have leveled up in the technology scene as well! You can now get your dose of inspirational stories from the Chicken Soup For The Soul website, watch TV and link to, which is a positive journalism website that the company also owns in conjunction with actor Ashton Kutcher.  

Random Acts Of Kindness Book  

The Chicken Soup For The Soul Random Acts Of Kindness book was launched in February 2017.  According to Amy Newmark, it proved to be a huge bestseller that they kept having to do emergency reprints.   

“The book contains 101 stories of acts of kindness for strangers. It revives hope in humanity and shows you that almost everybody is a good person,” Amy Newmark said.   

She also says that people inherently want to be good. They want to look out for each other, and they want to take care of each other.   

“People feel good when they do something good for someone else. There’s a natural human impulse to do good things for other people. It’s like a physiological, emotional need that we have,” said Amy Newmark. “The cool thing about the book is that it tells people they are allowed to do those things.” 

Simply Happy Book  

This edition of Chicken Soup For The Soul, on the other hand, is primarily a crash course for Chicken Soup For The Soul advice and wisdom. Amy Newmark says that the stories in the book inspire people to find their happiness and help them step out of their comfort zone.   

Behind The Scenes  

Much as the team behind Chicken Soup For The Soul work long hours, Amy Newmark claims that the company treats their staff quite well. They are equally wonderful to their writers as well.  

“I think we pay the highest amount to our writers and freelancers. We don’t take copyright because we let them maintain ownership of their story. Primarily, we just get the right to publish it in our book.,” said Amy Newmark.  

However, it’s not easy to have your work published in the book.  According to Amy Newmark, they have a team of editors who proofread every story.  Nevertheless, the majority of those whose submitted works didn’t get published are still thankful for the chance to be able to write their story.  

Looking Ahead  

Amy Newmark excitedly reveals that since we’re in the digital age, fans and followers can look forward to reading more inspirational stories via Chicken Soup For The Soul Entertainment, as well as TV shows.   

“We’re going to continue to cover all of the topics relevant to people today. The way we put stories from people together, really allow us to keep our fingers on the pulse of society,” said Amy Newmark. “Watch out for more stories via TV, online video, and movies. We’ll be innovating ways to use the power of storytelling to improve people’s lives.


Amy Newmark is the bestselling author, editor-in-chief, and publisher of the Chicken Soup for the Soul book series. Since 2008, she has published 133 new books, most of them national bestsellers in the U.S. and Canada, more than doubling the number of Chicken Soup for the Soul titles in print today. She is also the author of Simply Happy, a crash course in Chicken Soup for the Soul advice and wisdom that is filled with easy-to-implement, practical tips for having a better life.  

Amy Newmark is credited with revitalizing the Chicken Soup for the Soul brand, which has been a publishing industry phenomenon since the first book came out in 1993. By compiling inspirational and aspirational true stories curated by ordinary people who have had extraordinary experiences, Amy Newmark has kept the twenty-three-year-old Chicken Soup for the Soul brand fresh and relevant.  

Amy Newmark graduated magna cum laude from Harvard University where she majored in Portuguese and minored in French. She then embarked on a three-decade career as a Wall Street analyst, a hedge fund manager, and a corporate executive in the technology field. She is a Chartered Financial Analyst.  

Her return to literary pursuits was inevitable, as her honors thesis in college involved traveling throughout Brazil’s impoverished northeast region, collecting stories from regular people. She is delighted to have come full circle in her writing career—from collecting stories “from the people” in Brazil as a twenty-year-old to, three decades later, collecting stories “from the people” for Chicken Soup for the Soul.  

When Amy Newmark and her husband Bill, the CEO of Chicken Soup for the Soul, is not working, they are visiting their four grown children.  

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Books by Amy Newmark

Simply Happy

Chicken Soup for the Soul: Step Outside Your Comfort Zone

Chicken Soup For The Soul: Think Positive For Kids 101: Stories About Good Decisions, Self-esteem, And Positive Thinking

Chicken Soup for the Soul: My Crazy Family: 101 Stories that Put the Fun Back in Dysfunctional

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Clean Protein For Better Health  

Clean protein spells a big difference for one to reach optimal health. Contrary to belief, just because we eat a sufficient amount of protein, doesn’t mean that it’s healthy. To help us understand more about what clean protein is, my guest, Bruce Friedrich, will educate us on why quality and not quantity should matter.   

Starting Clean  

Bruce Friedrich is a staunch advocate of producing meat that is devoid of chemicals and unethical practices. His mission is to educate people and companies the importance of creating the right environment to sustain plant-based and clean meat for consumers.  

“I’ve been working against industrial farming. Because I saw what happened to companies who are creating better, healthier, more sustainable products that people want to consume,” said Bruce Friedrich.  

The Good Food Institute  

The Good Food Institute was established by Bruce Friedrich to develop definitive steps towards producing clean food that is healthy to eat and delicious. Ultimately, these little steps also significantly help prevent the destruction of our planet as far as environmental issues are concerned.   

“Pretty much everyone makes their food purchasing decisions with considerations about taste, price, and convenience,” Bruce Friedrich said. “Hence, we can transform agriculture away from the industrial use of animals by creating products that people want to buy. That’s the purpose of The Good Food Institute.”  

Clean Protein  

Now, what is clean protein? It’s hard to find food that is considered clean protein. Most food products are laden with chemicals, pesticides, and heavy metals. These can be found in commercial meat, fish, poultry, eggs and dairy products.   

According to Bruce Friedrich, if we’re not choosy about the quality of the food we eat, there will be negative consequences health-wise. So how do we make sure it’s clean protein?   

For starters, buy food from a reputable source, especially meats. One solution that The Good Food Institute came up with was to grow meat from a small cell sample. This way, there is no need to slaughter animals.   

The Solution  

Clean meat is still considered real meat. However, it is safer to consume because it has no chemicals or residue from bacteria. And because of the way it was made, harmful greenhouse gas emissions from factories can also be avoided. Hence, a significant advantage to our environment.   

According to Bruce Friedrich, food scientists are likewise looking into the same procedure to produce healthy and high-quality plant-based foods. Plants are being sourced to create plant-based meats, eggs, and dairy products. In fact, some companies in the U.S. and Europe are already producing clean meat products using this concept.   

Clean Protein Book  

The book is co-authored with Kathy Freston. Bruce Friedrich says the Clean Protein Book is an excellent resource for whoever wants to learn everything there is to know about clean protein.   

According to Bruce Friedrich, the Clean Protein book is an inspiration from a book he read 30 years ago, called the Diet For A Small Planet. The book also includes the lessons he learned ever since he practiced a plant-based diet since he was 18 years old.   

“Kathy and I were both investigating the science of nutrition for decades.  Plant-based is cleaner protein. People get sick from eating contaminated meat. They get hospitalized and die,” said Bruce Friedrich.  

The Harsh Reality  

According to Bruce Friedrich, many Americans are prone to sickness and obesity. Apparently, most of the diseases they suffer from are dietary diseases. Hence, it is essential that we make changes in what we eat before it’s too late.   

“Vegetarian and vegan diets are healthy for every stage of life from infancy to very old age. The diet makes people less prone to heart disease and stroke,” explains Bruce Friedrich.   

Meatless Mondays  

Health authorities have been more aggressive over the years promoting a meatless diet.  In fact, Bruce Friedrich says there’s a program called Meatless Mondays which is supported by several schools of public health.   

Meatless Mondays mostly encourage people to shift away from animal products consumption one day a week. Under the program, people should eat the meat size of a deck of cards. And according to Bruce Friedrich, the more you eat legumes, nuts, and whole grains as a protein source, the healthier you’re going to be.  

“One of the things that The Good Food is working on, is finding a way to deliver high-quality protein in the form of plant-based meat that people want to consume,” said Bruce Friedrich. “For people who want to eat real meat, eating cultured meat is an option that is so much better for the environment and cleaner product.”  

B-12 and Fiber  

Bruce Friedrich says we can get our daily dose of B-12 from the environment. And since B-12 is created from bacteria, Bruce Friedrich says that the most convenient option would be to take a B-12 supplement.   

Furthermore, Bruce Friedrich says that among people who are entirely plant-based, the rate of those with iron-deficiency anemia is not higher than it is in the general population. However, people who are on a plant-based diet are suffering from much lower rate of the diseases like heart disease and diabetes.  

“The more whole plant-based food you eat, the healthier you will be. Furthermore, 97% of Americans are not taking in enough fiber,” Bruce Friedrich explains.   

He adds, “Women should take at least 25 grams of fiber a day, while men must take 38 grams of fiber. The average person’s intake is 15 grams. Therefore, we must make it a point to get enough protein and fiber because it lowers the rate of diseases.”  


Bruce Friedrich graduated magna cum laude from Georgetown Law and Phi Beta Kappa from Grinnell College. He also holds degrees from Johns Hopkins University and the London School of Economics.   

Bruce Friedrich is a popular speaker on college campuses and has delivered presentations on food innovation at most of the nation’s top universities, including Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Stanford, and MIT. He has co-authored two books, including the forthcoming Clean Protein: The Revolution That Will Reshape Your Body, Boost Your Energy—and Save Our Planet with New York Times bestselling author Kathy Freston, contributed chapters to five books, and authored seven law review articles.  

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Clean Protein


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Health Goals for 2018

Health goals are usually on top of most people’s lists as their new year resolution. However, how many of us follow through and achieve our health goals by the end of the year? It’s only been a few days after the holidays, and we’re so lucky to have Adam Schaeuble back on the show!  Read on to check out his excellent tips on how we can become the best version of ourselves this year.

Younger Years

For those who have heard about Adam Schaeuble for the first time, you’d be surprised how huge he was during his younger years. He weighed 185 lbs. when he graduated from high school. Consistently gaining 20 to 30 pounds in college, he weighed a whopping 327 lbs. after graduation!

But because Adam Schaeuble felt unhealthy, he wanted a change. It was not long before he did lose over a hundred pounds! In fact, Adam Schaeuble was so motivated achieving his health goals; it eventually inspired other people in his town to follow his example. Now is the goal is to help people all over the world to lose weight.

“There was no quick fix and no hacks.  The key to successful health goals is to remain consistent in your efforts,” said Adam Schaeuble.

Workout Challenge

Good news! Adam Schaeuble has developed a 14-day course, which is a daily workout challenge. The 10-minute video is unique because it has his clients leading the exercise.

“People are going to get a lot of insight and make sure that it sticks. Because it’s New Year’s Resolution time right now, people are fired up to get going and ignite that transformation. That’s why I call it the starter course,” Adam Schaeuble explained.

However, Adam Schaeuble cautions everyone to be realistic about their health goals.  He said his workout challenge is not going to solve everything. However, he promises that this video will get people started on their health goals and lay the foundation for what could happen.

TransformationCoach.Me Podcast

To fulfill his goal of reaching many people all over the world and get them motivated to start their health goals, Adam Schaeuble began his podcast. It’s honestly a fantastic source of information on how you can start and maintain realistic health goals.

“I try to paint a picture so that people can visualize the process and see where they are at. Then I put together a process called the transformation timeline,” Adam Schaeuble said.

Going Through The Process

Let’s face it.  Getting on the health bandwagon is not an easy task.  It takes a tremendous amount of willpower mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally to achieve our health goals.  While most people can be motivated to start fulfilling their health goals, the real test is whether they have the right mindset to go through the process.

“The basic question is whether you are going to be coachable. What I’m looking to assess is the balance in their lifestyle and health. Are you willing to give up control? Are you willing to learn something new?,” said Adam Schaeuble.

Essentially, what Adam Schaeuble is trying to point out, is that will you be willing to let someone else tell you how to do the process. That is why he asks people to switch their focus toward health for a specified period and let go of that lifestyle.

Program Duration

Ideally, Adam Schaeuble recommends clients to stay on his transformation program for six months. This gives ample time for people to focus on their goal and the why behind the goal.

Furthermore, Adam Schaeuble says we need to simplify things and focus on the fundamentals. Questions to ponder in gauging your self-assessment include the following:

  • Am I following a dedicated nutrition and exercise plan?
  • Is my transformation strategic?
  • Am I doing all these things consistently?

“That’s where we start to see results towards our transformation. Stop the negative momentum and focus moving forward. And also get a good support system,” advises Adam Schaeuble.

Lifestyle Rehabilitation Statement

By developing the lifestyle rehabilitation statement,  Adam Schaeuble mapped out what he wanted to achieve, set health goals and a deadline. If you recall, it wasn’t also easy for Adam Schaeuble.

“I realized I could learn so much from my clients just by taking some time,” said Adam Schaeuble. “I started a group at my online academy. I sit in and listen, and work through it. It gives me so many ideas to create just by sitting and listening to other people.”

Taking Action

Ultimately, Adam Schaeuble encourages people to seek all avenues where they can soak knowledge. A more significant challenge is also learning to let go of one major limiting belief.

If you have that little voice, Adam Schaeuble says we have to motivate ourselves to go through the goal-setting process. Remind yourself of your health goals and feel the passion behind those goals by assuring ourselves that we are worth it.

“Look at the entire year and set goals for 3 to 5 different areas for the year. Divide it into quarterly amounts. There will be ups and downs but don’t give up,” encourages Adam Schaeuble. “Go through the process. The key is never to stop moving. Tell yourself that this is the year that everything changes.” 


Adam Schaeuble is a former Ph.D. (Pretty Heavy Dude). He once weighed 327 pounds, and after losing 100 pounds himself, he opened up a gym in his hometown of Bloomington, IN. Adam Schaeuble took what he learned from his 100-pound weight loss experience and applied it to his hometown clients. In a five year period, his hometown clients lost over 35,000 lbs.! 

Now Adam Schaeuble is on his One Million Pound Mission. He is taking all of his successful programs and strategies that he has used for his transformation and his hometown clients, and he’s putting them online with the hopes of producing a one million pound impact across the globe. 

Adam Schaeuble has a bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science from Indiana University and has the Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist certification from the NSCA. At his company, TransformationCoach.Me, he holds the positions of Head Coach and Lead Transformologist. 

He is also the host of The TransformationCoach.Me podcast where he dives into his best transformation tips and strategies, and he interviews people that have had amazing transformation results to extract their best tips and motivation for the audience. 

Get Connected With Adam Schaeuble:

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Transformation Coach Podcast



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Book by Adam Schaeuble

The Third Component

Recommended Readings By Adam Schaeuble

The Power Of Habit  by Charles Duhigg

The One Thing by Jay Papisan

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The Ketogenic Diet

The Ketogenic diet has been reaping positive feedbacks in recent years. And for an excellent reason, too! So many lives have changed with the ketogenic diet. But did you know it can also be highly beneficial to women in their 40s? According to my guest, Holistic Health Coach Tracee Gluhaich, the effects of ketogenic diet are amazing!

Early Years

Tracee Gluhaich shares that her growing up years didn’t revolve around a healthy diet. She said her parents were both unhealthy and not being able to eat right played a huge factor.

Since Tracee Gluhaich was too young to know any better, she struggled with weight issues and remembered trying out several diets. What made it worse is the fact that she had two close friends who were skinny. According to Tracee Gluhaich, it only made her feel insecure about her weight.

Getting Older

Tracee Gluhaich may have had weight issues earlier in life, but she did try to rectify that by exercising. Although she always exercised, her eating habits remained to be a problem. Hence, the weight issues prevailed until she got married and had kids.

As her kids were growing up, Tracee Gluhaich says they were primarily raised on an American diet. Fearful that they would have the same struggles she had growing up, Tracee Gluhaich decided to shape up and fix her diet.

Gaining Weight

Tracee Gluhaich says that she regrets it every time she looks back at all the years of having unhealthy eating habits. Even if she loved working out, she was alarmed how she gained weight during menopause.

Her weight gain caused Tracee Gluhaich to evaluate the best steps to take. She, later on, discovered that having hormone implants was the reason behind her weight gain of 13 lbs. in three weeks.

Discovering Ketogenic Diet

Moving on forward and achieving optimal health, Tracee Gluhaich later made it her mission to educate people on the proper nutrition. After discovering the ketogenic diet and combining it with a food sensitivity testing, she finally found herself on the proper path to healing.

“We need to feed our body proper nutrients so when our cells renew and divide every minute of every hour, they thrive instead of being sick,” said Tracee Gluhaich.

A typical day for Tracee Gluhaich would be drinking a large glass of water with lemon and salt upon waking up. The water would replace the electrolytes in her body. Having coffee before hitting the gym in the morning, she manages to ward off the urge to snack until lunchtime.

Lunch would usually consist of vegetable, protein, and oil. For dinner, Tracee Gluhaich would choose something that is high fat, moderate protein, and low carb.

“I don’t like to call ketogenic a diet. It’s a lifestyle. I’m into quality over quantity. I’m into grass-fed meat, fresh farm eggs and the whole food way of healthy eating,” Tracee Gluhaich revealed.

How To Start A Ketogenic Diet

First of all, Tracee Gluhaich coaches her clients into focusing on the mindset by setting some goals. Nutrition comes in second. The third step is the physical component. Tracee Gluhaich has, in fact, designed a tested and proven program combining balance, lifting weights, cardio, yoga, stretching and mindfulness.

“People need to see what’s possible. When they want to throw in the towel, it is beneficial that they read their goals daily,” shares Tracee Gluhaich. “People usually give up, and I specifically want to empower middle-aged women that it is possible to get through the program.”

Getting Into The Right Mindset

To help you visualize your goals, Tracee Gluhaich advises people to write a story to themselves. What you write must contain the answers to what you want in your life right now that you can’t currently do.

As for people who want to lose weight, Tracee Gluhaich says that weight loss is excellent. However, you must be able to identify can weight loss give you that you don’t currently have.

According to Tracee Gluhaich, people put so much emphasis on the number on the scale. They fail to focus on how their new body is going to change their lives and improve the quality of every day.

“Read your vision statement. Your mind doesn’t know the difference between imagination and reality,” advises Tracee Gluhaich. “And if you read it every morning when you get up, it will set your path in motion for good habits that day. If you read it every night before you go to bed, it will embed into your subconscious mind and become a part of who you are.”

Sugar Addiction

A significant factor in weight issues is the addiction to sugar. For women, in particular, we crave sweets, especially around our period. And trying to eliminate sugar from your diet entirely is indeed not an easy thing to do.

Tracee Gluhaich says that we become so overwhelmed by the feeling whenever we eat sweets. In reality, the fructose in the food overrides our brain into tricking us.

“Sugar is a physiological response. People think it’s willpower. To the human liver, alcohol and sugar are the same things,” explains Tracee Gluhaich.

Motivating People

Tracee Gluhaich says she motivates people by showing examples of people who have succeeded and benefitted from her program. Hopefully, it helps new clients realize that it is possible to achieve the benefits of a ketogenic diet.

The second strategy is helping clients visualize how they see themselves in the near future. From here, she helps them to eat healthily, stay positive and build strength.

KetoPause: No Men Allowed

Tracee Gluhaich is set to launch her course for women in their 40s and beyond on January 2, 2018. The course would cover all the intimate issues surrounding menopause and empower women to change their path to better health.

The course aims to help women develop better mental clarity, reduce inflammation in the body among others. And because a sense of community is essential, clients would get the chance to interact with other women as well.

High Energy Girl Website

Can’t get enough of Tracee Gluhaich? Well, do check out her fantastic website. From the site, you’ll get a free download to a cheat sheet on how to cope with menopause. There are also links to her podcast as well as her blog and e-book, so go ahead and check it out.

Tracee Gluhaich is a Holistic Health Coach and Personal Trainer in California. She has been married for 27 years and lives on a small organic farm where she raised her three sons.

After struggling with weight and the dieting roller coaster her whole life, Tracee Gluhaich has switched her focus to being healthy, not skinny, looking at longevity and true health, not a number on the scale.

Her passion is educating and inspiring women, in their middle years, to take their health seriously, by following a ketogenic diet, moving their body, and enjoying self-care.

Get Connected with Tracee Gluhaich!

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Recommended Reading by Tracee Gluhaich

The Ketogenic Bible –  Dr. Jacob Wilson

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Parasites And Lyme Disease  

Parasites live in different areas of our body.  Even the healthiest person is prone to parasites. In fact, Lyme disease and heavy metal toxicity are correlated to parasites. Much as we can’t completely get rid of parasites, my guest, Dr. Jay Davidson will teach us how to do a parasite cleanse and why it is essential to do so.   

Sick Wife  

Dr. Jay Davidson shares that it was his wife who was sick with Lyme disease at the age of 7. She was given medication since she had many other health issues until she was 18 years old. 

They met in college when they both went to chiropractic school. Dr. Jay Davidson’s wife was still struggling with Lyme disease until their daughter was born while he had massive parasite issues. Medications didn’t do much, so they both sought out natural alternatives.   

“Lyme disease has several strains. It is a bacteria and loves to drill into tissues and joints. Because it does not necessarily flow into the bloodstream, it is often undetected,” said Dr. Jay Davidson.  

He adds,”Lyme disease has an interesting defense mechanism. Upon taking antibiotics, it can change forms. When it develops into a cyst, it becomes resistant to the antibiotic. It also has an autoimmune effect.”  

Causes of Lyme Disease  

Medical literature lists the cause of Lyme disease is commonly from infected black-legged ticks. The same ticks can also transmit diseases to animals.   

According to Dr. Jay Davidson, because the ticks are so small, the bites are hardly noticeable. The insect’s saliva has an anesthetic-like substance. That is why one would initially not feel the bite.   

Curing Lyme Disease  

Symptoms of Lyme can be anything from flu, aches, and fatigue. Severe symptoms include chronic pain, nerve system problems, and even Bell’s palsy. Other symptoms include eyes and liver inflammation.  

However, Lyme disease can be cured when it is detected early. Dr. Jay Davidson says the key to finding a solution for Lyme disease is understanding how it works and how it affects our body.   

“You don’t have to manage it. It is just because you’re not peeling down the layers. We are given an immune system that is amazing. All we have to do is to identify all factors,” Dr. Jay Davidson said.  

He adds, “Our immune system can get over Lyme. Often, it is triggered by emotional stress and mold exposure. Essentially, Lyme is a clinical diagnosis and not a lab test diagnosis.”  

Parasites And Its Effects  

Dr. Jay Davidson believes that parasites are such an epidemic. It is because there is not much effort to teach people about parasites. Hence, he advises his patients to do a long parasite-type cleanse to empty out the stuff that’s in us. Then remember to do a cleanse once every six months for maintenance.   

Dr. Jay Davidson further explains that bugs love trauma. And when there’s trauma, the immune system gets suppressed. Hence, there’s a chance that bugs can flourish.   

Health conditions like pelvic pain, ovarian pain, bladder pain, pain during intercourse and labor pain are just some of the examples where bugs can be prevalent.  This is because the immune system diminishes in those areas of surgery. Apparently, bugs go there because it is an easier environment to take over.   

“Anything you are doing to kill parasites, you’re either going to do two things—kill the parasites and release heavy metals,” said Dr. Jay Davidson. “So it is also important to have some binders. It is so simple to do but effective.”  

Heavy Metals Toxicity  

According to Dr. Jay Davidson, heavy metals toxicity is the direct impact of the parasite. Symptoms include anything from headaches to fatigue. We can get infected through our environment, food and even the water that we drink.  

The most common heavy metals are lead, mercury, aluminum, arsenic, and cadmium. One way of reducing the risk of having heavy metals toxicity is by changing our dietary habits.   

“If you have heavy metals toxicity, your body is more likely to keep those parasites around. Parasites absorb heavy metals. Mold spores can live inside parasites. If parasites are around, we would never be able to detox heavy metals,” explains Dr. Jay Davidson.  

BioActive Carbon Supplements  

The body is pretty much water and carbon. That comprises approximately 96% of molecules in the body. Dr. Jay Davidson adds that when you have carbons to donate, those are building blocks for the cells.   

So to help get rid of toxins in the body, Dr. Jay Davidson offers two kinds of supplements—BioActive Carbon 1 and BioActive Carbon Plus.  Both are available on his website.   

BioActive Carbon 1 is a supplement for heavy metals and environmental toxins. It is not from activated charcoal and instead, comes from multiple sources of humic acid and fulvic acid.   

BioActive Carbon Plus, on the other hand, is a systemic biotin binder. This means it can support binding biotoxins like mycotoxins. Mycotoxins are usually associated with ammonia from bacteria, mold, parasites, fungi, yeasts, and viruses.  

“It binds toxins very well. So if there is an excess of toxicity in the body, it could potentially cause irritation, and you can feel agitated or anxious,” Dr. Jay Davidson said. “Vast symptoms can occur when you start detox too fast. Start with half a capsule twice a day for one week or two. But usually, one capsule twice a day is the recommended dosage.”  

Formula 1 

This supplement is a support for anti-parasite. It contains a combination of three herbs that contain organic neem, organic vidanga, and organic clove.   

Dr. Jay Davidson suggests that it is advisable to do periodic cleansing every six months.  He assures that his supplements are safe because they do not use fillers or additives. It is also GMO-free, gluten-free.  

“Periodic cleansing keeps the numbers down. The goal isn’t to kill every single bacteria, parasite, and virus in our body because our body is vastly made up of these things,” said Dr. Jay Davidson.  


Dr. Jay Davidson D.C., PSc.D. completed his undergraduate studies at University Wisconsin La Crosse Majoring in Biology with biomedical concentration and chemistry minor. He received his doctorate of chiropractic degree at Northwestern College of Chiropractic in Minnesota.  

Dr. Jay Davidson focuses on functional, natural medicine. He is a husband and a father. He is also a popular speaker and a two-time #1 international best-selling author. He was the host of the Chronic Lyme Disease Summit #1 and Chronic Lyme Disease Summit #2. He was also the host of the Parasite Summit and a co-host of The Detox Project, which had over 50,000 participants.  

Dr. Jay Davidson is admired for his ability to bridge the gap between the scientific health community and the layperson. His holistic approach encompasses the mind, body, and spirit. He works with his clients to formulate a simple, straightforward plan for restoring health. This has gained him tremendous respect among the Lyme community and his colleagues.  

Dr. Jay Davidson is an ambitious researcher and clinician in the health world. He and his team of well-trained doctors work with clients virtually around the world! He is also the Co-founder of Microbe Formulas, the premier parasite supplement company at  

Get Connected With Dr. Jay Davidson!

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Microbe Formulas

Books by Dr. Jay Davidson

How To Fix Lyme Disease

5 Steps To Restoring Health Protocol

Recommended Reading by Dr. Jay Davidson

4 Hour Workweek  by Timothy Ferriss

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Spices For Weight Loss

Spices can help you lose weight. I have indeed heard about spices as an aid to lose weight, and we’re so lucky to have Health Coach Nagina Abdullah explain that in this episode. It’s great timing because Christmas is just around the corner, so it’s best that we are aware of what we eat before diving into all that holiday food.

Personal Transformation

Nagina Abdullah’s success story was a result of a personal transformation. It was a constant struggle to be healthy, and like me, she tried practically every diet there is.

Atkins, Paleo, South Beach diet—you name it, we tried it!

Her weight issues went on after graduating from UC Berkley and New York University. She eventually she got married, had kids and found herself in a very demanding job as a management consultant in healthcare.

Because of her hectic career, Nagina Abdullah led an unhealthy lifestyle of not getting any exercise and eating unhealthy food. Her frustration in losing weight consequently made her insecure.

Turning Point

One day, Nagina Abdullah remembers feeling exhausted. Hence, she wasn’t able to take her kids out to play that day. That led her to deeply ponder about her weight issues and how it prevented her from being the best version of herself.

Resolving to make a change, Nagina Abdullah decided to reprioritize. However, because of her busy work life, she found going to the gym virtually impossible. So Nagina Abdullah thought of first changing the way she ate.

“I read online as well as books on nutrition and new ways of thinking. My background was in molecular and cell biology, and understanding how hormones worked,” shares Nagina Abdullah. “So I started to adopt new scientific approaches and started to eat differently.”

Instead of focusing on eating fewer calories, Nagina Abdullah focused on the type of foods she was eating. She cut down on sugar and ate natural and healthier food. To decrease inflammation, Nagina Abdullah also learned to eat slower and ate healthier carbs than fast burning white carbs.

Discovering Spices

During her weight loss journey, Nagina Abdullah found out that adding spices made her food taste better. She, later on, found out that spices were a significant factor in helping her lose weight.

“Spices are incredibly anti-inflammatory and increases metabolism. It also has a lot of other health benefits. After I made food changes, I lost 10 lbs. in a month without exercise,” Nagina Abdullah recalls.

Ecstatic over her initial success, Nagina Abdullah added two days of strength training and kept eating the same way. She was thrilled the weight kept coming off! She lost a total of 20 lbs. in 3 months and 40 lbs. in 9 months, exercising just two days a week.

Ever since Nagina Abdullah started using spices in her food, she claims that it tastes so good and she feels so nourished. In fact, she says it has become a habit because she now actually craves vegetables.

“The part I took with me was hormonal regulation. Understanding that insulin release is key to weight loss,” explains Nagina Abdullah. “It’s not only about calories. Essentially, it is the type of food you’re putting in your body that is going to signal your insulin to be released either faster or slower.”

Benefits Of Spices

Nagina Abdullah further explains that spices were used for centuries. Our ancestors used them, and it is something that kept us going as human species. However, we can’t say the same for processed foods.

And just what exactly are the benefits of spices? For one thing, spices are anti-inflammatory. It lowers blood pressure. And it stores less fat in your body, as well as decrease water retention.

Nagina Abdullah also says that if you are feeling lethargic, chances are, your hormones are not acting in the right way because of inflammation of the body. Inflammation is caused by too much sugar, chemicals or stress.

Our body apparently works better if we decrease inflammation. And by incorporating spices in our food, it protects us from diseases and even slows down the aging process.

“Many people don’t realize we have inflammation until we change the food we are eating. The body feels so different,” Nagina Abdullah said. “For me, it was a game changer. I wasn’t just eating to lose weight. Consequently, my body felt good and I felt better.”

Nagina Abdullah says a lot of people suffer from inflammation because of the food they eat. Add on to that; doctors prescribe drugs that merely mask the symptom.

Ever heard the saying that stress causes weight gain? It does! This is because stress releases cortisol. Nagina Abdullah says it mobilizes blood sugar and acts as a systemic immune suppressant. That is why there is an inflammatory response.

Nagina Abdullah attests that the transition is tricky, but you need to commit. She says that after balancing your body with the right kind of food, you won’t crave food like you used to.

Three Powerful Spices

Now, we’re in for a treat! Nagina Abdullah lists these three as the most powerful spices that you can incorporate into your diet:


– It stabilizes blood sugar and curbs sugar cravings.

– Cinnamon does not have insulin release, unlike sugar. When you are avoiding that insulin release, you’re storing less fat.

– Perfect to add in coffee, tea or smoothies.


– It fights inflammation.

– Turmeric helps block fat and lower body fat.

– It has mild, earthy taste.

– It adds color to your food.

– Try to make a golden smoothie, consisting of almond milk, turmeric, a dash of vanilla and a sprinkle of black pepper. Black pepper increases the absorption of turmeric by 2000 to 5000 percent.

– Add turmeric to egg and sprinkle with cayenne pepper.


– Increases digestion and decreases inflammation.

– Perfect for teas.

– Chop or grate to avoid the concentration of flavor.

Masala Body

Nagina Abdullah’s website seeks to help people lose weight naturally through eating spices. Through her programs, she has successfully educated many clients on the right way to eat.

She also shares that an efficient way to plan out meals is to do all your meal preps for the week on a Sunday. Apart from roasting vegetables, chicken or fish, she advises the use of glass containers to prolong the freshness of the cooked food.

“You’ll never feel deprived. And that’s why it works. Because you have these natural health benefits, you’ll feel so much better, and you’ll end up wanting to do it more.”

Nagina Abdullah is a health coach for ambitious women and founder of the website She teaches women her easy anti-inflammatory system for sustainable weight loss and higher energy levels. Nagina Abdullah has been featured in Business Insider,, Huffington Post and on Fox News.

Nagina Abdullah has a degree from UC Berkeley in Molecular and Cell Biology and worked as a healthcare consultant for some of the largest healthcare providers in the country.

Get Connected With Nagina Adbullah!

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Recommended Reading By Nagina Abdullah

High-Performance Habits by Brendon Burchard

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Chiropractic Healing 

Chiropractic healing has successfully treated a lot of illnesses.  It has changed a lot of people’s lives. Best of all, this type of healing is entirely natural and free of any drugs. To further educate us on what chiropractic healing is, Dr. Patrick Gallagher is my guest in today’s episode.

I love chiropractors.  In fact, I was exposed to methods of chiropractic healing ever since I was a toddler. Twelve chiropractors have treated me in my lifetime. One especially stood out because he successfully addressed my neck injury which turned out to be life-saving.

Personal Experience

Dr. Patrick Gallagher likewise had a very personal experience with chiropractic healing at such a young age. In the summer of 1980, after coming from a graduation party, he got into a motorcycle accident.

He was 17 years old at the time of the accident and was in a coma for eleven days.  As expected, he was in terrible shape. With a misaligned spine and other injuries, he had to receive chiropractic care.

Pursuing Chiropractic Healing

Dr. Gallagher recalls that it took at least a month and a half to recover from his accident. Throughout that time, he had to endure brain fog, headaches, and blurred vision. He credits Dr. Lester Lutz who helped align his spine and treated him until he fully recovered.

Because chiropractic healing did wonders for his recovery, Dr. Patrick Gallagher became inspired to pursue that career. After years of study and chiropractic healing experience, he went on to specialize in treating head traumas.

What Does It Mean

Having your spine realigned doesn’t mean cracking of joints. Most people who suffer from headaches, joint pain, and backaches, go to a chiropractor for natural treatment methods.

Aside from that, the following conditions can be treated with chiropractic healing:

  • Ear infection
  • Scoliosis
  • Pregnancy
  • Blood pressure
  • Organ function
  • Surgery prevention
  • Neck pain
  • Arthritis
  • Mental clarity
  • Bowel regularity 

“I specialize in the atlas orthogonal method.  My specialty is to align your skull with the rest of your anatomy or spine,” said Dr. Patrick Gallagher.

Atlas Orthogonal Method

The ‘atlas,’  is the top bone of the spine that supports our head. Orthogonal is defined as ‘at a right angle to,’ or ‘square.’ Developed by Dr. Roy Sweat in the late 60s, the atlas orthogonal method is a gentle, non-invasive way to relieve discomfort. 

We usually would feel discomfort if the atlas is not aligned with the spine. Many patients who recovered by using this method are amazed as to how the whole procedure is painless. 

“The body is self-healing, and our nervous system controls it. If the atlas bone is dislodged from its place where it is the lightest bone of the spine, there is no space between the neck and head,” said Dr. Patrick Gallagher. “When there’s a jolt to the skull and gets displaced, that’s when you would feel pain.”

Supine Leg Check (SLC) Test

Dr. Patrick Gallagher administers this kind of screening test to see if there is a difference in leg length. Apparently, unequal length of the legs affects our posture. And when our posture is affected, it consequently means our head and spine is not aligned.

“Head alignment is important because if the head is titled, it affects balance. Our spine alignment is likewise important because it is a sensitive tissue and it is the extension of the brain,” said Dr. Patrick Gallagher.

Activator Method

The activator is a hand-held device that is used to treat the joints with a  “low force adjustment.” It is part of the activator method wherein techniques are used to treat joint dysfunction in the spine.

Apart from treating spinal joint dysfunction, this method also analyzes leg length, detects body mechanics issues as well as neurological reflexes. The activator is essentially a high-speed and controlled type of adjustment. It is an efficient way to restore overall spinal balance.

Healing For Kids

Contrary to what other people think, chiropractic healing is for people of all ages. In fact, because most kids suffer from ear infections, it can be treated by a chiropractor in just a few sessions.

Chiropractic healing can also treat kids suffering from colic and acid reflux. The treatment consequently reduces pressure on certain nerves and realigns the spine.

Dr. Patrick Gallagher also warns parents not to put their babies on a bouncing chair since their bones are not yet fully developed. Apart from the head, the neck and spine are very delicate parts.

“Do not put a child in that bouncing seat until they have begun walking on their own,” Dr. Patrick Gallagher said. “You’re building those neuropathways, and you must first to establish that at the very crucial stage of life.”

Finding A Good Doctor

In any given situation, we must do thorough research before we zero in on a doctor who would treat us. The ideal doctor must have the time and compassion to sit down and listen to you.

“The best bet is by referrals. Try to find somebody who is concerned about what is going on with you.  A good doctor also teaches you how to listen to your body and make appropriate responses to what is going on,” advises Dr. Patrick Gallagher.

Is Your Head On Straight?

Dr. Patrick also recommends his book, ‘Is Your Head On Straight?’ for additional reference on everything you need to know about head trauma. The book contains methods on how you can realign your atlas or the top bone in your neck.

It likewise contains several testimonials from people whose lives have changed ever since they went through chiropractic treatment. To get a copy, the book is available on Amazon.

Dr. Patrick Gallagher graduated from Northwestern College of Chiropractic in 1982 after receiving his Bachelors of Science degree from the University of Minnesota. He and Dr. Trainer started Brook West Chiropractic in 1982. 

Dr. Gallagher incorporates both manual and light force manipulation into his practices as well as emphasizing exercise and prevention. He is acupuncture certified and utilizes trigger point, myofascial release, and Graston techniques when treating soft tissue problems. 

He enjoys treating sports injuries and shares an avid interest in golf, in-line skating, and cross-country skiing. He has completed 16 in-line marathons and in 2012 skied his first American Birkebeiner. He believes that exercise and diet are essential to wellness. He has trained many chiropractic interns and earned Associate Clinical Faculty Status from Northwestern Health Science University. 

He is one of only 600 doctors worldwide who has earned the Board Certified Atlas Orthogonal (B.C.A.O.) certificate and got his DC degree from Life University.

Get Connected With Dr. Patrick Gallagher:

Official Website


Chiropractic First Goldsboro

Book by Dr. Patrick Gallagher

Is Your Head On Straight’?

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The Healing Power Of Silence

Silence is a powerful healing tool. However, many people take it for granted. To further expound on how silence dramatically contributes to our overall well-being, I’m ecstatic that health and life coach KJ Landis is once again on the show today!  

Dark Past  

For those who missed listening to KJ Landis’ past guesting, I’m re-introducing her before we dive into the topic for today’s episode.  You’ll be so blown away as to how KJ Landis survived a dark past and transformed herself to become a fantastic coach today.    

First of all, KJ Landis was an educator in the mid-80s.  However, before that, she reveals that she was obese as a child.  As a victim of sexual molestation by some adult and teenaged male relatives, KJ Landis used food and music as comfort.  

Throughout that time, KJ Landis kept silent. Fast forward several years later, KJ Landis found herself again struggling with weight issues during her mid-40s. She eventually found ways to lose the weight and sought ways to maintain her weight.  

New Forms Of Silence  

KJ Landis found that silence was the solution for her to keep the weight off. However, unlike the kind of silence she went through during her dark past, this was an entirely different kind of silence. 

“The focus for me was doing new forms of silence like meditation, eating healthy, yoga, hiking or anything that compliments the scientific facts of what to eat to maintain a healthful life,” said KJ Landis.  

Empowering People  

KJ Landis’ personal experience led her to become an expert in empowering people through her workshops on essential oils and knowing the benefits of good fats. She also offers workshops on helping people eat right by educating them on the kinds of organic foods.  

“I want people to feel empowered, healthy, and enlightened. There are different modalities of silence that have helped me,” said KJ Landis. “These are also what I recommend to my clients.  It includes the negative thought pot, hiking, yoga, meditation, walking, bathing, candles, oils, prayers, reading, writing and sleep.”  

Negative Thought Pot 

This concept of throwing away negative thoughts originated from one situation KJ Landis had with her daughter. To help her daughter get rid of her negative feelings that time, they wrote down negative thoughts on pieces of paper and burned it in a pot.   

The negative thought pot is a wonderful solution especially for those who need to visualize getting rid of feelings that hamper ourselves to be positive. KJ Landis says this exercise can either be done indoors or outdoors and the act of burning is essentially a form of healing.   

“When you physically have that mind and body connection of writing it negative thoughts down, going through the head and heart on paper, you remember the memory that you physically destroyed it,” KJ Landis said.  

She adds, “It’s like slamming the door with the negative thoughts. It’s about opening your mind to new possibilities once you close the door on things that are holding you back.”  

Getting Enough Sleep   

According to KJ Landis, sleep is the easiest way to enjoy the silence.  Many of us underestimate the power of sleep. We’re usually so wrapped up doing so many things and end up taking sleep for granted.   

To those who have a hard time sleeping, KJ Landis suggests establishing a time to wind down for the day and get rid of thoughts that prevent us from having a good night’s rest.   

Tools like scented candles, soothing music or eyemasks may help. Once we resolve to allow ourselves to wind down, we will eventually sleep deeper and better.  

Bathing In Silence  

Now, this is one of KJ Landis’ favorite methods of enjoying the silence. She shares that bathing in silence with scented candles and essential oils feels terrific! Having no windows in her bathroom also adds an extra layer of silence.   

“All you hear is water. It is highly enlightening and meditative. Plus, the layer of scent allows your imagination to wander and simmer in your memory,” said KJ Landis.  

Reading And Writing  

Reading is something that a lot of people find relaxing. KJ Landis says reading is a silent healer. Back in the old days when there weren’t that many gadgets, we get lost in another world just by reading books.   

Just like reading, a lot of people also find writing to be therapeutic. In fact, when I was younger, I went out with a guy and was oblivious to the fact that he was emotionally abusive. Journaling did help me cope, and I certainly learned a lot from that experience.  

“Writing is so powerful because it’s coming from knowledge. It’s also coming from pure divine inspiration from whatever is around you,” KJ Landis said.  

Meditating In Silence  

KJ Landis has tried meditation since she was 15 years old. However, it was only five years ago that she felt her meditation sessions were successful. Apart from meditation, KJ Landis likewise practices yoga.  

There are advanced sessions for meditation, and KJ Landis advises beginners to take it step by step. Both meditation and yoga entail correct breathing techniques which takes time to master.  


We have all heard that when everything else fails, prayer prevails. And that’s so true! Prayer helps us tune in to the deepest core of our spirituality. And to pray in silence attracts a fantastic sense of peace and empowerment.  

“The difference between prayer and meditation is that prayer is honoring an outside source or making a request. Praying is a quiet intention, yet it is an amazing healer. That modality is as powerful as meditation,” said KJ Landis.  

Nature Walks  

KJ Landis says that hiking and walking in Japan is called ‘shin-rin yoku’ or forest bathing. It is the most popular recommendation by Japanese doctors to treat patients with anxiety, stress, high blood, bipolar, depression, high cholesterol.   

“It is communing with nature and engaging our five senses. Being in touch with nature is important to our biology, physiology, and emotional wellness,” affirms KJ Landis.  

Sensory Deprivation Tank  

Not many people are familiar with this method of healing, but KJ Landis says this process costs money. It essentially makes you feel like you’re in outer space and taps into your sixth sense which is your instinct.   

KJ Landis shares that although she failed to feel a sense of enlightenment, other people have succeeded in releasing anxiety through this method.   

Happy Healthy You Book  

To know more about KJ Landis’ methods for recharging your mind body and soul, her book is an excellent resource for tips and tricks on how to be healthy inside and out.   

The book teaches you how to get rid of all your emotional and mental baggage. It also educates you on how you can make time to enjoy the healing powers of silence.   

“When creating a space of sacred silence or ritual silence, work at it as a present to yourself. Because you deserve to be the best you that you can be for all of your life,” said KJ Landis.   

She adds, “Once you realize that everything out there is a part of nature and you figure out your big ‘why’ to be silent, it can help you in other areas of your life. Once it becomes regular, you’ll feel better.”  


KJ Landis is an author, educator, former model, health and life coach, photographer and role model. She has inspired thousands with her holistic approach to health and wellness. Her ability to communicate effectively, compassionately, and with patience has helped build the self-esteem and attainment of others’ life goals.  

Landis grew up the youngest of five children in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She was taught that food equaled love, and she was greatly loved. At age 12, she was 5’2″ and 173 pounds.   

Her doctors told her parents that if KJ continued to eat in a current manner, she would be a heart attack candidate within months. This scared her parents and the 12 year old into learning about portion control and nutrient dense foods that were beneficial to a young girl’s wellness.   

The next two years saw a 40-pound weight loss, a height increase of 8 inches, and a newfound love of exercise. Then the pendulum swung in the opposite direction. KJ had a fast metabolism from ages 14 to 16, and her weight plummeted to 102 pounds at her lowest, where her height was 5’10.”   

This made her extremely happy, as now she could eat anything she wanted and she didn’t get larger!  

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