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Souping Is The New Juicing

Juicing shot up the popularity meter ever since people have attested to its benefits. Soups, on the other hand, have been around way longer and has its advantages, too. However, people more often than not, confuse the two. So I’m glad to have Cherie Calbom back on the show to explain why souping is the new juicing.

Cherie Calbom graduated with a Master of Science degree in Whole Foods Nutrition from Bastyr University. Aside from her interest in the Holistic world, her passion was initially triggered by her health journey.

It turns out that Cherie Calbom dealt with fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue for years. However, after doing juicing and souping for three months, she was able to heal herself. This led Cherie Calbom to develop juicing and soup recipes to help other people as well.

Soup Recipes

“I have a lot of raw soups. We came up with title to encompass a broad range of mixtures,” said Cherie Calbom. “Souping encompasses all the blending such as cold soups, cooked soups, and chunky soups.”

Out of all the type of soups, Cherie Calbom says that raw soups have the most enzymes and vitamins are well-preserved. Soups 118 degrees or below is likewise still considered raw food as well as dehydrated foods.

Essentially, souping is a new concept. More importantly, it does not eject the pulp of the ingredients. Hence, it preserves the nutrients. Because of this, Cherie Calbom says that raw soups are often requested by her clients in her detoxification program.

Ideal Comfort Food

Cherie Calbom says souping triggers memories. Hence, it is regarded as an excellent comfort food aside from its healing properties. A perfect example of this is chicken soup. People have many versions of chicken soup. However, people usually associate it with the times when they are cared for by their loved ones whenever they are sick.

On the other hand, my personal experience with soups is when my husband’s constipation was healed after giving him bone broth-based soups once a day for a week. A Naturopath initially suggested making my husband drink soups to heal the gut. I admit I was skeptical at first, but I eventually turned into a believer after my husband was healed.

Watercress Soup Diet

Cherie Calbom attests that her watercress soup diet is highly effective. In fact, she previously had 55 ladies who signed up for her soup challenge, and all had positive feedback about the diet.

“They had two meals that were soup. One is like a smoothie or whole soup for breakfast and then watercress soup for lunch,” said Cherie Calbom. “Watercress soup takes away appetite. Dinner was low-carb, and starches and protein were omitted.”

Success Stories

According to Cherie Calbom, her clients mostly lost a considerable amount of weight. Some patients lost an average of 7 to 19 pounds while one client lost as much as 24 lbs.!

“The watercress diet got rid of water. It also helped that clients on a diet avoided all inflammatory foods like sweets, dairy, grains, junk food and sports drinks,” Cherie Calbom said. “Clients lost an average of 2.5 lbs a week. Their blood sugar likewise went down.”

Nutritional Benefits Of Watercress

Cherie Calbom says that in a recent study of superfoods, research showed that watercress garnered a score of 100 regarding which vegetable had the most nutrients. It beat out things like kale and spinach. Hence, Cherie Calbom advises people that watercress should be every part of a treatment plan.

She cautions, however, to make sure to buy watercress from a good source. Otherwise, we would be in danger of getting liver parasites. Furthermore, Cherie Calbom clarified that consuming organic watercress provides maximum nutrient benefits. She affirms that doing a watercress diet is indeed extremely useful for healing thyroid problems.

“Thyroid issues are becoming very common today due to halogens in our environment,” said Cherie Calbom. “Watercress is effective in healing thyroid problems because it is rich in iodine.”

Cherie Calbom’s Book

Souping is the New Juicing is Cherie Calbom’s new book. The book is a wealth of information and recipes aimed at cleansing, weight loss, and healing. Furthermore, souping is perfect for those people who do not have time to do juicing.

Available on Amazon as well as on Cherie Calbom’s official website, the book includes lots of soups using watercress.

30-Day Detox Program

Signing up for this program is an excellent way to get rid of toxins in the body. Most people do not realize that having so much waste and heavy metals in the body hampers the organs from functioning well.

Clients will likewise be educated on the right foods to eat and how these foods stimulate the body. Once people understand how consuming the right foods can help them attain optimal health, the next step would be to help them maintain the diet.

“You can heal your body at the cellular level. It can help you change your life,” Cherie Calbom said. “As long as you are willing to do the work, there are high hopes that you can change what is going on.”

Cherie Calbom MSN holds a Master of Science degree in whole foods nutrition from Bastyr University.

Known as “The Juice Lady” for her work with juicing and health, she is the author of 33 books including her latest The Juice Lady’s Guide to Fasting and Sugar Knockout.

She and her husband offer juice cleanse retreats throughout the year, 30-Day Detox online and Garden’s Best Juice Powder. She has lectured worldwide on juicing, detoxing and fasting including consulting for the Royal Family of the UAE.

Winner of the TTAC Lifetime Achievement Award for her work with juicing and detoxification, Calbom’s blogs and books on juicing, cleansing and health have helped thousands of people live healthier lives.

She has appeared on CNN, Fox News, and WCBS/NY. Her articles have appeared in NY Daily News, Miami Herald, Essence Magazine, First for Women, and Woman’s World.

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Books by Cherie Calbom

The Juice Lady’s Guide to Fasting

 Sugar Knockout

The Big Book of Juices and Green Smoothies

The Turbo Diet

The Juice Lady’s Living Foods Revolution

Remedies for Stress and Adrenal Fatigue

 Remedies for Thyroid Disorders

 The Weekend Weight Loss Diet

The Juice Lady’s Guide to Juicing for Health

 Juicing, Fasting, and Detoxing For Life

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Neurofeedback: Unlocking The Brain

The brain is such a powerful tool yet there are secrets to its power that we have yet to unlock. Hence, my guest, Dr. Andrew Hill is here to teach us how to make our brain function optimally. He will also explain what neurofeedback is all about.

How It All Began

Dr. Andrew Hill has been involved in clinical work for more than two decades. In college, he worked in a residential facility for developmentally disabled adults. Because these people were primarily non-verbal, Dr. Andrew Hill had to learn different techniques on how to understand them.

“The verbal challenge in these individuals was so profound. I had to communicate with people in a very different way,” recalls Dr. Andrew Hill.

Incidentally, the state of California and Massachusetts tend to lead the way in progressive health care reform in the United States. This piqued Dr. Andrew Hill’s interest to work with different populations.

Dr. Andrew Hill was working in in-patient psychology when he first heard about neurofeedback. He eventually went on to graduate school to learn more about neurofeedback.

What is Neurofeedback?

According to Dr. Andrew Hill, neurofeedback is a form of Biofeedback in the brain. It was invented about 50 years ago.

Neurofeedback was developed through the work of Dr. Joe Kamiya at the University of Chicago in the 1950s. It was eventually followed by Dr. Barry Sterman’s work at UCLA in the 1960s.

Primarily, neurofeedback trains the brain to efficiently function. It is also known as EEG Biofeedback based on the EEG or electroencephalogram. The EEG is a test to monitor the electrical activity of the brain.

Neurofeedback Through the Years

During the 70s, neurofeedback was seen as a formed of spiritual development. It became known as a meditation or spiritual tool. There were conflicts in religious beliefs and limited medical findings at the time. Hence, people were skeptical about neurofeedback.

However, because of constant research through the years that followed, neurofeedback was eventually used to treat patients with ADHD, psychological, and central nervous system disorders. It can also be used for treating stress and other emotional conditions.

Dr. Andrew Hill, in fact, worked at the Neurodevelopment Center in Providence Island years ago, before opening his practice. The center specialized in addressing autistic spectrum disorders.

“I witnessed autism symptoms getting reduced. Traits like obsessions, anxiety, over-arousal of things, eye contact, sense of humor and language significantly improved,” Dr. Andrew Hill said.

He also said that the limits on real neurofeedback research are therapy. This is because you can’t patent it. Furthermore, it’s hard to get funding for large studies.

According to Dr. Andrew Hill, the reason studies need to be large is because each person needs 30 to 50 sessions each. In addition to that, each treatment is tailor-made to the client.

Techniques of Neurofeedback

Mental Health professionals perform neurofeedback by placing a lot of wires called electrodes to the scalp. This allows them the ability to monitor brainwave activity through a special computer software.

Though the software has some limitations, it aids a person into changing brain activity to a recommended level. Consequently, the brain is being molded into operating on a more regulated performance.

Peak Brain Institute

Dr. Andrew Hill’s Peak Brain Institute offers QEEG brain mapping, wherein every treatment is tailor-made for the client. The length of the program varies, and a qualified Peak Brain neuroscience team ensures follow-up sessions after your program is done.

Clients are likewise taught how to monitor their brain activity on their own. But there are a lot of EEG headsets that are unreliable. Hence, Dr. Andrew Hill said it is best to get some assistance with a qualified neuroscience team.

“I don’t think the most elaborate neurofeedback approaches are better. It can be misleading and they don’t do the work,” said Dr. Andrew Hill. “Our offices helps patients for first three months. And then we adjust protocols.”

Role of Diet and Nutrition

Dr. Andrew Hill says people with conditions like ADHD improve within 4 to 5 months of training. However, aside from the treatment, diet, and nutrition plays a significant role in making sure our brain is healthy.

“The right diet significantly improves your brain’s health. Consequently, one should minimize sugar and maximize healthy fats,” advises Dr. Andrew Hill.

The Best Intervention

Many ask if neurofeedback is a cure. It is not. However, there have been numerous success stories attesting to the fact that neurofeedback significantly improved their health condition.

In this regard, Dr. Andrew Hill likewise highly recommends people to learn the power of meditation. According to him, meditation is the process of anchoring or learning to stabilize your condition effortlessly.

Dr. Andrew Hill believes that people can get good at meditation over time. Ideally, meditating at least 20 minutes for 10 to 15 days in a row can produce significant results.

“Adhere to the process of evaluating what’s going on. Be curious, not judgemental,” said Dr. Andrew Hill. “Especially in meditation, you become flexible. Being healthy is not something you do in the gym. It’s what you do in your life.”

Dr. Andre Hill is one of the top peak performance coaches in the country. He holds a Ph.D. in Cognitive Neuroscience from UCLA’s Department of Psychology and continues to do research on attention and cognition. Research methodology includes EEG, QEEG, and ERP. He has been practicing neurofeedback since 2003.

In addition to founding Peak Brain Institute, Dr. Andrew Hill is host of the Head First Podcast with Dr. Hill. He is also the Lead Neuroscientist at truBrain, and lectures at UCLA, teaching courses in psychology, neuroscience, and gerontology.

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Understanding Functional Nutrition

Many of you may have never heard of Functional Nutrition or do not know what it is. It is a relatively new specialty which looks at the way our body is affected by food on a cellular level. Josh Gitalis is on board with us today to expound on what Functional Nutrition is all about.

Getting Into Functional Nutrition

For someone as young as Josh Gitalis, his impressive resume blew me away! He graduated with a Bachelor of Arts (Honors) in Kinesiology from the University of Western Ontario in 2004. In 2006, he became a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS).

Pursuing further studies in the Holistic world, Josh Gitalis graduated with honors from the Institute of Holistic Nutrition in 2007.  A notch on his Functional Nutrition belt is becoming a Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner in 2016.

However, Josh Gitalis’ list of accomplishments doesn’t stop there. Aside from Functional Nutrition, he has varied interests. His interests include working in the past as a personal fitness trainer and health coach. Josh Gitalis, however, decided to focus on Functional Nutrition after attending a conference on Holistic Nutrition and soil health.

Soil Health

Before we think of just eating organic foods, Josh Gitalis says we must consider soil health. He says that when we have conventional food, the soil used to grow those plants are depleted. Hence, it makes us more susceptible to disease.

How exactly are we depleting the soil? Apparently, because plants can’t protect themselves, farmers need to use massive amounts of chemicals to fend off disease and pests.

“Food is our sustenance. It is nature’s way of taking the power of all those elements and putting it in a package by what we call food,” explains Josh Gitalis. “We need healthy soil to do that because it is where our food derives all of its nutrition.”

Eating The Right Organic Foods

Now that organic food is getting popular, what are the best organic foods? For one thing, we can look at foods in the grocery store that most resembles the original food.

Josh Gitalis advises people to look at what is the most nutritious option, like wild foods. Search for foods that most resemble their ancestors. It’s not hard to look for wild foods. Wild foods have more medicinal properties. And antioxidant is a perfect example.

“Ever since farmers first planted seeds 10,000 years ago, humans have been destroying the nutritional value of their fruits and vegetables,” said Josh Gitalis. “Unwittingly, we’ve been selecting plants that are high in starch and sugar, low in vitamins, minerals, fiber, and antioxidants for more than 400 generations.”

For those wanting to explore a diet of wild foods, Josh Gitalis recommends an excellent book entitled, ‘Eating On The Wild Side,’ by Jo Robinson. The book provides a list of wild foods that can easily be found in groceries and supermarkets, as well as their nutritional content.

Essential Supplements

Josh Gitalis offers a plethora of nutrition and health programs suited for your needs. A big part of his wellness programs is making sure patients benefit from four supplements as a base. These include multi-vitamins, probiotics, a healthy essential fatty acid combination, and Vitamin D. Like Vitamin D; Josh Gitalis says many people are likewise deficient in Vitamin C.

“Everyone should be taking Vitamin D,” advises Josh Gitalis. “Research shows many people are deficient in Vitamin D. It doesn’t matter where you live because most people are not outside all the time. The only way to check is through blood work.”

Consequently, he says symptoms are the language of the body. And we need to understand what that language is, so we don’t get to a point where the body is trying to yell at us. That’s what this middle ground is all about.

“Each organ, gland, and cell in our body has about four to seven times the capacity of what it needs to run its system,” Josh Gitalis explains. “The body has some resilience, and it can work both ways. We can break down our resilience until we get to the point of dysfunction or we can build resilience.”

Dealing With Stress

Josh Gitalis likewise encourages meditation to help patients cope with stress. Yoga is also an excellent way to relieve stress. According to him, all types of stress is registered in the body in the same way. The body can’t distinguish the types of stress. Hence, it is important that we have a system in place to be able to process that stress.

A good reference to help one understand the mind and body connection is the book, ‘Molecules of Emotion,’ by Candice Pert. The book provides surprising revelations about how our body is linked to our thoughts in a biomolecular point of view.

“Stress isn’t necessarily a bad thing. A small dose can be good,” said Josh Gitalis. “Exercise is a stress on the body. A little bit is good, too much is bad. If you can recover from your exercise, then you’re on the right track.”

Success Stories

Josh Gitalis claims that most of his patients attested they could handle stress better after signing up for his programs. Mostly, Josh Gitalis says this is because his programs focus on body awareness and the ability to look within.

“We all have this intuitive ability within us to know what the body needs,” said Josh Gitalis. “Health Coaching and Functional Nutrition is the future medicine. Consequently, we see results that some people might call miracles.”

Josh Gitalis has seen many sides of the health care system. He worked as part of the sports medical crew for the University of Western Ontario football team, tending to acute and chronic injury. 

Josh Gitalis then went on to work as a fitness coach and subsequently qualified as a Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach with the National Strength Conditioning Association. He realized that the key to optimal health is targeted nutrition and lifestyle interventions. This inspired him to gain further training as a Certified Nutritional Practitioner. 

Wanting to learn more about combining the best of conventional medicine and functional medicine, Josh Gitalis completed his Functional Medicine certification with the Institute of Functional Medicine based in Washington DC.

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Recommended Reading By Josh Gitalis

Life’s Greatest Lessons

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The Art of Writing A Book   

I’m sure you’re wondering what does book publishing or writing a book have to do with Holistic health. Well, doctors, health practitioners, and health coaches have a lot of knowledge to disseminate so writing a book gets the information out there. Diana Needham is my guest today, who will show us tips and tricks on writing a book and how to market it successfully.  

By a stroke of fate, Diana Needham and I first met at a marketing seminar years ago. Dubbed as the “book shepherd” by her clients, she serves as a trusted mentor through the book creation, publishing, and launch processes. Furthermore, she supports clients to achieve more than they thought possible.  

Shifting Careers  

Incidentally, Diana Needham was in an entirely different career before being in the book publishing business. Initially working for 26 years in the banking industry, she primarily managed important strategic projects.  

However, the bank Diana Needham used to work for was purchased by one of the largest banks in the country. Diana Needham recalls that consequently, it became an unhealthy place for her. Hence, she opted for voluntary resignation.   

When her staff figured out their next career progression, Diana Needham embarked on her coach training journey. She initially started off marketing the business of small business owners. Then Diana Needham eventually was referred to an author who needed help selling her book which turned out to be a success.   

Marketing Books  

Working in the banking industry had a lot of corporate challenges, eventually leading Diana Needham to leave the industry. However, her managing and marketing skills proved to be an asset when she shifted careers.  

“The book is a powerful tool. I help people get known in our community,” said Diana Needham. “When I work with an author, it is a project. I have a gift because I foresee the end goal for a book.”   

Diana Needham says she realized that what she loved most about her career was mentoring and working with people. She describes it as engineering the marketing process in reverse. According to Diana Needham, that paves a clear path to follow that gets her clients to the finish line.   

Working With Authors  

Diana Needham’s enthusiasm in working with authors is contagious! She gushes that authors are the most amazing people to because they have a big message. And by writing a book, they can articulate it along with a big vision of individuals they want to help.  

Aside from experienced authors, Diana Needham likewise works with aspiring authors as well. According to Diana Needham, aspiring authors are usually interested in writing a book to serve as a tool to grow their business.   

Finding Out The Big Why  

Diana Needham says amazing things happen when people can articulate that big why. That is why one of the first things she asks authors is why are they writing a book.   

I need to find out why is this message in your heart and soul. You need to write down and identify what this message means to you,” said Diana Needham.

Diana Needham relates that there was a lady who wanted to write a book about the blending of essential oils. After an initial meeting, it turns out the woman’s pivotal moment for writing a book was when her husband was diagnosed with leukemia.  

The lady further revealed to Diana Needham that on her husband’s third day of treatment, the bottom of his feet was covered with thick, yellow residue. And massaging her husband’s feet with blended oils was the only thing the lady could do.   

Consequently, this experience became the lady’s ‘big why.’ And according to Diana Needham, when we articulate that ‘big why,’ that becomes the introduction to the book.  

Who Are You Writing For?  

Once you know your ‘big why‘ identify who is it that you are writing the book for. Some follow-up questions include identifying the big problem that the book solves for them. Furthermore, you must be able to identify what is the big challenge that your book aims to address.  

These questions are ideally answered before aspiring authors start writing. This way, a clear strategy can be developed to ensure the success of the book. Because without it, the book will not be able to make the impact or difference the author wants.   

Paying Attention To Content  

First of all, be detailed. Diana Needham said, when you’re writing the content, make sure it is in alignment with what you want the readers to know, accept or believe. It is also important to identify what you want the book to do for you once it is published.   


For first-time authors, Diana Needham usually recommends that the book is published via Amazon’s Createspace. The website is a user-friendly tool for new authors to self-publish and distribute their books, DVDs, CDs, and video downloads.  

Createspace allows print-on-demand publishing, so it is more cost-efficient and convenient for first-time authors. The marketing resources are not the same as that of a traditional publishing deal, but it has a good presence on social media especially on Amazon where most people buy their books nowadays.  

“Publishing a book is not without investment. The generation of revenue to your business comes not from the book itself,” explains Diana Needham. “It comes from clients and speaking engagements. It is used as a marketing strategy to build your business.”

Leap Of Faith  

The width of the spine of a book is dependent on the page count. Hence, Diana Needham says that if you plan to sell your book, you have to have enough pages for it to be thick enough to grab attention. 

She, however, advises authors to go ahead and write the book first. Apparently, there are many ways to add pages. Obsessing about every detail of your competition’s book would just distract you from starting your book.  

Eventually, once your book is done, Diana Needham says that the person who changes the most in this process is usually the author. This is because the message would have been clarified and articulated by the time the book is finished.  

“What resonates with people is your story. People are waiting for your message,” said Diana Needham. “Essentially, the book is the culmination of all your experiences.”

Diana Needham is a professional speaker, best-selling author, and trusted book publishing and launch consultant. She works with coaches, speakers, consultants, and small business owners who have a BIG message to share with the world. Diana Needham does this by creating effective ways to publish, launch, and market their non-fiction books and their businesses.   

With 30 best-selling authors created since 2014 (and ten more in the process right now), Diana Needham knows not only how to achieve the best seller designation but also how to be the one chosen (instead of the one chasing new clients). She teaches her clients how to reach ideal readers and customers, grows their visibility, and position themselves as an authority in their market.  

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How To Have Healthier Teeth

It is no secret that most of us spend a lot on dental health. That is why one of the things we usually remind our kids is to practice good hygiene, especially by brushing their teeth regularly. However, there are ways to prevent high dental expenses. My guest, Dr. Steven Lin, will show us how to have healthier teeth as well as keep our teeth in tip top shape.

Dr. Steven Lin’s Realization

Dr. Steven Lin has been practicing dentistry for a long time. However, Dr. Steven Lin took a hiatus at one point in his career. He felt something was missing despite being passionate about educating patients on how to have healthier teeth.

It immensely bothered him that so many kids nowadays suffer from rotten teeth. These children eventually grow up and develop gum disease. Apparently, the conventional way of hygiene like brushing and flossing wasn’t solving the cause of the problem.

Fortunately, Dr. Steven Lin rediscovered a passion for dentistry when he came across a book written in the 1930s by Dr. Weston Price, a dentist who provided a lot of eye-openers regarding dental health and how to have healthier teeth.

Nutrition and Physical Degeneration

Dr. Weston Price was a Canadian dentist who published his book, Nutrition and Physical Degeneration in 1939. Known for his theories regarding nutrition, dental and physical health, he initially did extensive research on focal infection theory.

Eventually shifting his focus to nutrition in the late 1800s, Dr. Weston Price started to formulate the correlation between diet and tooth decay. According to Dr. Weston Price, foods that cause nutritional deficiencies and dental problems are flour, sugar and processed vegetable fats. His book likewise expounded on the different diseases resulting from Western methods of preparing and storing foods.

Link Between Diet and Teeth

Dr. Steven Lin says people fail to realize that we have a dental disease epidemic. This dental epidemic is not merely solved by merely brushing our teeth and flossing regularly. It helps, but it does not eradicate the problem on how to have healthier teeth.

“We currently have a dental disease epidemic. Masking it with fillings and braces don’t make us get to the cause of our dental problems,” said Dr. Steven Lin. “There is indeed a strong link between the mouth and body.”

Dr. Steven Lin also believes diet plays a significant factor on how to have healthier teeth. Having crooked, rotten teeth, it apparently means our jaws aren’t growing as well. Hence, the mouth-body connection.

Connection Between Sleep and Dental Health

We all know getting enough sleep is essential to our health. Apparently, it is twice more important for kids because it affects their dental health.

Dr. Steven Lin says one of the first things he noticed with his young patients is whether or not they have dark circles under their eyes. Their lack of sleep or having sleep apnea is a dead giveaway that their teeth are in bad shape.

“If these kids, aged 4 to 10 aren’t breathing right at night, that means their brain is starving of oxygen when they’re sleeping,” explained Dr. Steven Lin. “It’s starving the most crucial developmental stages.”

And how exactly does sleep apnea affect the teeth? Apparently, those who lack sleep tend to grind their teeth. According to Dr. Steven Lin, the teeth are the symptom. The jaws, facial muscles, tongue and the way we breathe all shape how our teeth develop.

Kids With Crooked Teeth

Having braces puts a big dent into our dental expenses. However, Dr. Steven Lin says that crooked teeth can be prevented if we have a regular nasal breathing, correct tongue position, lip posture and skeletal posture.

Apparently, the primary factors contributing to crooked teeth are incorrect skeletal, jaw and teeth development. All these factors can be prevented by making sure our kids practice good oral hygiene as early as possible to promote the healthy growth of their teeth.

Ideally, children should have regular visits with the orthodontist at age 7. This way, they get educated on how to have healthier teeth.

The Dental Diet

The Dental Diet is Dr. Steven Lin’s 4-Day Program. The program seeks to improve dental and oral health, as well as our overall body health. Under this program, you’ll learn tips on how to have healthier teeth by eating right.

“I also train dentists and nutritionists. We need to change the whole paradigm and get to the cause,” said Dr. Steven Lin. “Furthermore, if we are losing minerals, that’s a sign that our body is in distress.”

Dr. Steven Lin also guarantees that doing his program not only will give you healthier teeth, but also improve your overall health as well. Incidentally, The Dental Diet which expounds on how to have healthier teeth is slated to be in book form and set for release in 2018.

Common Myths

There are several dental myths that Dr. Steven Lin busted. And I bet you’ll be surprised at a few common ones.

First of all, did you know that mouthwash can be bad for our teeth? Apparently, it does! Dr. Steven Lin says that mouthwash kills the good bacteria. In addition to that, having a little plaque is safe and healthy.

On the other hand, some say oil-pulling is good in healing cavities. Dr. Steven Lin says there may be a rationale behind oil-pulling. However, there is still no known clinical outcome since there’s only a certain level of a cavity that can be healed.

Despite that, Dr. Steven Lin doesn’t recommend fluoride in toothpaste. According to him, we don’t need fluoride to prevent decay. In place of that, he recommends using a pre biotic toothpaste.

Dr. Steven Lin likewise cautions against bleeding gums because this means that there is something wrong in our immune system, especially in the gut. Consequently, it can also lead to gum disease especially if we have a poor diet.

“It boils down what you eat and how you eat. If you build your immune system and manage minerals, that’s what protects your tooth from decay,” said Dr. Steven Lin.


Dr. Steven Lin is a board-registered dentist, writer, and speaker with work published in The Sydney Morning Herald and The British Dental Journal. He has also written for MindBodyGreen and and given talks as part of the TEDx program.

Trained at USYD with a background in biomedical science, he is a passionate whole-health advocate, focusing on the link between nutrition and dental health. His mission is to prevent dental diseases instead of treating them.

Dr. Lin’s Dental Nutrition course is PACE accredited (AGD Council) for continuing education. He has trained healthcare professionals in Australia and UK. He also teaches general health practitioners about the mouth-body connection.

In January 2018, his book The Dental Diet will be released in the US, UK, Australia, and Germany. The Dental Diet is a journey of ancestral medicine, the human microbiome, and epigenetics. It explains the foods for healthy teeth based on the Weston A Price Diet – the inspiration for Dr. Lin’s work.

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Recommended Reading by Dr. Steven Lin

Nutrition and Physical Degeneration

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The Psychology Of Fat Loss  

Many women have searched far and wide for the perfect diet. And while some were successful at first, most women fail to maintain their weight. Well, you guys are in for a treat today. Because my guest, Jason Seib, has unlocked the real secret to fat loss. Read on to find out how to achieve fat loss for life!  

Lifestyle Change  

Jason Seib is an author and speaker who specializes in the Psychology of Fat Loss. Discovering his calling in his late teens, Jason Seib revealed that he was initially in a bad place around the age of 19. Because of that, he decided to have a lifestyle change and moved to a different state.   

Embracing a new life in a new environment, Jason Seib’s life took a 360-degree turn when he met a person who taught him how to work out. Consequently, that triggered his fascination on what exactly makes the body lose fat. That fascination eventually led him to work with people from all walks of life.   

Conventional Wisdom About Fat Loss  

Jason Seib says nobody tries to figure out two sides of the equation. Women are constantly trying to change the way their body looks. They think changing how their body looks ultimately solves the problem. 

But who can blame them? Modern society has influenced women to believe that they would only be more valued once they change their looks.  They think people would respond to them more favorably and differently.    

“That is garbage. What happens when you lose weight is that people just notice you lost weight,” said Jason Seib. “It is wrong to think that you will be loved only if you look better.”

Jason Seib also says that we are programmed to be what we are. Through his work, he helps people to understand and likewise assist them to make these changes.   

The Truth Behind Fat Loss  

But rather than just focusing on what constitutes a proper fat loss diet, Jason Seib chose to delve deeper into understanding the psychology of fat loss. Another reason was that he got frustrated with so many wrong notions about fat loss.   

“Nobody was talking about what it takes psychologically for people to be able to make these lifestyle changes,” said Jason Seib. “No one was able to answer why it is hard to lose weight and why do we suffer from cravings.”  

According to Jason Seib, most people find it hard to stay on a diet because it is too difficult to follow long-term. With all the daily responsibilities we have, it is too much of a hassle to measure everything we eat for the rest of our life.   

When we find a diet plan too cumbersome, Jason Seib says that’s when we start to lose the motivation to stay on a diet. We also tend to stop the diet whenever our weight loss plateaus.  

Meditation For Fat Loss  

Do you know that meditation plays a big part in fat loss? Apparently, emotions affect the way we eat and what we eat. This is because men and women alike usually turn to food for comfort whenever we are stressed or emotional.


“Through meditation and increasing mindfulness, we also apply levels of physical changes to our lifestyle,” explains Jason Seib. “Meditation is about being with your emotions, not stomping them out or bending them to your will.”   

Jason Seib adds that having a list of rules of what to eat and exercise will be pointless if we don’t look into the psychological aspect of fat loss. Hence, Jason Seib’s meditation method focuses on breathing properly while allowing our mind to wander.   

“As soon as you realize your mind is wandering, there is a moment of mindfulness when you pull it back to your breath,” said Jason Seib.

Developing AltShift  

Jason Seib noticed that people quickly fall off the fat loss bandwagon. Hence, he saw the need to create a diet plan that would motivate people to stick to the program. Other than focusing on food, AltShift seeks to correct the conventional wisdom about fat loss.  

“I created a diet called AltShift, which is effective in losing weight,” said Jason Seib. “We figure out what kind of person succeeds in becoming a better version of themselves regardless of protocol.”  

According to Jason Seib, AltShift was developed through trial and error. Initially trying it out on his wife Sheryl, he started promoting the program to other people. AltShift is actually a slow evolution of a lot of years looking at data, and the results were astonishing!  

Books By Jason Seib  

Aside from his AltShift podcast and webinars, Jason Seib has several books aimed to help you keep off the weight long-term. His books, AltShift – Lasting Fat Loss at Last, Body Beliefs, AltShift Lift, Altshift Dish and AltShift Food List contain a wealth of information to guide you step-by-step. Links to his books are available on his official website.  

Jason Seib is the creator of the popular AltShift Diet, the author of The Paleo Coach, co-host of the popular AltShift Podcast, founder and co-owner of AltShift Fitness and Fat Loss, a successful small gym in the Portland, Oregon area.  

Jason Seib speaks on the subject of fat loss regularly, delivering his Sustainable Fat Loss Seminar around the US.  His passion is guiding normal people to extraordinary levels of health and fitness.   

Marrying his extensive knowledge of fitness and nutrition with his love of psychology, Jason Seib has built his career by helping thousands of people change their perspective and find a healthy, sustainable path to their goals. 

Get Connected With Jason Seib: 

Official Website


Recommended Reading By Jason Seib

How To Be Miserable  by Randy J. Paterson

Books by Jason Seib
Body Beliefs

The Paleo Coach

Alt Shift

Alt Shift Lift

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Passion As Prayer: Rediscovering Feminine Sensuality and Sexuality

Over the years, women have become stronger and capable of multi-tasking. But living in this fast-paced world can leave us feeling burned out. If you’re looking for ways to reconnect with your feminine nature and recharge your sensuality and sexuality, look no further. My guest, Deonesea La Fey, is here to help you regain your inner radiance.

Getting Past A Trauma

Surviving several years of sexual molestation as a child, Deonesea La Fey realized in her early 20s that something was amiss back in those years. Hence, she went through several years of actually working on that trauma. And just like a Phoenix, Deonesea La Fey rose from the ashes.

“A part of my healing was that I already knew I was missing something. That empty feeling was from my early sexual experiences with boys and young men,” said Deonesea La Fey.

However, during her healing process, Deonesea La Fey encountered Tantra and Tantric teaching. Hence, she started to understand how her body locked the trauma in the tissues of her vagina, womb, and belly.

As Deonesea La Fey slowly found her path to healing, she likewise found her calling to help other women. Following her heart, she has been helping women find their spirituality and sexuality for a decade now.

Your Body Is A Temple

Deonesea La Fey’s work is centered on women’s spirituality and shifting their belief system to realize that our body is our temple. And because it is the “house” for our spirit, we must understand how to keep it whole.

Apparently, it is when we are complete, that we would know more how to give and likewise to receive. Deonesea La Fey says we become whole only when we understand our authentic inner self.

“When I reject some parts of myself or hate myself, I’m saying to Creator, ‘You didn’t do a good job here,’” explains Deonesea La Fey. “Whereas if I embrace my whole being, I can experience so much love and appreciation for this body temple and all of its functions. I can become the source of my pleasure.”

Channeling Your Inner Self

True beauty radiates from within. But how do we achieve that? What is the essence of femininity? Deonesea La Fey helps women find the answers by helping them understand the dynamic of finding their inner selves through their sensual and sexual energies.

Apparently, learning how to breathe properly is an excellent way to tap our sensual and sexual energies. According to Deonesea La Fey, being able to do so not only taps our sexual and sensual energies but it also shifts our place in consciousness to realize that our senses are meant to give us the experiences of this life with joy.

“Breathing techniques help that energy move. Breathing is a major access point to our sensations, whereas the belly is our center power and creative center,” Deonesea La Fey explains. “It is our sense of how we relate to others and our access to power.”

War Between The Sexes

Society has long integrated into our thoughts that men and women can’t entirely get along because our characteristics are poles apart. But in reality, women do have masculine traits, just as men have feminine qualities as well.

The essence of femininity is about getting softer and vulnerable. It is about finding power in vulnerability. In fact, Deonesea La Fey says women start building their feminine energy, hence becoming radiant and magnetizing to men. In effect, it gives men the opportunity to be masculine when they relate to a woman.

“All of that fighting disconnects us from our hearts and disconnects from the deeper, genuine needs of our beingness,” said Deonesea La Fey. “There are a lot of ways that both men and women can embody feminine and masculine traits. It’s all about recognizing what our differences are.”

A man’s sexuality is often related to fire. Hence, Deonesea La Fey says that a man’s ‘fire’ starts in his loins and grows up into his heart. A woman’s arousal, on the other hand, starts from her mind and trickles down to her loins. When fire and water meet, it forms a steam. Hence, it’s alchemy.

Success Stories

One of the biggest things Deonesea La Fey does with women is successfully developing their movement, particularly pelvic movement. She describes it as something like belly dancing but learning it in an organic way of moving. Deonesea La Fey says this helps women stir up the energy and get them circulating.

Deonesea La Fey apparently has taught numerous workshops using this particular form of movement in the West Coast here in the United States. She likewise has managed to teach the same workshops in other parts of the world as well.

Recalling one woman who dealt with a past trauma, Deonesea La Fey found the opportunity to remind the woman that she still had a choice. The woman was able to move the fear out and eventually found inner peace.

Sensuality, Sexuality, And Tantra

Deonesea La Fey has noticed that majority of the women she tried to help didn’t know how to show or identify the real essence of sensuality. That goes the same for knowing what embodies Tantra, which is commonly but incorrectly associated with sex.

“Tantra is taken out of context in our culture. It means different things to different people,” Deonesea La Fey said. “There are different styles, different schools and different lineages of Tantra.”

In fact, Deonesea La Fey incorporates some tantric practices that coordinate the breath waves with movement. Especially with women who have suffered from trauma, Deonesea La Fey usually recommends tantric massages.

Understanding Your Yoni

You would be surprised how so many women in the modern society remain uncomfortable in talking about their vagina. On the contrary, it is very much a revered topic in the Hindu culture. For the Hindus, the vagina or ‘yoni,’ is a symbol of divine procreative energy.

Deonesea La Fey explains that inside a woman’s vagina, there are different levels of spongy tissue. Knowing how to massage it in a certain way apparently, helps maintain our blood circulation. It also connects us to our Kundalini or our primal energy located at the base of our spine.

“Ultimately, we want our Tantric energy to be fully spread throughout our bodies, not localized and centralized in only one place. And that’s where breathing properly can come in,” Deonesea La Fey said.

Generating Feminine Radiance

Ever wonder how some women seem to look beautiful all the time? There’s that certain glow from within that radiates sensuality, sexuality, peace, and happiness.

“When we start generating, cultivating and living with feminine radiance, we light up. We become radiant, and that joy draws things to it,” said Deonesea La Fey.

She adds that we become a magnetic energy if we just learn to generate feminine radiance. That magnetism, in effect, brings us what we truly desire.

Exercises To Develop Feminine Radiance

In earth-based spirituality, Deonesea La Fey says we think a lot about things with regards to the elements. A women’s sensuality is often considered earthy and our sacral or second chakra is essentially about working our pelvis.

Here is an essential exercise recommended by Deonesea La Fey:

1. Close your eyes and be aware of your breathing.
2. Get in touch with your belly rising on inhale and falling on exhale. Take deep breaths. Drop your attention down to your belly.
3. Take deeper breaths and breathe directly to the pelvic bone, down to your labia and yoni. Breathe into that space and imagine your perineum, bottom and yoni all make the bottom side of the bowl.
4. Imagine the bowl filling wth water and see that water slowly filling in.
5. Feel the water filling your pelvic bowl from your roots out to your hips, hip bones, and womb space. Continue to visualize until your pelvic bowl is filled with water.
6. Imagine yourself connecting your breath with water. Continue to breathe deeply.
7. Imagine using your breath to encourage water to walk up to your backside.
8. Let the water come up into your mind, across your mind and brows.
9. Allow the current of water to cross like a mist in front of your body. Let it flow naturally to your front side. Feel the nurture of this water.
10. Then allow all that water to settle down back into your pelvic bowl, then to the belly, hip bones and to the sacrum.
11. Breathe in and out. Wriggle your fingers and toes before opening your eyes.

Like anything that is new and foreign to us, it takes a while to get used to the exercise. However, Deonesea La Fey promises that the natural element of feminine energy is overwhelmingly soothing once we get used to doing this exercise.

“Our body has so much wisdom and knowledge. It has so much to offer,” said Deonesea La Fey.

Deonesea La Fey is a Queen Visionary and founder of Passion as Prayer. She is a sensuality coach, movement facilitator and Ordained Priestess who is intensely trained and experienced in sensuality and embodiment practices, ecstatic dance forms, and initiatory rites.

Deonesea La Fey supports women to release themselves from past experiences. She also helps women inhibit their eroticism so that they can find their pathways to ecstasy. Her work is based on the knowledge that our sensuality and sexuality can be a powerful source of creativity, passion, and joy.

In addition to holding her private coaching practice, Deonesea La Fey leads women’s empowerment workshops and sensuality retreats at home and abroad.

Get Connected with Deonesea La Fey!

Official Website


Recommended Reading by Deonesea La Fey

The Good Girl’s Guide to Bad Girl Sex by Barbara Keesling

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Eliminating Wheat and Grains For Better Health  

I’m sure you have heard how grains and sugar are bad for our health. But did you know that wheat is the most dominant and the worst of all grains in particular? Today’s guest, Dr. William Davis, will expound on all the reasons why we should start eliminating wheat and other grains from our diet.   

Starting His Crusade  

Dr. Davis is a Cardiologist, Author and Health Crusader. His campaign on eliminating wheat and grains started after his mother died of sudden cardiac arrest.   

Apparently, so many people have suffered from silent heart disease. It was worse 20 years ago. The only tools we had available for treatment then, were having a low-fat diet and taking Statin drugs.   

With the existing medical procedures back then, it failed to prevent the health condition of Dr. Davis’ mother from worsening. Hence, the tragedy jump-started Dr. Davis’ long research on what kind of food makes us sick, as well as exposing the real agenda of pharmaceutical companies.  

The Truth About Cholesterol  

“Cholesterol is more like an innocent bystander in this process. But it makes a lot of money for the pharmaceutical industry,” Dr. Davis boldly declared.  

Surprising, right? There have been numerous studies over the recent years, saying LDL-cholesterol is not as bad as people think.  But because pharmaceutical companies rake in so much profits, they make it appear that cholesterol primarily causes heart disease and cardiovascular mortality.   

“They say heart disease is caused by cholesterol. But it’s not entirely accurate. It is simply a crude marker for the particles that cause heart disease,” explained Dr. Davis.

Furthermore, Dr. Davis says that LDL-cholesterol is such a crude, unreliable value. He says this is because LDL-cholesterol levels assume that we all eat the same. It assumes that we all have the same triglycerides value. In other words, it makes many crude assumptions that are simply not true.   

The Truth About Wheat  

And why should we drop all grains and sugar? How bad is it? Dr. Davis explains that with grains, in particular, it exerts all sorts of toxic effects in our gastrointestinal tract.   

“Grains also gets into the blood stream. And because grains are highly-inflammatory, many people have an adverse reaction to wheat germ and gluten,” Dr. Davis revealed.  

Furthermore, Dr. Davis clarifies that people mistakenly think that gluten is the primary problem. Apparently, it is just one factor in a long list of many other toxic components in grains. Dr. Davis believes that people will start eliminating wheat and avoid grains altogether, once they understand how toxic it can be to our health.  

Dr. Davis cannot stress this enough — Grains cause many chronic diseases. Wheat causes inflammatory edema. And what does this inflammation mean? Apparently, inflammation underlies a lot of diseases like cancer, diabetes, autoimmune disease, dementia, and heartburn.  

Personally, I agree with what Dr. Davis said. I had previously had type 2 diabetes but I was able to reverse it ever since I followed a gluten-free, grain-free diet. Finally being able to get rid of chronic adrenal fatigue, I was likewise able to lose 25 pounds of water weight.  

Foods To Avoid  

There is an extensive list of sugary foods and grains that have proven to be detrimental to our health. However, topping Dr. Davis’ list of foods to avoid are the ones that raise blood sugar. These foods are cornstarch, rice flour, tapioca, starch and potato flour.   

Blood sugar levels are measured through a glycemic index chart. And according to Dr. Davis, cornstarch has the highest glycemic index at 100. This index level means it is equivalent to pure glucose, higher than any other food known to man!  

Apart from that, cornstarch can cause cataract and hypertension, as well as develop high blood sugar and high insulin. Research also shows that cornstarch triggers the growth of inflammatory fat around our organs, increases heart disease risk, type 2 diabetes, dementia, and cancer.   

Foods To Eat  

Now that you know more or less what foods to avoid, Dr. Davis however, cautions us on eating the foods that we think are healthy for us.  According to Dr. Davis, eating whole foods is advisable. However, we must avoid eating the seeds of grasses because that’s what grains are.   

Other recommended foods to include in our diet are raw nuts, healthy oils, grass-fed meats, real cultured cheeses, and vegetables except for potatoes. Much as fruits are healthier than candies, Dr. Davis suggests limiting fruit intake especially bananas, mangoes, and grapes.  

Genetic History  

You may wonder why Dr. Davis is adamant in telling people to avoid eating the seeds of grasses. Well, Dr. Davis explains that this is because humans do not have the digestive apparatus to break down the components of grasses.   

And did you know that the kind of wheat we know today is different from the wheat that is specified in the Bible? Yes, it’s true that even wheat has evolved over time!  

“The genetic distance between the wheat of today and the wheat of the Bible is vast,” said Dr. Davis. “Regardless of race, we all have 46 chromosomes. Modern wheat has 42 chromosomes. Wheat specified in the Bible has 28 chromosomes, and the predecessor of the wheat mentioned in the Bible has 14.”  

Furthermore, Dr. Davis said that people developing tooth decay in the ancient times were very rare despite having no toothpaste. It was only when grain was prevalent in people’s diets, that bone diseases and iron deficiencies became common health complaints aside from tooth decay.  

“Grain is something you eat to survive another few weeks but pay a long-term health price,” concludes Dr. Davis.  

And just like the politics behind pharmaceutical companies and their aggressive campaign for drugs, it’s all about the money. There is simply so much money to be profited from promoting products made from grains or sugar.  

Coping With Wheat Withdrawal  

First of all, Dr. Davis stresses the need to look deeper into analyzing what we eat. It is important to know if the food we eat has grain components.   

Once we are aware of what not to eat, the next big challenge is how to cope with the withdrawal symptoms once you have started eliminating wheat and other grains. People often report having little energy, but there are ways to counter the withdrawal symptoms. 

Dr. Davis strongly advises avoiding Statin drugs. In place of that, taking supplements like iodine, omega-3 fatty acids and magnesium help get your body on the right track. In addition to that, taking probiotics also addresses constipation, as well as the feeling of being bloated.  

Another useful strategy is to consume salt to compensate for salt loss whenever we urinate. Last but not the least, remember to hydrate since eliminating wheat involves fluid loss.   


Thinking of how to go about eliminating wheat and grains from your diet for real? Dr. Davis’ website is a gold mine of information!   

Aside from having links to his books, recipes and success stories, you can also access Dr. Davis’ blog as well as his Undoctored Inner Circle. Undoctored is a very comprehensive program that can empower you to live a life free from drugs and doctors.  

Dr. William Davis is a Cardiologist and a New York Times #1 Best Selling Author. He is also the Medical Director and Founder of the Wheat Belly Lifestyle Institute, as well as the Cureality Program. 

Get Connected with Dr. William Davis: 

Official Website  


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The Happiness Formula

All of us have varied definitions of happiness. Some find it in material things, and others find it in relationships. But do you know that there is a formula to be happy? My guest, Michael Weinberger will show us an amazing way to how to truly be happy through his Happiness Formula.

The Dark Years

Life wasn’t always a bowl of cherries for Weinberger. Having been diagnosed in 1994 with bipolar disorder at the age of 17, Weinberger went through some troublesome years at school, which dragged on until he got married and started his career.

However, it didn’t stop there. Apparently, Weinberger’s biggest struggle was his weight. When he was 32 years old, he reached a shallow point in his life. Nothing seemed to go well, and that led him to the brink of suicide.

Weinberger eventually was able to pick up the pieces of his life. He joined programs that helped him manage his weight as well as change his negative thoughts and emotions into positive ones.

A Plan For Living

Once Weinberger got back on track, that’s when he decided to create A Plan For Living. He says he initially created it out of necessity to manage his own life and that others could benefit from it as well.

A Plan For Living app focuses on gratitude, spirituality, and mindfulness. It also deals with impulse control, anxiety, fear, worry, and frustration. According to Weinberger, this tool is a saving grace for anyone who has been through the worst challenges in life.

Learning How To Commit

Before embarking on anything, commitment is necessary. Without commitment, nothing would prosper. Your inner self must be willing to get out of your comfort zone to see results.

Citing himself as an example, Weinberger said he needed to commit himself to lose weight. Thirty-nine weeks ago, he decided to commit to one push up or one crunch a day for a week.

Much as Weinberger wanted to stick to his commitment, he initially beat himself up and felt sorry for himself. However, Weinberger rewired himself slowly. Not wanting to burn himself out, he gradually got himself on track.

“In my heart, I was interested in having a life, but I wasn’t committed to having a life. I was living with anxiety, fear and worry,” Weinberger said.

The Happiness Formula

So what is the Happiness Formula? According to Weinberger, it is a combination of gratitude, spirituality, and mindfulness. Once we achieve these, we could then be more aware of what we are feeling.

And once we are aware of what we are feeling, we learn to understand that the Happiness Formula is not at all complicated. It is how we react to whatever problems or challenges we face.

The Importance Of Mindfulness

Mindfulness means that you are in tune to what causes your problems. Consequently, it gives you the power to control your own life. That is why mindfulness is a major component of the Happiness Formula.

Weinberger says that we have five primary emotions: anger, fear, grief, joy, and worry. Hence, knowing how to process these emotions empower us to act appropriately rather than react on impulse and regret it later.

Creating A Gratitude List

I’m sure all of you have heard that being grateful for the simplest things matters in a big way. Weinberger believes that the victim mentality destroys people. Hence, the importance of creating a gratitude list is an essential component of the Happiness Formula.

While we can mentally note the list of things we are grateful for, being able to write it down allows us to delve into why we are thankful for the things that we choose to write down.

A gratitude list can empower us to face challenges, move forward and become more aware of ourselves. Once we become aware of ourselves, our demands become more realistic. When we become practical, the negative self-talk diminishes.

“The focus is on awareness. Make it a conscious decision and work on your communication skills with people,” said Weinberger. “I think positively so when negative things happen; I’m ok with it.”

Looking Ahead

We’ve all heard the cliche that the best way to get over a mistake is to learn the lesson and move forward. It seems broad and easier said than done, but Weinberger’s A Plan For Living app aims to guide you through that.

The results won’t happen overnight, but it’s all about taking it one step at a time and celebrating the little victories along the way. It’s all about the journey. Because ultimately, happiness is a choice.


“My mission is to see people struggle with this because I used to. I believed that the universe was going to take care of me. It had impacted every relationship I had,” said Weinberger.

Michael Weinberger is a dynamic and inspiring speaker frequently asked to speak on topics including Mindfulness, Coping with Mental Illness and Addiction.

He was diagnosed with Bipolar disorder in 1994 and has learned how to not only cope but to thrive while living with his illness.

Michael teaches individuals how to adjust their mindset to be mindful and grateful for everything their life! He is the founder and creator of, a digital mindfulness manager, and wellness platform.

Everyone has problems, and Michael’s approach helps people apply gratitude, spirituality, and mindfulness to their daily lives. A grateful heart is a happy heart!

Get Connected with Michael Weinberger!

Official Website



A Plan For Living App – On Google Play

A Plan For Living App – On App Store

Recommended Reading by Michael Weinberger

The Untethered Soul: The Journey Beyond Self

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Learning The Right Breathing Techniques

We all know that we need to breathe to live. But are you aware that most of us do not know how to breathe properly? Well, you’re in luck today because I got Dr. Belisa Vranich, a breathing expert who will teach us proper breathing techniques that have significant health benefits.

Dr. Vranich’s Backstory

Dr. Belisa Vranich was a clinical psychologist for 20 years before she got into the business of teaching people proper breathing techniques. She likewise has an extensive background experience in psychometric testing, administering IQ tests as well as neuro psychological evaluations.

Then up until a decade ago, Dr. Vranich started going through a lot of stress. After trying out yoga, she liked the breathing techniques and decided to study more on the subject. After gaining knowledge and experience, Dr. Vranich eventually decided to offer a program called The Breathing Class.

The Breathing Class

We all say breathing is important, but most people often don’t know how. Our lack of knowledge of what are the right breathing techniques affects all our health and wellness in every way.

Upon signing up for the program, clients are initially made to undergo a functional breathing test. This test can show how breathing patterns affect people physically and mentally.

Consequently, The Breathing Class is a lung workout and tailor-made for each client. Dr. Vranich teaches breathing techniques that can either calm the person or make them more alert. Part of the process includes strengthening the breathing muscles, exercising the diaphragm and promote meditation habits as well.

“I initially didn’t think I’d be teaching meditation. But my class is a breath-centered meditation,” said Dr. Vranich. “You can get into a trans-meditative state by breathing well.”

Who Her Clients Are

Dr. Vranich says her clients are from all walks of life. From athletes to corporate executives, each has their program tailor-made for their needs. Based on her experience, corporate people aim to be more happy and productive.

Dr. Vranich likewise singles out golfers. According to her, golfers are the only ones with no culture of breathing. Their heart rate is the lowest, and their body is the quietest.

Did you know that even SWAT teams and sharp shooters need proper breathing techniques? Surprisingly, a lot of Vranich’s clients are from the military.

“When I’m working with military and law enforcement, they want specific things,” shares Dr. Vranich. “Most of them want better endurance and the ability to cope with stress.”

Aside from that, they require breathing techniques that can keep them alert for hours. And because the nature of their job is stressful, they need techniques to help them sleep better and deal with pain as well.

It is interesting to note that Dr. Vranich applies the 4462 method. According to her, it is called the tactical breath and adapted from the military. Breath counts are inhaling on 4, hold on 4, exhaling on 6 and hold on 2.

Dr. Vranich likewise helps clients who were initially diagnosed with asthma. According to her, asthma is the disease of the exhale. After doing a battery of tests on the client, Dr. Vranich can now determine how weak their respiratory muscles are.

Benefits From Proper Breathing

Dr. Vranich’s primary goal in offering The Breathing Class to people is to get them off medication. Hence, it thrills her when her clients eventually can either lessen their medication or completely get off drugs.

Dr. Vranich also shares that most of her clients attest that their sleeping patterns have improved significantly after undergoing her breathing class program. A lot of them likewise have reported that they were able to get rid of their acid reflux.

Causes of Breathing The Wrong Way

There are many reasons why people do not breathe correctly. Sometimes, it may be due to physical or mental stress. Dr. Vranich also says one of the primary causes is also anxiety.

“Anxiety can cause you to breathe in a shallow manner and vice versa. The way you’re breathing supports that anxious state,” explains Dr. Vranich. “When you breathe with your shoulders, your heart rate, blood pressure, and cortisol goes up while your immune system goes down.”

Another cause of improper breathing is due to digestive problems. Hence, Dr. Vranich stresses the importance of changing the way you eat.

“Most people with digestive problems aggravate their condition because they do not use their diaphragm to breathe,” Dr. Vranich said. “The digestive system doesn’t have the support to do the right thing.”

Consequently, once we learn how to use our diaphragm, our digestive system significantly improves. Furthermore, it also gets rid of inflammation in our body.

Dealing With Chronic Pain

Vranich also credits John Sarno’s Healing Back Pain book. According to Dr. Vranich, the book gave her a lot of insights on how breathing and chronic pain are linked together.

Sarno focused more on the emotional causes of back pain. However, he affirmed that there is less back pain if we know how to breathe with our diaphragm.

Common Myths and Mistakes In Breathing

Vranich enumerates the common situations wherein we fail to breathe properly:

• Failure to move the middle of our body leads our breath to go on top of the body to our shoulders and clavicles.

• We are often emotionally guarded. Hence, we fail to breathe from our diaphragm.

• Bracing the belly does not make our abs strong. Our core will be much more robust if we expand on the inhale and exhale by squeezing on those muscles.

• A six-pack is a beautiful muscle. However, it is not a good muscle because it acts as a muscular corset. It stops us from getting a deep inhale. Hence we have to work a lot in loosening those muscles.

Importance Of Breathing From The Diaphragm

If you’re not using your diaphragm to breathe, your esophagus isn’t getting the support it needs. Consequently, this means you will not be able to keep acid reflux at bay regardless of what you’re eating.

“The diaphragm is like a secondary esophagus,” Dr. Vranich said. “When you breathe with your diaphragm, you’re helping your throat keep acidity down in your belly where it should be.”

Basic Breathing Techniques

Here are three basic breathing techniques that Dr. Vranich says you can do:

• Standing position: Take a belly breath. Know why you are doing it and do it right. Expand your middle, sides, and back. Do this for two weeks throughout the day.

• Lying position: Lie on your back. Put books on your belly. On inhale, push the books away. On exhale, let the books fall and squeeze your body.

• Seated position: Rock forward by letting the body go and inhale. Rock back as you exhale and feel it primarily in your hips.

Dr. Belisa Vranich is a renowned clinical psychologist, public speaker, and the author of Breathe: The Simple, Revolutionary 14-Day Program to Improve your Mental and Physical Health.

As founder of The Breathing Class™, Vranich has taught and lectured nationwide on topics related to dysfunctional breathing patterns and stress. The Breathing Class™ addresses both physical and psychological problems related to oxygenation that is out of balance. It also teaches people to breathe in a way that maximizes balanced inhales and exhales.

Dr. Vranich has taught workshops that cater to a broad audience. From the Omega Institute for Holistic Studies in Rhinebeck, NY, to staff and clinicians at the San Diego Marine Base.

Dr. Vranich also regularly works with corporations and hospitals throughout the U.S., including The Young Presidents Organization; Jump Trading; Flotek, Inc.; UCLA; Sony Music; Coty Inc.; Soho House, New York City; and the U.S. Department of Justice.

Get Connected With Dr. Belisa Vranich:

Official Website



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