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Many people suffer from autoimmunity. But because sometimes the symptoms can be confusing, people fail to seek immediate treatment for autoimmunity. My guest today, Dr. Jared Seigler has an amazing story on how his journey led him to help people address autoimmunity conditions.

Stumbled By Accident

Dr. Jared Seigler relates that he stumbled into functional medicine by accident. It started when his wife was struggling to conceive for years because she was suffering from PCOS. After almost five years of searching for answers, they were even contemplating on adopting a child.

But Dr. Jared Seigler refused to give up mainly since his wife was just 23 years old at the time. He was even subjected to a stool test wherein they found parasites so Dr. Jared Seigler also underwent treatment.

After years of searching for answers and countless treatments, the couple was finally blessed with a daughter who is now five years old.

Helminth Parasites

Helminths are parasitic worms, and parasites are known manipulators of the immune system. The first time Dr. Jared Seigler got exposed to it was six years ago when one of his lupus patients called him. That patient claimed to feel better because of her dog’s licks. She was not taking any drugs nor any supplements. 

“What good parasites can do, is act like a probiotic for the parasite. As they manipulate the immune system to hide from it, so the immune system doesn’t attack it, they also suppress the immune system that is causing autoimmunity,” Dr. Jared Seigler said. 

He adds, “I’m not anti-parasite. When I look autoimmunity and probiotics research, it’s a hit or miss. There is even research showing that for example, Crohn’s is due to the immune system in some cases, losing tolerance to normal bacteria.”

But Dr. Jared Seigler clarifies that when we see someone being given a beneficial parasite consistently, that can take away a lot of autoimmune symptoms. He says dead bacteria behaves utterly different than a live bacteria. Some of the most potent stimulators of inflammation in the gut are dead bacteria that they use in the modern dairy industry.

The Truth About Milk

Dr. Jared Seigler believes the gut has to quit getting colostrum from mother’s milk. Hence, a mom has to stop breastfeeding for the gut to grow.

“The premise that we need milk for health has been purely built on BS. The research goes the other way,” explains Dr. Jared Seigler. “Technically, when you look at it on a big enough scale, 100% of the world is lactose-intolerant. It takes five gallons of milk a day or a sip to be able to reset intolerance of sugars in the milk.”

Understanding Autoimmunity

Dr. Jared Seigler readily shares that he has autoimmunity as well as his wife. So, he clearly knows he can’t go back to eating the way he used to eat. Dr. Jared Seigler is also aware that he is not perfect just because he has changed his lifestyle to a healthier one. But he loves being a work in progress. That is why his passion lies in also helping people get their bodies to a place where they can heal.

“With the whole premises of autoimmunity, there’s the genetic susceptibility component. I truly don’t believe the immune system makes a mistake with autoimmunity,” said Dr. Jared Seigler. “I believe the immune system is being tricked and overwhelmed in that scenario.” 

He adds, “Once the immune system recognizes it as a problem, we have to think about what is driving certain things for autoimmunity like molecular mimicry. For molecular mimicry, the immune system initially recognizes something bad like identifying characteristics. Once it progresses, it can start epitope spreading.”

Human Microbiome Project

The Human Microbiome Project tries to figure out all the bacteria in our gut, and skin, as well as figuring out what all these bacteria do and how they influence our genes. Dr. Jared Seigler says bacteria pitifully outnumber us.

“One of the things that the Microbiome Project started to make clearer is that it is really about the diversity of bacteria more than anything,” said Dr. Jared Seigler.

Apparently, there about ten times more viruses inside the gut than there are bacteria. So, there’s a whole concept called the microbiome. Plus, there’s a microbiome where we can vividly see worms.

“Someone’s microbiome is like a thumbprint. I think a lot of these companies are data-mining people’s microbiomes,” Dr. Jared Seigler said. “They are giving away these costly tests for relatively nothing. For the 23andMe, they were selling people’s genetic data to pharma companies.”

Cold Showers

Dr. Jared Seigler reveals that he is also a big fan of cold showers. What it does as far as glutathione production, neurotransmitter production, and microbiome change, it that we weren’t designed to be 72 degrees year-round. Just like we weren’t intended to eat the same food.

He says taking cold showers changes how mitochondria functions. It also changes antioxidants, changes how our body utilizes and breaks down a lot of things as well as making people warm.

Eating Real Food

Dr. Jared Seigler says as far as figuring out the cause of autoimmunity; he never blames food as long as it is real food. He believes that in the long run, probably one of the worse things someone can do is restrict a lot of their food diversity.

Dr. Jared Seigler also believes that doing a three-day fast can be beneficial.  And as far as recommending the best prebiotics, he advises thinking of prebiotics as fiber. Think of fiber like fruits and vegetables. Eat different fruits and vegetables if you want different prebiotics.

On the other hand, I have had Chinese medicine practitioner Sarica Cernohous on the show who attested to the benefits of eating fermented foods. Shifting her family to eat at least one fermented food a day eventually strengthened their gut.

“I would rather somebody eat fermented foods than try to take it in a capsule. Because traditionally, that’s how we would get probiotics from the fermentation process,” said Dr. Jared Seigler. “It might not necessarily beat all the bacteria that’s in there, but as the bacteria is eating that food, their poop is what we’re after. They change genetic expression.”

Gluten Sensitivity

According to Dr. Jared Seigler, gluten sensitivity is the genetic predisposition. That is why we see such a huge correlation between autoimmunity and gluten sensitivity.

Dr. Jared Seigler also mentions that he took Dr. Tom O’ Bryan and Dr. Peter Osbone’s gluten certification course. He took the classes after deciding to go gluten-free when his wife was diagnosed with celiac.

“My energy and depression got better, and my anxiety and brain fog disappeared. I see people on so many different spectrums. Some people don’t even know what gluten is,” said Dr. Jared Seigler.

Dr. Jared Seigler says there are even case studies of ALS being gluten sensitive with a 100% resolution upon going on a gluten-free diet. So, it eliminates the inflammation. We dramatically see that when we start to remove problematic foods.

Functional Neurology

Dr. Jared Seigler explains that from 0 to 6 years old, brain waves of a child is similar to how we dream or store long-term memories. It is similar to dreaming while they are awake.

As soon as it happens inside of a child’s brain, their subconscious now operates on an entirely different level. And this is where you can measure some things like heart rate variability.

“I love doing a thing called Functional Neurology. Most people know about functional medicine, but functional neurology is like a personal trainer for your brain. You can exercise different parts of the brain to increase its function,” said Dr. Jared Seigler.

The Power Of Thoughts

Dr. Jared Seigler explains that we always think food may be poisoning our autoimmune disease. So, if you’re only eating 4 to 5 times a day, you have the potential to poison yourself 4 to 5 times a day.

But we have anywhere around 30,000 thoughts a day and only 1% may be bad. That’s still hundreds of times a day we poison ourselves with a thought. Technically, a toxin can be a thought or a relationship.

“So, if we know that these bad thoughts have negative effects, you can feel your blood pressure rising,” Dr. Jared Seigler explains. “That’s your stress response shifting into high gear. You change your physiology with thoughts. Generosity and gratitude are the two strongest positive emotions.”

A positive mindset is powerful. Dr. Jared Seigler usually advises people suffering from addiction to write on a journal and focus on what they are grateful for.

“You can get over addiction by diluting it until it is socially acceptable. With an addiction to food, in particular, we can tell when somebody is ready to make a change to the question they are asking. Ultimately, the brain wants to feel normal,” said Dr. Jared Seigler. “The body has never made a mistake. It is just doing what it can in the environment that it’s in.


Dr. Jared Seigler, Doctor of Chiropractic and Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner, practices in West Chester, Ohio. His passion is to help his patients regain their health through Functional and Lifestyle Medicine. This personal quest was sparked by watching the health of his loved ones degrade over time while conventional medicine provided no real answers. 

Initially starting as a personal trainer, Dr. Jared Seigler had an insatiable appetite for knowledge on how to better the health of his clients. This hunger for knowledge is his guiding light and has grown into what we offer at the Living Proof Institute. 

By helping patients identify the cause of their disease and giving them the tools to regain their health, Dr. Jared Seigler cannot only compliment his patient’s current healthcare but fill the gaps left by conventional medicine. 

In his spare time, Dr. Jared Seigler likes to enjoy the outdoors and spend time with his wife and family.

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The Impact Of Eating Right

Most of us shrug off the importance and impact of eating right. With my returning guest today, we covered things like binge eating and strategies on how to eat as well as develop willpower. Today, Dr. Glenn Livingston is back on the show to talk about our relationship with food as well as the impact of eating right towards achieving a good mental and emotional health.

Helping People

Dr. Glenn Livingston, not a medical doctor, but rather a psychologist. So, he’s genuinely a good resource person who could expound on how the impact of eating right can benefit us in so many ways.

Dr. Glenn Livingston helps people on all sorts of diets. I suggest that everyone must sign up for his newsletter as well as download his free Never Binge Again book from his website.

He is a raw vegan. And when Dr. Glenn Livingston works with people, he does it the context of a coach. Rarely does he talk about his diet. He says this is because people are most likely going to become resistant if they think they had to be a raw vegan like Dr. Glenn Livingston.

Raw Vegan Diet

Dr. Glenn Livingston eats almost entirely fruits and vegetables. He gets enough protein and calcium which he says made him feel stronger, sleep better, normalize his blood pressure, as well as made his psoriasis and eczema disappear.

“I have no problem staying relatively thin, and I have no tremendous carb or salt cravings. It’s something I have evolved into over the course of so many years,” shares Dr. Glenn Livingston. 

He adds, “Every time I got rid of some industrially processed food, I ask myself what authentic physiological, biological need I have for these foods. And I start to train myself to crave for healthier things.”

Foods To Avoid

Dr. Glenn Livingston believes that food has been demonized, along with all of the processed carbohydrates. Knowing the impact of eating right is essential now more than ever. We must fix our relationship with food before it’s too late.

“I’m very much not in favor of people indulging in a lot of starch and sugar. It’s a big part of the downfall of our health and society,” Dr. Glenn Livingston said. “The American Diabetic Association does not encourage you to limit fruit or whole food. There’s a lot of fear and demonization of fruit in particular.”

Dr. Glenn Livingston also reveals that there’s another culprit people are not paying attention to. He says fat acts as an insulator. Studies show that unfortunately, 30 to 40% of the American diet contains fat.

“If you drop it down to the 10% range, the uptake transport and absorption of sugar and oxygen are dramatically better. You’ll notice this in your ability to breathe better, and your performance at the gym improves dramatically,” said Dr. Glenn Livingston. “Cardiovascular performance will also improve. It’s incredible we’re not aware we are creating problems by putting so much fat in our system.”

Mother’s Experience

When Dr. Glenn Livingston was 15 years old, his mother had some few cancerous tumors in her uterus. She saw an alternative healer who suggested going on a vegan diet instead of having a hysterectomy.

Dr. Glenn Livingston’s mother was not even 40 years old when she was diagnosed, so she also hesitated to have the surgery done. Deciding to go on a vegan diet for six months, her tumors reversed, and she eventually didn’t have to have a hysterectomy. From that point on, Dr. Glenn Livingston was determined to become a vegan, too.

Dr. Glenn Livingston’s mother eventually went off on the vegan diet and lived for another 35 years later or so before she passed away. But Dr. Glenn Livingston was already convinced that there was something special about the vegan diet, although he strayed from the vegan diet during his college years.

Finding The Right Diet

Dr. Glenn Livingston recalls coming across a book in graduate school about cancer. It reminded him of the vegan connection that’s why he decided to go back to a vegan diet. But he still didn’t understand everything back then.

Labeling himself a junk food vegan then, Dr. Glenn Livingston thought eating pasta, candy, and fried foods were okay as long as it wasn’t animal products. Not surprisingly, he didn’t get very healthy on that diet.

Dr. Glenn Livingston married a year after that, although he’s divorced now. He shares that he was married to a woman who was brought up in a deli and the Atkins diet was gaining popularity that time.

But his ex-spouse apparently had a friend who was studying nutrition and advocated a low carb diet. Unfortunately, Dr. Glenn Livingston, couldn’t stick to the diet. He couldn’t seem to achieve the impact of eating right, so he wasn’t really in tip-top shape during his 30s and 40s.

Constant Research

Dr. Glenn Livingston kept reading books in the hope that he could find the right kind of diet for him. He came across The China Study by T. Colin Campbell. The book explained the author’s research in China, where they looked at the correlation between the different health conditions and diet. 

“Cancer was very much associated with the level of animal protein that people had. If people can keep their level of animal protein under 5%, they would have virtually no cancer whatsoever,” said Dr. Glenn Livingston.

Dr. Glenn Livingston also started to look for some books about vegan nutrition. He came across Eat To Live by Dr. Joel Fuhrman, who was advocating against animal protein. Incidentally, Dr. Joel Fuhrman was a former guest in one of my episodes.

I was hooked on meat before and took me a while to come around. Dr. Joel Fuhrman was very thorough in explaining everything about animal protein. I love his very science-based approach towards making a diet.

Dr. Glenn Livingston also cited the book Proteinaholic: How Our Obsession with Meat Is Killing Us, by Dr. Garth Davis and Howard Jacobson. The book is about the science of protein addiction and why we don’t need it.

“Our muscles are supposed to produce these energy-giving substances, but when you eat animal protein, the body stops producing those substances,” Dr. Glenn Livingston explains. “When you stop eating meat, people feel exhausted. They don’t feel well because it takes a while for their muscles to upregulate and start producing it again.” 

He adds, “That’s why people think they need it. Same for sugar. But food cravings will go away quicker than you think, usually within four days.”

Seeing A Change

Dr. Glenn Livingston says that although he got healthy following a low protein diet, he still had little psoriasis. Plus, he still had weight issues. But now that on a raw vegan diet, Dr. Glenn Livingston’s health significantly improved. He finally felt he was on the right track after seeing the impact of eating right.

According to Dr. Glenn Livingston, Victoria Boutenko’s book (Green Smoothie Revolution) on raw foods is a good resource for making green smoothies. He drinks green smoothies especially during the days when he craves for chocolate.

Dr. Glenn Livingston persevered and kept trying different green smoothie recipes. It’s not the same high compared to eating chocolate, but the craving would go away. After a few months, he noticed his craving started to shift to green smoothies!

“I always believe these cravings that we think we can’t live without, there’s an authentic biological reason behind it,” said Dr. Glenn Livingston.

Fruits And Vegetables

To better understand the benefits of incorporating fruits and vegetables into your diet, Dr. Glenn Livingston recommends Dr. Doug Graham’s 80/10/10 diet. In formulating the 80/10/10 diet, Dr. Doug Graham says we’re meant to live on fruits and vegetables, as well as a handful of nuts and seeds.

Part of the belief system is also saying we are not supposed to cook food. Because apparently, cooking creates all sorts of toxins.  It is energy-draining and has life-killing substances, so Dr. Glenn Livingston felt better eating raw.

“I hired a coach, got to meet Dr. Doug Graham and attended workshops. I now speak for low-fat, raw veganism. It’s difficult to get used to. You have to eat more volume than you’re used to, and you have to commit,” said Dr. Glenn Livingston.

Dr. Glenn Livingston’s diet primarily consists of smoothies, lettuce, bananas, mangoes, strawberries, and sometimes dates. He also likes to make cucumber noodles topped with a sauce made of tomatoes, lemon juice, and dates which were Dr. Glenn Livingston’s significant weight loss trick.

Effect On Emotional And Mental Health

Dr. Glenn Livingston says when you put things into your body that your body has to recover from, it affects the physiological energy of the nervous system. Our body goes into digesting it, eliminating and isolating the toxins to deal with the enormous task that you give it.

“And when all the energy is put into that, it doesn’t have the energy to conduct the emotions. So, you’re not present in the way you could be. You’re also not able to feel the emotions the way you could be,” said Dr. Glenn Livingston. “And you’re not able to feel. This is why people say they need food for comfort. Because it does act as a kind of anesthetic to numb the feeling we have.” 

He adds, “But I also think that there is a pleasure response, like the feeling we get with drugs. Because we’re being provided with substances that concentrates pleasurable substances.”

Dr. Glenn Livingston furthermore explains that we wind up with a whole cascade of events in the nervous system that distorts and perverts its pleasurable response to natural stimuli. When you eliminate that, then people can feel, be present and ultimately, they can think.

Maintaining The Willpower

Dr. Glenn Livingston believes that what we are built for with our psychology, is to operate according to character. He says that when you make character statements and adopt them into what person you want to be, and how you want food to play in your life, then the obsession is less. 

“There’s always the possibility of reawakening that old pathway. Our bodies are normally flexible. There’s a principle in research called neuroplasticity. Every time you have a craving, you are rewiring your brain to say, this craving equals to this food instead,” said Dr. Glenn Livingston.

In line with that train of thought, I had Dr. Alan Goldhammer on the show, who talked about the benefits of eliminating salt, oil, and sugar, as well as tips on how to deal with cravings. Another informative episode was with Dr. Esselstyn, a cardiac surgeon who reverses heart disease with diet. He spoke in detail ways on how to train the brain to eat natural things.

“You don’t have to eat super healthy. Start with one change that has a noticeable impact on health,” said Dr. Glenn Livingston. “And more importantly, an impact and ability to make a commitment and stick to it. Because you can build on that.”


Glenn Livingston, Ph.D. is a veteran psychologist and was the long-time CEO of a multi-million dollar consulting firm which has serviced several Fortune 500 clients in the food industry. 

His previous work, theories, and research have been published in major periodicals like The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, The Chicago Sun Times, The Indiana Star Ledger, The NY Daily News, and American Demographics.  He has also guested on ABC, WGN, and/or CBS radio, or UPN TV. 

Disillusioned by what traditional psychology had to offer overweight and/or food obsessed individuals, Dr. Glenn Livingston spent several decades researching the nature of bingeing and overeating via work with his patients AND a self-funded research program with more than 40,000 participants.  Most important, however, was his journey out of obesity and food prison to a normal, healthy weight and a much more lighthearted relationship with food. 

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The Impact Of Eating Right – Dr. Glenn Livingston & Ashley James – #249

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SIBO (Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth) and SIFO (Small Intestinal Fungal Overgrowth) are two health conditions plaguing many people today. SIBO stands for small intestinal bacterial overgrowth and SIFO stands for small intestinal fungal overgrowth. Respected expert Dr. Satish Rao is here with us today to explain what SIBO and SIFO are all about and how to treat it.

This episode was hard for me to do since Dr. Satish Rao is an allopathic doctor. His way of treating SIBO and SIFO is different from experts in Natural Medicine, but his research about SIBO and SIFO is worth talking about.

I have been recently tackling topics about gut health and the best treatment for gut issues. So, I highly recommend everyone to listen to episodes 245 and 247.

Family of Physicians

Dr. Satish Rao came from a family of physicians. His father was a Professor of Medicine and a University Dean.

When he was young, Dr. Satish Rao recalls that his father used to carry around a Sheaffer pen with a white dot on it. He wanted the pen, but his father told him only doctors could have that pen. That apparently became Dr. Satish Rao’s motivation to become a doctor.

Dr. Satish Rao pursued medical studies in India and took post-graduate studies in England. He, later on, discovered that deficiency of selenium causes cystic fibrosis and muscular dystrophy.

Dr. Satish Rao also learned about gastroenterology and focused on research as well as an essential area of the gut called Neurogastroenterology and motility. That branch of medicine was still in its infancy in the early 80s. Dr. Satish Rao was mentored by two outstanding professors and has helped many patients.

“We have been able to understand some key disorders and dysfunctions in the gut and find a remedy to help them. That’s been my journey over the past 25 years,” said Dr. Satish Rao.

Understanding Nutrition

Medical doctors are not taught nutrition and how food plays a significant role in our gut health. We are just given drug after drug. Dr. Satish Rao, on the other hand, identified a new illness that is man-made because of drugs and over prescription. He’s a very conventional doctor but is treated as an outsider by the community.

Dr. Satish Rao says he would love to implement diet and a healthy lifestyle as a solution for health problems. Having practiced in three different continents—India, U.K. and the United States, Dr. Satish Rao feels it is tough to teach people proper nutrition, especially in the United States.

“One of the hardest things I found in America is to change people’s behavior, culture and eating habits. Every patient in India, asks me restrictions on their diet,” shares Dr. Satish Rao. “But in the United States, I never get that question. Even when I advise them, it is very hard for people to change.” 

He adds,”I do believe there are tremendous things one can do to change their lifestyle and behavior and that can do along with healing. But it has to be done in tandem with other things that we can do as physicians and the prescription drugs. It cannot be done without it.”

Right Mindset

Dr. Satish Rao also makes it clear that in the long-term, it is not the drugs that are going to help and conquer the problem. He says it is probably their lifestyle issues that will give the long-term remedy.

Unfortunately, American and Canadian cultures are similar. Americans and Canadians are not raised to see that their lifestyle has an impact on their health. Countries like India, on the other hand, is more in touch with Holistic healing.

“In the U.K., the patient I had were very willing to institute changes and take on recommendations. In the United States, I don’t think people like to change. They may, under some duress but it’s not going to come soon,” predicted Dr. Satish Rao.

We have seen a difference in the last five years. I remember having a demographer on the show who said the millennials—aged 14 to 33, have now outnumbered the baby boomers and the generation in between. Millenials have a different mindset, and I hope they would change their mind before it’s too late.

Symptoms of SIBO and SIFO

Dr. Satish Rao says he tends to see a challenging group of SIBO and SIFO patients from all over the country and internationally as well. He says people suffering from SIBO and SIFO usually have significant unexplained symptoms of bloating, pain and gas.

“To characterize if there was indeed an infection in the gut, we look inside the stomach lining or small bowel lining and see if there is anything unusual. Then we’ll take biopsies. Or if there is celiac disease, we will take biopsies, too,” said Dr. Satish Rao.

According to Dr. Satish Rao, there’s also a test wherein it takes 24 hours to study a patient’s gut motility. This is to see if the muscles and nerves are working or not. Another option is taking juice from the small bowel to study if there is an infection in the patient’s small bowel. Dr. Satish Rao then sends the specimen to the microbiology lab to see if it would grow any bacteria or fungal organisms.

Test Findings

Dr. Satish Rao reveals that he has encountered different findings over the years. In the mid-90s, doctors will treat patients with antibiotics if there is a bacterial infection. Treatment for fungus it is administered in another way.

Then fast forward 2005 or 2006, Dr. Satish Rao thought of doing further research on SIBO and SIFO. The results became quite controversial.

When Dr. Satish Rao and his team looked at the data carefully, they found that a quarter of the patients had exclusive fungal overgrowth. A quarter had a mix of bacteria and fungus. Another group had pure bacteria, and 30 to 40% of patients were clean.

“Then I tried to publish that work. But lo and behold, if you’re ahead of the curve in the medical literature, you get frown upon. No one would accept it. They wanted to publish my work on SIBO thought my research about fungus was rubbish,” said Dr. Satish Rao.

In around 2010, Dr. Satish Rao finally found a very reputable journal that was willing to publish his findings. For the first time, the SIBO and SIFO were published as a major G.I. article. Now, there was more recognition that this is a valid entity.

When Should We Be Alarmed?

Dr. Satish Rao says that a significant growth pertains to a thousand colony-forming fungi per milliliter of fluid or more. Some of them grow a million or more. Aside from that, Dr. Satish Rao says we should also remember the area from where it is growing.

“The stomach is full of hydrochloric acid. It has a strong way of attacking and killing bacteria, fungus, and everything,” explains Dr. Satish Rao. “The duodenum is the tube that comes out of the stomach, and we are sampling within the first 6-9 in of the stomach.” 

He adds, “It is an area continuously bathed in stomach acid, and it has a very high exposure to the acidic environment. So, in that area, there should be no bacteria or fungus. If there is, then there is a problem.”

Unfortunately, Dr. Satish Rao says, looking at symptoms profiles, we are not able to distinguish who has this condition or not. Those who have and don’t have an overgrowth have very similar symptom profiles. And he says that the only way to separate it is by doing the culture.

Understanding Fungus Infection

Dr. Satish Rao says that fungus infection can be anywhere in the body. Typically, he says people who have an underlying depressed immune system, like with cancer, lymphoma, leukemia, HIV infection, are strong candidates.

“These are a prime group of individuals who don’t have the right immunity to ward off infection from fungus. And fungus is naturally present on our skin, in our mouth and areas exposed to the environment. It is normal for them to be there,” Dr. Satish Rao said. 

He adds, “But when something happens inside the body like an infection, diabetes, overuse of steroids or antibiotics, it is a risk for fungus infection. But two factors stood out about our patients. One was the use of proton pump inhibitor and the presence of small intestinal dysmotility. They increase the risk to develop SIFO.”

Impact of Drugs

It is not surprising that the overuse of drugs has an impact on the gut. According to Dr. Satish Rao, the gut has a very interesting program of small intestinal dysmotility, typically the upper gut.

Dr. Satish Rao explains that every 90 minutes or so, as long as you remain fasting, there is a beautiful, strong, sweeping process that goes through the gut and sweeps its way through the colon. It happens every 60 to 90 minutes.

If this pattern doesn’t happen, they say you have a problem in your small bowel. This means you no longer have the capability to clean its contents.

“The problem of SIBO and SIFO is unfortunately man-made. I have been practicing G.I. for 25 to 30 years, and I don’t believe I’ve seen that many patients with these kinds of symptoms for a long time,” said Dr. Satish Rao. “It’s no question that we recognize it, and we are diagnosing it. But we were never using these powerful drugs for this length of time.”

Recommended Treatment

Dr. Satish Rao usually tries to eradicate the problem through a 3-week course of antifungal therapy with fluconazole. Fluconazole gets absorbed into the bloodstream and acts on the problem. Dr. Satish Rao explains that he has to maintain people on antibiotics because of the underlying gut motility problem. Plus, patients need long-term treatment.

“The other component of treatment gets rid of any potential and incriminating factors. If they have a motility problem, I can try and place them on drugs that stimulate motility. Unfortunately, we don’t have many good drugs, so I try to give those drugs in small amounts,” said Dr. Satish Rao.

As for administering intravenous magnesium, Dr. Satish Rao has not used it to treat patients. He says magnesium tends to have a calming effect rather than a stimulating effect on gut motility. So that is why it is not Dr. Satish Rao’s drug of choice for his patients.

Role Of Food

Dr. Satish Rao recommends more acidic-containing food because the fungus hates an acidic environment. This way, we can kill off the fungal bacteria through acidic foods.

“But more acidic food can also trigger reflux symptoms. There should be a fine balance between acidic and alkaline foods. Look also at your tolerance for different food products. I usually have my patients do a three-day food chart then come up with a formula diet,” clarifies Dr. Satish Rao.

Other Concerns

Dr. Satish Rao also reveals that people who had surgery in the gut, particularly colon surgery, is the classic set up for SIBO. People who had this surgery have disrupted the normal barriers between the small and large bowel. But despite that, Dr. Satish Rao was quick to explain that he’s not disputing the reason for the surgery. He’s just saying that unfortunately, that group of individuals are highly susceptible and prone to SIBO and SIFO.

“Most patients go on lifelong antibiotics because we have no other way of preventing it. But I don’t treat them with large doses. I recommend maintenance doses and the easiest regime usually a week to ten days or after a month. There are only a few who need continuously,” said Dr. Satish Rao.


Dr. Satish Rao received his MD from Osmania Medical College, Hyderabad, India, his Ph.D. from the University of Sheffield, U.K., and the Fellowship of the Royal College of Physicians (FRCP) in London, UK, in 1997. Having spent 20 years at Iowa where he was a Professor of Medicine and Director, Neurogastroenterology and GI Motility and Biofeedback Program, University of Iowa Carver College of Medicine, Iowa City, Dr. Satish Rao recently moved to Medical College of Georgia, Georgia Regents University, Augusta, Georgia where he is a Professor of Medicine, Division Chief, Gastroenterology/Hepatology and Founding Director, Digestive Health Center. 

Dr. Satish Rao is one of a rare breed of academicians who has excelled as an outstanding researcher, distinguished educator and as a Master Clinician. His research interests focus on the pathophysiology and treatment of IBS, food intolerance particularly fructose intolerance, constipation and fecal incontinence and visceral pain, particularly esophageal chest pain. 

Dr. Satish Rao is the only physician to date who has received all three meritorious honors from the AGA: the AGA Distinguished Clinician Award, AGA Masters Award for Outstanding Clinical Research, and the AGA Distinguished Educator Award. In 2005, he received an ACG Auxiliary Research Award, and in 2007 the ACG Novartis Motility research award for the best research paper. 

Dr. Satish Rao has edited several books, Disorders of the Anorectum (2001), Anorectal and Pelvic Floor disorders (2008) for Gastroenterology Clinics of North America, Gastrointestinal Motility- Tests and problem-Oriented Approach and GI Motility Testing-a Laboratory and Office Handbook (2010, Co-editor). He has published over 300 articles. 

Dr. Satish Rao is an astute clinician with an international reputation and has been selected as one of the “Best Doctors in America” and America’s Top Doctors for over 15 years. He is Past President of the American Neurogastroenterology & Motility society.

Get Connected With Dr. Satish Rao:

Augusta University

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Gut Issues 

A lot of people suffer from gut issues. But most of them mistake the symptoms of gut issues for some other disease, so they end up not addressing the cause.  Evan Brand is a fellow podcaster who has gone down that road, so I’m excited that he’s sharing his insights on how to solve gut issues. 

Growing Up Years

Evan Brand is a survivor of several health conditions. Growing up, he had to deal with things like parasite infections, SIBO (small intestinal bacterial overgrowth), H pylori, candida overgrowth, adrenal fatigue and many other health conditions.

He also battled with depression, anxiety, fatigue and IBS for so many years. Initially, he consulted with conventional doctors, but nobody gave him a long-term solution.  This led him to research and go the alternative medicine route.

Dangers of EMF

During Evan Brand’s research, he found that electromagnetic fields or EMF are a factor in causing leaky gut. He believes that if EMF can affect hormones, it can also affect the gut area.

Evan Brand shares that in one of his past episodes, he had GE’s former senior scientist Dr. Richard Hansler on the show. Dr. Richard Hansler thoroughly explained that the modern light bulb is harmful because it negatively affects our melatonin production. Hence, we end up having a hard time to sleep.

Because of that, Dr. Richard Hansler founded Lighting Lighting Innovations Institute. He also co-founded Low Blue Lights, which sells advanced lighting products.

Dangers Of 5G

Evan Brand also shares that another past guest, Dr. Jack Kruse was instrumental in influencing him to move out of the city to try to get away from cellphone towers. Dr. Jack Kruse is a known neurosurgeon in the industry.

“They say 5G is a nightmare. Just because of the small cells. The 5G is the new generation of cell phone technology so that we can transmit and have a million people download YouTube videos all in a second from their smartphones,” Evan Brand explains. 

He adds, “There’s going to be these small cells the size of a watermelon. A giant router that transmits cellular data but they’re going to be on every three to four houses. So your risk of wireless pollution is going to go up so much.”

Optimized Life

Dr. Jack Kruse is also the CEO of Optimized Life. Optimized Life is a health and wellness company aiming to help people avoid the healthcare burdens we usually encounter as we grow older.  Dr. Jack Kruse currently in practices in the Gulf South.

“We just saw the first study tested on rats last March 22, that proved cellphone tower radiation can cause cancer,” said Evan Brand. “The Ramazzini Institute Study: Animal Study On Base Station/Cell Tower Radiofrequency Radiation. Dr. Kruse told me this six years ago, and now it is finally coming out that it is true.”

I also heard of so many studies coming out detailing the dangers of 5G. The findings state that 5G causes dangerous health conditions like migraines and brain tumors.

“The rollout of these technologies is going to happen at a much slower rate if you are in a rural area. Because the population is low and there is less need for a million 5G towers out here,” Evan Brand explained. “EMF is the new smoking. You can’t see it or smoke it, but it’s there.”

Evan Brand says plans are already in place to erect those towers in Austin, Texas, Seattle, Washington, Miami, Florida, Atlanta, Georgia, New York, Washington D.C. and Los Angeles either this year or next year. Unfortunately, we can’t stop those plans so Evan Brand advises the need to be aware of protecting our health in the best way we can.

Dealing With Candida

Candida is a pathogenic yeast that can cause gut issues and symptoms like joint pains, fatigue, and gas. Evan Brand was able to talk with Nutritionist Ann Louise Gittleman, whose interview about candida will be featured at the upcoming Candida Summit this July. 

“I had many different species of bacterial infection and dealt with candida overgrowth. My gut was a mess,” said Evan Brand. “I also had bad acne. It wasn’t a deficiency of pharmaceuticals. Plus, they are giving away antibiotics now like candy for acne. To think antibiotics cause DNA damage and other issues.”

Parasite Issues

Evan Brand recalls that when he was in college, he always needed to check where the nearest bathroom was. After several consultations with the doctor, he found out that he was dealing with a couple of parasites—giardia and cryptosporidium.

Giardia is a parasite that is commonly known to cause diarrhea called giardiasis. It is regarded as a water-borne parasite. Cryptosporidium is also a water-borne parasite that causes cryptosporidiosis. It affects the small intestine and can affect the respiratory tract.

“Even if you do get a referral to a gastroenterologist, they are using a type of testing that is 20 years old. You’re going to get a false negative; then doctors send you to a psychiatrist. But through functional testing, you can find it,” said Evan Brand.

Evan Brand did functional testing, and it showed all the gut bugs. So with some help from his friends and colleagues, he created an herbal protocol. Six weeks later, Evan Brand was no longer rapidly losing weight, and his depression and anxiety disappeared.

A lot of people either shrug off depression and anxiety, or they fail to recognize it. You’d be surprised how it is linked to a lot of other health conditions.  Like my past guest Johann Hari explained, depression and anxiety can be very destabilizing.

Link Between Diet And Gut

Evan Brand shares that he had his first panic attack when he had gut bugs. Initially, he thought he had a heart attack. Apparently, the bugs were releasing several endotoxins into the bloodstream, so Evan Brand had to work on his liver through a nutrient-dense diet.

But Evan Brand was quick to clarify that just because you’ve fixed your diet, doesn’t mean the parasites will disappear. He advises that it is still best to get tested to get an accurate assessment of your health condition.

“Gut issues are the biggest puzzle piece. Nutrition is a big piece, but I did all the diets. I pulled out gluten, dairy, grain. But you’re not going to eradicate gut bugs just by going on a gluten-free diet,” said Evan Brand.

He adds, “Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt said, if you don’t address the gut issues or these infections, viruses, parasites or EMF, dieting alone can’t solve the problem.”

Aura Roots

Aura Roots uses organic herbs for their products. Evan Brand says that they have a modest line of herbal antibiotics and herbal anti-parasitic, but they can also do custom formulations. Evan Brand says one of the products that he uses a lot is called Microbiome Support 1, 2 and 3.

I believe Evan Brand’s product line can give a lot of health benefits just like my past guest, Catharine Arnston who is the founder of ENERGYbits. I am satisfied with her chlorella product because just like Aura Roots, it is made organically grown and non-GMO.

SIBO (Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth)

Evan Brand cites a 2013 study where they found out the use of proton-pump inhibitors is a factor for bacterial and fungal overgrowth. It is also linked to gastrointestinal symptoms. Proton-pump inhibitors are drugs that supposedly reduce stomach acid production.

“CDC is now admitting that we have a massive antibiotic resistant problem. We also have an anti-fungal resistant problem. That is why Diflucan doesn’t work,” said Evan Brand. “CDC has a special program called emerging infections program. They can’t keep up because bacteria and fungi are changing and modifying.”

Evan Brand, therefore, advises people to increase their vitamin C dosage to be able to poop twice a day and make sure our lymphatic system is working fine. We have to shift our focus on adrenal, gallbladder and detox support.

Heavy Metals Toxicity

Evan Brand says he saw heavy metal symptoms when he was working on improving his gut health. Initially, he noticed things did get a little crazy like pent-up anxiety. But once the gut work was done, Evan Brand eventually found this new sense of calm.

I have heard the benefits of taking carbon supplements, but just like me, Evan Brand also goes to the sauna regularly to sweat out the heavy metal toxins from the body. The duration in the sauna is different for everyone, but according to my past guest Connie Zack, the owner of Sunlighten Sauna, it is best to listen to your body. As for Evan Brand, he usually stays in the sauna for 20 minutes at 125 degrees.

Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt says that we usually sweat out heavy metals during the first five minutes in the sauna.  But if you are like Evan Brand who doesn’t sweat out quickly, you may try exercising first or taking an Epson salt bath or elevating your legs while lying down.

You may also want to take an adrenal core test to figure out why it takes time for you to sweat. Evan Brand says he still has to figure out how he can sweat easily so basically, being in tip-top shape entails constant learning and research.

“Don’t give up. We got a lot that we’re up against. I understand how people want to shut down. Wherever you are at in your journey, there is something you can do,” said Evan Brand.


Evan Brand is an Author, Podcast Host and a Louisville, Kentucky-based Board-Certified Holistic Nutritionist, Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner and Nutritional Therapist. He is passionate about healing the chronic fatigue, obesity, and depression epidemics after solving his own IBS and depression issues.

Evan Brand uses at-home lab testing and customized supplement programs to find and fix the cause of a wide range of health symptoms. His Evan Brand Podcast has over 6 million downloads and counting.

Evan Brand is the author of Stress Solutions, REM Rehab and The Everything Guide to Nootropics. He offers free 15-minute functional medicine phone consultations at his site

Get Connected with Evan Brand!

Official Website

Aura Roots




Books by Evan Brand:

Stress Solutions


The Everything Guide To Nootropics

Rem Rehab Sleep Recovery Ebook 


Recommended Readings by Evan Brand

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Laser Detox 

One of the latest methods of healing is through laser detox. It can be regarded as a futuristic form of laser treatment that can cure people suffering from bacteria, fungus, virus, parasites, heavy metals, detox, pesticides, plastics, chemicals, autoimmune, cancer, fibromyalgia and Lyme disease. Dr. Doug Phillips has administered laser detox to a lot of patients, and I’m thrilled to have him on this episode to talk about it.

Former Profession

Dr. Doug Phillips did not immediately start his career offering laser detox services to patients. In fact, he started out as a dentist. For almost four decades, Dr. Doug Phillips centered his focus on jaw dysfunction, facial pain and chronic illness which can lead to a lot of other health problems.

With his office initially based in Palm Beach, he researched to learn more about the immune and autonomic nervous system, as well as the importance of detoxing our body from toxins and pathogens, often found in our jaw.

“My step by step growth was inspired by the Lord. I kept learning and growing, and I am still learning now. We are never done,” said Dr. Doug Phillips.

American Academy of Craniofacial Pain

In the mid-80s, Dr. Doug Phillips was one of the 15 dentists who performed at the American Academy of Craniofacial Pain. Apparently, the American Academy of Craniofacial Pain is the most significant association of dentists and other experts whose focus is on craniofacial pain, temporomandibular disorders, and dental sleep medicine.

Dr. Doug Phillips recalled one patient, wherein initially, no one knew the real cause of that person’s face pain. Dr. Doug Phillips put something on both sides of the mouth, and the pain subsided!

“I found one spot and touched it with a drill. The pain was all gone. It made me see how important that was. From there, I learned more,” Dr. Doug Phillips said.

The American Academy of Craniofacial Pain was established in 1985 by a group of experts who wanted to promote clinical skills as well as educate people in this field. The organization holds a summer conference in the United States as well as winter conferences.

Learn About Heavy Metals Toxicity

Dr. Doug Phillips first heard about Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt in 1992.  Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt was offering workshops at that time, and Dr. Doug Phillips signed up for one that focused on Neurotherapy. Because he liked the experience, Dr. Doug Phillips took the advanced course three months later and learned a lot about heavy metals toxicity.

I was very fortunate to have Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt on my show, and I highly recommend listening to that episode. To complement your heavy metals detox, it is also advisable to take supplements like Chlorella.

I had ENERGYbits founder Catharine Arnston on a past episode to talk about her products which primarily aids in the cleansing and healing of our cells. For those who want to try her products may refer to our episode and order through her website.  Don’t forget to apply the LTH promo code to avail of the 20% discount upon checkout.

Dangers of Mercury

Dr. Doug Phillips says that out of all the heavy metals, it is mercury that we have to watch out for. He has been doing detoxes for mercury for over two decades and says maintenance is a lifelong commitment. Keeping our liver clean also significantly helps, although a laser detox is the best option.

“Mercury is in every nucleus of a cancer cell. I advise people to do a detox and replace mercury fillings. Those who also had root canals should be careful,” said Dr. Doug Phillips.

Other Toxic Problems

Aside from the heavy metals, Dr. Doug Phillips says fungus and molds are also a major problem. He says it is thirty to forty times stronger than it used to be because of EMFs.

“If you have fungus and molds, infection forms in the sinus which leads to chronic inflammation making it so you can’t get rid of anything else. Lyme is hard to treat if there is fungus present,” said Dr. Doug Phillips.

Dr. Doug Phillips also suggests being alert for the possible presence of parasites. Some parasites are hard to detect in the body, and it takes through testing to be able to identify that parasites may be a cause of your health problem.

Living Organisms

Dr. Doug Phillips also cites the work of Dr. Yoshiaki Omura who initially discovered how to use plant leaves to remove heavy metals from the body. One plant that can remove mercury from the body is the coriander plant or cilantro.

Based in New York, Dr. Yoshiaki Omura found out that organisms that cause infections hide in body areas with a high concentration of heavy metals like lead, mercury, and aluminum. Organisms used the heavy metals to protect themselves from antibiotics.

“I learned about the difference in the organisms, how they are now and how they used to be. The organisms used to have a cell wall. When they had a cell wall, our immune system could identify them by the information on the cell wall,” explains Dr. Doug Phillips.

He adds, “Organism evolved, and the cell wall disappeared, so that made them very pliable. These organisms live inside the cell now. The autonomic nervous system which we were using as a guide, only goes into the extracellular space. It doesn’t go inside the cell. We were missing all the intracellular organisms.”

Direct Resonance Testing

Dr. Doug Phillips learned direct resonance testing from Dr. Yoshiaki Omura. He learned how to test intracellular with direct resonance testing. That eventually opened a whole new world of treatment available for patients.

“Dr. Klinghardt and I both expanded our knowledge. I had people coming to me with dental problems but the Board of Dentistry, when you have a board, usually people on the board are not very good in their profession. They are people who are satisfying their ego in the profession by being on the board,” shares Dr. Doug Phillips.

Autonomic Response Testing

Autonomic response testing, on the other hand, is a technique developed by Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt with the help of Dr. Yoshiaki Omura, It is a technique that is advanced and accurate for muscle testing.

The method is being used by more medical professionals to dive deeper into finding out the cause of a patient’s health condition. It is easy to administer and provides quick results, so it saves people time and money.

Legal Battle

Dr. Doug Phillips encountered legal battles in the late 90s that eventually turned his life around. He recalls people on the Board of Dentistry were judging him so Dr. Doug Phillips had to stand up against them.

“I knew what I was doing, and I had 22 top doctors testifying for me. It was a two-week trial. The board had two doctors testify for them, one from the Board of Medicine and Board of Dentistry. The judge ruled in my favor. I won in court,” Dr. Doug Phillips said.

But apparently, the board had the power to overrule what the judge said. Because of that, the board revoked Dr. Doug Phillips’ license. Dr. Doug Phillips took up a higher level. But things were already shifting at that point because Dr. Doug Phillips was also a Naturopath by then.

Career Shift

By 2001, Dr. Doug Phillips was practicing as a Naturopath. Rather than go after getting back his dentist license, he decided to offer alternative treatments since he is licensed by The Commission of Religious Consulting and Healing.

“I have patients from all over. People are frustrated. We’re reaching out. Because what they want is their quality of life back,” said Dr. Doug Phillips. “But their health isn’t enough to support them to be happy. So what we do is autonomic response testing to find out the cause of what’s going on and not just treat symptoms.” 

He adds, “I’m not licensed to do any medication but what I do is better. I do herbal nutraceuticals. We train the patient how it goes through every cell in the body for 5 to 6 hours after they take it. And we train them what stops that from working.”

Using Peptides

Dr. Doug Phillips also used peptides. A peptide is a compound that contains two or more amino acids. The peptides are from the immune system of the great white shark and the Australian saltwater crocodile.

Citing Lyme disease as an example, Dr. Doug Phillips says Lyme disease has very tricky organisms. But once Dr. Doug Phillips has found the herbal nutraceuticals that goes exactly with the organisms, there is usually a good result after a few days.

Aside from testing for bacteria, fungus, parasites and algae, Dr. Doug Phillips also administers tests for herbicide, pesticide, fungicide, plastic, toxic solvents and metal. He says that those toxins are polluting the internal environment. Because of that, it makes the organism stronger, making our system more acidic.


Laser Detox

“We have ways to get rid of the toxin within a day and a half. No drugs. It’s a laser detox called laser energetic detox. The laser detox utilizes all the light bodies surrounding us by communicating with every cell over a hundred times a minute,” explains Dr. Doug Phillips.

Dr. Doug Phillips further explains that laser detox uses that power to plant the detox in the cell. Apparently, the body goes through a process every twenty-four and a half hours as our vital life force travels through our whole system for the detox to take place. After that, the toxin disappears.

Laser Detox Procedure

Dr. Doug Phillips has treated people who have cancer, Lyme disease, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, and joints pain with laser detox. First of all, Dr. Doug Phillips conducts an initial assessment of the patient’s health history.

The next step of the program is eliminating or reserving autoimmunity through treatment. Each treatment is customized for the patient and a day and a half after; patients can start their detox. Usually, in the third session, patients no longer have the autoimmune disease.

“We have over 90 flowers in our test kit. Flowers resonate with the emotions. Once they find all the toxins, we find the flowers in the test kit that resonate with the emotional complex binding the toxin. And we pick that with a laser detox,” Dr. Doug Phillips explains.

Dr. Doug Phillips further explains that they use invisible beams for specific areas of the body and the brain. Patients sit with shoes off, then Dr. Doug Phillips lasers flowers on the bottom of feet, palm hands and ears.

“There’s an organ representation of the whole body on the bottom of the feet, the palms of the hand and ears,” said Dr. Doug Phillips. “The patient then stands up so we can shine the laser beam and laser the whole body. What we are lasering is the layers of light that surround the body. It is done within half an hour.”


Dr. Doug Phillips had previously practiced General Dentistry for over thirty-eight years.  In the late 1970’s, his traditional, restorative practice began to shift to a more specialized focus–patients with a chronic headache, facial pain, and jaw dysfunction.  He became increasingly interested in why some of these patients healed with traditional treatments, while others did not. 

In search of answers, Dr. Doug Phillips began to study Biological Dentistry in the early 1990s.  This is an extension of dentistry which is concerned with the dental contributions to chronic illness.  He learned that the body’s immune and autonomic nervous system (the systems in charge of our survival) need to be cleansed of toxins and pathogens, many of which are lodged in the jaw before healing can occur. 

As a result of his studies, Dr. Doug Phillips incorporated Biological Dentistry into his practice.  He created Biological Evaluation for patients who were not responding predictably to traditional treatment.  Through this extensive interview and examination, information was gathered regarding the patient’s teeth, jaw, bite, body, psycho-emotional status, and lifestyle habits. 

Next, using Autonomic Response Testing and Direct Resonance Testing, the organisms and toxins present in the jaw, as well as the corresponding dysfunctioning organs and glands of the body, were identified.  These were the pathogens that needed to be eliminated for healing to begin and health restored. 

Dr. Doug Phillips targets the energetic aspect of everything from chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, and cancer to Lyme disease and multiple chemical sensitivity. Dr. Doug Phillips aims at the cause of the problem, not its symptoms. Dr. Doug Phillips is in no way practicing as a medical doctor.

Get Connected With Dr. Doug Phillips:

Official Website


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Sunlighten Saunas

Experts advocate sweating out toxins through saunas like Sunlighten Sauna. Numerous studies have proven the effectivity of using saunas regularly. To know more about the science behind the benefits of sweating out toxins and more, I am thrilled to have Sunlighten Saunas founder Connie Zack to explain more about it in this episode.

Personal Experience

As many of my regular listeners know, I have tried a lot of diets over the years. I’d lose considerable weight, but the toxicity I have to deal with along with losing weight has prevented me from keeping the weight off.

I have also tried a lot of types of saunas since I very well know saunas are effective in sweating out toxins.  My Naturopath already recommended doing saunas four years ago.

Sauna units have different types. The sauna company that my Naturopath recommended to me, unfortunately, didn’t suit my budget nor program requirements. Apparently, when one has a considerable amount of heavy metals toxicity in the body, it is those toxins that prevent one from efficiently keeping the weight off. That’s why when I first heard of the Sunlighten Saunas at the recent Heavy Metals Summit, I was overjoyed!

Not only did Sunlighten Saunas satisfy my basic requirement of sweating out toxins, but it also had a lot of other benefits, and was easy on the budget.  Most of all, it was highly recommended by Dr. Mark Hyman and Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt, two experts that I have guested on my show. 

Heavy Metals Toxicity

Connie Zack has been using saunas for quite a while.  She had always had a passion for wellness and shares that Sunlighten Sauna was conceived when her brother experienced heavy metal toxicity.

“My brother’s health situation was the reason why I’m doing what I’m doing today. My brother was so ill. He had brain fog, chronic fatigue, and vertigo,” said Connie Zack. “His dentist apparently recommended infrared technology. Plus, I read articles that there may be some benefits for it to remove some of the mercury.”

Connie Zack also recalls that her brother’s condition was so bad that his skin was almost grayish. But fortunately, his normal skin color came back after consistently sweating out toxins through a sauna.

It’s alarming how our present environment is getting to be very toxic, but yet we are not aware of it.  Some are even clueless about the level of danger that vaccines cause.  Most vaccines, especially a high dosage, contain heavy metals and mercury.  That is why it is not advisable to administer these kinds of vaccines to newborns.

Types Of Sunlighten Sauna

If you’ve decided to buy your sauna unit, you must first be clear on your requirements.  Saunas have different types of infrared technology, suited for different kinds of health conditions.

Connie Zack proudly reveals that she has extensively worked with scientists and experts to come up with a fantastic line of Sunlighten Saunas. Her company offers the following types: 3-in-1 Sauna, Far Infrared Sauna, Community Sauna and Portable Sauna. The one I got is from the 3-in-1 Sauna Collection which I truly love!

“For the mPulse 3-in-1 Sauna, you’re getting two additional wavelength and additional healing parts of the infrared spectrum. The Sunlighten Signature and Solo gives you the highest quantity of Far Infrared available in the market,” Connie Zack explains. “The mPulse 3-in-1 has the most amount of Far Infrared combined with a particular frequency. Each wavelength is delivered separately.”

According to Connie Zack, the saunas with Mid and Near Infrared provide the best benefit for health, especially for those suffering from chronic pain.  The Solo Sauna on the other hand only has Far Infrared, but it is good for getting rid of toxic overload. 

Types Of Infrared

As mentioned earlier, saunas have different types, primarily because of the different levels of infrared technology.  According to Connie Zack, there are three types of infrared saunas to choose from.

Near Infrared has the shortest wavelength. Saunas with near-infrared technology targets skin renewal, wound healing and cell health. Mid Infrared has a longer wavelength. It paves the way for oxygen flow through the blood vessels and improves circulation. Connie Zack says athletes often use Mid Infrared saunas for joints, tissue and muscle recovery.

Far Infrared, on the other hand, has the longest wavelength.  It penetrates deep into the body and targets sweating out toxins. Heart rate and metabolic rate significantly improves with this type of wavelength.

“Muscle relaxation comes from each wavelength touching the body differently. The Far Infrared goes into your core, increasing your circulation at a deep level. Oxygen promotes cardiovascular flow to the body and helps relax the body. It also gives you more energy.”

I love the type of sauna I got. The wavelength is perfect. It’s therapeutic and relaxes every muscle in my body.  Going to the sauna is my “me” time, but my husband and my son love it, too!

“If we can mimic and deliver that same wavelength and combine it with other wavelengths, you’re not only going to get the benefits of the Near Infrared but also get the detox benefits, recovery and weight loss benefits of Mid Infrared,” said Connie Zack.

Choosing The Right Wellness Program

Saunas aren’t just about sweating out toxins. One other reason why I love Sunlighten Saunas is due to the wellness programs they offer.  They have different heating mechanisms that target detoxification, anti-aging, weight loss, relaxation, cardiovascular, or pain relief.  You can also request for a custom program according to your specific needs.

I chose the detox program. At first, I started slow, and I’ve been going to the sauna for 20 days now. Currently, I’m on two programs. My detox program takes around 38 minutes, and my weight loss and the cardio program comes right after. 

“The release of toxins comes from the increase in temperature. Great way to get your circulatory system back in check. That’s one of the reasons why the body feels better, behaves better and removes the toxic elements,” explains Connie Zack. 

She adds, “Move the Mid Infrared to a shorter wavelength, so it doesn’t go deep into the body. That’s the beauty of the program. You don’t need all three at the maximum capacity for everything. Because you can adjust the wavelength depending on what you’re trying to achieve.”

I played around and tried all the programs.  Ever since I go to the sauna regularly, I’ve had a restful sleep.  It makes me feel relaxed and brings down the stress. Plus, I already lost over nine pounds!

I feel healthy as ever lately. My diet is mainly plant-based and absolutely no sugar.  I also take chlorella for supplements. Aside from doing saunas daily, I go on hikes around my area.  It is indeed paying off since my jeans are pretty much looser now.

Quality Saunas For Better Health

Connie Zack says that ideally, we all need self-care. But unfortunately, it is so under-realized. She also says that just because it is an infrared sauna, doesn’t mean it’s going to transform your cells and change your body. Ultimately, you need to make sure you have a product like the Sunlighten technology to give you high enough quantity of infrared so that it can be game-changing.

Sunlighten Saunas’ company philosophy in creating their products is that the Sunlighten experience is meant to be healing and enjoyable. It is not something that you have to suffer through. When you come out of their saunas, you’ll feel empowered and lighter.

“Hot air keeps the heat inside the space. You want to get these healing energies into the body so that they can make a change. What we have been able to do, is take out all that excess heat,” said Connie Zack. 

She adds,”And what’s coming out through the body is a wonderful healing energy without the air getting hot. When it gets in, it increases the blood flow and decreases the size of blood vessels. Bottomline, you’re decreasing the workload of the heart.”

Kids Can Use Saunas

In my past episode with My Kid Cures Cancer couple Ryan and Teddy Sternagel, they confirmed that regular sauna sessions significantly helped in the recovery of their son Ryder who had cancer. 

Ideally, for a child to use a sauna, the recommended duration is one minute for each year of the child’s age.  Ryan and Teddy Sternagel are happy owners of a Sunlighten Solo Sauna, as well as Dr. Mark Hyman who has the same type of sauna.

Kids using saunas is not unusual.  It emulates being in a mother’s womb. Kids like it because it has a natural feel.

According to Connie Zack, many kids use the sauna, especially kids with attention deficit disorders. It helps calm them down. The sauna duration varies with every child.

“Every child is different, and it depends on the condition. But generally, the rule is a minute per age. I have an 8 and 10-year-old. They have tried it all. I learned kids know when to get out because their connection with their body is strong and alive,” assures Connie Zack.

Sauna Program Consultation

Connie Zack shares that they also work with rehab centers treating people with drug and alcohol addiction.  With so many wellness programs and a wide range of saunas to choose from, Connie Zack suggests that it is best to get in touch and schedule a consultation.  Her direct email is [email protected]. 

Connie Zack, co-owner and Chief Sales Officer of Sunlighten, started the business in a basement in 1999. Her husband and co-founder Aaron Zack is the company’s CEO. Together, the Zacks have led Sunlighten to tremendous growth since those basement days. 

Before starting Sunlighten, Connie Zack held positions at Procter & Gamble ranging from Alternative Marketing Manager, District Pharmaceutical Sales Manager and Gastrointestinal National Manager. During her 11 years at Procter & Gamble, she made her way into the P&G Leadership Group, a collection of elite staff groomed for future executive positions and onto the P&G Women’s Board, a mentoring program for junior-level female staff.

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Sunlighten Saunas – Connie Zack & Ashley James – #245

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Meal Prep Mondays  

We’re back for part two of our Meal Prep Mondays! There’s so much to learn about how to meal prep.  My guest, Alex Torres and I are so excited to continue talking about how to incorporate the habit of meal prep into your daily routine so read on to find out. 

When To Meal Prep 

First of all, Alex Torres segregates the types of people who plan to meal prep.  This is because we all have different priorities and lifestyles.  He breaks it down as follows: 

Single people

– they have a lot of time on their hands

– it doesn’t matter what day, but do what day is best for you

– mornings are better but evenings are fine as well

– if you are exhausted, meal prep one meal for one to two days to get started 


– if you both know each other well, make it fun by cooking for each other

– weekends are best, Saturdays in particular or Mondays and Tuesdays 

Parents with Kids

– take turns in cooking

– meal prep is usually on Saturdays

– cook in bulk

– ask family members what they like

– prepare meals for one or two days to avoid soggy vegetables  

Using Glass Containers 

Have you heard that using plastic containers to store or heat food in the microwave is harmful to your health? It is! Which reminds me of a story I heard about singer Paul McCartney’s wife, Linda. 

I interviewed a Naturopath who happened to be one of the doctors of Linda McCartney who was vegan. She would bring her containers everywhere and use it to heat food in the microwave. 

Years later, Linda McCartney developed breast cancer. And the cause was traced to her frequent use of Tupperware to heat food in the microwave. When she was tested for cancer tissues, doctors discovered that it was full of toxic substances that are also found in Tupperware. 

When we store and heat food in plastic, that is cancer-causing. That’s why Alex Torres suggests the use of compost containers. It can be used one more time if you first store food with no liquids. He also recommends using a food grade liner to prevent leaks.

Invest In Cookware 

Microwave destroys nutrients, so it is a good idea to invest in good pans and a big pot. Find kitchenware or cookware that make you excited to meal prep. 

“My favorite is investing in knives and a good cutting board. Because the worse is trying to cut a tomato. Also, invest in cast iron pots and pans. Season cast iron pans by washing and putting olive oil. Leave the pan out. You’ll use it more when you see it lying around,” said Alex Torres. 

My personal favorite is using a bamboo spoon. There’s something about stirring the food with something organic. It feels so much better. Another fun gadget for me is the Veggie Bullet. It turns everything into spiral shapes. Sweet potato and carrot noodles, in particular, are delicious! 

Meal Prep For Parents 

For some reason, food tastes better on the third day since it was cooked, especially marinade dishes. It’s probably because all the flavor seeps in well by that time. 

Alex Torres says this is also true for soups and stews. But he also advises to watch out for squash and zucchini.  These vegetables hold a lot of water and over time, they turn into mush. 

Certain Mexican, Italian and Indian dishes pick up flavor within a day or two. But even if the dishes are tasty, it is still not a guarantee that kids will eat it. 

“It is not easy to get kids to eat. So, a good way to make them eat is to let them help cook what they want. Getting them involved,” Alex Torres said. 

He shares that his 9-year-old daughter made a sandwich filled with vegetables. It was filled with ginger, Asian-inspired seasoning, and dressings. If Alex Torres made that and gave it to his daughter, there’s no way she was going to eat it. But because his daughter did by herself, she was more receptive. 

Learning To Cook 

Most of us have a hectic life, so people rarely cook anymore.  It often leads to bad food choices when eating out.  That is why Alex Torres believes that people need to be re-educated that meal prep or cooking at home is not hard at all. 

“Adults need to go back to cooking class. I think in the future, we’ll see a lot more cooking classes. It will become popular in the next couple of years,” said Alex Torres. “Honestly, America needs to learn how to cook at home again. Start cooking good home-cooked meals.” 

Right Mindset 

I know it seems pretty hard to transition. But it shouldn’t stop you from trying it first. To everyone who is thinking of switching to a plant-based diet, try it out for a month and see how it feels. I lost 25 pounds of water weight in my first month of practicing a plant-based diet. 

A lot of people also find it hard to stick to a plant-based diet especially when they go to gatherings where they are made to eat all kinds of food. Guess what? There’s a solution to that. 

A Health Coach told me to stop telling people you are gluten-free or vegan. Do not put a label on yourself. Say, “No thanks. It doesn’t make me feel good.” The tactic works! 

My mom was obsessed with dieting. That’s what led me to yo-yo dieting during my whole adult life until I found a healthy relationship with food. 

You see, my mom was a runway model during her younger years. She was obsessed with maintaining her figure. But during my puberty phase, I gained weight even if I was athletic and eating healthy. 

My mom interpreted my weight gain the wrong way and immediately put me on diets. She made me very conscious of weight and food. As a result, I was not getting the nutrition I needed, and I rebelled. 

Looking back, the lesson learned was that we must all empower our kids on making food choices. Many people eat what they eat because that was how they were raised to eat. So, look at your belief system, whether or not your choice comes from what you want rather than adopted from everyone else. 

Back To Nature 

I highly recommend that everyone watch the Back To Eden video documentary. It narrates the story of Paul Gautschi who lives in Washington but grew up in Los Angeles. 

Paul Gautschi has been gardening since he was a kid. The garden that he currently maintains has plants growing on its own with no chemicals nor tilling soil. The video also contains a lot of helpful gardening tips like how many wood chips to use. 

I got so inspired by the video, so I’m planning to build my garden soon. Ultimately, it’s all about coming back to nature.  Gardening can be therapeutic as well as an anti-depressant.  I also happen to know of a story wherein a kid was able to get out of the spectrum through gardening. 

“It’s up to you and me to show our kids. I want to go to sleep knowing I made a difference and that we are moving forward in the life we want to live,” said Alex Torres. “I think it’s vital tapping back the way it was back then, like the gardens and all that.” 

The Plant-Based Hut 

Looking ahead, said Alex Torres is slated to launch his new business venture called The Plant-Based Hut.  Because going on a plant-based diet has changed his life so much, Alex Torres now want to spread the word about the benefits of a plant-based diet. 

The Plant-Based Hut will offer plant-based meal preps.  They will primarily be doing food deliveries to clients within the central Florida area. Eventually, Alex Torres hopes that the business will expand to selling their produce at the farmers’ market. 

“There’s something about eating healing foods that are very filling. That is the difference I want to make,” said Alex Torres. 

Alex Torres is the man behind @Mealprepmondays on Instagram. He is a full-time influencer, blogger, and dad to four kids. Alex Torres is married to his wife Diana for over 15 years, and who just so happens to blog as well. 

Alex Torres has been living in Orlando, Florida for the past ten years. He and his family previously lived in Williamsburg, Virginia for a couple of years, and most of his life in Long Island, New York. 

Get Connected With Alex Torres: 

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How NOT To Die by Dr. Michael Greger

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Meal Prep Mondays (Part II) – Alex Torres & Ashley James – #244

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Meal Prep Mondays

Meal prep saves time and money. It also helps us to stay on a health program. I have a fantastic guest today who will talk about how to meal prep our way to health.  Alex Torres had struggled with weight issues, but because he learned how to meal prep, he affirms that it genuinely helped speed up his weight loss.

Weight Loss Journey

Alex Torres started having kids in 2012. And like most parents who started a family, Alex steadily gained weight. He recalls that it was easy to put on weight and hard to get it off.

Frustrated with his fluctuating weight, he started to search for fitness inspirations on the internet.  Eventually, he found a way to lose weight on Instagram.

Crohn’s Disease

Alex Torres remembers the time when he weighed around 215 lbs. And yet he was only 5’7.  His height was not in proportion to his weight. Then in late 2015 or early 2016, Alex Torres was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease.

Chron’s disease is a digestive tract disorder and is known to cause severe diarrhea, fatigue, abdominal pain and weight loss. Alex Torres recalls that he collapsed to the floor while eating a burger and experienced severe stomach pain.

Alex Torres lost a lot of weight because of Crohn’s disease. He rapidly lost weight and went down to 145 lbs. His appendix was also affected.

“My symptoms were having very erratic sleep patterns and fatigue. How I was eating marked the tipping point. Factors include 70% from eating, 20% due to stress and the rest from lack of exercise,” said Alex Torres.

Winning Meal Plan

During his research, Alex Torres entered a meal plan and fitness program contest giveaway in 2012. He saw the meal plan, and it initially looked doable. Alex Torres dug deeper by also looking into the progress of bodybuilders who tried the meal plan.

Looking further into the menu of the meal plan, Alex Torres saw an opportunity to simplify the recipes. He then experimented on the recipes by cooking it in bulk to see if it worked for a month.

Tweaking the meal plan turned out to be successful. Alex Torres was so overjoyed that he made sure to thank the organizer of the contest giveaway.

Meal Prep Mondays

Alex Torres’ Meal Prep Mondays on Instagram was created after he saw an initial change in his body due to his new plant-based diet. The account shot up to fame so fast that Alex Torres recalls having around 1,800 followers overnight.

But then it wasn’t all smooth sailing all the way.  Alex Torres struggled to lose weight, only to gain it back. His weight fluctuation went on until he had more kids. Because he was frustrated that he was not losing weight despite working out, Alex Torres decided to go back and be more focused on meal prep.

Helpful Reminders

Alex Torres says too much of everything is not good. With a plant-based diet, our body apparently knows how to work with it better. Our body also breaks down nutrients better and maximizes it for energy versus just sugar or simple carbs.

“I could stuff myself, but I don’t really gain weight because it is not processed food. The body knows how to use it differently,” Alex Torres said. “Watch your surroundings also because family and friends play a big factor for you to be able to stick to a diet.” 

He adds, “Do not focus on the process. Focus on the outcome or goal. Because if you focus on the process, you are never going to do it. Sometimes, people mock you because they want to do what you are doing. It’s all about perspective and being open-minded.”

Right Motivation

Many people are scared to try new things. And that’s natural.  But ultimately, it should stop us from getting out of our comfort zone.

So funny that it’s almost like they’re scared. It’s because they’ve been living with it for so long that they thought it was part of them,” explains Alex Torres. “That’s what we humans do. We live with something for so long that we think it’s normal.”

But fear of the unknown did not faze Alex Torres.  In fact, that’s what motivated him to succeed and eventually help people.

“The first few months were rough. My wife suggested for me to stop eating meat. I first went gluten-free. It took about a month before seeing real change,” shares Alex Torres. 

He adds, “By the fourth month, my skin started clearing up, my nails were stronger, rashes on my feet started to go away, and my hair grew quicker. I also noticed fewer mood swings in my kids and fewer trips to the dentist or doctor.”

According to Alex Torres, it hasn’t been a year since switching to a plant-based diet, but the benefits have been so incredible, that even his mother is now practicing a plant-based diet.

I can relate to Alex Torres. Dr. Joel Fuhrman was recently on my show where he revealed a very scientific-based diet that heals many diseases and prevents diseases. Even the late dentist, Dr. Weston A. Price presented many case studies proving that there is indeed a link between diet and oral health.

Recommended Meal Prep

Meal prep is easy once you get the hang of it.  I for one, like to bake sweet potatoes for two hours in a 325-degree oven.  Make sure to have it cool down before taking the skin off the potatoes. Because according to experts, baked root vegetable skins cause cancer.

“I also recommend stuffing sweet potatoes by adding anything in the center. Baking is your best friend for meal prep because it does a lot of work for you. Another thing is crockpot for soups, stews, and broths,” suggests Alex Torres.

Storing Food

Alex Torres says meal prep is actually and re-introduction to cooking. Now it’s just about the method with meal prep because everybody has their way of eating.

“I teach people the quickest and easiest way to meal prep. Save your leftovers. Some of our meal prep comes from leftovers,” said Alex Torres. 

He adds, “Maximum for meal prep is three days. Meal prep doesn’t have to be for life. It is a starting point to familiarize yourself with cooking food, preparing it for yourself and leaving it ready, so you don’t have to grab some fast food.”

Animals Can Be Vegan

I had a guest on my show, Kristie Middleton who talked about going meatless.  Most of my guests who are vegan have pets, and I was surprised when Kristie Middleton’s dog is likewise on a plant-based diet.

Alex Torres can relate because his dog is also vegan.  And according to him, his dog had a lot of positive health changes. Incidentally, there’s a Pet Cancer documentary set to launch on April 4, so I’m inviting everyone to sign up and learn more about how to care for our pets better.

Looking Ahead

Alex Torres likes to think long-term. And because he wants to be with friends and family longer, he leads by example.

One way of leading by example is growing his food. He says our body is like a seedling, so we have to feed our body with the right stuff. 

“Fruits and veggies are your best friend. Anything new is weird. Give it a try. The best way to do it is making sure it’s on the counter for you to see,” said Alex Torres. “The first meal is the first impression of meal prep. Cook what you want to eat. Do not cook something just because you saw it on Instagram or Pinterest.”

Want more of Alex Torres? Check out the next episode for part two of his interview.

Alex Torres is the man behind @Mealprepmondays on Instagram. He is a full-time influencer, blogger, and dad to four kids. Alex Torres is married to his wife Diana for over 15 years, and who just so happens to blog as well.

Alex Torres has been living in Orlando, Florida for the past ten years. He and his family previously lived in Williamsburg, Virginia for a couple of years, and most of his life in Long Island, New York.

Get Connected With Alex Torres!

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Recommended Readings by Alex Torres

The Auto Immune Solution by Amy Myers

How NOT To Die by Dr. Michael Greger

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Meal Prep Mondays (Part I) – Alex Torres And Ashley James – #243

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Eating Right 

Eating right has always been what health experts recommend for optimal health. But I know many of us are guilty of taking eating right for granted. I am thrilled that Dr. Joel Fuhrman is with us today to thoroughly explain the benefits of eating right.

Childhood Influence

Dr. Joel Fuhrman was into competitive figure skating in the early 70s. He shares that his dad was overweight and sickly, so the elder Fuhrman bought a lot of books about eating right.

Because so many books about eating right were within reach, Dr. Joel Fuhrman embraced the importance of excellent nutrition during his teenage years up to his early 20s.

When Dr. Joel Fuhrman’s athletic career ended and went on to medical school, he decided to become a physician specializing in nutritional medicine. It was not a surprising choice since eating right made Dr. Joel Fuhrman maximize his athletic performance.

Harsh Reality

Dr. Joel Fuhrman says he already knew from way back that most people were often sick. Common health problems were high blood pressure, headaches, diabetes, autoimmune conditions and many other mental illnesses due to nutritional ignorance.

The rising number of sickly people is also traced to the standard American diet. Processed food has been the cause of health problems since the 70s.

“Now it’s up to over 65% of calories from processed foods. One in five Americans are mentally ill in response to junk food diet,” shares Dr. Joel Fuhrman. “Never did I imagine a career as rewarding and fulfilled, and with this much impact in this country.”

Fulfilling Career

Dr. Joel Fuhrman says that choosing this career path has been very rewarding. People in his line of work has a positive effect on millions of Americans. That is why he is excited over the potential of nutrition.

“I knew I was going to medical school and learning that doctors are mostly drug prescribers, doing surgeries and emergency care,” Dr. Joel Fuhrman said. “I was self-educated, and I made it my career to review, as well as study the science and literature in a comprehensive fashion about nutrition. So I know all the studies that have been done.”

Benefits Of Mushrooms

Dr. Joel Fuhrman has always been fascinated to learn about all the phytochemical factors and biological features of mushrooms among other things. Apparently, mushrooms have anti-angiogenesis effects, and they don’t allow tumors to spread.

“Angiogenesis means the growth of new blood vessels. Insulin is a hormone that angiogenesis is promoting,” explains Dr. Joel Fuhrman. “Mushrooms, onions and green vegetables have anti-angiogenesis effects that oppose the effect of insulin, prevent fat from being stored and prevents tumors from growing in the body as well.”

Dr. Joel Fuhrman even mentions one study on mushrooms. The study found that women who ate 10 grams of mushrooms regularly for over a decade, has 64% reduced incidents of breast cancer.

Current Statistics

Raw onions and scallions were likewise found to have 55 to 88% reduction rate in most major cancers for people who eat them regularly. Because of this, Dr. Joel Fuhrman sees the importance of putting a diet portfolio together.

“Include all these foods that individually have shown to be the most protective. Put them together in a diet that removes cancer-causing elements,” Dr. Joel Fuhrman said. “In reality, we can win the war on cancer. We can wipe out 95% of cancers and save millions of lives.”

New Technology

One good thing about the current generation is the fact that medical technology has been rapidly improving every year. More high tech equipment has been made available to detect many health problems in its early stages.

“We now have new technology enabling to diagnose breast cancer, perhaps 10 to 15 years before mammograms can. In the next five years, medical care in the U.S. can be revolutionized as we can diagnose cancer much earlier. The earlier the detection, the more hope for nutritional intervention,” said Dr. Joel Fuhrman.

Success Stories

Dr. Joel Fuhrman has countless stories of success treating patients who signed up for his programs on how to eat right. Most of them did not need surgery, got off medication and their heart disease melted away. Many of his patients are thriving in health in their 90s.

“Don’t underestimate the therapeutic potential of nutritional excellence compared to the relative ineffectiveness of drugs. If only people knew how dangerous most of these drugs were,” said Dr. Joel Fuhrman. “The real healthcare is self-care. What we do in our own lives is what keeps us healthy, not what doctors can do for us.”

Changing Ways

Dr. Joel Fuhrman is passionate about teaching peers and patients on how to eat well to live well. He has advised doctors to spend more time with people whom they usually prescribe medication.

“They don’t have time to educate people. People need a lot of knowledge to protect themselves against problems like cancer, heart attacks, strokes, and dementia to be able to live a hundred years old,” Dr. Joel Fuhrman said.

But Dr. Joel Fuhrman clarifies that he is not claiming that most cancers reverse themselves. The early stage he says is more predictably reversible. Apart from physical health, Dr. Joel Fuhrman says our emotional health is also essential.

Busting Myths

Dr. Joel Fuhrman says that most things people believe about nutrition are wrong. That’s why he advises people to look for studies with a lot of credence.

“Micronutrient insufficiencies lead to an unrelenting desire to overeat calories and food addictions. Regardless of the mechanisms involved, we have to achieve an excellent level of micronutrients,” explains Dr. Joel Fuhrman. “We have to be exposed to the full spectrum of micronutrients that the human needs for proper health and survival.”

Dr. Joel Fuhrman also reveals that most Americans look for fads and gimmicks to speed up metabolic rate and prevent getting fat. He adds that the real science leading to slow the aging process and enhancing longevity is eating slightly less food so we can slow down metabolic rate.

Diet And Longevity

In connection with the topic of health, diet, and longevity, Dr. Joel Fuhrman cites the book, The Good Life by Helen and Scott Nearing. Scott Nearing was an M.I.T. scholar and economist.

The Nearing couple lived in Maine. Living in one of the coldest areas in the United States, the couple ate healthily and grew their food to survive. Scott Nearing lived to be 101 years old, and Helen Nearing lived until she was in her late 90s. Their long life is attributed to eating right.

“It’s not just about living longer but rather having a healthy life expectancy as we live longer. The problem with most Americans is that ten years before these people pass away, they suffer from a poor quality of life. They don’t enjoy their later years,” Dr. Joel Fuhrman said.

He adds, “Most of these chronic illnesses that plaque Americans are not predominantly genetic. They are mostly from food and ignorance.”

Benefits Of Vegetables

Dr. Joel Fuhrman explains that our body has the ability through its anti-oxidant response element to repair and fix defects. Raw green vegetables can make cells clean and healthy like cabbage, arugula, broccoli, and watercress.

But did you know it’s not vegetables alone that do the job? Apparently, it’s the chemical reaction that happens when we chew vegetables that benefit us.

“Once vegetables mix with our saliva, it forms nitrous oxide and other beneficial compounds when the mouth bacteria activate it,” said Dr. Joel Fuhrman. “As you crush those cell walls, the chemical reaction activating in your mouth forms cancer-protective compounds. So, chew salads exceptionally well.”

Other Recommended Foods

Aside from onions and scallions, beans are highly recommended for a healthy diet. According to Dr. Joel Fuhrman, beans extend our lifespan. Studies have shown that all the people who lived long ate beans.

“Beans also reduce the risk of breast cancer. The lectin in beans have anti-cancer effects, strengthens bone mass and immune system,” Dr. Joel Fuhrman said.

Animal products, on the other hand, shortens lifespan, increases cardiovascular death and cancer. Dr. Joel Fuhrman says studies have proven that there is a link between dairy and breast cancer.

Fast Food Genocide Book

Dr. Joel Fuhrman likewise believes that health and nutrition should have a more in-depth curriculum in schools to teach kids the importance of eating right. The health problems caused by eating fast food is most certainly a valid concern.

“There is no better link between criminal behavior and drug abuse than candy consumption and junk food in childhood,” said Dr. Joel Fuhrman. “I want people to be a ray of light, be informed and educated so they can articulate the problem. We have to arm our population with the right knowledge and increase our life years.”

He adds, “As Americans, we all stand for equal opportunity and the ability to have a great life. And by getting people to eat healthier, we can have so much more potential and leave this tragedy happening around us.”


Joel Fuhrman M.D. is a board-certified family physician, 6 X NY Times best-selling author, and nutritional researcher, who specializes in preventing and reversing disease through nutritional methods.

Dr. Joel Fuhrman presently serves as the President of the Nutritional Research Foundation. He has published multiple scientific articles on human nutrition and involved with various ongoing studies addressing heart disease, diabetes, and cancer. His foundational discoveries on food addiction and human hunger were published in the scientific journal, Nutrition Journal, in November 2010. He also serves on the Nutritional Science faculty of Northern Arizona University.

Dr. Joel Fuhrman has appeared on hundreds of radio and television including, the Today Show, Good Morning America, Live With Kelly and Michael, and The Dr. Oz Show. His four PBS television shows were some of the top fundraising show for PBS, not only crucial for PBS but have improved the health of millions of people across America.

Dr. Joel Fuhrman is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine (1988). He is a former world-class figure skater, second in the United States National Pairs Championships in 1973, and third in the World Professional Pair Championships in 1976. He is involved with sports medical committees, professional and Olympic athletes for maximizing performance and preventing injury.

Get Connected With Dr. Joel Fuhrman:

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Books by Dr. Joel Fuhrman

Fast Food Genocide

Eat To Live

Eat To Live Quick and Easy Cookbook

The End Of Diabetes


The End Of Dieting


Super Immunity


The End Of Heart Disease

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Eating Right – Dr. Joel Fuhrman & Ashley James – #242

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Pure Energy Wellness

Pure energy is something most of us strive to have.  To be able to do the things we need to do every day, having pure energy makes us more productive.  But the problem is, most of us are clueless on how to have pure energy. That’s why we’re so lucky to have Holistic Health Coach Allison Pelot to show us how to reach optimal health.

Life As A Gymnast

Allison Pelot was a former gymnast who had a lucrative career as an athlete for 20 years. She was very conscious on her physical training but put little emphasis on proper nutrition. It was only when she became a mother when she learned how food could give pure energy.

“I’m 45 years old now and had kids during my late 20s. Surprisingly, I can’t believe no one teaches athletes how to eat well,” shares Allison Pelot. “My son had issues with immunity, and I had severe digestive issues. Looking back, I was pretty malnourished.” 

Allison Pelot also recalls that doctors couldn’t do much. In fact, they made things worse. After doing some research, she decided to go on a gluten-free diet with her son.  Incorporating organic food into their diet, Allison Pelot started noticing changes.

Mission To Help Others

According to Allison Pelot, pure energy sparks transformation. Because she found the best way on how to have pure energy, that drove Allison Pelot’s desire to help other people.

“I became so passionate and started teaching people. Then I got into personal training again after having kids,” Allison Pelot said. “As I got older, I noticed changes. People particularly women are not aware of how the body changes over time and how we need good nutrition to keep all that in balance.”

Stand On Vaccines

In episode 224 of Learn True Health, I interviewed Dr. Paul Thomas who was an advocate of eating real food and taking vitamins.  He has been in practice for 30 years and has approximately treated 13,000 kids.

Allison Pelot had a harrowing experience with vaccines when her son was younger. According to Allison Pelot, her son was always in a bad mood, crying all the time, and had digestive issues.

Allison Pelot’s son was 18 months old when he was given the controversial MMR vaccine. As soon as they got home, her son threw up, developed diarrhea and fever all at once.

By the third day, Allison Pelot’s son seemed to get better. However, while Allison Pelot was out, her babysitter called to tell her that her son wasn’t breathing. Emergency medics came and apparently, Allison Pelot’s son had a seizure.

Allison Pelot’s son had two more seizures when they got to the hospital. Doctors did several tests and initially speculated that the child had epilepsy. Long story short, Allison Pelot felt that the whole thing was a massive cover-up.

“That opened my eyes. If people feel like they want to do a vaccine for their child, that is their decision. I’m just sharing my story, and we decided not to do vaccine anymore. The risk was too much,” said Allison Pelot. 

She adds, “Fast forward when he was ten years old; he started having seizures at night. It went on for two to three years. And then it finally stopped.”

Allison Pelot breastfed her son part-time, then gave him formula and some supplements. But when he started to eat real food, like fruits and vegetables, things got better.

Going Gluten-Free

Allison Pelot also recommends going gluten-free. According to her, estrogen is a stress hormone which apparently makes our gut more sensitive to gluten. So if you have higher levels of serotonin and estrogen, it is going to make you more sensitive to gluten.

“But the most important part of immunity is keeping your blood sugar regular. If you let your energy reserves get too low, you’ll have nothing left for your innate immune system to work,” Allison Pelot said.

Allison Pelot also says to make an effort to eliminate endotoxins in the gut. It will be helpful in increasing your natural immunity as well as aid in your metabolism.

“Endotoxins is anything that’s going to cause harm to the body, like estrogen if it continues to recirculate or any harmful bacteria,” Allison Pelot said. “Anything that is going to help your metabolism is going to help your immunity. They go hand in hand.”

Getting Into Yoga

We have heard many benefits of yoga and Allison Pelot is one of them. She says yoga helps one maintain flexibility, especially when we get older. Yoga primarily teaches you how you move on the floor. It also calms the nervous system.

“Not everyone can go to the gym. So work movement into your day. Take a walk. It starts from there, and it can be so beneficial for every aspect,” said Allison Pelot.

Recommended Superfoods

Allison Pelot says eating superfoods is excellent for hormonal balance and getting the immunity up. For women, in particular, you’ll have less estrogen which is essential. Superfoods also helps women produce more progesterone in the body.

“You’ll have more strength and will feel better in general. Women tend to have more fat as they age,” explains Allison Pelot. “The best food is milk or dairy. Start with cheese. It is a great source of protein especially for those who can’t digest meat.”

Allison Pelot also says we need lots of calcium in our body. And dairy helps build muscle and aids in recovery.

I was honestly surprised that Allison Pelot recommended dairy. My whole family is dairy-free, but we can handle ghee or small amounts of goat’s milk. It’s a big difference from cow to human dairy or breastmilk.

I remember my interview with Joshua Rosenthal, the creator of Institute for Integrative Nutrition. He’s a vegan, but added dairy to his diet and felt terrific. So ultimately, it depends on what body type you are.

No one diet is good for everyone. To figure what works for you, try a gluten-free diet for a month and see how it feels.

“First check if you are lactose-intolerant or you have high cortisol levels. A lot of times, people are sensitive to what they add to milk. There are plenty of options on what kind of milk you can have,” said Allison Pelot.

Fruits And Vegetables

Allison Pelot recommends eating tropical fruits because it has a bit of saturated fat. It is also high in potassium and as well as other minerals. Apparently, the sugar from tropical fruits comes with a lot of nutrients. 

“Pineapple, papaya, oranges, melons, kiwi are great. Not so much for mangoes because it is part of the poison oaks family. Berries are fine, but it does not produce enough energy and nutrients,” explains Allison Pelot. “Cook apples and pears to be able to digest it easier. 

She adds, “Bone broth, gelatin, shellfish are also good healing foods for the gut. Also consume liver once a week to get a good amount of  vitamin A.”

In selecting what food to eat, Allison Pelot says it is best to have a plan of recovery. Carrots, in particular, aids digestion. It also helps help take out the excess estrogen.

Apparently, carrots have anti-fungal properties. So, if you eat it raw, it can suck out the endotoxins in the gut like a natural antibiotic. Carrots do not cost much, and it is easy to digest aside from being an excellent digestive aid.

Allison Pelot however, cautions against juicing carrots. The dosage of keratin is high, and there is no more fiber once carrots are made into juice. Fiber is super important in the mix because we need fiber to pull out endotoxins.

Think Positive

Allison Pelot also stresses the importance of getting into a positive mindset. It can make all the difference in the world. She advises that we should likewise trust our body’s healing abilities. Building our body is the first step to optimal health. 

“Focus on things you care a lot about or things that give you joy. Part of the reason why Hawaii is so healing for people is because of the sun. Dark days are stressful on the body. So nourish yourself during stressful times,” Allison Pelot said.

Integrate Yourself Podcast

Allison Pelot has a fantastic podcast where she invites experts to speak about health and wellness. It has been quite a journey for Allison Pelot because she affirms learning a lot in every episode.

“I’m surprised with what I learn. Maddy Moon’s interview stuck with me because of how she talked about the beginner’s mindset. It’s about opening up to listen to someone,” shares Allison Pelot. “The only way we’re going actually to be able to connect with each other is if we have a beginner’s mindset. Accept that we don’t know everything.”

Coaching Services And Other Resources

Allison Pelot provides coaching services.  She also has personal training, small group fitness, nutrition coaching, and workshops.

Those who want a more in-depth wellness program can sign up for Allison Pelot’s retreat in Oregon which is scheduled this spring. She is also currently working on a book and an online course about digestion for hormonal balance.


Allison Pelot started out as a competitive gymnast from age 5 to 21 years and later graduated with a Degree in Exercise Science from Georgia State University. Her health issues created a passion for learning more about holistic health. This led Allison Pelot to obtain certifications in holistic nutrition and lifestyle coaching and exercise coaching from the CHEK Institute in San Diego, CA. 

Allison Pelot has been coaching people in holistic nutrition and fitness for almost 20 years now. She has a practice in Portland Oregon and a health Podcast called Integrate Yourself.

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