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Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy And Its Amazing Benefits

Bio-identical hormones and bio-identical hormone therapy can be considered a medical breakthrough. There is now so many new information about balancing our hormones.

Canadian Roots 

I am so thrilled to have my guest today. Dr. George Arnold has been an ob-gyn for 25 years now. He completed his primary medical training at the University of Toronto in 1986.  I’m excited to interview a fellow Canadian and talk about his upcoming book as well.

“I was one of those kids that grew up kinda knowing I would become a doctor. Since I was a kid, I loved science,” said Dr. Arnold. “And I was sympathetic and empathetic to people around me. I applied to only one medical school because knew I would be accepted.”

But when Dr. Arnold was finishing up medical school, ob-gyn was the last thing he wanted to do.  This was because he initially wanted to be a cardiac surgeon. He fell in love with ob-gyn only during his internship. In addition to that, he said women are so wonderful to work with and worked with some wonderful obstetricians as well.

Helping Men And Women 

Dr. Arnold started practice in 1992. He started to see a number of women with side effects from the most common hormone beyond menopausal women. Seeing a lot of symptoms that he never saw in training it started his journey to use bio-identical hormones to treat his patients.

“Through testing, we identified some hormone deficiencies and correct their issues without having to resort to other medications,” he said. “Women started to feel better. Over the past years, I started to see male patients as well.”

Dr. Arnold is a firm believer in the importance of making time for the patients.  That is why I could not stress enough how I love Holistic Medicine and Naturopathic Doctors because they really take a time to dig deep into your health issues.

“If doctors take the time to listen to what people have to tell you, that’s 90% of what you need to do. The lab test pretty much confirms what you conclude is going on,” Dr. Arnold said. “It’s a common story to hear some doctors just subject their patients to a series of lab tests. It is very rewarding to see how I could transform things for them.”

Bio-Identical Hormone

What is a bio-identical hormone? According to Dr. Arnold, a bio-identical hormone is identical to the hormone that your body produces.

“So when we talk in terms of bio-identical progesterone, the hormones typically come from yams. And if you break down the structure of bioidentical progesterone,” he explains. “Then if you break down the structure of  a progesterone produced in a woman’s ovary, these will be identical.”

Furthermore, Dr. Arnold explains that throughout your body, there are receptors on cells. In addition to that, these receptors are designed to connect with natural components. Hence, a progesterone receptor has been made to interact and connect with progesterone coming from your ovary.

Dr. Arnold reveals that a bio-identical or natural progesterone will interact in exactly the same way. Consequently, when it comes to pharmaceutical companies, you cannot patent something that is found in nature. Hence, you have to transform that in some way.

“So when you take these natural compounds found in nature, structurally identical to what our bodies have been producing,” Dr. Arnold said. “They will have exactly the same effect as the natural hormones that the body is producing.”

Types Of Estrogens

Dr. Arnold identifies 3 types of estrogens:

  1. Estradiol – strongest estrogen
  2. Estrone – medium strength estrogen
  3. Estriol – weakest estrogen

He explains that entrodiol and estriol are the two that we place for symptoms of estrogen deficiency. While estrone has a very high binding affinity to breast cancer cells. Dr. Arnold also says that when you hear people talk about breast cancer being estrogen receptor-positive, it’s that receptor that estrone binds to.

“In women that have a family history of breast cancer, using estriol or estradiol is not going to increase their risk . Using bioidentical replacement therapy is fine,” Dr. Arnold said. “Research shows that a combination of natural progesterone and estriol is very effective in treating symptoms and lowers risk of breast cancer.”

Bio-Identical Hormone Approach

Dr. Arnold customizes a bio-identical hormone plan for each patient. From there, he adjusts as they go along. He likewise stresses the need to find a doctor that truly takes time for you.

“Don’t take no for an answer. You know there’s something wrong with you. Keep looking and searching. Look for a practitioner that is going to work and listen to you,” he advises.

“You as a patient, you need to be at the center of your care. And you need to be advocating for yourself. Take control, because nobody knows you better than yourself.”

Dr. Arnold makes his patients undergo complete lab tests before the initial consultation.  Among the tests include tests for hemoglobin, cholesterol, triglycerides, thyroid issue and cortisol. In addition to that, there is also a 4-point saliva test to help identify chronic and adrenal fatigue.

He also claims bio-identical hormones are safe and effective. Furthermore, Dr. Arnold says not let your doctor start you on anti-depressants.  This is because it is not the answer to all your symptoms.

The DUTCH Test

The DUTCH test stands for Dried Urine test for Comprehensive Hormones. It uses dried urine, is the simplest and informative test for anyone considering bio-identical hormone therapy. It is done four times a day.

The test is developed by Mark Newman. He is also the founder of Precision Analytical Laboratory in Oregon.  According to Dr. Arnold, the test can help predict the onset of breast cancer and prostate cancer.  Hence, prevention measures may be taken to avoid cancer.

supplements – indole-3-carbinol – promote healthy hormonal balance-b vitamins

Feel your best. Live your best 

Dr. Arnold recommends indole-3-carbinol and B vitamins to promote healthy hormonal balance.  But he sees the need to educate more men and women about their health and bio-identical hormones.  Hence, he is coming out with a book this month.

Basically, it is a book that discusses a natural return to hormone balance. Check out the links below to watch out for the release of his book.

Dr. Arnold is now one of the leading proponents of natural, bio-identical hormone therapy. It is used to treat hormone cases and understands the process of diagnosing and identifying the imbalance, and then applying the proper corrective measures.

Apart from his medical degree from the University of Toronto, he had a Fellowship training in Obstetrics and Gynecology at the University of Toronto Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons of Canada and is a Fellow of the Society of Obstetricians and Gynecologists of Canada.

Get Connected with Dr. George Arnold:

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Book by Dr. George Arnold

Feel Your Best – Live Your Best (Release date: End of May 2017)

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The Metabolic Balance Program

Metabolic Balance is a plan from Germany that’s been in use for over two decades. Sarica Cernohous tells us how this is effective for detox and weight loss.

I’m so glad to have Sarica Cernohous back on the show. We had so much to talk about the last time she was on my podcast.  A lot of people have benefited from her LAPIS technique. And now she is releasing a re-write of her book, The Funky Kitchen.

“It means so much to me that people listen to me. With the LAPIS Method and the Funky Kitchen, I feel like I distilled it through my filter.” said Cernohous.

Striving for Optimal Health

I totally can relate to what Cernohous wants to achieve.  Through my podcast, my primary aim was also to educate people on how to be healthy the natural way. 

We’re all striving for optimal health. I was introduced to fermented foods way back early on by a pharmacist. I wasn’t really big on that then and I didn’t even know the health benefits. That all changed when I interviewed Cernohous.

“The flavor profile of these types of foods does not say ‘Eat a ton of me’. It says, ‘Have a little bit. I’m nice compared to the other things you’re eating’. The flavors of these foods are unique,” said Cernohous.

Cernohous says a person can follow her suggested techniques. But because of the landscape, the taste will differ.

Finding Out About Metabolic Balance

“When I was at the early stage of promoting my book, I can to know about this program from Germany. Metabolic balance,” Cernohous said. “It felt like the perfect bridge between being a person who fermented everything. And really where most people needed to be in relation to food, vitality & wellness.”

Internist and nutrition expert Dr. Wolf Funfack is the founder of the program. He developed the Metabolic Balance system with Sylvia Bürkle, who is a graduate Engineer of Nutrition and Food Technology. Their company, Metabolic Balance GmbH & Co. KG was established in 2002 in Isen, Germany.

Cernohous explains that the plan is pretty new to the United States. She says it is based on a person’s lab values, healthy history, and health goals. The plan basically treats food as a medicine for the body.

Committing To The Program

“We have to be strict with the foods in the plan. In Germany, they will not create the plan for the person if there are too many stipulations. There’s a limit to how many things we can restrict,” explains Cernohous.

What’s amazing is that even with calorie restriction, we can still have weight issues. Because it’s what the calorie is made of. There are so many factors to consider. Plus, we’re exposed everyday to toxins like estrogen-disrupting chemicals. So our bodies are in effect, fighting to detox. We’re not increasing our nutrient load to compensate for the toxic environment that we’re living in.

“My patients step into a completely different frame on mind. Instead of just focusing on their weight, the goal now is, ‘How to continue to make myself feel better’”, said Cernohous.

She further explains, “Every body’s optimized weight is completely different. My interest is helping people be the best person for themselves. That’s an evolution that comes as we unearth these patterns of cellular information.”

The LAPIS Method to Eliminating Cellular Inflammation

Initial Phase

I personally love the idea of mono-diet cleansing as the initial phase. It is nourishing and gentle on the body.  It is a neutral blood sugar diet.  Basically, it’s a nice balance.

Phase Two

After the first phase next is the Modified Phase 2. Modified Phase 2 is when you are working with the foods that have been selected for you.  Cernohous was quick to add that in this 12-day portion, there is no added oil.

Cernohous says that once the person is off the mono-diet, their palate is much more cleaned up. She says in the Western world, we created flavor enhancers for everything which are toxic for the brain like MSG. Hence, we are training the body to recognize the spectrum of real flavor.

“That also gives the body leaning on its fat reserves a bit for a longer burn on the nutrition that was consumed. That’s a huge part of what we’re doing,” Cernohous said. “This is one of the eight and a half rules. From the completion of one meal to the next, you need to have a minimum five-hour break.”

Now that completely shifts my mindset. I personally have done a lot of fasting and that is such a pain in the butt. Oftentimes, I feel dizzy and sick.

Cernohous’ Metabolic Balance program is kicking on fast mode for short bursts. This way, it allows the body to use up all the nutrients you ate and dipping in the fat a little bit with each meal.

The more detox symptoms you are experiencing when you’re detoxing, it means your liver was compromised more than it should. It signifies you have depleted your nutrient reserve.

Phase Three

After the Modified Phase 2, Cernohous’ program incorporates oil back into the diet. But it’s different for every person. The patient stays in the program until they’re 6 or 7 pounds shy of what the goal weight is.

“Phase 3 incorporates other foods that were not in the plan. We also work with a weekly treat meal. It’s new information to the body. It’s good for the metabolism,” says Cernohous.

Phase Four

Phase 4 on the other hand, is moving back into foods of everyday life. By this time, it is expected that there is body awareness towards the foods we eat. The body signals become very clear.

“We are setting the stage for that healthy biome to maintain a healthy weight. The aim is to respond to the message that the body is trying to deliver,” said Cernohous.

I just know a lot of listeners are like me who want to try the LAPIS Method. My body will shed some weight for sure. But what I’m really excited about is getting a diverse gut biome. Because I now know so many health benefits that come with that.

This lifestyle gently cleanses and detoxes everyday. Hence, we need to have pro-active stance to combat our bodies being bombarded with toxins on a daily basis.

To sign up for the LAPIS method, click the link below along with other references:

Sarica Cernohous, L.Ac., MSTOM, BSBA is anationally-certified practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Chinese Herbal Medicine, practicing Japanese-style acupuncture.

She also practices Japanese-style acupuncture and a coach for Metabolic Balance of Germany.  In addition to that, she serves on the Board of Directors for the National Association of Nutrition Professionals.

Get Connected With Sarica Cernohous!

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Lapis Method 

Funky Kitchen

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Book By Sarica Cernohous

The Funky Kitchen

Recommended Readings By Sarica Cernohous

The Art of Fermentation by Sandor Ellix Katz

The Web Has No Weaver by Ted Kaptchuk

The PRO-VITA! Plan by Dr. Jack Tips

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Alan Bell: From Victim To Superhero

Alan Bell is the author of Poisoned. It tells how a prosecutor turned his medical mystery into a crusade for environmental victims.

I have a lot of guests who have stressed the negative effects of environmental toxins from chemicals to ordinary items such as make-up. People are getting sick and doctors are making them drink lots of medicines.

Successful Prosecutor

“I was a prosecutor in South Florida in the 80s. That time, they were filming ‘Miami Vice’ and I was there. Suddenly I came down with really bizarre medical symptoms. I started getting a sore throat, my eyes started burning me, my lungs started burning,” Alan Bell said.

It progressed to the point where Alan Bell began feeling fatigue. Like flu that wouldn’t go away. So he went to several doctors but they didn’t know what was wrong.

It became worse and Alan Bell was experiencing seizures. He went to the Mayo Clinic, Cleaveland Clinic and National Jewish Hospital among others.


Finally one day, there was a physician at National Jewish Hospital in Colorado who told Bell he was poisoned based on blood test results. He flew back to South Florida and talked to his investigators and told them the doctors’ findings. He instructed them to investigate what was causing his condition.

“I went to another doctor in South Florida who specialized in environmental health. He told me the building I was working in is making me sick. I didn’t believe him at first but when my investigators came back with results, they affirmed what this Florida doctor said. That was my ‘Ah-ha!’ moment,” recalls Alan Bell.

That doctor advised him to get out of South Florida and settle somewhere else far away. He referred Alan Bell to a support group that deals with people who are environmentally injured.

Erin Brockovich and Bubble Boy

“Hence, they relocated me to an 800 square foot bubble in the middle of the Arizona desert. So along with my wife and daughter, we went to Arizona, to that bubble in the middle of nowhere,” recalls Alan.

Inside the bubble was nothing. In addition to that, it was like a cold, steel cell. Consequently, Bell ended up in a wheelchair. And his health deteriorated. Soon, his wife couldn’t handle the situation so she left and left their child with Alan.

“I fought to stay alive for the sake of my daughter. All I had in the bubble was a phone, fax, pencil and paper. Hence, I began to use those tools to talk to the top scientists on the planet,” said Bell.

Pandora’s Box

In my quest to regain health, Bell stumbled upon a Pandora’s box. But he discovered that his plight was just the tip of the iceberg.

The scientists Bell talked to said all human disease and premature deaths, boils down to two common denominators:

1. The genes you were born with.
2. The environment that you are exposed to.

“More people get sick and die from environmental exposure than all those afflicted with AIDS, automobile accidents, war, and crime combined. This is the silent epidemic of the 20th century,” Bell said.

In addition to that, Bell tried to look for charities looking into this so he could donate money to them. But there was nobody who was focusing on saving the humans.

“I spoke to health organizations. But they focused on their separate diseases. And they recognize that there is a huge environmental component to the separate disease that they look at. But none of them were focusing on how all of those diseases are inter-related to common environmental factors,” said Bell.

The Environmental Health Foundation

“I started my own little charity inside my little bubble and called it The Environmental Health Foundation. At that time I was able to get the support of then Vice President Al Gore, Eugene Cernan (the last man to walk on the moon) as many more. In addition to that, we were able to raise money and donated it to research,” shares Bell.

Al Gore with Alan Bell Reviewing Environmental Document

“Then I called this one doctor who did a brain scan on me. He found out I had brain injury due to the chemical exposures. So he put me on a new medicine at the time, which is an anti-seizure medicine.”

Slowly but surely, Bell got well. It was amazing because, by that time, Bell was trapped in that bubble for 8 years. It took a while to be re-introduced to society.

Lawyers Jan Schlichtmann (the lawyer portrayed in the movie A Civil Action) and Ed Masry (the lawyer portrayed in the movie Erin Brokovich) worked with Bell to look into this environmental case.

A Survivor

Many victims were like me and Bell helped them. Bell was a victim, became a survivor, became a health advocate and legally helped other people. He has come full circle.

Bells says, “That’s what prompted me to write this book called Poisoned. So I could share my personal journey with everybody else. To alert them that you could modify your lifestyle and prevent this from happening to yourself and your family.”

Latest Statistics

The alarming environmental statistics should wake us up. We can’t afford to anymore put our head in the sand and ignore that our children are dying of cancer due to exposure to pollutants. Some research shows there are toxins that have contaminated placenta blood of the baby. Our children are literally being born toxic.

Since 1950, more than 85,000 chemicals have been introduced into our environment. And few of them have been tested for their toxic effects on humans. We can’t rely on our government to protect us and we can’t rely on our doctors to cure us. It’s up to you should protect yourself.

What Happened To The Building?

“The only reason why I got sick from it is because it was a brand new building. They merely re-circulated the old air to save energy costs. I was too sick to sue them. By the time I got better the statute of limitations (4 years) are gone,” shares Bell.

But years later, when Bell walked into the building, he was fine. It was like a brand new car. The nice and new smell is toxic. But when a car is two years old, the smell dissipates. The toxins dissipate as well. Same thing with the building.

Bell says the difference between now and then is, now they require new buildings to have at least 10% fresh air coming into the building. When he got sick, there was no such law.

Lesson Learned

“My book teaches you to be smart on what to buy. You don’t have to give up anything. If you want to figure out how to live longer and healthier, by this book,” said Bell.

Alan Bell has devoted his life to helping victims who cannot fend for themselves. Despite overwhelming odds, his personal misfortune has turned into a benefit for others.

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Living Life with Passion and Purpose

Life purpose varies from every individual.  Yet we often don’t realize our life purpose because we are too absorbed in other things.

We could be eating right, exercising and eating supplements. But if we’re not plugging into our spiritual health or not finding out our purpose is in life it is useless. What’s the point in life if we’re not living our path?

How An Aussie End Up in Japan

Leigh Martinuzzi had an amazing journey before he settled in Japan. Hence, he left a corporate life to help people find their life purpose.

“I lived in Japan 10 years ago when I was single and no kids. Two Christmases ago, we thought of going on to explore Japan because I had connections here. It was an easy decision and we moved to Japan within a few months,” said Martinuzzi.

Comfortably adjusted by now, he has no regrets. “Consequently, we’re living the life.  And I love the experience and adventure.  Just to have the ability to do allows me to grow. Since we also wanted the kids to grow up in a new culture,” shares Martinuzzi.

Becoming A Coach

Martinuzzi realized a corporate life was not for him.

“I felt that disconnect and I was introduced to a podcast. First of all, outside work, I was doing things that didn’t add value to my life. Therefore, I brought back writing back into my life,” Martinuzzi said.

He then realized his life purpose. Hence, he has his own podcast to share what he has learned to help other people do the same.

Finding Your Life Purpose: The Hidden Why

Martinuzzi says if we don’t express ourselves and really let out what we’re learning, we miss out on a big part of life.  Furthermore, expression is one of the keys to great meaning.

And it makes so much sense. Just recently, Easter just happened and my friend invited me to her church service. It was totally out of my norm because I was raised Anglican. Because I wasn’t used to a liberal and uplifting service.  Yet the minister said something that hit me hard.

He was talking about redemption. He said if there’s something you really don’t want, like being homeless or depressed, take that as your purpose to help people in that situation you don’t want to be in. I was thinking about charities for children after that. Most noteworthy, I felt a calling.

This is the perfect question to ask ourselves—What is it that I hate to suffer from? How can I help others not suffer from it?

Steps To Discover The Hidden Why

“There are elements from the past that can help us figure out what life purpose is. For me, I realized in my past that the condition state of our lives, we become detached from our life purpose,” Matinuzzi shares.

We have a sense of disconnect since we’re conditioned to fit a mold that helps us to fit into society.

Life Compass

Martinuzzi this is our navigational tool to help figure out what our life purpose is. These elements are:

  1. Dreams and passions
  2. Skills and talents
  3. Core values
  4. Needs and desires

Our problems are usually because we are guided by the externals of life rather by being guided within. And that’s where the suffering is usually arising from.

“Once I started to climb my own journey in life, I started to evolve my ‘what’ to my ‘why’ more deeply. In finding that I found my happiness and still working on it,” Martinuzzi said.

Lessons by Interviewing People 

Martinuzzi also suggests these steps to help you figure out what is most important to you. 

  1. Connecting to the why and becoming your own leader in life.
  2. Awareness helps bring balance. Be more present in each moment. Meditation is helpful.
  3. You have to do the work that is important to you. Be persistent in that. 

My Own Journey

Martinuzzi’s life compass is correct. I started this journey to find it myself when I started doing this Learn True Health podcast.

One thing that really inspired me is Health Coaches. Health Coaches have the amazing ability to impact someone’s life.

The old paradigm is to see a doctor when you are sick. Yet Health Coaches, on the other hand, can sit with you on a regular basis.  Especially relevant is they help their clients to gain balance in holistic health.

Reality Behind The Statistics

Recent statistics report that children born in this generation have a lower life expectancy rate.  It’s scary thinking that we would outlive our children. One in three people has blood sugar issues. In addition to that, one in two men or women in their lifetime will experience cancer.

These statistics need to be stopped. If you’re the type of person who knows you could benefit from it, I highly recommend getting a Health Coach.

Becoming A Health Coach

I am training to be a certified Health Coach in 6 months. I am absolutely loving this program. The Insitute for Integrated for Nutrition was started over 25 years ago by Joshua Rosenthal. I was able to interview him and you may listen to our podcast episode # 106 – “How This Man Is Shaping Holistic Health

Does This Really Matter?

Ask yourself that question.  Consequently, Martinuzzi says most of the time it doesn’t. He says suffering only happens to what is real. Once you’re aware of that, you can start to remove the unnecessary things in our lives.

“Only conscious, living things can have that suffering. Example, money can’t cause us suffering unless we let it. Questioning what really matters allows you to focus on things that really matter to you,” said Martinuzzi.

Common Denominator

Most of my listeners’ big concern is not having time to eat right because they don’t have time to do so.

“The jobs are not going to suffer whether you’re there or not. What is going to suffer is you,” explains Martinuzzi. “That’s the challenge we have to face. Our survival is really up to ourselves.”

Furthermore, he says we are now more prone to suicide and overeating. Three million people are at risk of dying due to obesity. Compared to one million people dying from starvation. That really puts things in perspective.

How To Be Really Happy 

Sometimes we get caught up in our belief system. But we don’t have to let our thoughts control us. A good source of reading is Hacking the Universe by Forrest Knutson.

“I personally liked the book 10% Happier by Dan Harris. He is so direct and honest. It really showed the truth and the journey he had into meditation,” said Martinuzzi.

Finally, we should take time everyday to look within and calm our mind. Life purpose can only be realized if we free our mind of external things that don’t really matter.

Leigh Martinuzzi is The Hidden Why Guy. He’s an expert in lifestyle design. He helps people go from living a life they hate to living a life they love. He assists people via speaking, coaching, writing and podcasting.

 Get connected with Leigh Martinuzzi!

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Recommended Readings by Leigh Martinuzzi

Hacking The Universe by Forrest Knutson

10% Happier by Dan Harris

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How to stop emotional eating? Health issues arise if we don’t overcome this disorder. Emotional eating is actually overeating due to negative emotions. 

Healing Emotional Eating

Hello, True Health Seekers! One thing we’re not talking about today is food. Rather, we’re going to talk about healing beyond food.

Personally, I feel like my audience is a lot like me. We’ve tried everything. We’ve been on every diet, whether it be soy free or vegan. For some of us, we swung from one side of the spectrum to the other when it comes to diet and emotional eating. And yet we still can’t find the missing pieces to healing.

This is where we really need to go within and see what’s going on. To discover if there are some components that have nothing to do with food and that can heal my body.

The Wake-up Call

Holistic Nutrition Expert and Transformation Coach, Shana Ekedal is an educator and a trailblazer in the area of mind, body, and spirit wellness. At the tender age of 10, her parents divorced. She started emotional eating, basically having an unhealthy lifestyle.

“The real wake-up call happened when I was diagnosed with skin cancer on the bridge of my nose,” says Ekedal. “Oftentimes we don’t realize things until we have a physical ailment going on.”

Ekedal eventually started the road to healing. She did a self-evaluation which questioned why she was abusing her body with emotional eating.

Taking The First Step

“Most of the time, we want to know what the end result is. It really made me trust in making the first step and then more will reveal itself,” she shares.

I totally agree with Ekedal. We just have to be open to the guidance and opportunity that is coming our way. We should set our minds to eat better. If we do, it consequently becomes this gateway where all these other things are opening up. Some gateways to healing our body are yoga, meditation, cycling class, going vegan and many more.

How To Stop Emotional Eating

Ekedal’s journey to healing took her seven years.  This was because she tried a lot of things that didn’t work. Or the stuff that wasn’t working were the stuff she didn’t need. Eventually, she resolved to help others as well.

I believe that when you’re a healer, you’re like a sales manager. You end up doing what you love doing which is helping people. When you think about, say for example—real estate, that is a huge transition in someone else’s life.

Helping Others

According to Ekedal, different people are built different ways—genetically, mentally and emotionally. The reason why you eat has nothing to do with food.

“I’m personalized with the people I work with,” says Ekedal. “People should have coaches or healers because these people guide them to the things they don’t see. Those are our blocks. When we can’t see it, we can’t do anything about it.”

Family and Friends Vs. Coaches

It is good to have family and friends around to help us. But they have a bias or an agenda. We need to have someone in our life who is just our advocate.

They’re just there for you to help you be that mirror so you can gain clarity. Only then can you can make the decision and empower yourself to make the best decisions for you.

That’s why I love coaches. Because they are there for you yet they don’t have an agenda. In addition to that, they got a lot of tools to help you succeed.

Dissecting Family Ties 

Ekedal says there are ties in family–energetic ties. And there are patterns in family systems that run generations like alcoholism or substance abuse.

She says we are a soul born into a body that comes into a family system and we need to survive. Furthermore, we look around and say, ‘how do we survive this environment?’.  Only then do we start integrating what the rules are.

“Sometimes, who you are as a person at the deepest level is not at resonance with the people that raised you. Like a scientist born in a family of artists,” says Ekedal. “It can be difficult for people to be validated, accepted and loved in that system that questions what we like.”

And it does make sense.  It’s like being rejected from the tribe is synonymous to death. Ekedal also says there’s a world of infinite possibilities. In that world, you can be who you are and still be loved and accepted in your family. Furthermore, you can learn to communicate in a way that’s very effective.

Digging Deeper Into Emotional Eating

“Emotion is energy. It needs to move. We’re born to cry when we feel sad. We grow up learning to store emotion. We start choosing when we can feel things,” says Ekedal.

“Over our lifetime we store this emotion about stuff that happened. And instead of feeling that, we eat, drink or become an addict over something. We do all these behaviors to not feel this stuff.”

Ekedal developed methods so people don’t have to re-experience the pain. She says that energy needs to be released. Her methods enable you to be free not be at the mercy of cravings. She stresses that we don’t realize the factors that are driving us to the food.

Techniques to Address Emotional Healing

  1. Be aware

– Jot things down. Those things are the golden nuggets on how your personality was built

  1. See if there are themes

– Examples are loss of life, betrayal, negative thinking or low self-esteem. It’s about taking radical responsibility for who you are.

When we give away our power or blame others, we’re left with no power to change our life. When we create a belief system, we look for evidence to prove we’re right.

Positive Outlook

A positive outlook is truly a powerful healing method that you should not take for granted. Ekedal agrees by saying we should learn to de-escalate situations instead of being reactive.  So smile, take a deep breath and tell your loved ones that you love them no matter what.

Ekedal is the host of Be Well Live, a live interactive online show featuring thought leaders in the health, wellness, and personal development space. She has been published in the Journal of Nonverbal Communication and is a featured contributor for Awareness Magazine.

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Recommended Reading By Shana Ekedal

Daring Greatly – Brene Brown

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What is Vitamix?

Vitamix makes healthy eating easy and fun.  Lenny Gale explains in detail how to use this blender to ease into a plant-based diet that sticks.

My Backstory 

A few years ago, I had a lot of health issues. My hormones were out of balance. Because of that, I was always catching colds and my blood sugar was out of control. I had no energy and as a result, I felt tired all the time.  In addition to that, coping with brain fog, regular headaches, and insomnia, I was consequently miserable.

Finally, after a few years of searching, I found it. Natural medicine turned me on to supplements. Hence, taking supplements is so important to the integrity of our body. Furthermore, I found out that we need 90 essential nutrients every day. To support 37.2 trillion body cells, we need 16 vitamins, 12 amino acids, 2 fatty acids and 60 minerals.

During my healthy journey, I also learned about foods to avoid for better health. As a result, I started to eat more fruit and vegetables the way God intended us to.  The more I did, the more I didn’t want junk food.

Discovering Vitamix

First of all, I have this love-hate relationship with every blender my entire life. Yet I feel it’s sacrilegious to call it Vitamix than a blender because it’s so much more than that.

When I was growing up in the 80s and 90s, we had the original model at home. I was probably about 10 years old making piping hot soups within five minutes which was cool. Even kids can operate a Vitamix, therefore making eating nutritious food more fun.

Life Is Noyoke

In my search for an updated model, I chanced upon Lenny Gale’s Life is Noyoke website. The site is packed with wonderful recipes. Most noteworthy is that it also has a truckload of tips on changing how we eat.

Life is NOYOKE (pronounced “no-YOLK”) is the online home for Vitamix affiliate, Lenny Gale. With wife Shalva, they maintain a Vitamix guide in addition to publishing a weekly vegan Vitamix recipe.  They also and handwrite a weekly newsletter.

“This is what we do. We make recipes, improve and get feedback from people. Honing what we do best means putting plants in our Vitamix to make awesome things,” Gale proudly says.

Healthy Recipes Using Vitamix

I noticed that when I started eating whole foods, I had more energy. I was less hungry and furthermore, my cravings went away. It was definitely a shift. Back then, being so sick was my norm. Yet when I started eating healthy, my body finally woke up. In addition to that, I also learned to love experimenting with recipes.

The blender truly enables you to make several kinds of healthy meals any time of the day. From the hot soups, smoothie bowls and green juices, you can also blend delicious dips.

“A daily blend can really make life so much easier. Knock out one of your two or three meals a day and save money,” says Gale.
Signature Recipe: Cashew Queso

Once you start using this blender, our taste buds and cravings consequently change. Hence, I love using Vitamix since it’s such an easy guideline to quickly getting good food.

The Cashew Queso is by far the most popular recipe and easy to make. It can be paired with chips or vegetables, pasta, tacos or used as a soup base. Best of all, it’s dairy-free.


Almond milk – 240 ml (1 cup)

Nutritional yeast – 60 ml (1/4 cup)

Raw almonds – 120 ml (1/2 cup)

Raw cashews – 120 ml (1/2 cup)

Red bell pepper – 1 whole, de-seeded obviously

Kosher salt – 10 ml (2 tsp)

Garlic powder – 3 ml (1/2 tsp) (couple cloves fresh garlic would work)

Onion powder – 10 ml (2 tsp) (or 1/2 onion, sautéed)

Crushed red pepper – a few shakes (to taste)



  1. Add liquid ingredients to your Vitamix.
  2. Then add rest of ingredients.
  3. Start blender on low, ramp to high.
  4. Blend on high for 6 minutes (or use preprogrammed ‘Soup’ setting).
  5. Serve.

Types Of Vitamix

Especially relevant is the fact that Vitamix has an extensive series of assorted models.

  1. Legacy Series – the C and G-Series has classic styles with control options and varied container sizes.
  2. Personal Series – meant for single and double servings, this is the perfect size for small meal portions.
  3. Ascent Series

Ebook: The Perfect Mix

“It’s not a recipe book. It provides a 3-step process for easing in into a plant-based lifestyle. With the help of Vitamix,” clarifies Gale. “How do we break down that barrier? How do we get through that? That’s what we go through in this book.”

Gale further explains that The Perfect Mix is not something that you have to invest in. “It was written for you to sit down and be done with it in under an hour. It’s like having a conversation with me. “

Normally sold for $2.99 on Amazon, the ebook will be given free this week until Friday, April 21st, 2017.

Lenny Gale left a promising career in corporate financial consulting and the CPA license he worked so hard to get to start Life is NOYOKE in 2012. Today, he is in charge of all things Vitamix, including maintaining the Vitamix buyer’s guide. His favorite foods are green olives, falafel, and scotch.

Get Connected With Lenny Gale!

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Book by Lenny Gale:

The Perfect Mix: How To Use A Vitamix To Ease Into A Plant-Based Diet (That Sticks)

Recommended Readings By Lenny Gale:

The China Study By Thomas Campbell

Switch By Chip Heath and Dan Heath

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Hashimoto’s Disease Is The Root Cause Of Hypothyroidism 

Hashimoto’s Disease is the number one cause of an underactive thyroid.  According to Dr. Izabella Wentz, it accounts for 90%- 97% of cases of hypothyroidism.

Understanding Hashimoto’s

Hashimoto’s Disease is known as an autoimmune condition in which the body’s immune system is attacking the thyroid. As a result, inflammation from Hashimoto’s disease leads to hypothyroidism. Hence, treatment of Hashimoto’s disease with thyroid hormone replacement is simple and effective.

Izabella’s Story

First of all, a diagnosis doesn’t actually uncover the root cause. Holistic medicine rather points you in the direction where you could begin to learn. Consequently, the term second opinion should really be just getting opinions so you finally get some traction.

Dr. Wentz narrates, “I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s during a routine physical at age 27. I was trained about the pathophysiology of diseases, as well therapeutic treatments. Our professors always stressed lifestyle interventions.”

“Thus, I was confused, as there were no mainstream lifestyle interventions for Hashimoto’s or any autoimmune conditions.,” says Dr. Wentz. “It seemed unnatural to me to do nothing as a part of my body was being destroyed.”

Therefore, this is why I love Naturopaths. Yet with a medical doctor, you can’t spend the detailed time with them. It’s just the way the system is set up. Whereas with Naturopaths, they really spend time with you and get to the root cause.

Symptoms of Hashimoto’s Disease

Mayo Clinic, a non-profit health organization, lists the following symptoms:

  1. Fatigue and sluggishness
  2. Increased sensitivity to cold
  3. Constipation
  4. Pale, dry skin
  5. A puffy face
  6. Brittle nails
  7. Hair loss
  8. Enlargement of the tongue
  9. Unexplained weight gain
  10. Muscle aches, tenderness, and stiffness
  11. Joint pain and stiffness
  12. Muscle weakness
  13. Excessive or prolonged menstrual bleeding (menorrhagia)
  14. Depression
  15. Memory lapses


According to Mayo Clinic, these are some health problems of untreated hypothyroidism:

  1. Goiter – Constant stimulation of the thyroid cause the gland to become enlarged. As a result, a large goiter affects appearance. Furthermore, it interferes with swallowing or breathing.
  2. Heart problems – Increased risk of heart disease is associated with Hashimoto’s disease. Hence, high levels of “bad” cholesterol result in an enlarged heart and heart failure.
  3. Mental health issues – Depression, as a result, becomes more severe over time. Furthermore, sexual libido in both men and women decreases.
  4. Myxedema – Especially relevant signs and symptoms include drowsiness. In addition to that, profound lethargy and unconsciousness are evident.
  5. Birth defects – Consequently, babies born to women with untreated hypothyroidism have a higher risk of birth defects. These children, as a result, deal intellectual and developmental problems.

Thyroid Health Root Cause and Healing Protocol

Through my own health journey, I learned about the negative effects of gluten. Gluten causes leaky gut. As a result, leaky gut stimulates the immune system to create an autoimmune response. Yet not everyone will have this condition. Consequently, everything has to be aligned to create that.

In a survey Dr. Wentz conducted, 88% of people who attempted to go gluten-free consequently felt better. In addition to that, 79% felt better due to a dairy-free diet. Soy, on the other hand, is linked to the development of autoimmune thyroiditis.

Hence, it is not surprising to find out Dr. Wentz also went gluten-free. As a result, Dr. Wentz lists three definitive steps to jumpstart the road to recovery:

1. Reduce Stress levels – Autoimmune conditions are linked to stress. Be kind to yourself. Allow yourself to relax and get plenty of rest. Furthermore, when we are in rest and digest mode, it promotes healing.

2. Reduce stress levels – Autoimmune conditions are linked to stress. Be kind to yourself. Allow yourself to relax and get plenty of rest. Furthermore, when we are in rest and digest mode, it promotes healing.

3. Balance blood sugar – First of all, avoid carbohydrates.  Eat a lot of healthy fats, protein, and vegetables instead. Sugar swings result in the weakening of adrenals and cause a spike in thyroid antibodies.

4. Go gluten, dairy and soy free – Consequently removing them from your diet help reduce symptoms and the autoimmune attack.

Other Ways of Intervention

“First of all, when you’re not properly digesting your food, you’re going to be more tired. Because your body’s main function is to digest food. That’s when I started taking digestive enzymes,” reveals Dr. Wentz.

Hence, she suggests the following to help address Hashimoto’s Disease:

  1. Selenium supplement; 200 mcg per day
  2. Betaine with pepsin supplement
  3. Adding NAC 1800 mg enzymes with food
  4. Adding Wobenzym with food
  5. Supporting the adrenals and liver by incorporating healing foods

In addition to that, Dr. Wentz recommends removing toxic products from home. Most noteworthy is identifying Flouride as a big thyroid toxin, found in our water supply and toothpaste.  Furthermore, Dr. Wentz suggests using glass containers or mason jars since plastics are harmful.

Long-Term Advocacy

In conclusion, Dr. Wentz is committed to raising awareness. The Thyroid Secret Documentary Series and Hashimoto’s Institute Practitioner Training is offered to patients and healthcare professionals. Furthermore, Dr. Wentz offers international consulting and speaking services.

“We have to be the change we want to happen,” says Dr. Wentz. “I want to change how thyroid disorders are treated. Furthermore, I believe every thyroid patient should have access to proper diagnosis. Appropriate medication management and education about lifestyle interventions is also necessary.”

Izabella Wentz, PharmD, FASCP is an internationally acclaimed thyroid specialist and licensed pharmacist. She dedicated her career to addressing the root causes of autoimmune thyroid disease. This after being diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis in 2009.

Her book, Hashimoto’s The Root Cause is a New York Times bestselling patient guide. Furthermore, her recently released Hashimoto’s Protocol is  #1 NY Times bestselling protocol-based book as well.

Get Connected With Dr. Izabella Wentz!

Official Website


Books by Dr. Izabella Wentz!

Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis: Lifestyle Interventions for Finding and Treating the Root Cause

Hashimoto’s Protocol

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Metabolic Balance and Healing Foods

Cooking healthy helps optimize our weight. Predigestion Specialist Sarica Cernohous teaches us how cooking Healing Foods is actually fun, easy and flavorful.

How our Food Choices Evolved

I love traditional, holistic medicine. There is a medicine that we have been using for thousands of years. In the last 150 years, we turned away from nature to use chemical compounds.

Nature will help you survive. We completely forgot that it’s food that nourishes us. Food is what feeds every cell in our body.  Hence, we should learn the art of cooking healthy.

Consequently, whatever we eat does have its consequences. One in four women gets cancer while one in three people are pre-diabetic. An alarming statistics is that fact that one in sixty-eight children are born with autism. Whereas 30 years ago, it was one in ten thousand.

Cooking Healthy To Maximize Nutrition

I have learned so much from Sarica Cernohous. Her years practicing holistic medicine, helped people shift and start cooking healthy. As a result, this maximizes the nutrition they are getting out of their food. In addition to that, it also boosts all the health benefits from just cooking right.

“One of the hats I wear is the foundation of my thinking. Because it is related to my practice of traditional Chinese medicine. That’s like a 5,000-year old pursuit,” says Cernohous.

Cernohous further explains, “When I first learned the theory of this medicine, I felt that it was a language that I had lost. It was such a common and reasonable yet sublime and powerful way of looking at the world. Hence, that has really infused in everything that I do.”

The Funky Kitchen

If you’re struggling with weight issues, there’s a link between gut and healthy bacteria.  Especially relevant is that healthy bacteria in your gut helps maintain weight. Cernohous’ course teaches you how to do this. Furthermore, the six-week course educates you on how to repopulate the gut with healthy bacteria by cooking healthy. This is also based off her book with the same title.

“First of all, I began studying how the foods of our ancestors were prepared. It is not just about bringing healthy foods into your diet. These healing foods should be prepared in a manner to extract their maximum nutrition. Hence, the Funky Kitchen was born.”

A distinct factor of Cernohous’ course is how to the proper preparation and benefits of fermenting foods.  She also advises to properly space out the times of your meals, preferably every five hours.  This is to give your body time to break down the nutrients.

“Fermentation allows us to take a large molecule. And through the activity, it leaves out these more macro-components into their more micro-pieces,” explains Cernohous. “It takes this big, obnoxious gluten protein molecule. Finally, through the enzymatic activity of fermentation, that is cleaved out to smaller amino acids.”

Cernohous also adds, “This creative design of life vitality wants to just express itself. It doesn’t take a whole lot to begin to shift things. But it does require a commitment to doing it.”

These are the modules covered by the course:

Week 1: Sourcing, Tools, and Overview

  1. Identifying the best tools for the kitchen
  2. Guidance on top-notch resources for the ingredients you’ll need
  3. An overview of some of the concepts and practices we’ll be covering in the weeks to come

Week 2: Culturing and Fermentation Basics with Water Kefir and Yogurt

  1. Discover the #1 thing that has been missing from the foods you’re eating
  2. Go beyond the basics and learn how pre-digestion works to relieve strain on your digestive track
  3. How to make culturing and fermenting easy, safe, and affordable

Week 3: Fermenting Veggies

  1. Short-ferment and long-ferment recipes with safe techniques to get the maximum nutrition with the minimum fuss
  2. How to integrate fermentation into your diet if you have health issues with your thyroid
  3. Easy ways to use the ingredients, spices, and herbs, as well as using the foods available

Week 4: Nourishing Broths

  1. Discover the power of long-extracted broths to boost your health and vitality. Vegetarian recipes are also available
  2. Easy broth recipes
  3. How to extract deeply-held amino acids and collagen and put them into a delicious broth

Week 5: Soaking, Fermenting and Dehydrating Nuts and Seeds

  1. Delicious preparation of  nuts and seeds
  2. The best preparation methods to eliminate the parts of nuts and seeds you don’t want to eat
  3. Easy long-term storage solutions with delicious serving ideas

Week 6: Proper Preparation of Legumes and Grains

  1. This information is transformational even if you’re eliminating gluten-bearing grains from your diet. And if you are a vegetarian, this module is KEY to your healthy experience with nutrition
  2. How to properly remove anti-nutrients and how you process the grains can start to break down gluten
  3. The best ways to make the difficult-to-digest components of these foods easier to digest and put to use in your body so you get the maximum health benefit

“Another thing is that grains when prepared properly, can give you a nice hold between meals. Protein is the most important in terms of what it does for the body. It’s also the most challenging to put to use. Hence, keep it to one protein per meal,” advises Cernohous.

Lapis Lifestyle Method

This program, on the other hand, focuses on the relation between weight loss and food.

This is a compilation of the best aspects of her practical and clinical experience.

Especially relevant is that it is a metabolic and lifestyle restructuring for her clients.  It is basically a roadmap for living a balanced, joyful lifestyle.

“This is my free webinar where I discuss why weight loss is such a struggle.  I discuss why keeping it off for the long haul is equally hard.  Finally, I suggest how real, whole foods can be the final answer to your struggles,” says Cernohous.

Main points of the training include:

  1. Why the usual approaches to weight loss have been such failures
  2. Why modern approaches to weight loss make it nearly impossible to keep the weight off for the long haul
  3. How to balance metabolism in 8 steps

Cernohous shares, “The diversity is such an important thing. Consequently, that comes by eating a diverse diet. But eat a diet that is nutrient dense. But what I see people doing is they think nutrient dense also means ‘complex’. That is not the case at all.”

I believe weight loss should be a by-product of the healthiest living possible.  Cernohous agrees, “And that is why I don’t call it weight loss. I call it weight optimization. I’m not here to make everybody skinny. I just want you to be the best version of you.”

Sarica Cernohous, L.Ac., MSTOM, BSBA is a nationally-certified practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Chinese Herbal Medicine, practicing Japanese-style acupuncture.

She also practices Japanese-style acupuncture and a coach for Metabolic Balance of Germany.  In addition to that, she serves on the Board of Directors for the National Association of Nutrition Professionals.

Get Connected With Sarica Cernohous!

Official Website

Lapis Method 

Funky Kitchen

Naturally Living Today on Facebook
The Funky Kitchen With Sarica on Facebook

Book By Sarica Cernohous

The Funky Kitchen

Recommended Readings By Sarica Cernohous

The Art of Fermentation by Sandor Ellix Katz

The Web Has No Weaver by Ted Kaptchuk

The PRO-VITA! Plan by Dr. Jack Tips

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What is Chronic Fatigue Syndrome?

Chronic Fatigue is usually a result of stress or lack of sleep.  However, nutritional deficiency is actually the main cause of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

In A Nutshell

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports more than one million Americans have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. America’s watchdog on health security reveals Chronic Fatigue Syndrome affects people of all ages. According to CDC, the illness has a higher risk factor than multiple sclerosis, lupus and several types of cancers.

Dr. Lewis is a staunch advocate for proper nutrition and optimal health.  Hence, he is likewise appalled with the current statistics of Americans struggling with health problems.

We give about four times more medications than other nations on earth. We give more diagnostic tests and more surgeries. But America is dead last in overall health according to the World Health Organization and The Commonwealth Fund,” he says.

Common Causes of Chronic Fatigue

  1. Stress
  2. Viral Infections
  3. Hormonal imbalances
  4. Genes

Other Causes of Chronic Fatigue

Dr. Lewis shares current studies from medical journals have reported other causes of the illness.  The Journal of Nutrition and Environmental Medicine and American Journal of Industrial Medicine cites the following:

  1. Organophosphates in pesticides
  2. Formaldehyde
  3. MSG
  4. High fructose corn syrup
  5. Cleaning agents

Consistent Bowel Movements

Dr. Lewis further reveals having slow bowel movements likewise cause Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.  The nutrients in one’s diet will cause gastrointestinal disturbance and acid reflex 95% of the time.  When one has gas, bloating or belching, it is a clear sign that food is not breaking down properly. Constipation may also lead to liver problems as well as develop various types of cancers.

His wife Janet, who is a Certified Natural Health Consultant explains,”The colon is getting bigger and bigger. All the toxic waste getting in there can’t come through. All of that leeches out to all the organs in the body. Organs are not getting the nutrients that they need to be healthy.”

You Are What You Eat

Supplements really changed my life about six years ago. I was struggling with my health my entire adult life.

“If you put the nutrient level in and everyday detoxify. Your body can work in ways that you forgot how good you could feel,” affirms Dr. Lewis. “Food changed in the last thirty to fifty years. The average man’s sperm count is down 50% in fifty years. Average little girls are developing their secondary sex characteristics many years before they should. That causes all kinds of ovarian and uterine problems and Chronic Fatigue overlaps.”

The Truth About Gluten

My husband and I completely went organic about eight years ago. We cleaned up our diet, significantly decreasing gluten and dairy in our diet. I stopped getting sick from the throat and bronchial issues, chronic fatigue, and nutrient deficiency. My infections stopped happening and I added high-quality supplements.

Dr. Lewis likewise equates gluten to bad health, ” There is four to forty times more gluten than there was just a few decades ago. Gluten messes with your gastrointestinal track. It leads to leaky gut syndrome, depression, anxiety, diabetes, thyroid issues, and infections.”

Common Myths Around Nutrition And Supplements

There is so much of our belief system influencing our actions. Based on my personal experience, I woke up with more energy after just a few days of taking multi-mineral supplements.

I took Chromium, Vanadium, Aspartic acid and this whole complex which help regulate blood sugar. I no longer had hunger pangs every 45 minutes without side effects.  Taking metformin was also a thing of the past since it made me so sick.

“To have something different, you have to do something different. You have to go into the spiritual realm and create courage in order to get well,” says Dr. Lewis.

Dr. Lewis further explains the three general types of supplements:

  1. Mediocre – supplements that do not give a new reality of feeling good
  2. Toxic supplements – supplements that do more harm than good
  3. Pharmaceutical grade – supplements that are really strong enough to give your body enough to work with

Effects of the Environment

How we live also dictates our overall well-being. The soil has depleted minerals because of our farming practices. A hundred years ago, we used to put ashes in the soil from our earth because we would cook with fire. Now we don’t, so we fail to re-mineralize our soil.

In fact, there is a huge spike in chemicals that we are being exposed to during the last thirty years.  Despite that, we haven’t increased the nutritional load to support the body in detoxifying those chemicals.

Dr. Lewis again stressed the importance of getting the sufficient nutrients for our body to cope. “We’re so toxic, that you have to up the nutrient level. It does matter how good you eat. It does make a difference. Otherwise, you’ll never have the nutrition it takes to detoxify your body from the environment.”

Treatments for Chronic Fatigue

Dr. Lewis and wife Janet generally acquire the services of Labcorp and Quest for lab tests of their patients.  Among the most common tests for CFS diagnosis are tests for urinalysis, food allergy, and stool.

Eating organic products is not enough.  The couple usually recommends natural supplements to their patients.  They say 80 to 90% of all cancers are caused by poor diet and toxic environments. “Natural medicine takes a minimum of  3 months to start making changes. And then it takes one month to take effect for every year you had that problem,” Janet clarifies.

They also suggest sufficient intake of the following:

  1. Amino acids
  2. Essential fatty acids like fish oil
  3. Magnesium

Other Steps To Improve Health

The couple also suggests using non-toxic chemicals as well as avoiding the storage of empty bottles in your house.  They explain that remnants of some products can contribute to bad health.

Dr. Lewis says getting help from family significantly helps one cope with an illness.  “I ask people to have joy in their eyes, love in their hearts and laughter on their lips and have a good day in spite of it all.”

Dr. Lewis is the author of  “The Thyroid Sniper”.  He is based in Texas with wife Janet who is a Certified Natural Health Consultant.  Together they run Doctor’s Nutrition, offering medical lab services at affordable rates.

Get Connected with Dr. Stephen and Janet Lewis!

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Book by Dr. Stephen Lewis

The Thyroid Sniper by Dr. Stephen Lewis

Recommended Reading by Dr. Stephen and Janet Lewis

Detoxify or Die by Sherry Rogers

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The Treadmill Desk And The Benefits of Walking

Co-workers walking on Unsit treadmill desks together.

My guest today is a fitness expert and inventor of the revolutionary Treadmill Desk.

Rob Jacobs is the creator of the first specifically designed Unsit Treadmill DeskHe designed the machine for the purpose of preventing the ill health effects caused by lack of movement and sitting too much. It can help invert the common office lifestyle, where there’s plenty of time spent in sitting down than in making movements such as walking and standing. He believes that thru the Unsit Treadmill Desk, he can motivate people to move while working and help break the unhealthy habits of sitting too much. But, if one can not get a treadmill desk, then “set the alarm to get up and move every 20 minutes,” says Rob.

Hippocrates once said 2400 years ago, “Walking is a man’s best medicine”. According to physicians, if you want to add seven years to your life, take a 20 to 25-minute walk a day. Researchers also discovered that regular walking modifies our nervous system decreasing our chances of getting angry and hostile. And if you are stuck with work and couldn’t get creative, experts advise taking a walk so as your creative juices will flow.

“Sitting around on the job is something that’s gonna go away for a variety of reasons, health reasons, fitness reasons, productivity reasons and creativity reasons. I find it more creative and I come up with ideas more when I wind up and walking around.” – Rob Jacobs

Sitting Is The New Smoking

Rob believes that our body was designed to move around. That we will become more productive in our work if we stand up and move. And this is true. As a matter of fact, Dr. James Levine, M.D., Ph.D., of the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, and author of the book, Get Up “Our bodies have evolved over millions of years to do one thing: move. As human beings, we evolved to stand upright. For thousands of generations, our environment demanded nearly constant physical activity.”

Rob shares the physiological risks of prolonged sitting:

  1. Bottom of the feet – Serves as a “switch”. When we stand up it sends a signal to the brain that there’s a threat or there are opportunities. If we turned that switch “off” by sitting down too much, it sends a lot of functions in the brain that are meant for solving problems, to rest, or asleep. Calories burned start to drop lower to 1 calorie a minute because our body is at rest.
  2. Lower limbs –  When we are stuck in one right angle contraption, it puts pressure on the big muscles in the body impeding blood circulation in the lower limbs leading to all tingling pain.
  3. Spine– We’re supposed to have a nice “S” form on our backs. But when we sit our spine is curving in a wrong direction. It is curved the other way squishing our discs backwards putting pressure on the nerves that later on leads to sciatic nerve pain.
  4. Shoulder and Neck: Too much sitting causes neck infringements and discomfort
  5. Blood Sugar – When our calories burned drop down to zero, we start to feel sleepy and loses energy. Normally, people grab caffeine and sugar to stay awake instead of walking and moving. In years of doing this, could lead to inflammation of pancreas or diabetes.

How To Have An Effective Shift Of Mindset?

Rob Jacobs shares tips on how to stop making excuses and avoid a sedentary lifestyle:

  1. Mental commitment – desire to do; willingness to achieve change
  2. Set a goal – eg. 10-min walk a day
  3. Improve nutrition intakes
  4. Start doing walking /standing breaks
  5. If one can afford, try the Unsit Treadmill Desk

Rob Jacobs is a pioneer in the fitness industry. He completed UCLA’s Fitness Instructors Program in 1986 and founded The Walking Center, helping people develop a healthy habit of exercise through walking and running on treadmills. Rob is indeed a pioneer in the health industry as he launched a vegan and organic restaurant in the 1990s! In 1993 Rob co-founded  Real Food Daily restaurants with his wife, Ann Gentry. Their restaurant chain specializes in certified organic produce and product. RFD promotes sustainability by making plant-based foods appealing to mainstream restaurant patrons. For five years Rob worked with Jacobs Farm/Del Cabo, a family owned & operated an organic farming business that grows, packs and ships gourmet quality certified organic cherry tomatoes and fresh culinary herbs.

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Recommended Reading by Rob Jacobs

Get Up by Dr. James Levine

Spark by Dr. John Ratey

Our WalkingDesk (aka: Treadmill Desk) –

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