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The Healing Power Of Silence

Silence is a powerful healing tool. However, many people take it for granted. To further expound on how silence dramatically contributes to our overall well-being, I’m ecstatic that health and life coach KJ Landis is once again on the show today!  

Dark Past  

For those who missed listening to KJ Landis’ past guesting, I’m re-introducing her before we dive into the topic for today’s episode.  You’ll be so blown away as to how KJ Landis survived a dark past and transformed herself to become a fantastic coach today.    

First of all, KJ Landis was an educator in the mid-80s.  However, before that, she reveals that she was obese as a child.  As a victim of sexual molestation by some adult and teenaged male relatives, KJ Landis used food and music as comfort.  

Throughout that time, KJ Landis kept silent. Fast forward several years later, KJ Landis found herself again struggling with weight issues during her mid-40s. She eventually found ways to lose the weight and sought ways to maintain her weight.  

New Forms Of Silence  

KJ Landis found that silence was the solution for her to keep the weight off. However, unlike the kind of silence she went through during her dark past, this was an entirely different kind of silence. 

“The focus for me was doing new forms of silence like meditation, eating healthy, yoga, hiking or anything that compliments the scientific facts of what to eat to maintain a healthful life,” said KJ Landis.  

Empowering People  

KJ Landis’ personal experience led her to become an expert in empowering people through her workshops on essential oils and knowing the benefits of good fats. She also offers workshops on helping people eat right by educating them on the kinds of organic foods.  

“I want people to feel empowered, healthy, and enlightened. There are different modalities of silence that have helped me,” said KJ Landis. “These are also what I recommend to my clients.  It includes the negative thought pot, hiking, yoga, meditation, walking, bathing, candles, oils, prayers, reading, writing and sleep.”  

Negative Thought Pot 

This concept of throwing away negative thoughts originated from one situation KJ Landis had with her daughter. To help her daughter get rid of her negative feelings that time, they wrote down negative thoughts on pieces of paper and burned it in a pot.   

The negative thought pot is a wonderful solution especially for those who need to visualize getting rid of feelings that hamper ourselves to be positive. KJ Landis says this exercise can either be done indoors or outdoors and the act of burning is essentially a form of healing.   

“When you physically have that mind and body connection of writing it negative thoughts down, going through the head and heart on paper, you remember the memory that you physically destroyed it,” KJ Landis said.  

She adds, “It’s like slamming the door with the negative thoughts. It’s about opening your mind to new possibilities once you close the door on things that are holding you back.”  

Getting Enough Sleep   

According to KJ Landis, sleep is the easiest way to enjoy the silence.  Many of us underestimate the power of sleep. We’re usually so wrapped up doing so many things and end up taking sleep for granted.   

To those who have a hard time sleeping, KJ Landis suggests establishing a time to wind down for the day and get rid of thoughts that prevent us from having a good night’s rest.   

Tools like scented candles, soothing music or eyemasks may help. Once we resolve to allow ourselves to wind down, we will eventually sleep deeper and better.  

Bathing In Silence  

Now, this is one of KJ Landis’ favorite methods of enjoying the silence. She shares that bathing in silence with scented candles and essential oils feels terrific! Having no windows in her bathroom also adds an extra layer of silence.   

“All you hear is water. It is highly enlightening and meditative. Plus, the layer of scent allows your imagination to wander and simmer in your memory,” said KJ Landis.  

Reading And Writing  

Reading is something that a lot of people find relaxing. KJ Landis says reading is a silent healer. Back in the old days when there weren’t that many gadgets, we get lost in another world just by reading books.   

Just like reading, a lot of people also find writing to be therapeutic. In fact, when I was younger, I went out with a guy and was oblivious to the fact that he was emotionally abusive. Journaling did help me cope, and I certainly learned a lot from that experience.  

“Writing is so powerful because it’s coming from knowledge. It’s also coming from pure divine inspiration from whatever is around you,” KJ Landis said.  

Meditating In Silence  

KJ Landis has tried meditation since she was 15 years old. However, it was only five years ago that she felt her meditation sessions were successful. Apart from meditation, KJ Landis likewise practices yoga.  

There are advanced sessions for meditation, and KJ Landis advises beginners to take it step by step. Both meditation and yoga entail correct breathing techniques which takes time to master.  


We have all heard that when everything else fails, prayer prevails. And that’s so true! Prayer helps us tune in to the deepest core of our spirituality. And to pray in silence attracts a fantastic sense of peace and empowerment.  

“The difference between prayer and meditation is that prayer is honoring an outside source or making a request. Praying is a quiet intention, yet it is an amazing healer. That modality is as powerful as meditation,” said KJ Landis.  

Nature Walks  

KJ Landis says that hiking and walking in Japan is called ‘shin-rin yoku’ or forest bathing. It is the most popular recommendation by Japanese doctors to treat patients with anxiety, stress, high blood, bipolar, depression, high cholesterol.   

“It is communing with nature and engaging our five senses. Being in touch with nature is important to our biology, physiology, and emotional wellness,” affirms KJ Landis.  

Sensory Deprivation Tank  

Not many people are familiar with this method of healing, but KJ Landis says this process costs money. It essentially makes you feel like you’re in outer space and taps into your sixth sense which is your instinct.   

KJ Landis shares that although she failed to feel a sense of enlightenment, other people have succeeded in releasing anxiety through this method.   

Happy Healthy You Book  

To know more about KJ Landis’ methods for recharging your mind body and soul, her book is an excellent resource for tips and tricks on how to be healthy inside and out.   

The book teaches you how to get rid of all your emotional and mental baggage. It also educates you on how you can make time to enjoy the healing powers of silence.   

“When creating a space of sacred silence or ritual silence, work at it as a present to yourself. Because you deserve to be the best you that you can be for all of your life,” said KJ Landis.   

She adds, “Once you realize that everything out there is a part of nature and you figure out your big ‘why’ to be silent, it can help you in other areas of your life. Once it becomes regular, you’ll feel better.”  


KJ Landis is an author, educator, former model, health and life coach, photographer and role model. She has inspired thousands with her holistic approach to health and wellness. Her ability to communicate effectively, compassionately, and with patience has helped build the self-esteem and attainment of others’ life goals.  

Landis grew up the youngest of five children in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She was taught that food equaled love, and she was greatly loved. At age 12, she was 5’2″ and 173 pounds.   

Her doctors told her parents that if KJ continued to eat in a current manner, she would be a heart attack candidate within months. This scared her parents and the 12 year old into learning about portion control and nutrient dense foods that were beneficial to a young girl’s wellness.   

The next two years saw a 40-pound weight loss, a height increase of 8 inches, and a newfound love of exercise. Then the pendulum swung in the opposite direction. KJ had a fast metabolism from ages 14 to 16, and her weight plummeted to 102 pounds at her lowest, where her height was 5’10.”   

This made her extremely happy, as now she could eat anything she wanted and she didn’t get larger!  

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Books By KJ Landis

Superior Self

 Happy Healthy You

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Ashley’s Amazing Healthy Keto Chocolate Pudding Meal!

This is one of my favorite healthy recipes because it’s fast, delicious and nutritious. This is safe for diabetics, the ketogenic diet or those who want a healthy alternative to a sugary dessert!

Also, this recipe is SO easy to make that anyone with any experience level can do it easily! Make this for your friends and you will WOW them. They will never know it is actually healthy. I made this as the dessert for our family’s Thanksgiving dinner, and everyone loved it! Even the family member who hates healthy alternatives wanted seconds!

My Chocolate Pudding is a staple in our home. My son calls it chocolate Ice Cream because we don’t feed him junk food so this is the closest he has ever come to ice cream!

It can be used as a meal replacement, dessert or as a great snack because it is so filling and satiating.

We eat this often as a meal when we are on the go or as an evening snack. I’ve also had it for breakfast!

I used to run around to different stores to buy all of the right ingredients but just found it easier to get them from Amazon to save time and money. You will find the links to everything you need below!

At the bottom, I have included info about adding extra fiber. Try it with and then without and see which one you like best. You can also add MCT oil and coconut oil to the mix if you are doing the ketogenic diet should you wish to up the fat content.

What you need:

Nutrition Facts:

Makes Six 8oz Servings:

Calories: 100
Carbs: 6.5 or (4.5 NET Carbs)
Fiber: 2g
Fat: 7g
Protein: 14g



The Health Benefits Of This Recipe:

1. The protein is easy to digest and utilize as collagen is so healing for the gut, helps build healthy connective tissue, hair, skin, and nails.

2. Gentle, healthy fat, good phytonutrients, and antioxidants in cocoa powder and the creamy sweet texture feels like a real treat when it is actually healthy.

3. The big bonus about this is you can make it once or twice a week and use them as snacks or have two servings as a whole meal! Also makes for an excellent breakfast or quick lunch.


Keto Chocolate Pudding Meal
Serves 5
Safe for diabetics, the ketogenic diet, or those who want a healthy alternative to a sugary dessert!

Write a review


Prep Time
10 min

Total Time
1 hr 10 min

Prep Time
10 min

Total Time
1 hr 10 min

  1. – 3 Cans of Organic Coconut Milk
  2. – 8 Tablespoons of Unflavored Gelatin (If you like it to be thicker, like a chocolate jello then add 10 or 12 Tbsps. If you would like it to be creamier, more like a mousse pudding, then use 6 – 8 Tbsp.)
  3. – 6 Heaping Tbsps of Coco Powder
  4. – Stevia powder to taste (This stevia comes with a tiny scooper. I usually do about 6 – 8 of those scoops but you can add more as you blend and keep checking the flavor to dial in how sweet, or not sweet, you would like it to be.)
  5. – Dash of Real Salt
  1. – 1 tsp vanilla extract or powder
  2. – 2 Tbsp MCT Oil
  1. In a blender add your three cans of coconut milk and begin blending on medium.
  2. As it blends, add the dry ingredients except for the gelatin.
  3. Taste test to make sure you have enough Stevia.
  4. Turn the blender to high for 20 – 30 seconds to make it fluffy.
  5. Bring down to a medium-low speed and add the gelatin.
  6. Let blend for another few minutes until the gelatin has fully dissolved.
  7. Stop blender and pour into your cups or travel containers.
  8. Place them in the fridge. They will be ready in one hour. You can also place them in the freezer to set. Remember to remove them after an hour and put them in the fridge. You can eat one straight from the freezer as it will be like eating a chocolate ice cream pudding.
  1. If you make a large batch, you can store them in the freezer to last longer. They will last up to a week in the fridge, but if you have a family they usually get eaten up before then!
What you need
  1. Blender:
Gelatin – Kosher
Canned Organic Coconut Milk
High-Quality Coco Powder
My favorite Stevia powder
Dash of Real Salt (healthiest salt)
Chia Seed Powder
Learn True Health Podcast with Ashley James

Optional Tweaks:


1. Dash of Real Salt (healthiest salt)

2. Add 1 – 2 tsp Vanilla extract.


1. Adding MCT oil would give each serving 4.6g additional fat – 2 Tbsp MCT Oil to batch after adding gelatin to the blender while still blending.


1. If you would like added fiber, you can add Chia Seed powder. To do this, blend four heaping Tbsp of seed powder to 3/4 of extra coconut milk or water.

2. Pour into a bowl and let soak for a few hours before blending into the rest of the mix to prevent this pudding from becoming too granular from the seeds. Add to pudding batch after adding gelatin to the blender while blending.

3. This will add over 3g of fiber to each serving. It will also add 3g more of healthy fat, mostly from omegas, 2g more of protein and a bit more carbs. However, the fiber negates most of the carbs.

4. You will need to add 2 or more tbsp of coco powder and possibly a bit more Stevia to taste.

Enjoy and please let me know how you and your family enjoy my Healthy Chocolate Pudding!

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To Your Health!

Ashley James

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Yoga For Healing  

Yoga is an ancient form of healing which more people are turning to instead of taking medication. It is a  physical, emotional, mental and spiritual practice that originated in India. My guest, Or Shahar will explain how this method can affect our health positively.  

Trip To India  

Or Shahar was exposed to this practice as early as 18 years old. She has three older sisters, and one of them convinced her to go to India during her teenage years.  The trip indeed impacted her a lot and proved to be helpful in later years when she battled depression at around 21 years old.   

“I had mental health issues, and yoga helped a lot towards the end of my recovery.  It taught me to be stable, but I still questioned life,” recalls Or Shahar. “I questioned how to be happy. I questioned what happiness is.”  

Or Shahar’s turning point came four years ago in Berlin when she decided to become a teacher after years of practicing traditional yoga and embracing Buddhism. After a period of getting in touch with her spirituality and understanding the purpose of her existence, Or Shahar eventually built her business with a motto that happiness comes from within.  

Hatha Yoga  

There are many kinds of yoga and Or Shahar explains that by definition, Hatha is a physical practice, and comprises movements from different forms.  

According to Or Shahar, Hatha encompasses nearly all types of modern breathing practices. Today, classes described as Hatha on studio schedules are typically a primary and classical approach to yogic breathing exercises and postures. 

Connecting To A Deeper Level  

People who practice this ancient method of healing have attested to the fact that the practice allows them to connect to who they are at a deeper level. While most of us seek conventional ways to alleviate suffering, this method provides another avenue for us to resolve our inner conflicts.   

“It makes us strong and flexible. Based on personal experience, I improved my mental mindset by focusing on the present moment,” said Or Shahar. “It teaches us how to use the body and breath as an anchor. Because if you are breathing right, it affects your body and your body’s sensation.”  

Or Shahar adds, “Once you correctly practice the techniques, you will eventually develop awareness to the body.  Strengthening that part of you will support you in your everyday life.” 

Success Stories  

Or Shahar had witnessed and helped a lot of people to heal over the years through her sessions. She has helped relieve clients from physical, emotional, spiritual and mental pain, as well as taught them how to continue to stay on track.  

She admits that some health conditions are challenging. And although it might not completely eradicate the suffering, yoga eases the pain to a certain point.  Or Shahar helps clients achieve that by incorporating Buddist approaches in her yoga sessions.   

“Students undergo a deep process. Eventually, they can use this practice in everyday life. Most students end up feeling empowered,” Or Shahar said. “However, in some cases, this method is not a cure for health conditions like depression. The best way sometimes is to get a good support system while you are on a recovery path.” 

Dealing With Emotional Attachments  

Or Shahar explains that as far are emotions are concerned, suppressing it can cause us mental and emotional slavery. Now this, I can relate.  

I remember when I first moved to the United States, my father was in the process of moving his factory. Part of that move was my dad storing possessions belonging to me, my mom and my grandparents.   

However, it was not long before my dad suddenly passed away and those stored possessions were stolen shortly after. Feeling helpless in the U.S., my utmost concern was to recover at least our photo albums.   

Fortunately, my best friend who was living in Canada was able to retrieve the photo albums for me. All the other possessions were lost, but that experience taught me to learn to let go and move on.  

Making Realistic Expectations  

Have you ever heard the saying, ‘Expectations lead to disappointments?’ Well, it’s true. According to Or Shahar,  if you make an effort and commitment, you will see some change. It is not magic, but it works!  

Some choose to do this practice for weight loss, but realistically, this merely serves as a support to lose weight. That is why it is essential to connect with your body to be able to listen to what it needs.   

“When it comes to expectations, we hold to disappointments. We let ourselves defined by it. The more you hold on to it, the more dangerous it can become, because the holding on is what creates the suffering,” said Or Shahar.  

Or Shahar suggests that to start connecting to your body, you must first learn the techniques on how to breathe correctly. Doing breathing exercises at a quiet place is recommended.   

Once you are settled in a comfortable position, be aware of your breathing and lengthen your breath as you inhale and exhale through your lungs and diaphragm. The right way to pace your breathing is to do four counts of inhaling and exhale.  

“People do this for varied reasons. In the end, the real reason to practice this method is to gain inner freedom and inner peace,” Or Shahar said.

How To Jumpstart This Healing Practice   

Ready to try it? Great! You’re on the right track because this healing practice helps relax your body inside out and clears your mind.    

“It has a long-lasting effect. It is not for the lazy. You need to do the work,” advises Or Shahar. “It doesn’t matter how much you do. Just start doing it. There are very clear guidelines on what you can do and what you should practice.”  

Or Shahar took her first course during her first trip to India, at only 18 years old. Since then she has made some wrong turns and a few long breaks, but yoga has always stayed an essential and guiding part of her life.  

At 23, recovering from depression and feeling uninspired by art school, Or Shahar took a plane to India again, this time, with the full intention to do some real learning. 

There she discovered her deep connection to Buddhism, took her first teacher training and started to practice seriously.    

Or Shahar kept practicing and traveling and serving for three more years, until she decided to grow roots in Berlin, Germany. There, she took her second teacher training at Shakti Yogaloft (a 3-year long course consisting of over 500 hours of training) plus an advanced training “Yoga for People with Special Needs” (with Antje Kuwert) and started to teach.  

Today Or Shahar keeps deepening her practice every day, raise her beloved dog and teach around Berlin. She helps practitioners who feel like their weekly class is not enough anymore, to deepen their practice without spending tons of time and money on teacher training.  

Through online training and one-on-one coaching, Or Shahar’s students get the support they need. When their practice becomes more regular and more meaningful, the result is inner peace, that benefits every aspect of their life. 

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Recommended Reading by Or Shahar

Yoga Therapy – Indra Mohan and A. G. Mohan

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Yoga For Healing – Or Shahar And Ashley James – #206

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Probiotics are something that we shouldn’t take for granted. Those who suffer from digestive issues are most likely familiar that probiotics are live bacteria that greatly aid in digestion.  However, my guest Wade Lightheart cautions against taking just any brand of probiotics. This episode is jampacked with information on what is the best probiotics to take and how to improve our digestive health!

Early Exposure

Wade Lightheart has been exposed to the world of nutrition as young as 15 years old. Reading about supplements from bodybuilding magazines since he was a teenager certainly piqued his interest.

After graduating from university in 1994, he went on to work at a nutrition store. Working there provided him the ample experience and knowledge to eventually open his nutrition store years after.

However, the most significant break came in 1999 when Wade Lightheart was asked by a group of businessmen to write a book. After a little prodding, he eventually wrote the book Fat Burners For Dummies.


If some of you think Wade Lightheart looks familiar, well, that’s because he’s a pretty iconic personality in the bodybuilding world. In 2004, after becoming the first vegetarian to win the Mr. Universe title, Wade Lightheart began to explore ways on how to help people improve their digestive health.

A friend happened to broach the idea of Wade Lightheart selling his life story online by offering health courses since a lot of people apparently had digestive issues. That got Wade Lightheart interested enough to look into developing products to improve digestion and utilize nutrients. Fast forward three or four years later, Wade Lightheart’s Bioptimizers company was born.

Focusing On Digestive Health

Bioptimizers’ primary mission is focusing on fixing digestion.  According to Wade Lightheart, it is important that we do not take digestive issues lightly. Digestive problems affect our quality of life. It also contributes to some health issues like cancer, heart disease, and depression.

“It doesn’t matter what dietary practice you follow. You’re not what you eat. You’re what you absorb and utilize, as well as what you can eliminate from the body,” said Wade Lightheart.

Developing Products

So many of us were dependent on medication. Lucky are those who have gone the natural route to healing.  And because there are still many out there who depend on drugs to hopefully resolve their digestive issues, Wade Lightheart hopes to alleviate that problem through his products.

Wade Lightheart takes pride in the fact that Bioptimizers design their products in conjunction with industry experts. Working with a variety of co-manufacturers has made Wade Lightheart realize that no one company is expert in all things.

“Digestion issues are the 5th leading cause of death digestive illness and 85% are unreported digestive issues,” Wade Lightheart said, “Twenty-five percent are on prescription medication for digestion that is normally recommended for only four to eight weeks, but some people have been taking that medication for years.”

Having a lot of faith in the quality of his products, Wade Lightheart reveals that before public consumption, he has personally tested his products on himself. The company even has a 365-day money back guarantee!

Dealing With Pathogens

Pathogens are infectious agents that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Agents include viruses, worms, fungi, bacteria, fungi and protozoa which can be deadly if not treated properly.

Wade Lightheart explains that fundamentally, the body has a variety of mechanisms to deal with pathogens. He says hydrochloric acid is the first line of defense to disinfect harmful bacteria and pathogens which can affect parasites. However, because a lot of people don’t produce enough hydrochloric acid, this is the reason why they develop health issues.

The Human Microbiome

Our body is made up of microbes. When we do not eat properly, it directly affects our digestive system. And when that happens, people commonly think that taking antibiotics is the answer. However, speaking from experience, Wade Lightheart shares a word of caution on the adverse effects of antibiotics.

“An overdose of antibiotics is bad. There will be a change in the body’s microbiome. When I was on a restrictive diet for 11 months, my microbiome was so altered. My whole system shut down,” shares Wade Lightheart. “I had to rebuild my health by taking probiotics. It took me six months to recover my health.”

Benefits of Probiotics

Now that we know the factors affecting our digestive health, the big question now is, ‘How do we get rid of it?’” Wade Lightheart says one way to improve digestive health is to experiment with fermented foods. Another way is to take probiotics.

There are many brands of probiotics in the market. Unfortunately, not all are good ones because some brands have additives. Hence, Wade Lightheart stresses that one must make sure to choose the right brand.

Wade Lightheart explains that his probiotics products work by cultivating a super bacteria to go in the body and wipe out all the pathogens which double in the body every 20 minutes.

P3-OM Probiotics

Wade Lightheart says that some people with herpes, yeast infection and those recovering from cancer have reported positive results after taking this product called P3-OM Probiotics. It increases the body’s bioactive amino acids which are needed for muscle growth and recovery.

“The goal is to get the microbiome back in balance so your body can heal itself,” said Wade Lightheart. “Users of my product have reported a dramatic reduction in symptoms directly proportionate to how closely or how high the dosage they go through.”

Ideally, for the products to be efficient, Wade Lightheart recommends taking it for 90 days. He takes pride in sharing that the product is so good, that Bioptimizers have the lowest refund rate compared to other companies.

He also suggests taking a coconut kefir with the probiotics.  Doing this procedure has proven to eliminate food cravings, brain fog, bloating, as well as reduce body fat and regulate appetite in 30 to 60 days.

Awesome Health Course

For those who would want to get on the right track by improving their health further, you’re in for a treat! Wade Lightheart is currently offering a 12-week course that will educate you on the seven pillars of awesome health.

“No matter how difficult the road might have been to get to this point, you’re on the right track. Surround yourself with people who are moving in the same direction,” said Wade Lightheart. “Have faith that you will overcome any challenge. Realize it’s not about the outcome. Honor the struggle and honor the journey.”

He says the word ‘awesome,’ is an acronym for air, water, exercise, sunlight, optimizers, mental beliefs and attitudes, education, testing, and coaching. Through his five 15-minute videos, you will learn all about the benefits of the different types of water, cellular function, the impact of the sun in our body, hormonal health and many more.

“When you adopt that mindset, the body’s physiology takes on a true energy of radiance and power. You become empowered,” Wade Lightheart said. “Recognize you have a gift and let go of the negative. Trust that next step is the right direction because life is truly meant to be a wonderful adventure.”

Wade Lightheart is 3-Time Canadian Natural Bodybuilding Champion and one of the world’s premier authorities on Natural Nutrition and Training Methods. Having majored in Sports Science at the University of New Brunswick, he has authored numerous books on health, nutrition, and exercise which have sold in over 80 countries. 

Wade Lightheart is sought out by athletes and high-performance oriented individuals worldwide for his advice on how to optimize their health and fitness levels.

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Books by Wade Lightheart

Staying Alive In A Toxic World

What Every Athlete Needs To Know About Restructured Ionized Water

 Vital Power

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Holiday Sickness And Prevention

Holiday sickness is something a lot of people experience this time of the year. With lots of parties and family gatherings over the holiday season, we tend to binge and make unhealthy eating choices. My guest Wade Lightheart is no stranger to this. However, having learned the ‘tricks of the trade,’ he is more than willing to share tips on how to avoid holiday sickness and celebrate this festive season happy and healthy!

Early Exposure

Wade Lightheart was exposed to the importance of being healthy as early as 15 years old. His sister at that time was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Disease, and Wade Lightheart was heartbroken to see her suffer from treatments and medication for four years before she eventually passed away.

Wade Lightheart’s sister was an athlete and had a lot of vitality.  So you can imagine how the family was taken aback when she was diagnosed with the disease. That family tragedy indeed had a powerful impact on Wade Lightheart.

“Around that age I was also given bodybuilding magazines, so I developed an interest in performance-based nutrition. But I made the mistake of thinking that being a bodybuilder was a healthy pursuit. No sporting pursuit is a healthy pursuit. There’s a difference between fitness and health,” said Wade Lightheart.

Honoring His Sister

After his sister’s passing, it was only natural that Wade Lightheart wanted to do something profound and meaningful to honor his sister’s memory. Hence, he decided that the best way to honor her was to dig deep into understanding what health is. Wade Lightheart eventually went to university to study Physiology and Nutrition.

“To value health, in some cases, we have to lose it. I became aware of the value of health. So I realized health wasn’t a guarantee,” said Wade Lightheart. “I had to take full responsibility for my health. That was the gift that my sister’s death gave me. It’s what you make of the experiences of life that counts.”

Being able to develop a system on how to achieve and maintain optimal health didn’t happen overnight. Wade Lightheart’s program was something he developed over years of travel and experience, as well as from coaching people with the same challenges.

“Health is a continuous evolution, and a dynamic state of being that is subject to local conditions and local environments. The things you do, the things you don’t do and how you overcome the obstacles in your routine all contribute to your overall health,” said Wade Lightheart.

On A Rebound

Wade Lightheart shares that he was able to achieve a high level of fitness when he first competed for Mr. Universe. Right after the competition, he gradually gained 42 lbs. of fat and water in 11 weeks!

“I didn’t know that sometimes your greatest challenge is the seed for your greatest victory,” said Wade Lightheart.

Around this time, Wade Lightheart met a medical doctor who also ran into some physical challenges, developed a Holistic practice and rebuilt his health. During the period Wade Lightheart met the doctor, he was blown away as to how a senior citizen can be so radiant, vibrant and full of energy as his age.

Fortunately, that medical doctor agreed to mentor Wade Lightheart. Under his tutelage, Wade Lightheart learned how to improve his health from inside out.

“We focused on digestion because I damaged it from years of being on a restrictive diet. I rebuilt myself. Four years later, I joined another world championship. I did better and never had to rebound on my diet,” shares Wade Lightheart.

Awesome Health System

From his rebound during his stint at the Mr. Universe competitions, Wade Lightheart eventually developed the Awesome Health System. The program is a compilation of success stories from people who produced excellent results.

“As humans, we need to be able to understand how to extract optimal health out of the environment that we find ourselves in, regardless of what food products we have,” said Wade Lightheart.

Wade Lightheart also shares that the book, ‘Healing and Recovery‘ by Dr. David Hawkins was an excellent reference as he was developing his health program. In his book, Dr. David Hawkins outlined the math of consciousness and provided self-healing methods that can help us achieve optimal health.

Causes Of Illnesses

There are many reasons why we get sick.  Whether it be holiday sickness, cancer or chronic disease, Wade Lightheart says that the causes of illness are threefold—mental, physical and spiritual. According to him, some people even say it’s karmic.

“The physical reasons are often not necessarily the cause. I look at the physicality as the result of the inner being,” Wade Lightheart explained. “Humans are very deep beings, and there’s a lot more to us.”

Holiday Eating

The cause of holiday sickness is not that complex.  We are often lost in the festivities of the holiday season until holiday sickness strikes from our failure to watch what we eat and drink.

However, Wade Lightheart says that food and liquids aren’t the only causes of holiday sickness. Speaking from experience, constant traveling can cause holiday sickness, too.  Apparently, he says some foods, liquids, and traveling causes dehydration.  That is why people get sick.

“We must drink water more than we think we need. Before eating, drink 1 liter of water before lunch and dinner,” said Wade Lightheart. “Sip water while drinking alcohol. Often, we mistake dehydration for hunger.  So drinking water reduces the urge to binger and flushes out toxic foods.”

Getting A Good Support System

To be able to help achieve your health goals, Wade Lightheart recommends getting a good support system aside from committing yourself to be internally motivated. Otherwise, you would feel empty and dissatisfied.

“If you want to have a certain thing, find somebody who you resonate with and who would teach you that process and submit to that discipline until you’ve mastered it,” said Wade Lightheart.

Wade Lightheart also clarifies that it is not about restricting yourself from eating because ultimately, you can’t limit your way to health. He also believes that no diet in particular works. Because if it did, then people would not be inventing new ones.

“In today’s world, it’s easy to get a mish-mash of strategies and end up with no program because often they appear to be conflicting,” said Wade Lightheart. “By submitting to someone who is producing the process that you want, it allows you to focus on getting the information and the practices. To take the day to day step, real expertise comes in.”

Wade Lightheart is 3-Time Canadian Natural Bodybuilding Champion and one of the world’s premier authorities on Natural Nutrition and Training Methods. Having majored in Sports Science at the University of New Brunswick, he has authored numerous books on health, nutrition, and exercise which have sold in over 80 countries. 

Wade Lightheart is sought out by athletes and high-performance oriented individuals worldwide for his advice on how to optimize their health and fitness levels.

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Staying Alive In A Toxic World

What Every Athlete Needs To Know About Restructured Ionized Water

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MeatLess Diet

Meatless is an avenue explored by people who want to improve their health. Going vegan or vegetarian is not an easy thing to do. Some people go meatless for health benefits, and others do it for humane reasons. I bet a lot of you will be seriously thinking of going meatless after hearing what my guest, Kristie Middleton has to say. So let’s get this show on the road!

Early Influence

Kristie Middleton grew up in Chesapeake, Virginia. Together with her older sister, Kristie Middleton doted so much on their three dogs who were regarded as dear members of their family.

Because of her background, it wasn’t surprising that Kristie Middleton has always had a soft heart towards animals, not only dogs. So when there was an in-depth class discussion on euthanasia when she was in college, it struck her hard.

According to that college professor, set aside the term ‘meat,’ we are technically and eating the flesh of dead animals. The term ‘meat’ is something that most people take for granted. Consequently, Kristie Middleton says that class discussion was the turning point of her decision to become a vegetarian.

Turning Vegetarian

Going meatless was a struggle at first. But whenever Kristie Middleton is reminded of the billions of animals being abused and slaughtered for food, it strengthened her resolve not to waver from her meatless diet. It was hard years ago to find vegetarian restaurants and supermarkets, but times have changed.

Kristie Middleton found that embracing a plant-based diet was initially difficult. But seeing there were more benefits than disadvantages, she persevered. She eventually took her advocacy a notch higher by gradually becoming a vegan and getting involved with a variety of non-profit animal welfare organizations.

The Humane Society Of The United States

Aside from working with several non-profit animal welfare organizations, Kristie Middleton leveled up and became the senior food policy director of the Humane Society. This is  where she has been working for the past eight years. The Humane Society Of The United States is the country’s premier organization whose mission is primarily to protect animals.

“We help institutions with incorporating meatless or more plant-based dishes in their menus. Surveys show that 95% of consumers want animals to be cared for, but there is a big disconnect between what consumers want and what the reality is,” shares Kristie Middleton.

Most of the work Kristie Middleton does is helping to change institutional menus rather than changing individual diet. This small but significant effort apparently has a massive impact on animals.

Harsh Reality

Kristie Middleton cited egg-laying hens as an example of the harsh reality that animals face. Apparently, egg-laying hens in food production factories in the United States and Canada are confined in tiny battery cages.  To paint a more brutal picture, those cages are just about the size of a desk drawer!

Those hens are not able to do anything natural. After 18 months of living in cramped cages, they are sent off to slaughter. They do not get to walk around to exercise or even get out for some sunshine.  As a comparison, when we go on long plane flights, it is pure torture to be sitting in a small chair that hardly bends back, right? Just imagine what those poor chickens go through, only to meet their doom months later.

“When animals are intensively confined, they are fed a high dose of antibiotics,” reveals Kristie Middleton. “About 80% of antibiotics that we use are given to treat animals to prevent them from getting sick. In effect, we are consuming whatever the chickens are ingesting, and that has adverse effects on our health.”

MeatLess Book

Earlier this year, Kristie Middleton launched her book entitled, ‘MeatLess: Transform the Way You Eat and Live — One Meal at a Time.’ In the book, she explains the numerous reasons why we should go meatless, as well as several delicious plant-based recipes that are very easy to do.

There’s one part of the book that readers are sure to be interested in reading about. Kristie Middleton narrated this one woman who the Humane Society helped. She, along with her husband, bought a property in the central valley of California.

Right beside the property was an egg farm, where the breeding conditions were inhumane. Kristie Middleton recalls that it was also an environmental nightmare. The manure from the chickens were disposed of in a big lagoon nearby, hence causing water contamination.

Kristie Middleton narrates that the ammonia fumes from the egg farm were so severe such that it caused the neighbors’ eyes to burn during hot days. It also caused nausea and headaches to anyone living nearby. What’s worse, there was a very bad fly infestation around the area.

As a countermeasure, Kristie Middleton said the Humane Society helped the couple file a suit against the farm. The court eventually awarded them a monetary settlement. There are still many farms in the United States operating under inhumane conditions so Kristie Middleton remains aggressive in advocating programs that protect animals and promoting a plant-based diet.

“The Humane Society advocates the 3Rs: Reducing, Replacing and Refining. We reduce meat consumption, replace it with plants and refine by choosing to buy food from higher welfare stores,” said Kristie Middleton.

Transitioning To A Meatless Diet

If you’re serious and ready to transition to a plant-based diet, I highly recommend Kristie Middleton’s book. Her book expounds on how to make gradual changes by taking small steps.

“To avoid being overwhelmed with the sudden change, try meatless Mondays.  If that is initially too much for you, try to eat vegetables all day and indulge in what you want to eat for dinner. Essentially, the goal is to commit to something that is doable for you,” suggested Kristie Middleton.

Another way is to make meat a side dish and making fruits, vegetables, whole grain plants and proteins the center of your plate. However, there seems to be a considerable debate on how much proteins we should consume.

Kristie Middleton says that ideally, women should consume 45 grams of protein while men should consume 55 grams. She says that protein is an over-emphasized nutrient and too much protein causes an increase in saturated fats and cholesterol. For a list of suggested menus, you may refer to the Menus Of Change website.

“Beans, legumes and nut butter are good. Make sure to eat a balanced diet because we overeat meat. Increasing plants and reducing meat your diet will help us achieve a humane and healthful society.


Kristie Middleton is the senior food policy director for The Humane Society of the United States, the world’s largest animal protection organization. She directs the group’s efforts to promote plant-based eating. Kristie has worked with some of the nation’s largest school districts—including Los Angeles Unified School District, Detroit Public Schools, and Boston Public Schools—as well as dozens of hospitals and colleges to implement healthier eating programs.

Kristie Middleton is the author of MeatLess: Transform the Way You Eat and Live—One Meal at a Time, due out March 2017. She travels and frequently speaks to groups associated with food and nutrition and is a regular speaker at national animal protection conferences.

Kristie Middleton completed a certificate in Plant-Based Nutrition from T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies in August 2014. She lives with her husband Mark, a dog and four cats in Oakland, California.

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Book By Kristie Middleton

MeatLess Book

Recommended Reading by Kristie Middleton

How Not to Die by Dr. Michael Greger 

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Acupuncture And Its Healing Benefits  

Acupuncture has gained more popularity over the years. More people are veering away from taking medications and acupuncture is one of the top natural methods to treat several kinds of illnesses. To talk more about the amazing benefits of acupuncture, Dr. Shiroko Sokitch took time today to share everything you need to know about this form of traditional Chinese medicine.  

Childhood Inspiration  

As early as five years old, Dr. Shiroko Sokitch already knew she wanted to become a doctor. She was very close to her great-grandmother until one day, the old lady collapsed. Everything seemed to rush by in a blur, and her great-grandmother eventually passed away a week after.   

Because she was so young then, she wasn’t able to comprehend the concept of death. She remembered that all she wanted was to have a machine that could make her great-grandmother come back to life. That was the defining moment of her resolve to become a doctor.   

Early Years As A Doctor  

Dr. Shiroko Sokitch saved a life for the first time during her third year in medical school. A man who was shot was rushed to the emergency room where she was on duty. Upon saving his life, Dr. Shiroko Sokitch decided to become a surgeon.  

However, she found her daily operations very mundane when she started her residency. At 25 years old, Dr. Shiroko Sokitch felt that her career was going nowhere until she became part of a medical team who operated on a woman who had a cyst. But they stopped the procedure when they found out during surgery that the woman had cancer.  

Dr. Shiroko Sokitch distinctly remembered how the medical doctor cold-heartedly told the woman her real condition after the operation. That was when she realized that there was more to saving a life. Primarily, Dr. Shiroko Sokitch felt the growing desire to save a person spiritually and emotionally.   

Discovering Acupuncture  

Dr. Shiroko Sokitch recalls that during her sophomore year of residency, she went through a personal crisis and became suicidal. Falling ill all the time, she decided to take a month off from work to recuperate.   

During Dr. Shiroko Sokitch’s sick leave, somebody gave her a book called, ‘The Web That Has No Weaver.’ Apparently, it was a book about Chinese medicine and acupuncture.  

“I fell in love with the concept that we could solve our problems by putting needles in our skin or taking the right kind of herbs and eating the right foods,” said Dr. Shiroko Sokitch.  

Her first few visits to an acupuncturist proved to be life-changing.  The first instance that changed her opinion on acupuncture was when her migraine entirely disappeared just after the first session. Another time was when Dr. Shiroko Sokitch was down with flu and fever. The acupuncturist merely poked her thumb to let the blood ooze out and within two hours, her symptoms were gone!   

From that day on, Dr. Shiroko Sokitch became a firm believer in acupuncture. And I’m not surprised. Acupuncture has indeed done wonders to so many people by healing them physically, mentally and spiritually. The experience is just phenomenal! 


Patients’ Feedbacks  

Over the years, Dr. Shiroko Sokitch has had countless patients whom she has healed with acupuncture. Majority of her patients had had muscular issues, had back and shoulder surgery, uterine fibroids and ovarian cysts.   

Dr. Shiroko Sokitch recalled a female patient who had a pretty large ovarian cyst and was supposed to undergo surgery.  However, she wanted a second opinion and sought the help of Dr. Shiroko Sokitch because the woman wanted to explore natural ways of healing. Her cyst went away after just one session with Dr. Shiroko Sokitch.  

Learning Curve  

Dr. Shiroko Sokitch says acupuncture takes time to learn and perfect. Learning how to be more loving and compassionate evolved over the years.  It is just impossible to learn those things in a week or two, or even months.  

And she finds it lucky that she has had ample experience in both Western medicine and Chinese medicine. She says Western medicine may have some advanced techniques, but there are instances when conditions like depression and bipolar disorders are best treated with acupuncture.   

“One of the first things I learned was putting needles in very gently. The Japanese style of acupuncture is going towards a more painless approach,” explains Dr. Shiroko Sokitch. “I’m lucky I studied both Western and Chinese medicine. It allowed me to bring them together in this wonderful way. I believe a physical understanding of the body is greater because of the bigger picture that Chinese medicine looks at.”

Heart To Heart Medical Center  

When Dr. Shiroko Sokitch was in acupuncture school, she had a dream of bringing together the best of Western and Natural medicine. So in 1993, she took the plunge and opened the Heart to Heart Medical Center along with many different practitioners in the said fields.   

However, because people and things evolve, Dr. Shiroko Sokitch now has a solo practice. Working on her own consequently gave her the freedom to operate her practice the way she wants it. According to Dr. Shiroko Sokitch, the philosophy behind her practice is to provide the best of Integrative medicine to those who need healing.  

Dr. Shiroko Sokitch says Heart to Heart Medical Center taught her that there is no way not to be involved with a patient. Apparently, a healer should genuinely care. A good healer is part of a patient’s healing process.   

“There are often physical imbalances that contribute to a person’s illness aside from the absence of happiness and joy,” Dr. Shiroko Sokitch said. “It’s a 20-30-50 split. The 20% is purely physical, 30% is the lifestyle, 50% is emotional and spiritual. And acupuncture addresses all of these elements.”

Limitations of Acupuncture  

Dr. Shiroko Sokitch admits that sometimes, acupuncture doesn’t work. This is usually because of the practitioner. That is why Dr. Shiroko Sokitch makes sure she connects with her patients for them to feel safe and let their energy move during treatments.   

Among the types of illnesses that are challenging to cure via acupuncture is multiple sclerosis. According to Dr. Shiroko Sokitch, this is because there are different personalities for different diseases.   

Multiple sclerosis comprises a problematic set of personalities. However, Dr. Shiroko Sokitch has had some patients suffering from this disease, who did have positive results from acupuncture treatments.   

As for night sweats, Dr. Shiroko Sokitch says it is connected to an imbalance between ‘yin’ and ‘yang.’ When ‘yin’ is deficient, or ‘yang’ is in excess, you can tell by looking at the pulse and tongue.   

“It is that imbalance that causes night sweats. A common cause of night sweats perimenopause. That is means you are ‘yin’ deficient,” said Dr. Shiroko Sokitch.

The Best Form Of Healing  

Generally speaking, Dr. Shiroko Sokitch says the 5-elements style of acupuncture is good for emotional and spiritual concerns. She advises choosing somebody with a good level of experience and connection.   

“Try acupuncture to make sure you like the style. Have at least four treatments. That’s how long it takes for the style and your energy to receive it,” said Dr. Shiroko Sokitch.  

She also reveals that it is hard to love our body if it is misbehaving. And it’s true! Dr. Shiroko Sokitch believes that if we just learn to love our body and trust that it is going to do something for us, we will get better. 

“Start with love. Love yourself or give love to someone else.  And never give up. If you are facing a challenge, never give up on yourself. Don’t give up on your healing,” said Dr. Shiroko Sokitch.


Dr. Shiroko Sokitch opened Heart to Heart Medical Center in Santa Rosa, CA  in 1993. Combining modern technology and advancements in Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy with the ancient remedies of Eastern Medicine has allowed Dr. Shiroko Sokitch to realize her passion for helping her patients live the best lives they can.  

She is an expert at helping you navigate the understanding of Western medicine in combination with alternative medicine. Her unique perspective will help you understand what your soul and body are trying to communicate to you. 

Dr. Shiroko Sokitch is quite excited to be the only doctor of her type in the area.  

Since January of 2000, she has also written an alternative medical advice column in three local Sonoma County Newspapers.  In May of 2009, Dr. Shiroko Sokitch and her friend Sivan Garr, spiritual teacher, decided they wanted to help a broader audience with their work. They began filming Perspectives on Healing, a public access television show which they did for two years. It is still airing in several cities in California.  

In her office, Dr. Shiroko Sokitch specializes in listening carefully so that she understands your health concerns and can guide you to finding the best treatments. In addition to acupuncture, she works with craniosacral therapy, herbs, nutritional supplements, specific diagnostic tests, exercise, and diet to help you find the best balance for your body. Her extensive understanding of the spiritual/emotional connection to your physical problems will help you to heal at a greater depth with more lasting results.  

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Chakra Balancing As Energy Healing  

Chakra balancing is a powerful tool to realign the energies flowing through our body. We know the health benefits of eating right and ample exercise. However, we shouldn’t underestimate healing powers through energy and the importance of chakra balancing.  My guest today, Larabeth Guthrie, is the perfect resource person to talk about chakras and energy healing.   

Natural Environment  

Larabeth Guthrie grew up on a farm. And because her mom and grandmother tended a herb garden, Larabeth Guthrie was influenced into thinking that natural things are supposed to be used as the first line of defense for illnesses as well as tools for building wellness.  

Then when she was 12 years old, Larabeth Guthrie got into Tang Soo Do, a Korean form of martial arts. During this time, she also started taking Qi Gong classes to learn how to move energy throughout her body.  

The Power Of Personal Energy  

Taking Qi Gong classes apparently proved beneficial to Larabeth Guthrie. She learned how to maximize the power of personal energy and indeed learned how to listen to her body.  

In fact, one instance stood out from her mind. Larabeth Guthrie remembers a lady in her Qi Gong class who suddenly got up in the middle of a meditation session and left in a rush. Thinking she would never see the lady again, Larabeth Guthrie was surprised when the lady showed up in class two or three months after.   

It turned out that the lady felt her energy shift after attending just two or three Qi Dong classes. During that fateful day when she left in a hurry during the meditation session, it suddenly dawned on that lady that she had to have a breast exam.  

Seeing a doctor proved her intuition was right. Tests showed that the lady had Stage 1 breast cancer. Fortunately, because that woman was in tune with the energy flowing within her body, she was able to feel that something was amiss. So doctors were able to contain her cancer and as far as Larabeth Guthrie knows, that lady is currently healthy and in remission.  

Battling Health Issues 

Larabeth Guthrie also dealt with a lot of autoimmune and endocrine issues when she was younger. In fact, it was so bad, that she had to battle all kinds of allergies all year round. To top it off doctors couldn’t figure out a long-term cure. How frustrating is that?  

“Doctors told me this would be my life. But I refused to accept it and changed my diet. I went gluten-free and got rid of avocado which I was allergic to,” said Larabeth Guthrie. “I also drank more water because I found out that dehydration increases the number of allergic reactions.”  

Getting Into Energy Healing  

Before getting into chakra balancing and becoming a Reiki master, Larabeth Guthrie was a 911 medical dispatcher.  She admits that during this time, she had no idea that being a full-time Holistic practitioner was possible.   

Because her job entailed dealing with high levels of stress, she didn’t recognize the warning signs of her health. One day, Larabeth Guthrie recalls that her hand started itching which rapidly escalated to a burning sensation.   

The sensation spread to her feet and rashes started growing more prominent. Apparently, she was initially diagnosed with adrenal insufficiency and was given prescription drugs. However, because Larabeth Guthrie once again refused to accept the doctors’ verdict of being dependent on drugs for the rest of her life, she started doing her research.

Larabeth Guthrie did extensive research and slowly applied what she learned about herbalism, aromatherapy, crystals, and energy work. Here she realized that there was indeed a better way to heal and that it dived right into the root cause of her ailments.

“I healed in three months. Then I got into chakra balancing and became a Reiki master. I worked with crystals for a while, and started to get a new appreciation for plants from a more ethereal standpoint and respect their vibrations,” said Larabeth Guthrie. “Then I got into teaching and was inspired to create the energy keto system, where the main focus is tackling root issues at an energetic level.”

She adds, “Sometimes diet and lifestyle change is just the first step. Balancing my energy is how I got rid of my autoimmune and endocrine issues.” 


Qi Do School  

Upon signing up for her classes, Larabeth Guthrie initially administers tongue and iridology assessment tools to be able to gauge a person’s institution as well as their general energy work. She explains that it is best not to base assessments merely on full intuition since there will be a tendency not to see the broader picture.   

“‘Qi’ is the universal life force that we all have flowing through all living things. ‘Do’ means a way of life in Korean. Hence, my primary concern is to make sure that energy is balanced,” explains Larabeth Guthrie. “If you honor and respect the flow of this energy in your body, you have a better chance of staying healthier longer. Acute things will not necessarily turn into chronic things if you can work with those imbalances.”

Larabeth Guthrie also clarifies that even if you are not looking into joining a program, one of the things that you can do is meditating at least 30 minutes everyday. Clearing the mind and allowing yourself to breathe can sometimes tune you into things that are happening in your body.   

Furthermore, Larabeth Guthrie says that you may not notice it at first but eventually, you will feel that things will start to shift. She explains that this is because when you are working with energy, you are still somewhat in a meditative state. It is also during this time that you will be able to pay attention to what your body is doing.  

What is Chakra Balancing  

Ready to do chakra balancing? Larabeth Guthrie suggests learning about the chakras first. The seven main chakras are along the midline of our body, and they correspond to different things.  Some specific sounds and colors match each chakra. And because it is also lined up with the endocrine system, it is easy to see what needs to be balanced.   

These are the seven chakras and the colors they represent:  

  1. Root chakra – red
  2. Sacral chakra – orange
  3. Solar Plexus chakra – yellow
  4. Heart chakra – green
  5. Throat chakra – blue
  6. Third Eye chakra – purple
  7. Crown chakra – silver or gold

Auras and chakras are different. According to Larabeth Guthrie, reading auras takes a lot of practice. Hence, it is advisable to get an excellent practitioner to guide you. Chakra balancing, on the other hand, is easier to practice.   

How To Practice Chakra Balancing  

According to Larabeth Guthrie, when you see colors that you dislike, those are the chakras that may be overactive or irritated. That is why she recommends people must first learn how to do deep breathing.  

“As you breathe in, imagine the colors you are attracted to. Upon exhale, release the colors that do not attract you. Your Root chakra stands for identity and creativity is represented by the Sacral chakra,” Larabeth Guthrie said. “The Heart chakra is mostly a healing and a feeling of love that you may be giving or receiving. The Throat chakra is for communication, the Third Eye is for intuition, and the Crown chakra stands for the Divine.”

The energy systems in our body also communicate with each other. If they get cut off, it can cause more imbalance in the long run. Therefore, Larabeth Guthrie suggests taking deep breaths starting with the Root chakra.   

Once you are comfortable, release your Root chakra. Move up to the Sacral chakra and do the same thing to all seven chakras. By doing this, Larabeth Guthrie says you give each chakra a chance to communicate with each other and rebalance the area they are supposed to be in. 

“I like connecting the microcosmic orbit. You will use this in Qi Dong often. It’s the little white light that goes up midline, down the back and back up again,” says Larabeth Guthrie.   

By doing this, it allows the flow of energy in general. It opens the current to the central section of the body. Because this exercise is a powerful energy healing tool, Larabeth Guthrie recommends doing this everyday for 30 minutes. She likewise recommends drinking a tonic tea for nervous system support that also balances the Sacral chakra and using crystals to help with body imbalances.  

Benefits Of Sound Therapy  

Larabeth Guthrie also believes that sound therapy is extremely effective. It is a vibration that we can feel. Everything vibrates, so if you are using sound the appropriate way, the waves from the sound will consequently influence your vibration to help you raise your body to a healthier level.   

“Most energy work is a matter of intention. Our brain controls our physical body, but our brain also controls what is happening in our energetic system,” explains Larabeth Guthrie. “So you can be listening to the music, processing the music just through earbuds and yet it can make a significant difference.”

At the age of 12, Larabeth Guthrie discovered Ki Gong through her martial arts association and witnessed the power of energy healing. She began to learn aura cleansing, chakra balancing and went on to become a Reiki Master at 21.

Now a multi-modal energy healer and instructor with over 15 years of healing experience, she has studied clinical herbalism, aromatherapy, Reiki, and crystal work. She also developed the Qi Do system of energy healing to connect clients to the balance that our mother Earth provides.

A musician and Black Belt, Larabeth Guthrie understands the importance of harnessing our vital energy across multiple disciplines and strives to incorporate this holistic approach into her teachings.  

Get Connected With Larabeth Guthrie!  

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Facebook – Qi Do School


Recommended Reading by Larabeth Guthrie:

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Methylation And Its Importance  

Methylation is something that not many people are knowledgeable about. It is a scientific process wherein it affects our mental health, immunity, and inflammation. To educate us more about this, Nutritional Sciences expert Chris Masterjohn will thoroughly explain why we should take methylation seriously.   

Early Years  

Chris Masterjohn’s interest in pursuing a career in Nutrition goes way back during his teenage years.  He witnessed how his mother suffered from fibromyalgia and how she often experienced chronic pain.   

Diving into multi-level marketing for herbal products and water filters during his late teenage years, it was also around this time that Chris Masterjohn got interested in the Zone diet.  From then on, his diet primarily consisted of 40% carbohydrate, 30% protein, 30% fat, low omega 6 and high omega 3.  

“I was into radical politics, and I wanted to liberate everyone including the animals. That got me into veganism. When I was vegan, I got interested in the Zone diet and ate a lot of soy to get my protein up to 30% of my calories,” recalls Chris Masterjohn.  

However, Chris Masterjohn encountered several problems while he was on a diet.  He had a weak digestion and was often in pain due to small intestinal bacterial overgrowth, overproduction of gas, vulnerable to tooth decay and prone to anxiety.   

Weston A. Price  

When Chris Masterjohn went on to college, he was working part-time at the campus dining hall. One day, his boss, Wayne, gave him a pamphlet about raw milk. That brochure also mentioned the work of Weston A. Price.  

In the 1930s, Weston A. Price cited several causes of tooth decay. Decided on collecting more data to support the link between nutrition and tooth decay, Weston A. Price left his laboratory job.  

Travelling far and wide in search of populations that had less tooth decay, Weston A. Price soon discovered the adverse effects of flour.  He was one of the first experts to study traditional diets and lifestyles of people from all walks of life. This wealth of knowledge led him to write a book about nutrition and physical degeneration, leading him to be known as the pioneer of nutritional anthropology.   

“Weston A. Price said that people with less tooth decay didn’t eat refined foods but rather focused on consuming nutrient-dense foods,” shares Chris Masterjohn. “Because of the book, I learned how to help myself. When I got better, I wanted to pay it forward. That is why I went on to medical school and studied chemistry.”  

What are Methylation and Demethylation  

One of Chris Masterjohn’s field of expertise is studying about methylation. In a nutshell, methylation involves one carbon and three hydrogen atoms combining to form another molecule. Demethylation, on the other hand, means the removal of the carbon and atoms.   

How the molecules work in our body is called methylation and demethylation. When a methylation cycle is not working well, we could get sick.  Consequently, if our methylation is imbalanced, it causes a lot of autoimmune conditions.  

“Methylation plays the same role in mental health in everyone. Every piece of Biology is all based on carbon. Our body is primarily composed of carbon and hydrogen with a few other things thrown in,” said Chris Masterjohn. “Methylation in the scientific literature is often referred to as one-carbon metabolism.”  

How Methylation Works  

Chris Masterjohn says methylation controls the levels of dopamine in our brain.  Methylation influences how ‘sticky’ our brain is versus to how fluid it is. Essentially, our primary goal is to have a nice balance. Because if our brain is too fluid, we can’t focus on anything. However, if our brain is too rigid, we tend to focus on all the wrong things.   

“Methylation inside the brain has a very powerful influence on the ‘stickiness’ of your mind. If you’re afraid of something, that fearful thought enters your mind. If your mind is not too ‘sticky,’ it’s pretty easy for you to let it go through,” Chris Masterjohn explains.

He adds, “In cognitive therapy, if your mind is too ‘sticky,’ thoughts are lodged in the brain. Consequently, it takes a lot of mental effort to reorganize how you think about an idea.”  

Mental Effort  

The brain is a very powerful and sensitive part of our well-being. Hence, it is important to make sure our mental health is in tiptop shape.    

Take for example a panic attack. Chris Masterjohn says that a panic attack ultimately means panicking about panicking. The increase in panic reinforces our belief that our world is about to fall apart. As a result, we panic more about the rise in panic.   

“You have to have a pathologically ‘sticky’ brain for even the thought of panic to just stay at the center of your brain and nucleate this crystallization of the increase in panic,” Chris Masterjohn said.

Furthermore, he says, “You can break that reinforcement by reformulating how you think about the panic you feel. However, if you just nutritionally modulate how ‘sticky’ your brain is, the panic doesn’t get stuck in the brain.  Hence, you don’t have to do as much cognitive work to free yourself.”  

Methylene Tetrahydrofolate Reductase (MTHFR)  

Methylene Tetrahydrofolate Reductase Deficiency or MTHFR is a gene mutation which apparently is the cause of motor and developmental deficiencies. Chris Masterjohn explains that methylations impact throughout the body, particularly the brain. The process also involves the enzyme from the MTHFR gene. Hence, if one has an MTHFR gene mutation, the body tends to have a hard time expelling toxins from the body.  

“When you have lower MTHFR activity, methylfolate is your off-switch for the glycine buffer system.  That is why we tend to waste glycine and pee it out. When that happens, it means you need to put more emphasis on dietary glycine,” said Chris Masterjohn. 

Correlation of Methylation and Creatine  

So what do you do with methylation? Well, 45% of our methylation is used to synthesize creatine. For those who are unfamiliar, creatine is what athletes take to either improve sports performance or build more muscle.  

However, what most people don’t realize is that all of us need to have two to three grams of creatine which is usually found in meat products. But most of us do not eat one to two pounds of meat per day; we need to make the rest of the creatine that our body needs. And one way to make it is through methylation.  

“Creatine is not just in our muscles. It is essential for the secretion of stomach acids. If our creatine levels go down, we would have digestive problems because we’re not making enough stomach acids,” explains Chris Masterjohn.

Chris Masterjohn cites another example — when a sound comes into our ear; these little hairlike projections transmit the sound. Through the nerves, it goes to the brain to make the hearing. And that’s an energy-intensive process.   

So consequently, one of the things that make creatine great at energy supply is that it moves fast. Plus, there’s substantial evidence that creatine plays a significant role in protecting against depression.   

Importance of Nutrition  

Now that we know how vital the methylation process is, it is imperative that we properly nourish ourselves to ensure that the significant methylation components — choline, creatine and glycine supply are sufficient.   

Chris Masterjohn suggests that bone broth or bone stock can be an entryway to getting more glycine in particular. Eating soft bones is also another way. On the other hand, getting enough methylfolate can help prevent the glycine wasting. This can be done by eating folate-rich foods like legumes, liver, and leafy greens like broccoli.  

Chris Masterjohn stressed the need to make sure you consume at least the daily recommended intake of folate from foods. Apparently, most people don’t even get the U.S. recommended dietary allowance for folate, pregnant or lactating women in particular.  Consequently, this is why there is a policy in the United States to give prenatal vitamins that have synthetic folic acid in them.   

“When you eat a molecule of folate, it goes into your cell and stays there for 180 days. Everyday, it gets re-methylated from your amino acid supply 18,000 times,” Chris Masterjohn said. “Supplementing with creatine is a very underappreciated way to try to help conserve the methylfolate supply that you’re taking.”  

In Retrospect  

Looking back, Chris Masterjohn says what happened to him was wholly physiological and zero percent psychological.  Once he fixed everything physiologically, it eventually translated into a psychological belief that he had in fact cured himself.  

“That gave me a level of confidence. I was biased towards never worrying about any of those anxieties because I believed that they were gone,” Chris Masterjohn surmises.

Further Learning  

To know more about methylation and gene expression, I suggest checking out Chris Masterjohn’s Masterclass. It is a comprehensive program where you will learn everything you need to know about the science behind nutrition and its effects on our health. He also has a fantastic podcast called Mastering Nutrition, available on iTunes.   

Chris Masterjohn earned his Ph.D. in Nutritional Sciences in 2012 from the University of Connecticut at Storrs, served as a Postdoctoral Research Associate at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign from 2012 to 2014, and served as Assistant Professor of Health and Nutrition Sciences at Brooklyn College from 2014 to 2016.   

He now works independently in health and nutrition research, education, and consulting. Chris Masterjohn has authored or co-authored ten peer-reviewed publications. His podcast, Mastering Nutrition, his two video series, Chris Masterjohn Lite and Masterclass With Masterjohn, and his blog can all be found on his website at  

Get Connected With Chris Masterjohn:  

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 Recommended Reading by Chris Masterjohn

The Paleo CureChris Kesser 

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Acceptance Is The Key To Happiness  

Acceptance is something most of us struggle with. Especially during confrontations or conflicts, we often assert ourselves to be right. But does being right make us happy? According to my guest today, not always. Michael Weinberger is back with us again, folks! And he’s going to explain why it is possible to be happy even if we’re not always right.  

Happy Or Right?  

Michael Weinberger shares that the one question he always asks himself is — ‘Do I want to be happy or do I want to be right?’ Well, until recently, he admits he wanted to be right. However, in reality, he prefers to be happy. Ultimately, Michael Weinberger learned that when he tried to control things and assert that he was right, sometimes the solutions are significantly worse than the actual problems.   

“It’s nice to be right, but I prefer to be happy. I learned this through engagements with my wife and kids,” said Michael Weinberger. “Just because they are not doing the things in such a way how I would do them, doesn’t mean I’m wrong.”

The Art Of Acceptance  

It is said that acceptance is a present emotion. When Michael Weinberger learned to focus on the concept of acceptance, it allowed him to be present at the moment. And the more acceptance he had towards people and situations, the happier he became.   

Michael Weinberger realized that when he sought the need to be right about something, all he accomplished was wasting time trying to control the past and the future. Ultimately, that need to be right prevented him from moving forward.   

“I was angry if somebody wronged me. I later realized that anger is a past emotion. On the other hand, anxiety, fear, and worry are future emotions. Consequently, it’s funny that the things you are anxious about turn out to be the things you are angry about.”

Living A Life Of Acceptance  

Through his experiences, Michael Weinberger says acceptance is the key to happiness. He learned that being right was never worth it. So when he practices mindfulness and acceptance, Michael Weinberger always asks himself — ‘How much anger do I need to change the past?’   

“I’m a pretty intense person. And if you told me the proper amount of anger to undo things from my past, I would focus exerting that amount of anger,” said Michael Weinberger. “And instead of focusing on anger, anxiety, fear and worry, we should focus on extending energy towards acceptance.”

Michael Weinberger further explains that we spend a lot of time trying to change the past and the future with unnecessary energy.  At the opposite side of the spectrum, the more time we spend on acceptance, the better off we will be as far as our overall well-being, awareness, and happiness are concerned.   

The Struggle Was Real  

I looked up to my parents who were both strong-willed individuals as well as accomplished entrepreneurs. My father dealt with a business situation wherein he was made to chose — risk being unemployed and earn more money or play it safe and lose money.   

My father initially wanted to take a risk.  But because I was still a baby then, my mother’s fear mode kicked in and convinced my father to take the safer route. It turned out that it was the wrong choice. My father lost everything and had to start from scratch.  

It was a challenging time for the family, but my parents weathered that storm.  They were able to pick up the pieces and eventually became self-made millionaires in their respective business endeavors years later.  

However, my father never really entirely moved on from that downfall years before.  He constantly reminded my mother the choice she made him do and held it over her head that the decision he originally wanted to make was the right choice. Over twenty years, my father tortured himself, all because he focused on ‘being right’ rather than learning from the experience.  

Practicing Gratitude  

Michael Weinberger has had past struggles on acceptance. However, he was able to channel negative experiences into something positive. As an example, there was an instance wherein he had to fly out to North Carolina for a speaking engagement.  

Michael Weinberger woke up early on the day of his flight departure. Thinking all was well when he boarded the plane, things took a different turn when all passengers were made to deplane due to a mechanical problem.   

As expected, everybody was upset and flustered.  And who wouldn’t be? But because Michael Weinberger was aware and mindful of his situation, he calmly chose to book a seat on the next flight out.  With two hours of waiting time to spare, Michael Weinberger utilized that time to work on his presentation.   

Upon arrival in North Carolina, the next hurdle was getting to the event which was an hour and a half away. Michael Weinberger consequently had to cancel his first accommodation and instead book a hotel closer to the venue. On top of that, the Uber fare going to the place wasn’t cheap.   

Positive Thoughts

Michael Weinberger admitted that once he got to the event, he was taken aback by the apparent lack of participants.  However, choosing to make the most of the situation, he remained positive and ended up meeting some incredible people at the presentation.    

“In the end, I was asked to be the keynote speaker for the entire conference next year. I’m glad I learned to slow down and realize that I had choices for each encounter,” shares Michael Weinberger. “Negative thoughts take only a few seconds to ingrain in your mind while positive ones can take up to 15 seconds.”

That day would have been regarded as a total disaster. But because Michael Weinberger practiced gratitude, he immediately realized that his primary focus was to improve himself through the presentation. Opening himself up to what the day had in store, it turned out to be the most incredible experience!  

“Be aware. Slow down and experience the emotions. Write down why you’re grateful for those emotions,” Michael Weinberger said. “Obsessions are anti-mindful behavior. If we can just refocus obsession onto a positive behavior or habit instead of the obsessive thoughts of misery and negativity, we can influence how we experience our day and ultimately, our life.”

A Plan For Living

Michael Weinberger is a dynamic and inspiring speaker frequently asked to speak on topics including Mindfulness, Coping with Mental Illness and Addiction.  

He was diagnosed with Bipolar disorder in 1994 and has learned how to not only cope but to thrive while living with his illness.   

Michael teaches individuals how to adjust their mindset to be mindful and grateful for everything their life! He is the founder and creator of, a digital mindfulness manager, and wellness platform.   

Everyone has problems, and Michael’s approach helps people apply gratitude, spirituality, and mindfulness to their daily lives. A grateful heart is a happy heart!  

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Recommended Reading by Michael Weinberger

The Untethered Soul: The Journey Beyond Self

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